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News (May 28, 2022)


Modern people are fond of saying things like “the map is not the territory” as a way of trying to control an idea by limiting it to a simple homily which serves to discourage future inspection. It simply is what it is, they imply.

The concept it alludes to however floats throughout postmodernism. Symbols are not their referents. We have to look at how we reason to see whether we know what we believe we know. It is basically Plato rediscovered.

At its core lies the discovery of relativity from Kant through Schopenhauer, as released by Nietzsche in his “On Truth and Lies in a Non-Moral Sense.” From that, the whole movement burst forth, aiming to understand non-absolute “truths.”

Perhaps at the farthest edge are the nihilists. We say that “God” is not God, and that “truth” is not just relative to each person but regulated by what they can understand relative to their genetic makeup.

In other words, we all live in different worlds, isolated behind a wall of symbols designed to convey truth that more commonly obscure it.

This brings to mind the notions of the perennialists. These argued that all religions were human-created narratives, and that all gestured at a few basic ideas and then piled interpretations on those.

We are coming out of the age of absolute truth as handed down by science, courts, democracy, law, and the markets, and moving into an age where we accept that truth varies between people, so you have to choose as leaders the most accurate ones.

This causes fear and trembling because it tells the middle class — basically peasants with one aristocratic grandfather — that they cannot be “king for a day.” Only the one destined to be king can be King.

With that realization, however, we release ourselves from the gridlock of modern thought. Without equality, we can stop doing the same stupid stuff we have been doing just to promote equality, and choose what is realistic and good instead.


  • ‘Human Rights’ for Bosses

    The decision, and many others of the kind, underscore the fundamentally neoliberal nature of the human-rights regime.

    In his book The Conservative Human Rights Revolution, which charts the origins of the European convention, historian Marco Duranti demonstrates that the convention was a “conservative political artifact whose origins cannot be properly understood without accounting for the anti-socialist agenda” of its framers. He notes, “To the dismay of many socialists, they ensured that the right to property and the right of parents over the religious content of their children’s education would be codified in treaty law, while the rights to employment, health care, and social security would not.”

    The left’s embrace of rights will not help the powerless, however. Marx, after all, believed the rights in the French Revolution’s Declaration of the Rights of Man reflected the “right” of capitalists to be free from restriction and responsibility to others.

    “Human rights” (or “civil rights”) refers to absolute rights granted to the individual so that these individuals can be made into Useful Idiots for tearing down culture and social order, mores, standards, values, and aesthetics.

  • Blaming mass shootings on the nation’s mental health crisis is ‘harmful’, advocates say

    According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. experience mental illness, defined as a condition that affects a person’s thinking, feeling or mood, each year, approximately 52.9 million Americans. In 2020, 1 in 10 young adults, between the ages of 18 and 25, were found to experience serious mental illness.

    It must be higher than that. Mental illness comes from trauma or mutation load affecting the brain. Broken families produce trauma; mixing ethnic, social class, and racial groups produces unbalanced genetic frameworks which tend toward dysfunction. It turns out that first world living produces mental health disorders that then inundate those nations:

    Mental and addictive disorders affect a significant portion of the global population with high burden, in particular in high- and upper-middle-income countries. The relative share of these disorders has increased in the past decades, in part due to stigma and lack of treatment.

    Modern society makes people miserable at the same time that, thanks to egalitarianism, it breeds people with high muteload to use as tools of industry and the vote. This is what happens when society prospers and produces a semi-competent middle class that demands democracy so that it can further churn money out of the corpse of a once-decent place. Insane situations plus insane choices beget insanity, and then that consumes society from within. We saw the same thing in ancient Rome:

    However, analyses of the male individual’s mitochondrial and Y chromosome DNA also identified groups of genes that are commonly found in those from the island of Sardinia, but not among other individuals who lived in Italy during the Roman Imperial age. This suggests that there may have been high levels of genetic diversity across the Italian Peninsula during this time.

    How to kill an empire: diversity. Races represent frameworks of genetic traits that work together. When you break up the framework, whether through inbreeding or outbreeding, it breaks down, and you end up with people whose DNA is determined by millions of little coin tosses, leading to an accumulation of mutation load that makes most of them go insane and experience health problems. Shortly afterward, the diverse and now dead civilization collapses and withers away under the weight of history. If you wonder why once-great civilizations in Southern Europe, South America, and Eastern Europe now seem to be incapable of boiling an egg, your answer can be found here. Only those civilizations with genetics continuous from their founding to the present can claim any kind of consistent mental health.

  • California GOP House candidate Greg Raths goes on anti-Semitic rant

    “Israeli PAC in Washington — they got money and they control a lot of these politicians,” Greg Raths said during a candidate forum.

    He is not wrong, but this is not the whole truth either. Many organizations like CAIR or AIPAC represent groups and industries with a lot of money, and politicians depend on them to get elected much as they rely on creating warm fuzzy feelings with semi-honest and vague words about policy. All of these groups are warring it out, spending money to try to change our laws, generating millions of pages of rules in the process. In democracy, every vote is for sale, and soon you have a society pulled in as many directions as it has citizens, at which point it is neutralized and made weak. Consider that the oil industry, unions, defense companies, illegal aliens, and religious fanatics are lobbying as much as the Israeli lobby.

    Keep in mind that these various groups — yes, even Die Ewige Learned Elders of Zion — blow each other out on a regular basis, as we saw during the homosexual takeover of Hollywood:

    The collapse of AMG is the direct result of a flawed business plan—Ovitz won’t argue that—but behind the scenes, he believes, its demise was hastened by Geffen and other enemies, who at every turn did what they could to make his dream a nightmare. They were there in the beginning, when he was trying to get AMG off the ground. They were there in the middle acts, pouring venom into the ears of those who could ensure AMG’s survival. And they were there at the end, making sure the bleeding AMG died the most humiliating death possible.

    That’s what Ovitz believes. It is one of the driving factors in his decision to talk about what happened, a burning need to name names, to throw light on the shadowy Hollywood cabal he believes did him in. He calls it the Gay Mafia, though several of its “members” aren’t gay, and much of what he says about these men is nasty and unprintable.

    Following so far? The “gay mafia” — essentially a homosexual lobby — was in turn replaced by Chinese Communists who also now have a well-funded lobbying presence:

    Over the last decade or more, as Beijing has expanded its global role as a world power, leading trade partner, sovereign investor, and cultural influence, these domestic patterns of censorship and control have extended beyond China’s borders. Beijing’s rising global influence has meant that the ruling Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) approach to censorship is making itself felt by publishers, authors, scholars, writers, journalists, and others who address topics of interest to China, regardless of their citizenship or where they are based.

    In democracy, everything is for sale. The “open society” will sell you the rope that will be used to hang it. Blaming the Chinese, homosexuals, and Jews for walking in an open door is ridiculous; stop thinking like a voter and close the door instead.

