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News (June 18, 2022)


Most people are feeling pretty bad about the future now. It looks like war will start in Ukraine or Taiwan, mainly because instead of taking a conservative hardline before the war begins, the Bidens of the world wait for the war to kick off and then send weapons.

The world economy, depending on who you talk to, is heading into Great Depression II or perhaps a mild case of economic COVID-19 where it gets a fever for a few years and slows down, but does not actually crash or end up on a respirator. We see again how printing money to hand out like candy makes that money worthless, as expected.

Perhaps most disturbing for your average modern person, faith in diversity and Christianity continues to tumble. These things are symbolic — yes/no, good/bad, safe/scary — dualities that are confronting an increasingly allegorical world.

Where your average modern citizen enthusiastically nodded along with “diversity is our strength” a few years ago, now they dodge the question, or outright say that they want to see the evidence. Trust in institutions has hit its baseline, absent the goodthinkers who believe their televisions.

Where they thought that government generally did an okay job a few years back, now they want less government. If we ended the role of government outside defense, courts, roads, and law enforcement, our taxes would be much lower and we would attract fewer benefits-seekers.

However, it takes humans a long time to see anything, so for now people are merely skeptical. It helps to push their cynicism to new heights so that they lose faith in all parts of our system and are ready to look at alternatives.


  • Stable population structure in Europe since the Iron Age, despite high mobility

    Urban-military complexes emerged along the frontier as military forces established themselves and drew in local communities which sought protection or economic benefit (Séguy, 2019). To support these rapidly growing economic city-centers, human capital beyond the local population was necessary, thus drawing in people from far away places either freely or forcibly (e.g. slavery, military). According to a longstanding historical hypothesis, the Urban Graveyard Effect, the influx of migrants in city-centers disproportionately contributed to death rate over birth rate; a process which would contribute to observing individuals as “transient” migrants (de Ligt and Tacoma, 2016). Long-range, transient migration, combined with the Roman Empire’s highly efficient travel networks (Cherry, 2007; Oleson, 2008; Scheidel, 2015) may explain the genetically heterogeneous populations, especially along the frontier regions (e.g. Serbia, Croatia, and Austria).

    In other words, once in place, people tend to breed with those around them who look like them, resulting in low amounts of foreign DNA which persists for many generations. This is brought on by empires, which bring in foreign workers, reducing the birthrate in cities as the newcomers assume roles that otherwise went to local people. Diversity is a creation of the state, and without the need for nation-states created from multiple groups, does not occur naturally.

  • Turns Out Keynes Was A Commie

    Keynes supported the Bolshevik Revolution, even though it had seized power in a coup d’etat against what was then the only democratically elected government in Russia’s history (“the only course open to me is to be a buoyantly bolshevik”.) Keynes became a regular attendee at the 1917 Club, a Soho meeting place in vogue amongst socialists of the day, named to honour the year of the revolution.

    It was at the 1917 Club where members of The Fabian Society met. The Fabians wanted to usher in global communism, but instead of doing that through, sudden, violent revolutions (a la Marx) they would take their time.

    They thought in generational increments and proposed the slow, steady infiltration of higher education, government bureaucracies, cultural chokepoints (theatre, pop-culture, the media and the press), and posited that over time they could pull society toward collectivism without anyone realizing it.

    During the era after the Civil War, over-abundance of workers led to low wages, a condition which threatened Revolution and therefore, demanded that the administrative-managerial class have some kind of plan for avoiding it. This created the first of several generations of people who busily accumulated personal wealth while preaching socialism for the masses. In this way, they thought, they could “buy off” the restive population and remain in power forever, which appealed to them as increasing technology displaced more people from previous menial jobs and economies of scale lowered costs and margins, therefore depressing wages in turn. In the long term, self-sufficiency works out better than importing workers, because they then breed which requires creation of more jobs via acts of government.

  • Tom Brown Is On a Mission to Restore Appalachia’s Rare and Lost Apples

    As the profile of the retired chemical engineer explains, Brown has been traveling around Appalachia to find rare and lost heritage apples since the 1990s, and he’s managed to save about 1,200 varieties to date, with his home apple orchard, Heritage Apples, showcasing some 700 of them.

    Genetics matter. If you lose the blueprint, you cannot recreate what once was, and in its place, you get something generic. Your corporate overlords would rather that your only options involve commercial strains which can be licensed for a yearly fee. Sanity says that it makes more sense to have the bounty of nature be open to all by preserving its unique variety.

  • ‘Biggest fake news story in Canada’: Kamloops mass grave debunked by academics

    Since last year’s announcement, there have been no excavations at Kamloops nor any dates set for any such work to commence. Nothing has been taken out of the ground so far, according to a Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc spokesman.

    This was never about justice. It was always, like all diversity adventures, a shakedown to extract more wealth from the White population. When you look deeply into any of the claims of diversity advocates, you find shaky facts inflated into broad conclusions, like the US giving Indians smallpox-infected blankets to create deliberate genocide. These exist to manipulate you with guilt and pity so that you sign over more of that dosh to the parasite populations.

  • Tired of democracy? What’s behind the low voter turnout in Germany?

    Elections in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany’s most populous state, are always closely watched for bigger trends. But this was a trend no one had been hoping for: Only 55.5% of eligible voters cast ballots — the lowest turnout since NRW’s founding after World War II. A mere 38.1% of voters in the Duisburg III constituency, the all-time low for NRW.

    One explanation is that the populist far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has been losing ground. Vehrkamp said the AfD’s breathless xenophobic slogans no longer had the same effect. “They have always made their biggest inroads in the neighborhoods where turnout had been especially low,” Vehrkamp said.

    He said the AfD drew “up to half of its votes from the ranks of nonvoters — but those people have now returned to the nonvoting camp because they’re frustrated over AfD party infighting.”

    Conservative parties fail when they are infected with careerism, which causes infighting and a proliferation of distinctive but irrelevant ideological distinctions. The right path forward consists in finding a form of ethno-nationalism which will not detonate into another world war or repression, and move forward from that point. This requires getting rid of the parasites on the Right who are accustomed to making names for themselves with bold statements unrelated to reality. The same thing killed the Alt-Right in America: riding high on popularity, it attracted all sorts of self-promoting influencer types who consequently adulterated it into ironist positions and drama.

  • Sociological study finds genes play a significant role in shaping our cultural tastes

    “We show that there is a significant genetic component to the overall cultural consumption. Within families, the cultural preferences for highbrow, lowbrow or popular culture are primarily transmitted by shared genes. That said, the individual experiences we encounter outside the family through friends, media and so on are also of great importance. So, it is not a question of either genetic heritage or the environment. It is both.”

    This kills the idea that you can assemble random warm bodies, “educate” them with propaganda, and create a culture-like accord within the group that can serve to replace organic, genetically-derived culture. Government tends to reduce culture and use ideology for that purpose since ideology unites people behind government instead of the organic, ethnic nation. Much as governments use diversity to shatter majorities, they use ideology and bureaucracy to displace culture so that government can take its place in the endless fruitless pursuit of Equality-Utopia.

