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  • Combined China and Russian Defense Spending Exceeds U.S. Defense Budget

    It seems clear now who is pushing the world to war, mainly because by doing so they hope to deplete it and then conquer it. Tyrants are those who would rather rule ashes than be normal citizens of a thriving place.

  • Australia’s India ban criticised as ‘racist’ rights breach

    Everything is “racist,” especially self-preservation, when it inconveniences the third world. As annoying as this ban seems to be, it follows a commonsense rule: when a place has an outbreak, seal it off. Then again, we wonder if COVID-19 is really an outbreak or a media pandemic.

  • Covid vaccinations are slowing in the U.S. as supply outstrips demand

    Most people do not want them. We see the cure as worse than the disease, since the cure was rushed to market in the midst of mass panic. Government wants us all to get these jabs so that it can claim it has solved the problem, but many see the problem as an illusion. In the end, government will blink at mass non-compliance.

  • Succulent smuggling: why are South Africa’s rare desert plants vanishing?

    In a mirror of the larger tragedy of the commons, people are buying rare plants illegally so that they can personally own one of the last artifacts of a dying ecosystem.

  • Asian American business leaders seek to fight discrimination

    As the diversity-on-diversity violence increases, the different diverse groups become their own special interest lobbies, making it clear that they are fighting for their interests against those of all other groups. The collapse of diversity and equality continues.

  • Germany busts international child porn site used by 400,000

    Conspiracy theories give us images for what we know in our gut to be true but have no idea how to prove in reality. It seems that pedophile networks are rather active across the West, suggesting a type of sexual and power-seeking desperation. Should we revisit PizzaGate?

  • A Chinese Communist Party-linked account mocked India’s Covid crisis on social media

    China seems to want to play the “bad guy” so that it can force the West to fight it. This suggests internal instability, at which point war becomes a good option for fixing the economy and unifying the citizens.

  • Colombia withdraws controversial tax reform bill after mass protests

    Democracy will end in a haze of defaults, wars, pollution, crime, corruption, and confusion. As the tax bills rise, citizens find themselves wishing for an “Atlas Shrugged” moment where they stop caring about how others are suffering, and focus on each person pulling his own weight.

  • Mayoral Candidate Lily Bao Wants to Make Plano Great Again

    Even the diversity doesn’t want “urban” diversity and “progress.” It wants the American Dream: solid functional living where those who contribute are rewarded and everyone else goes somewhere else.

  • Texas enabled the worst carbon monoxide poisoning catastrophe in recent U.S. history

    Equality means fear of natural selection. We seem to be unable to deal with the fact that Natural Selection Events (NSEs) cull and trim the population and that this is not a terrible thing.

  • May Day protesters demand more job protections amid pandemic

    As usual, the herd gets it wrong. Job protections lead to less valuable jobs and a crashing economy. More opportunity — this requires abolishing immigration, among other things — leads to more of a chance to get oneself out of any hole.

  • Streams and lakes have rights, a US county decided. Now they’re suing Florida

    This type of law could help our environmental crisis. Right now, nature has few rights; humans however do have rights, so nature always loses. When people can sue in the name of nature, this imposes limits on reckless human expansion.

  • Trump Justice Department monitored Washington Post reporters’ phone calls in 2017

    The totalitarians cry out when they strike you. Trump sought records of phone calls made by these journalists because they were communicating with leakers who were working to promote a false theory of his guilt. These are not journalists, but propagandists.

  • United States joins Christchurch Call to eliminate terrorist, extremist online content

    Laws always expand definitions to the maximum. Today, this standard will be used to ban livestreams of shootings; tomorrow, it will be used to ban anything but enthusiastic endorsement of pluralism. Never trust these people or the voters.

  • The genomic history of the Aegean palatial civilizations

    Nordid-Cromagnid-Dalofaelid people cruised around Europe, Asia, and the middle east for millennia. Everywhere they stopped, they left behind people, and these mixed with local remnants and over time became localized groups. Eventually civilization rose and was then reformed by new invasions of Cro-Magnons.