  • Drug resistance molecule can spread though bacterial ‘communities’

    “Very often, antimicrobial resistance isn’t tied to the bacteria itself — it’s encoded in plasmids they carry, and can pass on,” said lead author Arthur Newbury, of the Environment and Sustainability Institute on Exeter’s Penryn Campus in Cornwall.

    “Plasmids can jump between bacteria and, although most don’t cause antimicrobial resistance, those that do make the new host instantly resistant.”

    “These plasmids become beneficial when antibiotics are around, which is one reason why resistance can appear and spread very rapidly in hospitals.”

    Now consider how this built your “second brain,” the gut microbiome, which consists of a microbial guild:

    “Most animals harbour a community of bacteria that are simply good at living in animals. From this ‘professional guild’ of animal specialists likely evolved the more elaborate, co-evolving microbiomes that are well studied in humans and insects. But as we looked at a broader set of smaller marine animals, it became clear that the microbiomes of bigger creatures are likely exceptions, not the rule.”

    The team found the microbiomes of the tiny creatures differ from the microbes living in the surrounding environment, and often differed from the microbiome of even closely related invertebrates.

    Whenever evolution finds relevant bits, it passes them around through a process also vetted by natural selection, leading to persistence of novel traits. In other news, the next weird science vaccine will be plasmid-based.

  • Portland police arrest suspect who left neo-Nazi propaganda outside community center

    Officials with the organization had reported that an unknown man had placed a neo-Nazi propaganda sticker on the fence of the property, police said. Surveillance video showed the suspect and his vehicle.

    Rockhill was booked into the Clackamas County Jail on an arrest warrant for second-degree bias crime.

    He may face additional charges of first-degree bias crime and third-degree criminal mischief that were pending in Multnomah County.

    Diversity killed your free speech; did you notice? Diversity, like equality, is a form of “meta-politic” based on pluralism, which is effectively a demand that we never come to conclusions, standards, mores, values, aesthetics, or culture. Instead, we tolerate everything for those human rights points. In effect, his crime was against pluralism itself, which holds first and above all else that we cannot notice any failures of pluralism, like diversity not working out so well again just like it has failed every time it has been tried.

  • Shedding light on spermatogenesis failure caused by testicular warming

    Kodai Hirano, the primary contributor to this study, says that “it was surprising that essential processes, such as meiosis, can be easily damaged at normal body core temperatures. Through the combined functions of the scrotum and checkpoint, only sperm developed at low temperatures fertilizes eggs to generate the next generation. Key questions for future studies include the molecular mechanism of heat sensitivity and the biological significance of low temperatures in sperm production.”

    Possibly our ancestors knew a thing or two by living in cold climates and wearing kilts and tights.

  • Spanish MPs back ‘only yes means yes’ sexual consent law

    The reform means that victims will no longer have to prove that they suffered violence or intimidation, or that they physically resisted, in order to show that they have suffered a sexual assault. Any sexual act without consent will be liable to be deemed assault.

    No one thinks these laws through. They sound good on the surface, but then look at a rape case. Either you convict a man solely on the testimony of a single woman, or you convict no one because you cannot prove either way that consent was given. Although they seem medieval, rape laws that emphasize that women fight back produce evidence, namely injuries from the struggle, that make convictions open and shut. With those, we would feel comfortable hanging rapists again, which would filter out unhealthy muteload from our society.

  • On the waterfront: the political fight over organised crime at the Port of New York

    Today, New York state and commission officials still describe the port in terms Johnson might have recognised — as a waterfront in the “ironclad grip” of a corrupt union and organised crime, where kickbacks and crooked labour contracts are commonplace.

    Wherever unions go, corruption follows. This occurs because unions themselves are corruption, extortion schemes based on collective reward that, by obscuring what workers are doing, hide the excesses that allow theft and graft behind a maze of rules. If we were to remove legal protection for unions, the problem would solve itself. Like socialism and insurance, unions insulate those who create damage from those consequences, breeding more damage-doers within the system.

  • ‘Horrifying’ conspiracy theories swirl around Texas shooting

    In some cases, misinformation about mass shootings or other events are spread by well-intentioned social media users trying to be helpful. In other cases, it can be the work of grifters looking to start fake fundraisers or draw attention to their website or organization.

    Grifters are burning down the Right. These little carnies post clever stuff in order to draw attention to themselves, but in doing so, reduce the Right to confusion and get it away from clear thinking on these issues. This school shooting was caused by a mental defective, but the conditions that set up mass shootings all involve diversity abolishing our national culture, destroying our genetics, making people callous about others who likely have nothing in common with them, and encouraging racial violence. See the work of Robert Putnam.

  • Equalities watchdog launches formal probe into Pontins over ‘continued concerns’ about racial discrimination against gypsies and travellers after it BANNED customers with 40 Irish surnames

    Pontins was accused of banning customers with 40 common Irish surnames including Boyle, Doherty and Gallagher using a secret blacklist titled ‘undesirable guests’ to stop suspected traveller families booking holidays at its parks.

    Freedom means the ability to discriminate and choose who you associate with. This encourages good behavior and punishes bad. It also crushes the multiracial society, which is why our voters and bureaucrats think it is very bad; they would have to change the comfy little setup of free stuff for votes that they have established. It turns out that “Irish Travellers,” sort of a companion itinerant population to Roma/gypsies, are just standard Irish people who have gone full-in on the caravan carny lifestyle:

    Using a sample of 50 Irish Travellers, 143 European Roma, 2232 settled Irish, 2039 British and 6255 European or world-wide individuals, we demonstrate evidence for population substructure within the Irish Traveller population, and estimate a time of divergence before the Great Famine of 1845–1852. We quantify the high levels of autozygosity, which are comparable to levels previously described in Orcadian 1st/2nd cousin offspring, and finally show the Irish Traveller population has no particular genetic links to the European Roma.

    The Irish, a Semitic race from the middle east who came into the UK through Spain and mixed with neolithic Eastern European and British remnants there, tend toward third-world behavior as a result of their mixed Asiatic and North African origins. Our Anglo-Saxon ancestors had the right idea when they wanted to repatriate these primitive people to North Africa.

  • ‘Golden era’ of cheap food is ending, says ex-Sainsbury’s boss

    “The headline profit numbers are of course large in the context of any household budget,” King told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. “But the margins in supermarkets are around 3%. So even if supermarkets made no profits at all, they wouldn’t really be able to make a huge dent in the cost inflation that is coming through the system,” he said.

    “We have been perhaps through a golden era. We spend much less as a proportion on average of our household budgets on food than we had almost any time in history, and that’s been [on] a long, gentle decline. So I suspect what we will see is a higher proportion, across the piece, spent on food for the longer term.”