  • Men with obesity can double their sperm count

    “The men lost an average of 16.5 kg which increased the sperm concentration by 50 percent and the sperm count by 40 percent eight weeks since the weight loss. During the 52 weeks, the trial lasted following the weight loss, the men maintained the improved semen quality. But only the men who maintained the weight loss: after a year, these men had twice as many sperm cells as before their weight loss. The men who regained weight, lost the improvements in semen quality,” she explains.

    Fat appears from excess carbs and sugars in the presence of low exercise. It also stores up estrogen and disables vitality, causing low activity and low sperm production. If we sent everyone on a five mile forced march daily and fed them nothing but meat, vegetables, and whole grains, our society would look a lot different. Instead we have chosen a slow genocide through declining health and energy.

  • Putting graphic warnings on cigarette packets like in UK and Canada has ‘no effect’ on smoking habits but raises chance they are hidden by 40%

    Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, found smokers given packets stamped with images of diseased feet, ill children and throat cancer continued to puff on about 10 cigarettes daily up to a year after receiving them.

    But six in ten admitted to concealing the packets at least some of the time due to the images, which was up 40 percent from before the study began.

    Another government attempt at control turns out to work badly. In the meantime, we are mostly likely blaming smoking for the many health problems caused by air pollution, which is in many cases equal to choking down a pack of unfiltered cigarettes per day. However, no one wants to cut back on commuting and deliveries, since our economy runs on these, much like the smoke-belching international ships bringing us good as seen as essential. We chase after the details while ignoring the elephant in the room.

  • South Africans take law into their own hands to drive out foreigners

    Recent clashes between South African residents of Alexandra and foreign business owners have raised fears of another outbreak of anti-immigrant violence in the country. It is in this township in 2008 that xenophobic violence began and then spread.

    Nationwide, nearly three times as many foreigners were killed as a result of xenophobic violence in 2021 than the previous year, according to the African Centre of Migration and Society.

    Immigration displaces native labor, in the process sending money back home and out of the economy, causing economic paralysis despite offering cheaper labor. Even more, diversity itself even among related groups introduces conflict, although your news service will call it “xenophobia” instead of “self-preservation” as it is properly known.

  • Why Johnny Depp lost in the UK but won in the US

    In both the UK and the US trial, Mr Depp’s lawyers argued that Ms Heard was lying – to make their case, they attacked her character and claimed that she was in fact the abusive partner.

    This is a common defence tactic in sexual assault and domestic violence trials called “deny, attack, and reverse victim and offender” or “Darvo”, said Mr Stephens.

    “They deny that they did anything, they deny they’re the real perpetrator, and they attack the credibility of the individual calling out the abuse, and then reverse the roles of the victim and the offender,” Mr Stephens said.

    This perfectly describes diversity programs in the West. When minority groups end up poor or in jail, those who noticed the criminal activity are blamed for noticing the failure of diversity.

  • Narcissistic bosses stymie knowledge flow, cooperation inside organizations

    “Narcissism affects people’s desire to be distinctive,” Gupta said. “It’s correlated by people wanting glory for themselves. We hypothesized that business-unit heads that have those traits would be the ones to say, ‘We don’t want to work with you. We have sufficient skills and knowledge and abilities that we will work independently.’ That was very strongly borne out based on our research design.”

    Wanting glory for yourself at the expense of the company — usually called “careerism” — makes you get noticed and promoted. Narcissists win because the system rewards narcissism, or those who self-promote by hiding their failures and drawing attention to any success in their vicinity. As Plato tells us, the bad hide their bad deeds, and the good hide their good deeds, which means the bad always get ahead in the eyes of the crowd which sees only a partial vision of the endstage, not the process:

    First, let the unjust be like other distinguished masters of craft; like the skilful pilot or physician, who knows intuitively his own powers and keeps within their limits, and who, if he fails at any point, is able to recover himself. So let the unjust make his unjust attempts in the right way, and lie hidden if he means to be great in his injustice (he who is found out is nobody): for the highest reach of injustice is: to be deemed just when you are not. Therefore I say that in the perfectly unjust man we must assume the most perfect injustice; there is to be no deduction, but we must allow him, while doing the most unjust acts, to have acquired the greatest reputation for justice.

    A narcissist will by instinct hide his failures and trumpet his successes, achieving that “highest reach of injustice” which is “to be deemed just when you are not.” He gets the benefits of reputation while keeping the rewards of corruption.

  • Why presenteeism is an enduring corporate narcotic

    Covid-induced working from home turned out to be a win-win for workers and employers alike — one characterised by increased levels of productivity(opens a new window). Those who looked under the bonnet would have noticed that productivity was at levels previously not possible (though perhaps not the kind of productivity most employers would gush about). It was far from unusual to hear of people working multiple jobs (opens a new window)for multiple organisations concurrently.

    Jobs are jails because most of the activities of a job have nothing to do with the end results one is trying to produce. Most of the day gets eaten up by meetings, emails, training, and other forms of “looking busy” so that the bosses are pleased because their higher-ups see smooth functioning and therefore can assume that everything is going just fine. Like all forms of control, this approach uses a means-over-ends approach to restrict methods in order to manipulate mental state, using the external to control the internal, instead of an ends-over-means approach where a goal is set and people can achieve it however they feel is best. COVID-19 upended the work process, and now few people want to go back to the bad old inefficient way of looking good while doing little.


  • COVID Update: What is the truth?

    Websites have been removed, highly credentialed and experienced clinical doctors and scientific experts in the field of infectious diseases have been demonized, careers have been destroyed and all dissenting information has been labeled “misinformation” and “dangerous lies”, even when sourced from top experts in the fields of virology, infectious diseases, pulmonary critical care, and epidemiology. These blackouts of truth occur even when this information is backed by extensive scientific citations from some of the most qualified medical specialists in the world.

    When you adopt ideology, you separate from reality; ideology by definition is unrealistic, since otherwise it would not need to be imposed but would arise organically from responses to needs. In the name of an ideology of controling how people behave in order to remove Trump, the Left induced a complete blackout on anything but the official narrative, effectively rendering government, science, and media untrustworthy. This more than anything else except diversity has produced the massive divided in the West now, where half of us want an intermediate stage of Libertarianism and the other half want to go racing into the abyss of Full Communism (but with iPhones).

  • Trads: The extreme Hindu nationalists inspired by alt-right memes

    A new extremist Hindu movement made up mostly of young men is growing in India. They call themselves “trads” – short for traditionalists – and they mimic the tricks and techniques used by the American alt-right.

    They see the party and Prime Minister Narendra Modi as not nearly as aggressive enough in advancing Hindu interests. In a rare on-camera interview we speak to a 16-year-old trad who’s obsessed with fascist ideas and wants a Hindu monarchy.

    Democracy serves as a slow grind into oblivion, so people — especially the young, who have the longest to endure our status quo dystopia — turn toward the alternatives. Ethno-monarchism works, where democracy moves incrementally toward population suicide and destruction of culture.