  • Biden Wants to Replicate China’s Infrastructure Miracle

    This reporter took it at face value. Never take it at face value. Biden wants to spend money on “infrastructure” so he can buy off his cronies and keep the political machine running. Tammany Hall took over America with the Irish vote.

  • Documents reveal China discussed weaponisation of coronaviruses prior to pandemic

    Human events involve repeated patterns because human cognition, based on the idea of our fundamental solipsism, tends to repeat in response to certain stimulus. It would not be atypical for a leak from a weapons lab, especially after budget cuts, to have unleashed this virus, but it seems tame for a biowar weapon. But as an economic weapon?

  • Russia’s Soft Takeover Of Belarus Completes Anti-NATO Military Buffer

    Morons refer to Russia as “European.” Intelligent people realize that Russia is Eurasian, that is of mixed European and Asian descent, and that it lives in fear of the two bears on its borders, China and the West. It wants a thousand miles of dead space before the next Khan or Napoleon can get to Moscow.

  • Havana syndrome: NSA officer’s case hints at microwave attacks since 90s

    The KGB never went away, only privatized itself. They are still up to their old tricks, just with less formal power and more of what they are doing conducted by private industry, just like their hacking/troll farms.

  • Judge: New Mexico must give at-home students fast internet

    The Constitution intended judges as a type of veto, a “check and balance” on legislative expansion, not editors of the law who could turn it into something other than what it was. This “free” gift from government means higher property taxes and rents for everyone, but the voters are too stupid to know this.

  • How the Pentagon Started Taking U.F.O.s Seriously

    Any time you think that something like COVID-19 is too big to be simply a trend and mass delusion, consider that it is now accepted that UFOs are real, where just five years ago it was universally accepted that they were not and anyone who thought otherwise belonged on The X-Files.

  • Iran state TV says deal made between US and Tehran for prisoner swap

    Pacifists drag down any society. To them, the appearance of absence of conflict — or as we might agnostically and cynically call it, the delayed manifestation of underlying conflict — is more important than fixing what is wrong. They will always sabotage the sane for the emotional as a result. The US and UK bought off Iran so that our “leaders” can preach a fake peace to our voters and the fake news can cover it.

  • Hundreds defy Montreal’s 8 p.m. curfew in violent, destructive protest

    A worldwide revolution against the Revolution and its prole mob rule has broken out because the Revolution has inverted itself, as they always do. When you say, “We are defined by not being this other thing,” then you have only a limited set of activities and turn toward defending those, even with masks and lockdowns to stall rising populism. Democracy is going broke and all of its policies are failing. Regime change is on the horizon.

  • Moment man executes US cop after he is pulled over for minor traffic infringement

    Oh, so that’s why police are jumpy when people refuse to drop weapons. They figure that most of the world wants to kill them, and they may not be wrong. Perhaps George Floyd should have thought of that before he fought back against cops after swallowing his stash and offed himself.

  • Brian Sicknick: US Capitol riot policeman ‘died of natural causes’

    We have now known for three weeks that the US Capitol Riot Narrative (UCRN) has failed, since Brian Sicknick died of an underlying health condition. In other words, this was not an insurrection, but a bunch of randoms who got let into the Capitol by the police force that Nancy Pelosi deliberately stood down.

  • Beijing Is Getting Better at Disinformation on Global Social Media

    We hear a lot in our media about Russian interference on social media, which amounts to renting a few thousand Digital Ocean instances and using them to mass-repeat propaganda, but few have thought about the Chinese presence, which is ten times bigger than the largest estimate for the Russian staff.

  • World’s wealthiest ‘at heart of climate problem’

    No kidding. They own the planes, cars, factories, and farms; the world’s lowest half of the population own their mud huts, four-acre subsistence farms, and mangy goats. No one seems to be mentioning slash-and-burn agriculture or overpopulation, as if they had an agenda…

  • Houston has already counted 100 murders this year, outpacing 2020’s sharp rise

    Diversity city run by corrupt affirmative action mayor finds itself turned into a shooting gallery yet again. White people run off to the suburbs and ignore this, effectively saying “Black and Brown lives don’t matter.” But who can blame them, when almost all of the crime originates in the poor?