    Every time governments get involved in markets, they create a boom-bust cycle that makes life more expensive for the average person while driving down wages. You are enslaved by socialist-style entitlements, most designed as anti-poverty and anti-racism programs. What he fails to mention is that our food now is less nutritive than at any other time; business used filler to substitute for nutrition, and government pocketed the “excess” through increased taxes. Reduce all taxes to a single flat tax and cut government back to defense, roads, courts, police, and fire, and we have a chance of riding this out. Whatever government does this first will become self-sufficient and resistant to economic change, which is why the globalists fear populism: if one government leaves the reservation, others will follow, and soon we will move from a global order of liberal democratic market socialism to something more stable, which will cut out the excess profits that allow huge bureaucracies, both government and corporate, to exist.

  • Voters turn down $101.8 million in Huffman ISD bond proposals

    The two bond proposals, Proposition A for $98.9 million and Proposition B for $2.9 million, were approved unanimously by the board of trustees to go before voters during the February 3 special meeting with a 6-0 vote.

    Voters, who normally went to the polls chanting slogans about how education is our future, have finally figured out that public education is not magic. It does not make the dumb smarter; it just gives them degrees and lets them destroy other things. It costs a lot of money, especially English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) programs, speech therapists, disciplinarians, and the massive administration section which has cropped up in public education. As more White families keep their kids home safe from Drag Queen Story Hour and mass shootings, the numbers in public schools are falling, which means that at some point, the voters are going to want their property taxes back.


  • Fertility: childcare costs exacerbate the demographic drought

    The high cost of bringing up children gobbles up a big share of disposable income in some countries, particularly in Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea and China.

    Those who become parents often stop at one child, as bedroom sharing and hand-me-down clothes do not cut costs by much. Three-children families shave the per-child costs by just a quarter, versus those who have two, reckons the US government(opens a new window).

    If you taxed people less, this would not be a problem. Instead, as always happens in egalitarian societies, they tax the productive and shift that wealth to the unproductive, then are amazed when productivity falls as people steal everything they can for themselves in order to escape the burden of government. The Biden administration, like the Carter administration, sought to force ideological goals (environmentalism and “social justice”) on the population, but in doing so raised costs to unsustainable levels. Just like how unions raise salaries and then are amazed when the factories close up and go overseas, government raises payments and then becomes amazed when the wealth goes offshore too.

  • Inside the secret chat rooms censoring critics on a pro-Trump ‘free speech’ social media app

    Tens of thousands of accounts have joined Himalaya Farm servers on messaging service Discord — at least two chat rooms within the servers, seen by the ABC, are dedicated to monitoring Gettr 24/7.

    Followers are vetted before gaining access to the “Gettr reporting room”. They’re required to provide a copy of their passport, records of donations to NFSC-aligned groups and examples of writings that show support to the movements and its leaders.

    Most likely, Discord leaked this information; we know this because they have leaked information on Right-wingers before. And still people use Discord… it really is amazing.

  • The Modern World Can’t Exist Without These Four Ingredients. They All Require Fossil Fuels

    Four materials rank highest on the scale of necessity, forming what I have called the four pillars of modern civilization: cement, steel, plastics, and ammonia are needed in larger quantities than are other essential inputs. The world now produces annually about 4.5 billion tons of cement, 1.8 billion tons of steel, nearly 400 million tons of plastics, and 180 million tons of ammonia. But it is ammonia that deserves the top position as our most important material: its synthesis is the basis of all nitrogen fertilizers, and without their applications it would be impossible to feed, at current levels, nearly half of today’s nearly 8 billion people.

    No wonder government wants you to drive electric cars so much that it has raised gasoline prices by constricting supply. They need the oil in order to keep feeding the eight billion low-quality humans on Earth, since all governments fear French Revolution scenarios and lots of starving people gnawing on the skulls of the weaker will create worldwide political instability. As it turns out, Malthus was right: overpopulation has doomed humanity. Anyone got any good recipes for gnawed skulls?

  • One in four Britons prefer their pets to their partners…because they don’t judge, poll reveals

    A nationwide poll has also revealed two out of three say their pet is their best friend while nearly a fifth confess that their animal pal is more important than any person in their life.

    Asked what makes their pets so special, nearly six in ten said it is because they don’t judge.

    Meanwhile half think their dog or cat is more loyal than the humans in their life and almost as many, perhaps unsurprisingly, love the fact that their pet never answers back.

    Sexual liberation means the end of unconditional love. In any relationship, you are always being judged because the other person is aware of all the options they could have instead, so they are comparing you like a stock or product on the shelf to other options, using a risk-reward balance much like an investor. You cannot trust them with your inner fears or needs because if you become too complicated, they will just move on to the next sexual product. Not surprisingly, people get more love from their pets, and use their partners as breeding stock before divorcing them in late middle age.

  • UK monkeypox outbreak ‘unprecedented’ as officials say sexual contact likely route of transmission

    Four out of seven cases in the current outbreak are gay or bisexual, which is “highly suggestive of spread in sexual networks,” according to Mateo Prochazka, an infectious disease epidemiologist at UKHSA who is leading the agency’s investigation.

    “This is further suggested by the fact that common contacts have been identified for only 2 of the 4 latest cases,” he said on Twitter, adding it was “bizarre” that people appear to have acquired the infection via sexual contact, as “this is a novel route of transmission” that has not previously been reported in the UK.

    In a statement released by UKHSA on Monday, Dr Susan Hopkins, chief medical adviser, said: “We are particularly urging men who are gay and bisexual to be aware of any unusual rashes or lesions and to contact a sexual health service without delay.”

    That turns out to be doubly important if you attended a fetish festival where bodily fluids and germs splashed around like soap bubbles at a sorority bash:

    In Belgium, the Darklands Festival warned patrons who attended four days of parties starting on May 5 that Belgian authorities had linked three cases to the event.

    Darklands is a ticketed event that describes itself as a collaboration of clubs and organisations employing 150 volunteers and hosting daytime commercial events alongside evening parties.

    “The various tribes in the gay fetish community (leather, rubber, army, skinhead, puppies…) come together to create a unique spectacle of fetish brotherhood,” the site says.

    You guys go ahead and google those for the rest of us.

    In my view, the LGBT community, which has above average wealth, should take care of this problem internally. It does not affect the rest of us, so we should not be funding it, just like we should not have been funding the anti-AIDS campaigns that made Anthony Fauci so wealthy.

  • ‘Twitter does not believe in free speech’: Undercover Project Veritas recording reveals Twitter engineer saying platform censors the right but NOT the left, everyone who works there is ‘commie as f**k’ and they ‘hate’ Elon Musk

    Siru Murugesan was recorded saying the company culture is extremely far left where workers are ‘commie as f**k’ and they ‘hate, hate, hate’ Elon Musk’s $44billion takeover.

    In a shockingly frank conversation, filmed over several encounters, he said the firm ‘does not believe in free speech’ and even started to turn him left-wing when he joined.