  • Study suggests that most of our evolutionary trees could be wrong

    The study found that convergent evolution — when a characteristic evolves separately in two genetically unrelated groups of organisms — is much more common than biologists previously thought.

    Professor Wills says that “we already have lots of famous examples of convergent evolution, such as flight evolving separately in birds, bats and insects, or complex camera eyes evolving separately in squid and humans.”

    Slowly we inch toward accepting the idea of parallel evolution. If traits develop independently, so can sub-species; since traits reflect adaptation to reality, if a certain form like bipedal humanoid represents an evolutionary ideal, it will recur, even at a genetic level since it will need to code for the same framework of traits.

  • We Must Make Ourselves Equal

    Freedom is one thing; equality, quite another. The former is a necessary but not sufficient condition for the latter. As such, it is both futile and dangerous for us black Americans to rely on others to shoulder our communal responsibilities. If we want to walk with dignity — to enjoy truly equal standing within this diverse, prosperous, and dynamic society — then we must accept the fact that “white America” can never give us what we seek in response to our protests and remonstrations.

    In fact, depending on White America to provide what Black Americans needs relegates Black Americans to a subordinate position. Consider repatriation to Africa: not only would they be equal, but they would be masters of their own futures in a society designed by Africans for Africans.

  • Parents who raise ‘confident, smart and empathetic’ children do these 5 things when their kids misbehave

    For example, if your child does something wrong, shaming communicates to the child that he or she is not a good person, while guilt, which asks the child to reflect on how a specific behavior missed the mark, is a motivator for more positive behavior in the future.

    Our society uses both. It tells you that you are a bad person for your wrongthink, but that you can be redeemed if you start imitating what everyone else is doing. This forms a perfect control method because it does not build up self-esteem but instead removes it, making people hungry for “validation” through social approval.

  • Davos: The Left Didn’t Eat the Rich. The Rich Ate the Left.

    “When the people shall have no more to eat, they will eat the rich,” goes the old Rousseau quote truncated for the placards of the dreadlocked white boys from the early 2000s. Instead, it was the Left that got eaten by the rich, who, between 9/11 and the Great Recession, caught populist-left politicians licking their lips and sharpening their knives. Very quickly, though, “corporate social responsibility” took center stage. Soon after, there were Pride flags on every brand’s logo. This year, there was a humiliatingly tepid showing of “dozens” of left-wing protesters at the WEF’s Davos forum.

    More importantly, the Left decided that the world was, in fact, for sale. With great corporate greed came great corporate largesse—which meant a reprieve for those willing to pipe down, and cash for those willing to become complicit in corporate globalism.

    The capitalists will sell you the rope you use to hang them, or they will simply sell you a lifestyle based on signaling your righteousness while doing nothing important. They use the same tactic on the Right, which is why most public Right-wingers now are raving on about retreating to a trailer in the countryside (and continuing to pay the taxes that the Left needs for its endless social programs).

  • Why we think that demography is a slow thing, and why we are wrong

    In Europe, migratory movements have almost become the most important determinant of population change, especially for smaller countries. Globally, countries with a higher Human Development Index (HDI) also experience a higher MST. Not only they are more likely to have completed the demographic transition to lower fertility rates but they are also more likely to be the destination of migration flows. As a result, the influx of migrants is responsible, on average, for a larger share of the overall population turnout.

    With diversity, the native population sees that it is being replaced while it is being drained of resources to fund the diversity, therefore fertility rates crash and people essentially surrender their countries to the newcomers. This means that instead of enriching a population, diversity kills it and replaces it with people of a lesser degree of capability. Diversity is suicide.

  • Two men arrested following racially motivated attack on Sanford teen’s car

    In a video shared by Jones, Donald Corsi and Howard Hughes can be seen yelling at Jones and closing the distance between themselves and the high-schooler.

    “Burning out racing through my fucking neighborhood,” Corsi said. “Get out of my neighborhood, fuckwad.”

    “I was racially profiled while driving through my friends neighborhood. They didn’t like the way I was driving, so they felt the need to hit my car with a cone, and throw a rock through my window,” Jones wrote in the caption to the now-viral video.

    Noticing someone driving selfishly has nothing to do with “racial profiling” and is not a “racially-motivated attack,” but local police forces fear being styled as “racist,” so they will arrest the people who noticed the problem instead of addressing the problem.

  • Why women use baby formula instead of breastmilk

    In 1981, the World Health Assembly, the decision-making body of the WHO, adopted an International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes. The code banned the marketing of formula, with an aim to prevent women from being discouraged from breastfeeding.

    But a WHO report published in February shows companies have continued to aggressively market their products online through methods that didn’t exist when the code was adopted, like advertising algorithms tailored to reach new moms and parenting apps.

    The report says that while breastfeeding rates have largely stagnated in the four decades since the code’s implementation, formula sales have doubled.

    Formula places less of a strain on mothers, since they can feed their infants in public and therefore keep up their normal lives. Industry has noticed this and so it makes quite a bit of money selling yet another unnecessary product because people want convenience.

  • Pope Francis tells couples not to have sex before marriage

    The leader of the Catholic Church argues in the preface of the new document for priests and dioceses working with engaged couples that ‘chastity teaches the timing and the method of true love’.

    He also claims that modern unions ‘fall apart’ quickly and chaste couples are able to learn how to be together without the pressure of sexual relationships.

    The bigger point is that if you form one bond only, the strength of that bond is not subdivided into as many sexual unions as you have had. Sex is a powerful force, linked to love and family, and those who embrace chastity save themselves from doubt and neurosis while forming a lifelong bond. Those unfortunate enough to experience promiscuity or even serial dating end up viewing every relationship as temporary, therefore repeating a cycle of casting aside relationships in order to look for something easier or more interesting.

  • Low-income renters can’t afford rent in nearly 45% of America’s largest metro areas

    Between 2013 and 2019, the number of metro areas having no zip codes with housing that is affordable to working class renters increased from 14% to 42%. More than 80% of the country’s most populous regions saw an average 12% drop in affordability.

    Raise property taxes and land prices go up in order to recoup that loss. Since in many areas, property taxes amount to a second mortgage, that cost is passed on just like the first mortgage in the form of higher housing prices and therefore, higher rents as the landlords — most of whom have borrowed to afford their properties — raise rates in order to pay off the taxes and mortgage combined. If you want to help the poor, reduce their costs, which requires reducing costs to those who are not poor as well.

  • Elon Musk wants Twitter to allow people to say whatever they want

    Twitter needs to allow more space for people to say whatever they want, Musk said, as long as it doesn’t violate the law. But he added that the company needs to balance that by making sure people “feel comfortable” on the service, otherwise they won’t use it, according to people familiar with the discussion.

    His goal is to expand Twitter’s user base to 1 billion users, he said. The company had about 229 million daily active users as of March.

    Employees who attended the meeting said Musk – who attended the video call wearing a white button-down shirt and appeared to be joining from his phone – also talked about possible product changes, including the idea that users should have to pay to be verified as a real human user, through a tool like subscription service Twitter Blue.