  • Facebook let fake engagement distort global politics: a whistleblower’s account

    Big Social — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest — behaves more like a government program to enable color revolutions worldwide by appealing to the inherent solipsism and selfishness of people than it does a private business. When you get people to focus on themselves, they forget about order, culture, inner souls, reality, and other organic things and become ideological robots that you can masscontrol. This is the social method introduced by Darius and Genghis Khan.

  • How a shocking environmental disaster was uncovered off the California coast after 70 years

    Now think of how many that we did not catch. It seems clever to force people into obedience until you realize that anything which you do not explicitly force them to do, they will sabotage, much as happened in the Soviet Union. Forcing people into ugly industrial jobs made them prone to extreme ecocidal vandalism.



  • Hong Kong: Jimmy Lai sentenced to 14 months for pro-democracy protests

    China took over Hong Kong effortlessly because democracy is weak. The UK handed over the rights; Hong Kong became fixated on Carrie Lam who turns out to be a PRC agent; the West watched it happen and flapped some fetus flippers at it in impotent outrage but did nothing. Democracy is the regime that will be going away soon.

  • Sperm from malnourished males transmits information that negatively affects the genetic expression of their offspring

    Nature has checks and balances. If you are extremely malnourished, you likely also have a bad mutation load, so nature attempts to make your spawn into retards and defectives so that they die young without reproducing, similarly to how it turns bad genetic combinations into homosexuals and Italians.

  • Coral reefs prevent more than $5.3 billion in potential flood damage for U.S. property owners, study finds

    Now that we have a monetary value on it, perhaps someone can sue in defense of these natural ecosystems since their loss inconveniences humans. A better plan: define how much of Earth humans can occupy and how much we can distort natural ecosystems. I suggest under 20%, if we want a long-term future.

  • Sinn Fein leader apologises to Royal Family for IRA assassination of Lord Mountbatten after Philip’s funeral

    Diversity does not work in the UK either. The Irish, a mongrel race of low-IQ neolithic subsistence farmers hybridized with Semitic vagabonds from Spain, have agitated for autonomy for years, but then screw up every decision they make, forcing more Anglo stewardship. Better to repatriate them to North Africa.

  • In its latest lurch to the far right, Denmark plans to send some refugees back to Syria

    The virus of recognizing the failure of diversity spreads with some politicians doing the absolute minimum to arrest the flow, knowing that if they slow it down enough it will reverse itself.

  • Virginia city fires police officer over Rittenhouse donation

    Let’s hear about that “land of the free” thing again for comedic value. When freedom becomes not your method but your goal, it becomes impermissible to have opinions inconsistent with whatever is advancing “freedom,” which in this case is diversity, since it abolishes culture, standards, and values.

  • Air pollution costs Indian businesses $95 bn a year

    Trends like finding a numerical value for unspoiled nature will force humanity to recognize the opportunity cost of new people. Perhaps instead of taxing people to live, we should tax them to breed, and use that to limit our otherwise overflowing and low-quality population explosion.

  • Racist flyer promoting ‘slave’ sale found near Aledo schools

    This is almost undoubtedly a fake hate crime, since each one of those advances the Black agenda against the Asian and White, therefore they will be faked consistently. A better solution involves not worrying about “racism” any more than we worry about thunderstorms, and moving ahead with mono-ethnic societies.

  • EU to cut CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030

    China loves watching the West tie its own shoelaces together so that it will fail because this means that China can go ahead and seize everything that we made. Perhaps we should just call the People’s Republic of China the “parasite State,” since it is simply what happens when centralized bureaucracy realizes it can herd people.

  • Bus driver out of job after racist remark to student

    “Since George Floyd, that’s what you all say, but I don’t see a knee on your neck,” the bus driver said, which shows you just how tired people are of the great African-American Shakedown of 2020-21. In the end, this is teaching our people to stop caring about what happens to other groups, and merely focus on making our own star rise.