    Entertainment companies — this is what the internet became after the smartphone was mainstreamed in 2007 — favor Left-wing causes because they make their money by including everyone in their lowest common denominator product. That means that anyone who rises above mediocre makes everyone else feel bad and must be removed, especially those who endorse realist philosophies which naturally produce hierarchy. Having most of their workers be Asiatic H-1Bs also influences this Leftward swing.

  • Tall, dense trees identified as effective weapon against traffic’s toxic nanoparticles

    Toxic airborne nanoparticles from vehicles on our roads, which enter our bodies and lungs and damage human health, can more effectively be screened out by tall, dense trees than other “green infrastructure,” finds a new study from the University of Surrey.

    Surrey’s Global Centre for Clean Air Research (GCARE) has developed a model to help predict how different types of the green infrastructure placed in and around a city can impact the spread of toxic nanoparticles and whether they help improve the air quality.

    This was always common sense, but as soon as we “needed” more land for diversity immigration, went out the window. If humanity used only half of the Earth, our pollution problems would vanish and shortly afterwards overpopulation would simmer down as well.

  • Buffalo shooting: Biden rebukes ‘poison’ of white supremacy

    Mr Biden on Tuesday said the young man belonged to “a hateful minority”.

    After meeting families impacted by the shooting, he eulogised the victims for their “individual lives of love, service and community that speak to the bigger story of who we are as Americans”.

    “White supremacy will not have the last word,” he said.

    Of course he says such things; Biden is not White (he is Irish). Here he is trying to blame White Nationalists for noticing that diversity — of any form: racial, ethnic, cultural, religious; and of any mix of groups — is toxic, destructive, genocidal, and suicidal. He wants more third world voters to permanently vote Leftist, since at least three-quarters of them vote against the socially and fiscally conservative society that Anglo-Saxons preferred. The sooner we repatriate the Irish to North Africa and other non-WASPs to their home countries, the sooner this nightmare is over. While most Americans are not White Nationalists, mainly because they associate White Nationalism with pointless violence, more every day favor the nationalist position, and fewer every day are likely to bleat-repeat the dominant paradigm mantra of “diversity is our strength.” At this point, if you could poll Americans honestly, most would not be opposed to diversity, but would be opposed to doing anything to further subsidize or promote it. They have lost faith in yet another democratic illusion.

    For example, see charities fleeing immigration as it loses popularity:

    The people who took part were a nationally representative group of Americans in terms of their race and ethnicity, geographical region and most age categories—although women and people age 18 to 24 were slightly underrepresented.

    Overall, we found people were less willing to donate to the charity when its recipients were described as immigrants. The probability was even lower for immigrants who were undocumented, facing deportation or both.

    Back in the 1960s, America adopted a posture that the only problem with diversity was White Racism. After cities burned, riots raged, and we see diversity candidates everywhere running corrupt cities and engaging in anti-White conduct, it has become clear to Americans that diversity is not a good thing. Since they fear change, they are not yet willing to oppose it, but they are no longer widely supporting it.

  • Mexico’s number of ‘disappeared’ people rises above 100,000

    In the last two years the numbers have spiked from about 73,000 people to more than 100,000 — mostly men.

    Mexico has seen spiraling violence since the war on drugs began in 2006, with over 350,000 people having died since then.

    Last year, the country of more than 129 million people saw 94 murders a day on average.

    There are advantages to not being a third world country. If Americans want to help Mexico, they should stop buying Mexican drugs. Grow your own weed: it takes a few lights, some dirt, water, and a few seeds. The Canadian law that permits growing up to four plants for personal use would deplete cartel coffers significantly.

  • Talent: How to Identify Energizers, Creatives, and Winners Around the World, by Tyler Cowen and Daniel Gross

    The ability to pinpoint talent is more important than ever. Cowen and Gross note that in the U.S., from 1980 to 2000, the main cause of income inequality was whether a person graduated from college. But from 2000 to 2017, income inequality primarily existed within educational groupings. In other words, talent appears to be more responsible than education for economic returns.

    The authors suggest using challenging and unusual questions to identify those with more style than substance. As they put it, “Beware of verbally adept storytellers.”

    They state that in a group setting, “status-seekers focus on maximizing attention from the perceived elite. Idea-seekers, on the other hand, want to advance knowledge and stimulate curiosity.”

    Education got sabotaged the same way the voters/politicians (same thing, effectively) destroy everything else: they turned it into an anti-poverty program. They saw that “the main cause of income inequality was whether a person graduated from college,” so they decided to educate everyone, promptly destroying the value of a college education. Voters enthusiastically approved these programs time and again. When do we impeach the voters for being incompetent and negligent?

  • ‘Traffic calming’ boosts breeding on coral reefs

    They then tracked the breeding of fish called spiny chromis — and found 65% of nests on quieter reefs still contained offspring at the end of the season, compared to 40% on reefs with busy motorboat traffic.

    Imagine what noise pollution has done to human breeding. Sound travels through physical media and transfers energy to whatever absorbs it. In addition, it interrupts the rest and sleep that organisms need. And yet, our prole-friendly society has done nothing but pile on the noise since the Peasant Revolutions of 1328.

    Consider that light pollution may also kill off wildlife:

    Researchers found that butterflies roosting at night near artificial illumination such as a porch or streetlight can become disoriented the next day because the light interferes with their circadian rhythms. Artificial light can impede the molecular processes responsible for the butterfly’s remarkable navigational ability and trigger the butterfly to take wing when it should be resting.

    Not only that, but we are slowly discovering the obvious fact that air pollution can kill you despite being everywhere all the time:

    The researchers found a significant association between PM2.5 levels and ventricular arrhythmias treated with shocks, corresponding to a 1.5% increased risk for each 1 μg/m3 rise in PM2.5. They also found that when PM2.5 concentrations were elevated by 1 μg/m3 for an entire week, compared to average levels, there was a 2.4% higher likelihood of ventricular arrhythmias regardless of the temperature. When PM10 was 1 μg/m3 above average for a week there was a 2.1% raised risk of arrhythmias.

    Our artificial environment, including things like porch lights designed to scare off diversity crime, probably does the same to us. Interrupted by noise, light, and particulate pollution, crammed into little airless boxes in cities that deoxygenate their environment, we struggle onward in a state of never being sick but never really being well either, and each generation has more muteload and problems than the previous.

  • Study findings contradict the belief that humpback whales learn their songs from other whales

    “If singers are prone to copying novel songs, then exposing them to successful songs from other populations should elicit imitation,” he says. “In a playback study examining humpbacks’ responses to familiar and unfamiliar songs, 71% of singers exposed to foreign songs swam away from the simulated immigrant, and no singers imitated the novel song.”

    Populations of humpbacks with no acoustic contact with one another produce acoustically matching themes. Different populations separated by continents may sing the same songs without ever hearing any of the same inspirational models.

    This means that their tendency toward song and language is hardwired. Nature > nurture, every time.