    Musk skunked Twitter. First he forced them to admit that if they were to admit their actual user counts, they would be valued at a much lower rate than their current market price, and now, he has brought out the real problem with political tweets, which is that advertisers do not want to be associated with them. Consequently, he wants to charge political users for the service instead of relying on advertising alone, since advertising belongs on the non-controversial posts, and will allow all sorts of radical stuff but downgrade it in the algorithms for being unwelcoming to some users. This will not be a free speech paradise, but a walled garden where only the inoffensive stuff rises to the top and the political users congregate in smaller groups talking among themselves.



  • Us versus them: Harming the ‘outgroup’ is linked to elevated activity in the brain’s reward circuitry

    They found that participants who were more aggressive against outgroup members (students from a rival university) versus ingroup members (students from their own university) exhibited greater activity in core regions of the brain’s reward circuit — the nucleus accumbens and ventromedial prefrontal cortex — while they decided how aggressive to be.

    Morality inverts when defending the moral. When you believe your opposition to be immoral, any horrible thing you want to do to them is not only justified, but a source of (in your view) moral goodness. This shows why means-over-ends logic fails, since it makes sense to smash down competing moral standards, but also how in a democratic time, people take great joy in damaging those who are not pro-equality enough. It also explains how in a diverse society, different groups will go to war with each other for the positive feeling of having savaged the enemy.

  • Knock Out Roses Are a Gardener’s Dream Come True

    After seedlings go through an intense review in his basement workshop, a lucky few get planted in the test garden, affectionately called the boot camp. Young bushes are planted close to each other to encourage disease, and they’re generally mishandled. They’re watered from overhead around dusk (typically a no-no) and diseased leaves are saved, ground up and sprinkled on healthy plants routinely. The abuse is purposeful. Many roses meet their end in a trash pile, but the best plants receive more testing and may even make it to a grower.

    A quick guide to eugenics: stress your participants, and then keep those who do well regardless.

  • The rise and rise of Japan’s unsackable slacker

    For many of those who took to social media to discuss the survey, the mild surprise was that the figure was so low. This zoned-out villain, in all his irredeemable indolence, felt universally recognisable and, often, easily nameable. “Staring into space”, along with “chatting about nothing” and “taking back-to-back snack, cigarette and toilet breaks” were by far the most common answers as to how his hours were skived away.

    The survey, which polled 300 people across different industries, also showed strong agreement among younger workers on why hatarakanai ojisan exists: seniority-based pay structures and protective labour laws simultaneously erode his motivation, remove fear of dismissal and absolve him of the need to produce results. Incompetence may also mean nobody asks him to do any real work.

    The more laws we make to protect the worker, all of which are collective reward schemes that benefit the bad worker as well as the good, the more people exist in the system simply doing nothing and waiting for retirement. This will kill a society as surely as Communism, but more slowly, which fits with the socialist origins of most of these laws. Just like rent control, imposing strict rules causes a counter-reaction in the form of reducing quality.

  • Do shared life experiences make it harder to understand others?

    “Feeling connected to other people is so fundamental to our well-being. It’s fundamental to the human experience, and it’s something that we all crave deeply. And maybe it’s fine if I impose my interpretation onto your experience or give you a different perspective,” Falk says. “But what the data show is that if I’ve had an experience that’s similar to yours and I’m listening to your story and trying to understand you, it may be harder for me to do that accurately than somebody who’s coming to it fresh.”

    They intend this as anti-nationalism propaganda, but what they have really shown is that communication is projection by one party onto the experience of the other. This means that systems which do not need much communication, like those where people are genetically similar and therefore tend to do similar things, are less prone to error and confusion than diverse societies. Add to this, however, the grim fact that we barely understand each other even when we have multiple common referents:

    This research showed that “woolliness” and ambiguity contribute to bridging differences of opinion, making discussions less likely to get out of hand. This is because the person who is speaking shows that he or she is not sure either and is open to the opinions of others. In verbal conversations, conversation partners do this with ambiguous expressions such as “maybe,” “or so,” “I think.” In textual online conversations, however, people do this much less, which can cause the speaker to come across as if he/she is only concerned with broadcasting their own opinion and not concerned with how this comes across to interlocutors.

    If you are vague, other people have only a general idea of what you are saying, and they project onto your words the meaning they would like to see. This mutual differential illusion keeps the peace. Once people start actually understanding each other clearly, the areas of difference appear more clearly, and therefore tensions rise because people understand very little and agree on even less. On the other hand, when they share a genetic root, they can predict each other and tensions calm:

    “When others see the world differently than we do, it can serve as an existential threat to our own contact with reality and often leads to anger and suspicion about the others,” Lieberman said. “If we know how a person is seeing the world, their subsequent reactions are much more predictable.”

    As usual, science stumbles slowly to understand the more complex and nuanced system of nature, which turns out to be much smarter than humans. Mono-ethnic societies mean that people share a culture hardwired into their genes, therefore know how others will act, and this reduces the state of fear the governments, ideology, and parasitic industries need to keep us controled. Ethnoculture, in the long run, may be the way that nature designed around the endless human pursuit of Utopian illusions masking a lust for power, wealth, and importance/relevance.

  • Patients so desperate they’re driven to DIY dentistry

    A flood of dentists going into private care, as well as an ever-increasing amount of red tape, have caused ‘a deepening crisis in dental care . . . creating a two-tier dental system’ says the patient body Healthwatch.

    There is a backlog of 40 million dental appointments, according to the British Dental Association (BDA), with some people waiting up to three years for treatment.

    Almost 90 per cent of dentists in England are closed to new NHS patients wanting check-ups, reveals an analysis by The Times last month.

    Free services add mountains of red tape to an otherwise simple process of paying for services. Those costs are passed along, as is the usual bureaucratic slowdown, to the consumer in the form of reduced services. In the meantime, anyone competent flees to private care where they have a lot less paperwork. The result is that the free services crash hard while the private services rise.

  • Babushka Z: The woman who became a Russian propaganda icon

    An elderly Ukrainian woman brandishing a red Soviet flag has become the unlikely face of Kremlin propaganda after a video of her encounter with Ukrainian soldiers went viral.

    A Soviet flag? When they tell you who they are, believe them. Putin kicked off this war because with his lackluster economy, he needs to distract his people by making them feel important again, which having a large empire as the Soviets did was able to achieve. In the end, feeling good about having some relevance to the world by making it afraid of you beats out having a stable economy for the Russian people. They miss the Soviet Union, which was the last time that anyone outside of Russia paid attention to Russia.

  • Merkel censured by Germany’s highest court for intervening in 2020 regional poll

    The constitutional court ruled on Wednesday that comments Merkel made at a press conference in South Africa in February 2020 had harmed the right of the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) to “participate in political competition on an equal footing” and infringed the “fundamental principle of neutrality” that state officials should abide by.