  • Daily Mail owner sues Google over search results

    Once Google became the most important way of finding information in the internet-enabled world, it became abusive, and now it routinely censors search results in order to manipulate the audience. Democracy seems to be unable and unwilling to do anything about this, despite it subverting democracy.

  • China purges school libraries of ‘Western veneration’

    This tells you exactly what the Communists will do when they seize power: they will purge you, so that they can purge history so that they can replace everything organic with ideology. That, they think, will help them rule in perpetuity, when in fact it only hastens their doom.

  • Genetic diversity in salmon has declined since fish rearing introduced

    It turns out that introducing square environments like schools, jobs, and fish pens turns people into little zombie robot clones of one another. In nature, we must adapt; in human society, we must conform and acquire, which turns us into something more like yeast than complex animals.

  • Black parents sue Wisconsin district over slavery lesson

    Hurt feelings demand tens of millions of dollars. The shakedown continues, while the voters ponder whether they should ever act and the politicians defer to what the media says. Could we ever do any worse than democracy? Surely not; this system is moronic.

  • True National Debt Exceeds $123 Trillion, or Nearly $800,000 per Taxpayer

    When you add in the liability for payments already guaranteed from entitlements — Social Security and Medicare — suddenly our budget shortfall comes in at four times what was estimated, including the $10 trillion that we added this year with the Great Democrat Giveaway. America is heading for default and regime change!

  • The Wokest Place on Earth

    Wokeness allows people to signal that they are on the “right side of history” and therefore good, which allows them to build careers, sell products, and curry votes. This means that like all trends, and democracy runs itself by trends or those things we experience FOMO if we do not cash in upon, wokeness has taken corporate America by storm.

  • St Albans cathedral’s new carving features facemask

    We must remember the year that democracy went insane-retarded because no one could take the stupidity anymore and had a panic attack, scapegoating COVID-19 (and the Rich, Jews, Whites, etc.) instead of looking at the fact that democracy has consistently made nearly non-stop awful decisions for the past two centuries.

  • Netflix stock sinks amid subscriber slowdown

    Consistently we see that “experts” and business leaders seem to get it very wrong on a regular basis. They are following the last trend, caught up in its fat tail, not seeing what comes over the horizon. Netflix gained subscribers while it was adding interesting content, but it turns out that the 8% that is the internet audience likes the woke documentaries, but no one else cares.

  • China Behind Another Hack as US Cybersecurity Issues Mount

    We have not heard much about the “Russians” behind the SolarWinds hack lately, mainly because our “experts” are such wimpy morons that they looked at the tools used, some of which were Russian and some American, and concluded that the Russians had done it. The Chinese got away clean. Our “experts” are useless.

  • Biden: This will be ‘decisive decade’ for tackling climate change

    Government has found its new unlimited credit card, since civil rights is failing now that White people are moving to the suburbs away from the diversity. In the name of the environment, we can justify unlimited spending and totalitarianism, but not actually help the environment, which needs less immigration, fewer entitlements, and more national parks.

  • Student leader with record wore ‘white lives matter’ mask

    If this society is against “racism,” having a White Lives Matter mask should not be a problem. Instead, it appears that “anti-racism” means erasing Whites so that compliant third-world voters can take over and keep our neurotic, criminal Leftists in power. As usual, the problem is democracy which like other egalitarian notions is based on symbolism, emotion, and socializing, not reality.

  • Scotland could become the world’s first ‘rewilding nation’

    The best way to rewild would be to end immigration, send the non-indigenous population back, and stop subsidizing people to live without purpose. Egalitarianism holds that natural selection is our enemy, but in reality, we cannot live without it and have dug a hole for ourselves by avoiding it.

  • Viktor Orban seizes control of Hungary’s universities

    Conservatives consoled themselves with principled losing for centuries. They knew that democracy always moves to the Left because the basis of democracy is egalitarianism, the philosophy of the Left. Now they are seeing that they must seize power as the Left did, or the Left will take over and destroy everything.


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