  • Archaeologists reconstruct an ancient Aryan bow

    The foundation of the reconstruction was horn parts found in three burial complexes of the Sintashta people, an ancient Indo-Iranian tribe. They were located in the Southern Urals at the turn of 3rd and 2nd millennia BC, to which the famous Arkaim can be dated.

    The penetration ability of this type of bow was so high that it could pierce even bone and horn plate armor, the scientists told us. This bow was likely an elite weapon of a chariot warrior, but could also be used by aristocrats to hunt large animals. The asymmetric shape of the bow, compensated by the balance of the horn parts, may have given the lower arm of the weapon special combat ergonomics, allowing it to be fired from the body of a war vehicle, experts believe.

    According to archaeologists, these compound bows are the most powerful and accurate distance weapons of antiquity. Reconstruction of this technology allows us to assert that they were difficult to manufacture and required specialization of labor. The wooden and horn parts of the bow were likely created by different craftsmen.

    So much for the mythos of the Mongol warrior. It turns out that the ancients had a better and more accurate technology. One wonders how much of history is lost because people do not record the obvious things they see and do every day, and every generation erases anything older than thirty years through a manic pursuit of novelty in the shadow of the fear of mortality.

  • Executive narcissism inhibits inter-unit knowledge transfer

    The studies proved their hypotheses, finding narcissistic executives to be more receptive to knowledge transfer when a higher level of environmental complexity or dynamism was present. Dr. Liu offered two theories as to why narcissism stands in the way of knowledge-transfer: One, narcissistic unit heads may strongly believe that they have a superior knowledge stock, compared to executives in other units, and understand their unit’s problems better—leading them to believe others’ knowledge is less valuable. The second theory is that these executives may believe that knowledge transfer may diminish their sense of superiority and uniqueness, leading them to decline to receive external knowledge in an attempt to preserve their image.

    The Prozak theory: everything with normies involves wealth, power, and status. Accepting the knowledge of those outside of your team makes your team look like followers, not leaders, and makes you seem to be part of the follower herd in the company. It is better — for your career and status among your peers — to simply reject any advice from outside your group until you can sponsor your own research to reach slightly different but essentially the same conclusions that have similar effects but can be branded as your creativity, not theirs.

  • Genetic predictability steadily erodes during evolution, new study shows

    “Many people think that natural selection has optimized all of our genes to do the best job possible,” said Joseph Thornton, Ph.D., Professor of Ecology & Evolution and Human Genetics at UChicago, and senior author of the study. “Our results show that present-day genes are the result of a particular cascade of random but consequential chance events, each of which determined the next steps that evolution could take at every moment in history.”

    “We were surprised by how pervasive epistatic drift is, and also by how gradual and steady it seems to be,” said Park, a doctoral student in Genetics, Genomics, and Systems Biology. “Big episodic jumps were rare. Some mutations drift fast, some more slowly, but each one progressively forgets the effects it once had in the ancestor, and in the future, it will eventually forget the effects that it has today.”

    This unites the Platonic cycles of history with Darwin’s theory of degeneration: a challenge arises, a gene is selected to match it, the problem goes away, and the gene is forgotten, replaced by one that addresses the next problem. We cannot escape history; we (biologically, genetically) are history.

  • Eco-fascism: The greenwashing of the far right

    Thomas says regular fascists are populist ultranationalists who invoke a narrative of civilizational crisis, decline and rebirth along cultural and nationalist lines. Eco-fascists see climate change or ecological disturbances as the civilizational threat within that equation.

    Eco-fascists are tied up in racist theories and believe that the degradation of the natural environment leads to the degradation of their culture and their people, added Thomas.

    As usual, the Left flips cause and effect. “Fascism” (Leftist pidgin-speak for strong authority systems, versus weak authority systems like bureaucracy and democracy) has always been obsessed with biological health, including protecting nature and eugenics within the human population. These “fascists” understand that we are biology and biology is a more complex and more orderly system than the human notion of “meritocracy,” or instructing warm bodies in procedures to follow and choosing the most obedient ones (how else did you think you got leaders so incompetent that they bungled the COVID-19 panic?). We should look at the leading research on “fascist”-green tendencies:

    A preliminary survey of nineteenth and twentieth century precursors to classical ecofascism should serve to illuminate the conceptual underpinnings common to all forms of reactionary ecology.

    Germany is not only the birthplace of the science of ecology and the site of Green politics’ rise to prominence; it has also been home to a peculiar synthesis of naturalism and nationalism forged under the influence of the Romantic tradition’s anti-Enlightenment irrationalism.

    At the heart of the volkisch temptation was a pathological response to modernity. In the face of the very real dislocations brought on by the triumph ofindustrial capitalism and national unification, volkisch thinkers preached a return to the land, to the simplicity and wholeness of alife attuned to nature’s purity.

    The very nature of conservatism involves preserving the natural against the onslaught of the popular, profitable, and artificial. Naturally this led to a movement based in preserving human genetics (nationalism) as well as conserving natural land by force if necessary (ecofascism). For more on this, read my introduction to Pentti Linkola‘s Can Life Prevail?.

  • Secession in Atlanta?

    A binding referendum seemed like a real possibility last year, but Atlanta’s business establishment and a state leadership wary of permitting the majority-white neighborhood to split off from majority-black Atlanta have managed to thwart the Buckhead City effort for now.

    Michael Owens, a political science professor at Emory University, lambasts the Buckhead City movement as an assertion of white political power at the expense of poor black neighborhoods, which have far higher crime rates. “If we think about U.S. urban history . . . there is this sort of embedded coding that crime equals black,” Owens says.

    If you are in a wealthy neighborhood, almost all of the people stealing from you are poor. This is how it works: wealthy people rarely steal from each other, at least in terms of physical home items, because they are already wealthy. However, poor people will hop a neighborhood over for an easy score. I remember when people in Houston and Austin had lawn decorations. You cannot do that anymore; your nice wrought-iron plant stands, ceramic pots, and lawn gnomes will vanish in the night. That is not a Negro crime problem, but a Hispanic crime problem, around here. After a six pack of Modelo Especial, crimes of opportunity both satisfy the need for a score and a passive-aggressive desire to give the finger to the prosperous. In Buckhead, the White community wants to break away before it gets dragged down by the multiracial underclass of the city, and who can blame them? We are moving from the socialist “subsidize everyone by taking from the productive” model to the natural selection “let each person keep what he produces” model. Implement a flat tax, drop the entitlements, and suddenly the attraction that brings diversity here goes away too.

  • Vangelis, the Greek ‘Chariots of Fire’ composer, dies at 79

    A private, humorous man — burly, with shoulder-length hair and a trim beard — he quoted ancient Greek philosophy and saw the artist as a conduit for a basic universal force. He was fascinated by space exploration and wrote music for celestial bodies, but said he never sought stardom himself.