    Two years later the court hands down a judgment, but in the meantime, the election is long over and consequences have radiated outward from that. All she had to do was flatulate the appropriate dogwhistle and she could scare away enough of the votesheep to swing the election, while facing no significant risk except that of a five-minute apology that her audience cheers anyway. Hilariously, in theory Merkel is a conservative, sort of like GWB was. Both of them were also very public Christians:

    While cynics claim her declaration is aimed at hard-core conservatives in her Christian Democratic Union party, she said: ‘I am a member of the evangelical church. I believe in God and religion is also my constant companion, and has been for the whole of my life.’

    She continued: ‘We as Christians should above all not be afraid of standing up for our beliefs.

    ‘The structure of the world relating to belief is a framework for my life that I consider very important.’

    Christianity is probably a descendant of the old Syriac religion, passed on through early Semitic faiths to Zoroastrianism and Judaism, but incorporating the knowledge of the Greeks. Like most means-over-ends control systems, it relies on demonizing certain methods in order to maintain order, and rewards its individuals with social acclaim and moral rightness in a symbolic heaven. Consequently it is prone to takeover from anti-realistic forces who will interpret it as a variety of Leftism.

  • Oak Harbor man with history of homophobic posts arrested on $1 million bail for alleged hate crime

    Dresker said law enforcement in Island and Skagit counties, as well as Homeland Security, were aware of Dinsmoor’s online posts on Gab, a social media platform popular with ultra-conservatives. Concerned citizens have been sending screenshots of Dinsmoor’s posts to police.

    Detective Sgt. Jennifer Gravel with the Oak Harbor Police Department wrote in her report on the case that a woman who lives at a North Whidbey home with her wife and children told police that Dinsmoor yelled at her from a nearby house that “it used to be legal to kill gay people,” the report states. The woman said the comment was especially frightening because a neighbor told her that Dinsmoor had previously pointed a gun at the neighbor’s nephew, who is Black, when he went into the yard of a nearby residence to return a fishing pole.

    Dinsmoor’s posts also include racist, sexist and anti-Semitic comments, the report indicates. He wrote that white people aren’t responsible for the “bad behavior” of Black people and that the best-case scenario is Black and white people living in separate nations, the detective wrote. He wrote that a “career woman” is useless and “an abomination.”

    Law enforcement has steadily widened its definition of legal threat to include basically any allusion to violence in the context of an identifiable event, person, or group. However, this material is protected under the First Amendment, which was specifically designed to protect people saying things like “we oughta hang those redcoats!” and “the only good Injun is a dead Injun” (which is factually untrue: the only good Injun is one repatriated to Mongolia).

  • Politics on Twitter: One-Third of Tweets From U.S. Adults Are Political

    Most notably, Americans ages 50 and older make up 24% of the U.S. adult Twitter population but produce nearly 80% of all political tweets. And 36% of the tweets produced by the typical (median) U.S. adult Twitter user age 50 or older contain political content, roughly five times the share (7%) for the tweets from the typical 18- to 49-year-old.

    A larger share of Democrats than Republicans (including political independents who “lean” toward either party) say they have tweeted about political or social issues in the 30 days preceding the survey (30% vs. 17%).

    Democrats who use Twitter are twice as likely as Republicans to say they mostly follow accounts with similar political beliefs to their own (40% vs. 20%) or that they disagree with few or none of the tweets they see (33% vs. 16%).

    In other words, a relatively small audience of people with nothing better to do contributes almost all of the political content on Twitter, paralleling the 8% of users who generate 85% of clicks. Less than half of Americans use Twitter, and many of those are inactive, so we are seeing a little hugbox of boxwine addicted cat ladies and pyjama boys talking fanatically in their little echo chamber, knowing that a compliant media — at which most of them work — will repeat everything. Twitter is starting to look like JournoList v2.0, hiding in plain sight.

  • Policy errors of the 1970s echo in our times

    Unexpectedly high inflation, wars in key commodity-producing regions, declining real wages, slowing economic growth, fears of tightening monetary policy and turbulence in stock markets — we see all of these things in today’s world economy. These were also the dominant features of the world economy in the 1970s. That period ended in the early 1980s, with a brutal monetary tightening in the US, a sharp reduction in inflation and a wave of debt crises in developing countries, especially in those of Latin America. It was also followed by huge changes in economic policy: conventional Keynesian economics was buried, labour markets were liberalised, state-owned enterprises were privatised and economies were opened up to trade.

    Perhaps crashing third world economies is the Biden plan. That will plunge the world into war and provide plenty of opportunities for Democrats to trade “favors” for influence. Back to real-world economics, the Republicans always favor supply-side economics, which is why most of their audience supports them. Supply-side economics says that value is determined by productivity, while Democrat demand-side economics say that value is determined by the willingness of others to purchase our currency, including for the rampant speculation that inevitably brings about an ugly and prolonged crash, much like the moribund Carter economy of the late 1970s or the vermicular economy of the second Clinton term.

  • I’m a New Yorker who moved to the South for 2 years. Here are 6 reasons I’m ready to leave.

    I can’t wait to throw on a pair of boots and a sweater, put on my headphones, and go for a walk without having to do that polite Southern wave that everyone seems to insist on doing down here.

    City people love anonymity, since this feeds their solipsistic fantasies of being either the world itself or more important than the world. A sense of common decency that compels them to interact with others without a quid pro quo violates their sense of individualism and equality. In this case the problem solved itself by deporting itself back to NYC.

  • ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Is America’s Cry for Help

    But the American public has embraced the film so rabidly that it demands a political explanation: After years of Twitter, Trump, Covid, social upheaval, and an ever-more-bland, oppressive pop-cultural sameness, a large number of Americans are desperate for permission to collectively feel good about our life, country and culture, without any of the attendant political baggage.

    Neither Top Gun: Maverick or its predecessor directly engage with American life or politics in any meaningful way. But just as the original crystallized the patriotic, almost psychotically optimistic fervor of Reagan-era pop culture, this one crystallizes our powerful, latent desire to break free from the malaise-ridden status quo.

    The remaining functional people have tired of bickering over the crumbs of victimhood, and want to get back to a focus on what succeeds. You do not build a great nation by lifting up the failing; you build it by nurturing the succeeding so it succeeds even further (and, arguably, sending the failing on to Mexico). People want to feel good about their future and that into which they have invested their time, energy, focus, and wealth, which means that they want films about American success, and if this drowns out the people endlessly wailing about how they are not quite equal, even better.


  • Don’t romanticise the global south

    I know this sentimentality as only a frequent beneficiary of it could. The harmless side of it is a kind of cultural dabbling: the half-understood eastern fads, the “challenging” holidays instead of Antibes again. But it can very quickly go from there to the soft racism of holding non-white nations to a lower moral standard.

    To stand up for Ukraine now, one must be willing to knock the halo off a lot of countries. It means wading against half a century of postcolonial theory about where moral authority lies in the world. It is easy, and right, to implore the likes of France and Germany to do more for Ukraine. It is more transgressive to suggest that poorer nations are being cavalier in their attitude to the global order or selective in their opposition to imperialism.

    The third world remains that way because they for whatever reasons cannot produce first-world societies. Instead of praising them to be cute and have pity pets, we should crack the whip of a firm standard for both first world and third, essentially providing them with a heavy incentive to get their act together.