    At 20, Vangelis and three friends formed the Forminx band in Athens, which did very well in Greece. After it disbanded, he wrote scores for several Greek films and later became a founding member — together with another later-to-be internationally famous Greek musician, Demis Roussos — of Aphrodite’s Child. Based in Paris, the progressive rock group produced several European hits, and their final record “666,” released in 1972, is still highly acclaimed.

    Vangelis was wary of how record companies handled commercial success. With success, he said, “you find yourself stuck and obliged to repeat yourself and your previous success.”

    Insights from a master artist.

  • Testosterone Administration Induces A Red Shift in Democrats

    Before the testosterone treatment, we found that weakly affiliated Democrats had 19% higher basal testosterone than those who identified strongly with the party (p=0.015). When weakly affiliated Democrats received additional testosterone, the strength of their party fell by 12% (p=.01) and they reported 45% warmer feelings towards Republican candidates for president (p < 0.001). Our results demonstrate that testosterone induces a “red shift" among weakly-affiliated Democrats. This effect was associated with improved mood. No effects were found of testosterone administration for strongly affiliated Democrats or strong or weak Republicans.

    Individualism arises from fatalism, or a belief in decreased efficacy and a lack of goodness to the world, and manifests in a desire for a guarantee against being attacked and status downranked by others. This in turn translates to a rejection of established order and wisdom, since that leads to hierarchy, and a preference for mob rule since this creates enough chaos that the individual can hide his own sins and ineptitude in the surging throng of humanity and its entropic obsession with self-aggrandizing acts that make the individual stand out at the expense of being realistic in any way.

    Democrats, like all Leftists, indulge in this fatalism-egomania which makes them both destructive to society and themselves. A little boost of testosterone probably makes them feel more capable and energetic in addition to smoothing over whatever health or mental health problems they may already have. Strong affiliated Democrats have vested their sense of self-worth in their political identity (“the personal is political”) and weak Republicans are just waffling between the social popular (equality) and the functional (hierarchy).

    The connection between strength and anti-egalitarian sentiments has long been known:

    Dr Michael Price and colleagues assessed 171 men aged 18-40, collecting information on height, weight, waist size, flexed and relaxed muscle circumference, hand grip, and arm and chest strength.

    The results showed a significant correlation between those with higher bodily formidability and the belief that some social groups should dominate others. These men were also much less likely to support redistribution of wealth.

    In this case, strength is a good proxy for overall health. People who are active and capable tend to have good grip-strength, for example, and carry enough muscle to have active lifestyles instead of being permanent desk-and-couch dwellers. Healthy people have no need for egalitarianism, since they are already “equal or better” thanks to their natural abilities. Only those who fear that they would be socially downranked for their incompetence, inability, ineptitude, disability, perversity, criminality, stupidity, or insanity form the lynch mob of misfits that supports the Left.

  • Here’s what Walmart, Target, Home Depot and Lowe’s tell us about the state of the American consumer

    Walmart said some of its more price-sensitive customers are beginning to trade down to private-label brands, while Home Depot emphasized the resiliency among its customer base, a sizable percentage of which is professional home builders and contractors.

    “While we’ve experienced high levels of inflation in our international markets over the years, U.S. inflation being this high and moving so quickly, both in food and general merchandise, is unusual,” Walmart Chief Executive Officer Doug McMillon said Tuesday on an earnings conference call.

    The reports came after Amazon in late April flashed warning signs for the retail industry when it booked the slowest revenue growth for any quarter since the dot-com bust in 2001 and offered up a bleak forecast.

    Ideology is fantasy; if it were not fantasy, it would not need us to do it, but would arise naturally. People go along with it because they are afraid of attracting cricitism, being attacked in a social context, and for that reason being downranked. Consequently the herd imitates each other into oblivion, each out-doing the others with his or her new stunt to attract approval of the rest, and this echo chamber moves from liberalizing rules to absolute equality to the screaming abyss of subsidized equality via socialism and diversity.

    When a leader like POTATUS Joe Biden, Bill Clinton term 2, or Jimmy Carter decides to priortize ideology over reality, and forces people to do the “right” thing at the expense of what currently works, you end up with a prolonged disconnect between actual value and stated value just as you did in the Soviet Union. On paper, objects are worth a certain amount, but actual demand for them is lower and much of the demand is fabricated through lossage or projections. Consequently what people need becomes more expensive, while the unnecessary piles up because it makes good headlines and gets careerists promotions for advancing the dogma of the State. America may end in a pile of gnawed bones surrounded by discounted Priuses.

  • Number of marriages slumps to lowest level since QUEEN VICTORIA was on the throne with 6.4% decline in a year – and more PENSIONERS are tying the knot than under-24s for the first time

    Just 219,850 weddings took place in 2019, a decrease of 6.4 per cent from 2018 and the fewest since 1893, when Queen Victoria was on the throne and the population was around half what it is today.

    Marriage now offers next to nothing. Thanks to gay marriage, the institution has become a mockery of itself, and thanks to favor-the-victim divorce laws and courts that subsidize women at the expense of men, the risks and costs are high. Sure, you can sign a pre-nuptial, but that is as romantic as having to initial a consent form before you have naughty sex. Consequently, people have formalized the relationship and simply live together, then separate when this becomes inconvenient and the children have flown the coop. It no longer matters what it says on the birth certificate since half of those allow make-your-own gender and one of your parents to be a penguin anyway, so there is no point spending half of your income just to get the box ticked that says that in the eyes of government — which also approves of any kind of freaky marriage except polygamy — your kids are not bastards. In the future, men will just pay women to be concubines and rental wombs, then end the contract at age forty-five and move on to Eastern European hookers and California e-thots.

  • US child welfare system is falling short because of persistent child poverty

    Although government spending on the child welfare system totaled US$33 billion in 2018, the most recent year for which an estimate is available, it’s still failing to meet all children’s needs because of overwhelming demand.

    Abuse and neglect investigations, foster care and the other activities and services that comprise the child welfare system can harm children and the rest of their families. Communities of color are the most susceptible to this damage: 37% of all children—including 53% of African American children—experience a child protective services investigation by the time they turn 18.

    The more resources you make available, the more demand will rise, because in relative pricing you have just made letting government pay for things an easier alternative to legitimate employment, doing without, or taking care of possessions so that survival can continue. Despite paying more than $22 trillion dollars in welfare and anti-poverty programs, the US taxpayer has seen no change in poverty in this country.

    Since that time, U.S. taxpayers have spent over $22 trillion on anti-poverty programs (in constant 2012 dollars). Adjusted for inflation, this spending (which does not include Social Security or Medicare) is three times the cost of all military wars in U.S. history since the American Revolution.

    This week, the Census Bureau will most likely report that the poverty rate last year was about 14 percent, essentially the same rate as in 1967, three years after the War on Poverty was announced. As Chart 1 shows, according to the Census, there has been no net progress in reducing poverty since the mid to late 1960s.

    Chucking free money into the abyss simply does not work. The abyss will take the free money and then demand more because now, free money is a better option than being productive. Over time you will accumulate people who specialize in being voters-for-hire, and they will then demand that you take everything from the productive, resulting in an unproductive society with equal starvation.

  • Tucker Carlson fires back at Biden saying Democrats have decided to change the electorate and plays clip of President boasting that fewer than 50% of Americans will be ‘white European stock’ soon

    Biden says: ‘An unrelenting stream of immigration, nonstop, nonstop. Folks like me, who are Caucasian of European descent for the first time in 2017 will be in an absolute minority in the United States of America, absolute minority.’

    He continued: ‘Fewer than 50 percent of the people in America from then on will be White European stock. That’s not a bad thing. That’s a source of our strength.’

    Carlson took aim at the Democratic Party, accusing them of bolstering immigration policies and sidelining white Americans in order to gain votes in the polls.

    Leftists freely admit and endorse The Great Replacement by justifying it as an egalitarian move:

    Right now America is tearing itself apart as an embittered white conservative minority clings to power, terrified at being swamped by a new multiracial polyglot majority.

    Abrams’s goal is to put together a coalition of African-American and other minority voters and white liberals. The potential is there; Georgia is less than 53 percent non-Hispanic white. “Georgia is a blue state if everybody votes,” DuBose Porter, chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia, told me.

    This is exactly what Plato and Aristotle said about diversity and tyranny: wannabe tyrants import foreigners to vote against majority interests so that the wannabe tyrants can take over. The Hart-Celler Act — promoted by Ted Kennedy — changed the American demographic so that Leftists could win elections and eventually, be supported in their bid for total control and transition to an Asiatic-style centralized collective reward system in the style of Genghis Khan of Mongolia or Darius of Persia. These always backfire, but somehow just like union organizers, the bureaucrats have long departed with bulging suitcases of cash.

  • Two maps show NATO’s growth — and Russia’s isolation — since 1990

    In 1990, the year after the Berlin Wall fell, the Russia-dominated Soviet Union included Ukraine, the Baltic states and several other now-independent countries. The Warsaw Pact, an alliance also dominated by Russia, included six satellite countries that are all now independent as well.

    Those who experienced the Soviet Union want nothing to do with Russia, which has a nasty habit of exporting its ethnic citizens to other countries so that it can claim “separatist” movements want to rejoin the mothership. This also tells us that Russia, which has not had a functional economy since the days of the Tsars who whipped the peasants into shape, is in deep trouble, which is why it is trying to retake territory in order to seize assets that can bolster its flailing and drowning economy.


  • Are European academics helping China’s military?

    Run by the Communist Party’s Central Military Commission, the NUDT plays a crucial role in military research, from hypersonic and nuclear weapons to quantum supercomputers, said Alex Joske, an independent researcher who until 2020 tracked military institutes and labs in China as an analyst at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

    Researchers across Europe have forged close ties with scientists from the NUDT, whose mission is written in bold characters on a gargantuan stone slab close to the campus’s College of Computer Sciences: “Excel in Virtue and Knowledge; Strengthen the Armed Forces and the Nation.”

    Democracy and equality neuter you by replacing pragmatic and realistic observations with the dogma of treating everyone as if they exist in a vacuum, created themselves from a handful of dust, and are as objective and single-minded as a robot. The Mongols found it easier to bribe people to leave the city gates open, too.

  • Aurangzeb: Why is a Mughal emperor who died 300 years ago being debated on social media?

    Aurangzeb, the sixth emperor and a devout Muslim, was often described as a ruthless tyrant who was an expansionist, imposed tough Sharia laws and brought back the discriminatory jizya tax that Hindu residents had to pay in return for protection.

    India does not want to become yet another Islamic republic. Diversity does not work, and Hindus realize that they can coexist with members of offshoot religion Buddhism but not radically different religions like the Abrahamic faiths. The Muslims brought with them not just a foreign religion but foreign DNA, creating the hybrid Indian-Arab group that today mostly resides in Pakistan and as Roma people in Europe. As in all things, separating the groups and returning them to their continental homes provides the best possible solution.

  • How we quietly ditched the idea of progress

    Most people in 2012 no longer believed that societies progressed, but they still thought individuals like themselves could. The café’s toned patrons, whose very bodies advertised the notion of personal progress through ceaseless labour, intended to make sure their own children would be better off even if humanity wasn’t.

    A decade on, even family progress seems improbable. Look at the news: levels of CO₂ in the atmosphere are setting new records and rising faster than ever. The cost of living crisis risks teetering over into the second recession in two years.

    The average Briton, to cite just one example, is projected to earn less in real terms(opens a new window) in 2026 than in 2008. Oh, and Russia is threatening nuclear war. We’ve quietly ditched the idea of progress. Perhaps high-income countries don’t need it any more. The new human mission, both global and personal, is avoiding disaster.

    To believe in progress, you have to believe in Utopia, or a time when the problems that have always dogged humanity can be “solved” instead of “avoided.” Not surprisingly, the more energy, money, and time that you chuck into the abyss of infinite demand, the less you are productive, and soon you labor like the average modern wage-slave simply to pay the taxes that allow you to live elsewhere than the ghetto. The voters did this by demanding free stuff, just like the middle classes screwed up in the first place by overthrowing the kings so that they could sell more disposable garbage to careless, omnivorous morons.

  • Over 500 ‘lost’ animal species identified, status remains unknown

    While animal extinctions are expected to increase in the coming years, extinction pronouncements remain uncommon due to difficulties in determining when the last individual of a species has died, the study’s authors suggest.

    The study, published in the peer-reviewed journal Animal Conservation, offers a first-of-its-kind global evaluation of all terrestrial vertebrate species that are missing but not extinct, identifying a total of 562 lost species (137 amphibians, 257 reptiles, 38 birds and 130 mammals).

    In most situations, “no body, no crime” applies, but in this case, the lack of the body signifies the crime. Humans are using up too much land for natural species and ecosystems to survive. If humanity used less land, it would be forced to make hard inegalitarian decisions about the allocation of resources, and would most likely default to natural selection and Social Darwinism. That would stop our habit of rewarding incompetents for being obedient and kick off an age of competition for competence, at which point average IQs — and consequently, health and moral behavior — would start creeping up again.

  • A dead battery dilemma

    The battery pack of a Tesla Model S is a feat of intricate engineering. Thousands of cylindrical cells with components sourced from around the world transform lithium and electrons into enough energy to propel the car hundreds of kilometers, again and again, without tailpipe emissions. But when the battery comes to the end of its life, its green benefits fade. If it ends up in a landfill, its cells can release problematic toxins, including heavy metals. And recycling the battery can be a hazardous business, warns materials scientist Dana Thompson of the University of Leicester. Cut too deep into a Tesla cell, or in the wrong place, and it can short-circuit, combust, and release toxic fumes.