  • World’s biggest plant discovered off Australian coast

    Using genetic testing, scientists have determined a large underwater meadow in Western Australia is in fact one plant.

    It is believed to have spread from a single seed over at least 4,500 years.

    The seagrass covers about 200 sq km (77 sq miles), researchers from the University of Western Australia said.

    Homogeneity works. It creates societies with low internal conflict. In the case of this plant, it let it take over an area the size of a city and live far longer than most plants. Perhaps a human system, designed the same way and vigorously excluding all diversity, could have a similar or even greater lifespan.

  • Chico State custodian pleads no contest to hate crime charges

    The charges against Kerry Thao, 33, of Chico came from comments Thao posted between May 16 and May 24 on YouTube videos discussing the recent shootings in Buffalo, Orange County and Texas, according to Ramsey.

    “Thao’s comments encouraged ‘Asians’ to take up arms and ‘kill whites and blacks,’” Ramsey said.

    Charges of a hate crime were filed by the Butte County District Attorney’s Office on May 31. Thao was then held without bail until there was further investigation into his “intent and motivation behind the comments.”

    That nice innocent-before-proven-guilty legal system that you had has been replaced by trial-by-media with an intent to destroy the lives of anyone who speaks out against diversity. In the meantime, parts of the diversity are waking up to the fact that diversity will exterminate all of its constituent parts and leave only a talentless grey race as is the norm in most of the third world.

  • James Patterson apologizes for saying white male writers face ‘another form of racism’

    Speaking with The Sunday Times in an interview published over the weekend, Patterson lamented white men struggling to find writing jobs in film, theater, TV and publishing industries as “just another form of racism.”

    “What’s that all about?” he continued. “Can you get a job? Yes. Is it harder? Yes. It’s even harder for older writers. You don’t meet many 52-year-old white males.”

    Patterson issued an apology Tuesday via Twitter: “I apologize for saying white male writers having trouble finding work is a form of racism. I absolutely do not believe that racism is practiced against white writers. Please know that I strongly support a diversity of voices being heard — in literature, in Hollywood, everywhere.”

    That was quick. His publishers informed him that he would be dropped despite his celebrity because they have a morals clause. He would then be alienated from all his contacts and unable to ply his craft. Consequently, he issued the usual insincere Struggle Session® statement that completely contradicted what he said before, and passes over the fact that racism has inverted itself and now discriminates against not just the White but any group other than the horde of nü-Americans, which includes older people who are not “of color.” Funny how things look a lot like South Africa, Haiti, Yugoslavia, and Northern Ireland whenever diversity is brought to a country. Almost like patterns repeat or something.

    In the meantime, Doctor Who #4 got away with mentioning the same thing by pointing out that Whites are pariahs in a system based on pity that therefore favors the alien, bizarre, foreign, dysfunctional, and quirky:

    He told Times Radio: ‘Quite rightly I’m a dinosaur now. I’m white, I’m middle-aged, I’m male, and I’m straight.

    ‘We are all seen through the lens of Harvey Weinstein et al. And I can feel that the opportunities are shrinking, as they should do.

    ‘I’ve lived off the fat of the land for 30 years of my career, but i still have to pay my mortgage, I still have to support my kids, so I don’t welcome the uncertainty at all. The unpredictability was far more welcome to a younger person.’

    He guised his statement as an apology and affirmation of the status quo ideology of Christian-cum-egalitarian pity, therefore did not need to issue a total apology and condemnation of his previous statement, KGB-style, after the beatings had stopped.

  • Why are we all working so hard?

    Many bemoan the fact that John Maynard Keynes thought(opens a new window) we could all be working a 15-hour week by now. But it is not just about working hours. The nature of work also seems to have changed in the past three decades. In spite of — or perhaps because of — new technology, people now say they are working harder to tighter deadlines under greater levels of tension.

    In democracy, everything is signaling. No one “works hard.” They show up for lots of procedure, meetings, and so on, and this requires lots of hours, which is called “working hard” because after a Workers Revolution the only moral good is being an equal worker. If you throw lots of hours of your life into the abyss, obviously, in our new binary morality of labor you are considered to deserve any good things you get. If you do not “work hard,” it is assumed that you do not deserve what you have, and therefore others will take it.

  • Foreign-Born Population Hit Record 47 Million in April 2022

    Taking a longer view, since 2000, the total foreign-born population has grown by 50 percent; it’s doubled since 1990, tripled since 1980, and quintupled since 1970.

    Their numbers are probably low since people can just walk right across the border and never be counted for anything but free services from government. The Great Replacement, officially designated a conspiracy theory, seems more likely than not when we consider the offspring these replacements will have, but what no one wants to mention is that they come here mostly for the free stuff, whether direct or indirect, from government. If you stop giving them free schools, school lunches, housing, and medical care while paying them under the table, they will stop coming. This requires that we get more of these Whites and nü-whites out of office jobs and back into the fields, janitorial service, construction, and agriculture where they belong.

  • Study shows how artificial light affects seasonal rhythms of plants in US cities

    For instance, the levels of artificial light during nighttime hours in urban settings alters the natural circadian rhythms of plants, lengthening pollen season for many plants in those regions. That means city dwellers who suffer from allergies may have to deal with sneezing and itchy eyes for longer portions of the year, Zhou said.

    His previous studies looked at how heat trapped in cities, known as the heat island effect, changes the seasonal cycles of plants. Researchers also have analyzed how changes in carbon dioxide concentrations and the availability of water and nutrients alter plant processes in urban environments.

    Any gardener knows this from having used artificial light to boost seedlings in the dead of winter so that when those April showers roll around the half-pint plants can be dropped right into the ground and take off running. The bigger question is what all this light, noise, and air pollution is doing to us and to the ecosystems around us, since it is almost certainly disrupting ordinary creatures by keeping predators out later. Sleep is renewal. Modern society hates renewal because it knows that with renewal, modern society goes away.

  • 30 Years in Making, Museum Dedicated to Victims of Communism Opens in Washington

    An estimated 100 million is the number of human beings slaughtered, massacred, and killed by Marxist, communist regimes in the past 100 years, from the Soviet Union to Red China to Castro’s Cuba. And 1.5 billion is the number of people still suffering under oppressive, tyrannical communist regimes today.

    Humanity spends far too much time on the how, which correlates to means-over-ends, and very little time on the why, which correlates to realism and the goals ideation required for ends-over-means. We should look at our past mistakes and see why people made them, and then why they failed, and try to avoid repeating them. Most people look only at the present tense and assume a case in which Communism as presented is Communism as it happens in the world. The grim reality is that there is no “true Communism” because dysfunctional systems never appear as they describe themselves, but instead manifest as dysfunction. Communism is just one of the many ways to be dysfunctional and it happens to kill hundreds of millions and leave wastelands behind.

  • Russian menace brings abrupt end to the west’s ‘peace dividend’

    Western governments looked forward to funding priorities other than security, such as health and education or lower taxes, in a period of expanding free markets, liberal democracy and economic globalisation.