    It made sense to make electric cars when we were talking about putting everyone in golf carts and reducing ghettos so that cities were small again. Instead, we are trying to make competitors to gasoline vehicles, and in doing so, forcing batteries to take on a role that was never sensible. Most of our problems could be solved by getting rid of the wastelands at the center of our cities so that people no longer have to commute forty-five minutes just to avoid getting capped in the ass by the diversity race war cum criminal Roman Holiday exploding on our streets.

  • Microplastics found deep in lungs of living people for first time

    Samples were taken from tissue removed from 13 patients undergoing surgery and microplastics were found in 11 cases. The most common particles were polypropylene, used in plastic packaging and pipes, and PET, used in bottles.

    People were already known to breathe in the tiny particles, as well as consuming them via food and water. Workers exposed to high levels of microplastics are also known to have developed disease.

    Microplastics were detected in human blood for the first time in March, showing the particles can travel around the body and may lodge in organs. The impact on health is as yet unknown. But researchers are concerned as microplastics cause damage to human cells in the laboratory and air pollution particles are already known to enter the body and cause millions of early deaths a year.

    Cancers go up as industrial products become more common. It seems most likely that the two are linked, and our various scapegoats like smoking and drinking are simply there to deflect from how much the technologies that we rely on are killing us. In a democracy, however, you lose power when you take away the cheap products, which is why many are turning to eco-fascism or better yet ecologically aware ethno-monarchism as a vision of our future.

  • Tax breaks aren’t prime reason for high-net-worth philanthropy, study finds

    The report, polling 200 individuals with wealth ranging from $5 million to more than $25 million, found the top three motivators were personal satisfaction, connection to a cause or organization and a sense of duty regarding giving back.

    By contrast, tax benefits ranked among the bottom three reasons for donating money to charity, the findings show.

    “The findings in the BNY Mellon study aren’t surprising,” said Juan Ros, a certified financial planner with Forum Financial Management in Thousand Oaks, California. “The data has been very consistent from year to year, particularly when it comes to donor motivation.”

    Despite all of the flogging of The Rich™ as a scapegoat to replace the Illuminati, Jews, Freemasons, and Satanists, it seems that they are most inclined to help out with the many things that a growing society needs. When you have wealth, your success becomes measured in how much good you bring to the world around you. While most charities are not good, those that sponsor improvements in high culture and R&D seem worth supporting.

  • Biden praises high gas prices as part of ‘incredible transition’

    “[When] it comes to the gas prices, we’re going through an incredible transition that is taking place that, God willing, when it’s over, we’ll be stronger and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels when this is over,” Biden said during a press conference in Japan following his meeting with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

    As usual, the Left pursues ideological symbolism of Utopia and uses that presumed absolute moral good as a blank cheque to engage in control behaviors oriented toward forcing us to obey their dogmatic mandate. In reality, if we left half of the Earth to nature and became self-sufficient as nations, fossil fuel use would drop quite a bit, especially if we eliminated diversity and immigration, resulting in less relocation and commuting around the no-fly areas outside of our suburban Green Zones.

  • China Spends Far More Than Others to Help Favored Industries, Report Finds

    The study, published by the Center for Strategic and International Studies on Monday, finds that China’s backing of its companies amounted to at least 1.73% of its gross domestic product in 2019—the most recent year for which comprehensive data is available—and the trend is continuing.

    In dollar terms, that is more than $248 billion based on market exchange rates—exceeding estimated Chinese military spending—or $407 billion based on exchange rates that adjust for differing costs across countries.

    China learned from Keynesianism: you can keep a circular Ponzi scheme going by subsidizing economic activity and then taxing it, producing a model of seemingly infinite “growth.” In the long run, this produces a valueless economy, but in the short term you get to trade on the faked value of your product. Silicon Valley does the same thing.

  • Business leaders warn that three-decade era of globalisation is ending

    “Tension between the US and China was accelerated by the pandemic and now this invasion of Ukraine by Russia — all these trends are raising serious concerns about a decoupling world,” said José Manuel Barroso, chair of Goldman Sachs International and a former president of the European Commission.

    Onshoring, renationalisation and regionalisation had become the latest trends for companies, slowing the pace of globalisation, he added: “[Globalisation faces] friction from nationalism, protectionism, nativism, chauvinism if you wish, or even sometimes xenophobia, and for me, it is not clear who is going to win.”

    Castles made of sand fall down into the sea eventually. Unions, taxes, and regulations drove business offshore, starting with Lee Iacoca’s Chrysler in the middle to late 1980s, and now we are seeing the downside of this. It would be easy to bring business back home without driving up prices, but that would require dropping taxes, ending the anti-poverty and anti-racism programs, cutting the millions of lines of pointless regulations, and ending legal protection for unions.

  • Why the sexual revolution has been a disaster for women today – but a gift for men: The provocative thesis of feminist author LOUISE PERRY whose passionately argued insights will spark fierce debate

    For younger women in particular, today’s sexual culture is destructive, divorcing love and commitment from sex and favouring one-night stands, casual ‘hook-ups’ and ‘friends with benefits’ arrangements.

    Worse still, it pressures them into promiscuity, bombards them with violent pornography and tells them to enjoy being humiliated and assaulted in bed.

    Liberalization/liberation removed social order and replaced it with the atomized individual, at which point we all became tools for others to achieve their dreams. People using each other is the end result of “freedom”; people bonded together is the end result of culture. We are going to be forced to choose one or the other, but so far the voters have always favored freedom, civil rights, equality, and subsidies instead of function.

  • Physicists Rewrite the Fundamental Law That Leads to Disorder

    Classical thermodynamics has only a handful of laws, of which the most fundamental are the first and second. The first says that energy is always conserved; the second law says that heat always flows from hot to cold. More commonly this is expressed in terms of entropy, which must increase overall in any process of change. Entropy is loosely equated with disorder, but the Austrian physicist Ludwig Boltzmann formulated it more rigorously as a quantity related to the total number of microstates a system has: how many equivalent ways its particles can be arranged.

    The second law appears to show why change happens in the first place. At the level of individual particles, the classical laws of motion can be reversed in time. But the second law implies that change must happen in a way that increases entropy. This directionality is widely considered to impose an arrow of time. In this view, time seems to flow from past to future because the universe began — for reasons not fully understood or agreed on — in a low-entropy state and is heading toward one of ever higher entropy. The implication is that eventually heat will be spread completely uniformly and there will be no driving force for further change — a depressing prospect that scientists of the mid-19th century called the heat death of the universe.

    Something at the core of the universe imposes order, and it probably falls along Platonic lines, namely that causality is not linear and instead tends to arise from patterns of multiple causes, which means that entropy follows a sine wave instead of a linear decline. Just as in natural selection, many possibilities exist, but some are cut out by the need for each piece to remain relevant to the whole in a relative context, upholding the pattern. Modern scientists however see the world as a laboratory or categorical exercise where one trait of any thing expresses its entire function, despite nature working in the opposite direction by enmeshing many functions into each action.



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