    Three decades on, Russia’s assault on Ukraine has thrust defence spending up the agenda again. The US is providing billions of dollars of military assistance to Kyiv. Long complacent about defence, European countries including Germany have pledged to spend more.

    The “peace dividend” led to reckless social spending that drained the middle classes for taxes to fund programs that perpetually increased in cost while simultaneously attracting the third world to our shores. Get rid of those peace dividend entitlements and they will stop coming. The voters, browbeaten into fear by a compliant media and the unstable economy caused by government intervention, fear accepting this but it is their future. When the entitlements go away, Western society will radically reshuffle itself, and democracy will be weakened by its multi-century spending spree which in the end produced nothing but death. As it turns out, that spending spree seems to be ending as demands for real-world economics displace our previous airy borrow-tax-and-spend circular Ponzi scheme:

    We may soon look back on the 2009–2021 period as the era of “free-lunch economics,” when hubristic politicians and economists declared that traditional fiscal and monetary trade-offs no longer existed in any meaningful form. Advocates portrayed a new economy liberated from restraints, one in which money-supply expansions and congressional deficit spending could finance benefits that would make even Western Europeans envious, with no economic drawbacks. As in foreign policy, this utopian vision proved to be an illusion. Reality has intruded.

    The precipitating event of the free-lunch era was the massive 2009 federal response to the Great Recession. At the time, an $800 billion stimulus bill and $1.3 trillion expansion of the Federal Reserve balance sheet represented a radical (and to many, reckless) divergence from Washington’s typical modest recession responses. And yet the warnings of rampant inflation, spiraling interest rates, and a fiscal crisis did not come to pass. In fact, inflation remained low, and interest rates continued to fall for a decade. The sluggish economic recovery convinced many economists that even this atypically bold response was ultimately too mild.

    We seemed to get away with it in the past mostly by enforcing strict media control that kept those consumers going to work, paying taxes, and buying mountains of disposable garbage. With the rise of real threats, this no longer works, and so the whole circular Ponzi scheme of Late Stage Democracy is going to unravel.

  • People overestimate groups they find threatening

    Across six studies, we found that people commonly exaggerate the presence of certain groups—including ethnic and sexual minorities—simply because they are perceived as ideologically threatening. Psychologists call this feeling—that groups hold different values and worldviews from the mainstream, thereby jeopardizing the status quo—”symbolic threat.”

    We notice threats more than things which are going well. Identifying threats serves as our primary means of survival in nature, after all. However, this tells us something when people consistently overestimate diversity:

    In fact, the typical American estimates the percentages of blacks and Hispanics in this country to be more than twice as high as they actually are.

    On average, Americans say that 33 percent of the U.S. population is black. In fact, a majority of Americans (56 percent) estimate that the percentage of blacks in this country stands at 30 percent or higher. As many as 17 percent of Americans say the percentage of blacks is 50 percent or greater. Only 7 percent accurately state that the percentage of blacks falls between 10 percent and 14 percent of the entire population.

    Americans, on average, say that 29 percent of the U.S. population is Hispanic, which is slightly more than twice the actual percentage of Hispanics. About two in five Americans say Hispanics constitute 30 percent or more of the population. Just 10 percent accurately estimate that between 10 percent and 14 percent of the population is Hispanic.

    Media, endlessly willing to show how it is pitying the underdog and therefore more morally righteous than you, over-represents diversity of all sorts, but most likely Americans have simply identified diversity as a threat in their private lives at the same time when in public they were hypnotically repeating “diversity is our strength.” We all know that it is suicide.

  • January 6 riot was part of ‘attempted coup’ by Donald Trump, committee alleges

    The two-hour hearing featured clips of sworn testimony by Trump’s closest aides, which detailed how they did not believe the president’s claims of electoral fraud and their attempts, sometimes angrily, to stop him from pursuing them. It also highlighted the involvement of two far-right groups, the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers — whose leaders were shown meeting in a car park hours before the attack — in the storming of the Capitol.

    Trial-by-implication cases like this always fail in the final stages because while they show that some people were planning a protest that turned into a riot (like all those BLM/Antifa “mostly peaceful protests”), it does not show that they were planning a coup, and no one has shown coordination between Trump and the people who ultimately were let into the Capitol by the Capitol Police so that we could have our twenty-first century Reichstag fire. Very few people are finding this Court of Star chamber level public denunciation to be convincing:

    “President Trump summoned the mob, assembled the mob and lit the flame of this attack,” Republican Representative Liz Cheney said. Cheney called Trump’s bid to overturn Joe Biden’s victory a “sophisticated seven-point plan.”

    Committee chairman Bennie Thompson, a Democrat, accused Trump of being “at the center of this conspiracy.”

    “January 6 was the culmination of an attempted coup — a brazen attempt, as one rioter put it shortly after January 6 — to overthrow the government. The violence was no accident,” he said.

    If they had proof that he was at the center of a conspiracy, this case would be easy. If the rioters had showed up with actual weapons instead of placards, this would be easy. If Ashli Babbitt had been armed and attempting to shoot Secret Service members, this would have been easy. But it is not easy because the evidence is not there, nor is there an actual “coup” — a military-style revolution — which is why they have been forced to selectively edit testimony:

    Yet Miller, shortly after the hearing, said the clip was edited and did not include his full remarks.

    ‘Q: Okay. And what was the President’s reaction then when Matt said to him, ‘Hey, we’ve looked at the numbers, you’re going to lose’?

    ‘A: I think it’s safe to say he disagreed with Matt’s analysis.

    ‘Q: On what basis? Did he give a basis?

    ‘A: He believed that Matt was not looking at the prospect of legal challenges going our way and that Matt was looking at purely from what those numbers were showing as opposed to broader things to include legality and election integrity issues which, as a data guy, he may not have been monitoring.’

    That leaves out the actual meat of the discussion and the cause of contention. These show trials reek of Pelosi/Schumer style scheming, which consists of trotting out a dog-and-pony show for the groundlings which goes nowhere but distracts everyone from the fact that Leftist governance has run us into the ground. In this way, the Leftists in Washington act like a typical corporation, grinding forward with a mediocre plan just because it has worked in the past and they cannot deviate from procedure.

  • Yes, GDP is (almost) everything

    Immigrants versus nativists, cities versus provinces: the cultural fault lines that marble the body politic of the western world were there before the crash of 2008. The difference was that governments could veil them with cash.

    In other words, diversity divided our society, so government paid out bribes to keep everyone from clobbering each other too frequently. The other factor: government also initiated mass programs of spying to capture people actually engaged in terrorist activity, and probably have stopped plots of many varieties during that time in order to preserve the idea that diversity can work. Even before 9/11 it was clear that diversity would not work, since race riots in the 1960s and 1990s made is clear that racial resentment and retaliation would always be a factor, but after 9/11 the country nearly collapsed until the government started sending out money in sums that look paltry now but back then could actually buy stuff.



  • Some LGBTQ+ members upset with ‘progress’ banner replacing rainbow

    “The designers of this flag do not seem to understand that the rainbow symbol was always a METAPHOR,” he told the Post. “A rainbow already contains every color! We were not previously fighting for green gays and purple gays and yellow gays, and forgot to include brown gays and black gays. So it’s dumb as well as ugly.”

    Homosexuals find out belatedly that the Left swallows up any cause it takes on, and soon your primary cause is just flavoring for pushing the great Leftist agenda forward, which is unfortunate since most Leftists are the type of people who become shopkeepers or bureaucrats and have imaginations to match. They are fanatical because without Leftism, they are nobodies.

  • Gen Z and Millennial office workers want to ban phone calls because they find them too aggressive

    Three-quarters of people would rather communicate by email or social media than speak on the phone, which they find stressful.

    It seems foolish to blame this on younger workers. Diversity and the resulting censorship and speech codes have made open communication risky. Better to get it in writing when you can compose without emotion or distraction in order to make the text as robotic and inoffensive as possible. Many of us started doing this back in the 1990s, and we still sign our email messages because the form of formal communication has never changed, trends be damned.

  • Toronto van attacker sentenced to life in prison

    Throughout the ruling last year, Justice Malloy refused to name the attacker, referring to him instead as John Doe, and said she would not give him the notoriety “he sought from the start”.

    This is probably the right way to handle spree killers since they are basically suicides who want fame in death, but in practice it will be used to hide the high amount of diversity covert race war that passes for “crime” and “mental health problems.”

  • 73% of Trump voters think Democrats are trying to REPLACE white people with ‘immigrants and people of color who share their political views’

    A new YouGov poll asked voters: ‘Do you personally believe that in the U.S., Democrats are trying to replace white Americans with immigrants and people of color who share Democrats’ views?’

    Seventy-three percent of Trump voters replied ‘yes,’ while 8 percent of Biden voters said the same. Overall 61 percent of Republicans, 10 percent of Democrats and 33 percent of Independents replied yes to the question.

    The survey also asked: ‘Do you personally believe that in the U.S., Jewish people are trying to replace white Americans with immigrants and people of color who share Jewish people’s views?’

    Only 12 percent of Trump voters replied ‘yes,’ as did 7 percent of Biden voters.

    We know that the Great Replacement is true because there is historical precedent in the Daley, Pendergast, and Tammany Hall political machines as well as ancient sources noting that tyrants use diversity to overthrow majority culture and power. It would be odd if the Great Replacement were not the agenda.

  • Putin and Peter the Great: Russian leader likens himself to 18th Century tsar

    “You might think he was fighting with Sweden, seizing their lands,” Mr Putin said, referring to the Northern Wars which Peter launched at the turn of the 18th Century as he forged a new Russian Empire.

    “But he seized nothing; he reclaimed it!” he said, arguing that Slavs had lived in the area for centuries.

    In other words, this is a race war, with the Asiatic-admixed Eastern European Slavs attacking Western Europe yet again. Since the Russians have allied with China, it is safe to say that they are tending toward the Asian side of their heritage.

  • Rail workers are given vote on walkout across the Midlands during major sporting event in Birmingham in July AND August

    Unions today moved to worsen and lengthen the upcoming rail strikes as members on CrossCountry, East Midlands and West Midlands trains were asked to walk out in action that could disrupt the Commonwealth Games.

    The proposed industrial action by the TSSA, led by Manuel Cortes, would mean that disruption on Britain’s rail network planned for the end of June would also happen in July and into August.

    Unions are parasites like other collective reward schemes such as insurance and socialism, essentially removing risk but requiring ordinary people to therefore fund the failing, bad, and incompetent in order to remove costs for the centralized entity. They always pair up with organized crime and Leftist politicians, then siphon out so much money and interrupt production so frequently that labor goes overseas. This is what happened in the 1990s after the disastrous 1980s in which unions frequently shut down American auto production and other vital industries; all the plants went to China, and many towns were totally destroyed by the loss of their majory industry. Now that governments and business are unstable, the unions are attacking globally, including in Spain:

    In Italy, crews from Ryanair and easyJet walked off the job on Wednesday, while workers at France’s Charles de Gaulle airport went on strike yesterday for more pay, with a quarter of flights cancelled.

    In Spain two unions representing Ryanair cabin crew yesterday threatened to cause disruption this summer after Europe’s biggest budget airline walked away from pay talks.

    They have previously warned of co-ordinated action with colleagues in Italy, France, Portugal and Belgium.

    Note also the admission of the utter failure of mandatory vaccination policy:

    The boss of Heathrow has already warned of up to 18 months of disruption as the aviation industry struggles to recruit and train staff to replace those let go during the pandemic.

    Elsewhere, unions have also targeted South Korea as truckers walk off sites:

    On Friday, the truckers broadened their demonstration at the country’s major ports, threatening to curtail shipments of raw materials for semiconductors and petrochemical products.

    South Korea is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of semiconductors, smartphones, cars, batteries and electronics goods.

    If unions were not Leftist, they would demand lower cost of living, but since that would abolish Leftist entitlements programs, instead they demand a parasitic second tax on companies, which drives up costs to consumers and eventually moves production offshore. Throughout history, unions have always supported socialist candidates and reforms, using money taken from industry to do so.

  • WHO says COVID-19 ‘lab leak’ theory needs further investigation

    The WHO panel’s report said all available data pointed to the novel coronavirus probably coming from animals, likely bats, a similar conclusion to the U.N. agency’s work after a 2021 trip to China, where the first cases were reported in December 2019.

    Conspiracy theorists look for all-controlling bad actors behind the scenes; those who study Crowdism look for whatever idea provided a “blank cheque” for people to exploit, including the seductive addictive call of OPM (Other People’s Money, especially taxpayer vig) and personal power. The symbol of the COVID-19 era will be the Mask Karen, an ordinary person who seeks power having found it through a crisis that was hyped into a mass panic by TikTok nurses, WHO bureaucrats, Obamacare payees, and a compliant media that had made itself froth at the prospect of removing Trump and getting in someone who spread false hope more persuasively. Following that line, since COVID-19 is genetically closest to the bat coronavirus, it was most likely a virus kept around in a lab and possibly played around with that then snuck out the back door, possibly in equipment destined for the black market.

  • ‘Insufficient Evidence’ of Excessive Force in Shooting Death of Ashli Babbitt, DOJ Report Says

    Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd produced no reports on his fatal shooting of Ashli Babbitt and refused to give an official statement to investigators, but he agreed to a “voluntary debriefing” in which he stated if the “mob of rioters” outside the Speaker’s Lobby at the Capitol gained entry, “it wasn’t going to go well.”

    Democracy Inc conducts investigations not to find out all the facts, but to declare certain facts neutralized by virtue of us having passed judgment over them. If Michael Byrd was not an affirmative action employee, he would have been fired long ago for leaving his handgun in a public bathroom where it was discovered by a tour of children. He was not fired for shooting Ashli Babbitt either despite being the only agent to shoot, even though she was unarmed but trespassing. Obviously he over-reacted but her death is part of the diversity tax, so it must be swept under the rug with bold words and legal exceptions.

  • In South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa’s ‘stolen’ millions cast political shadow

    In his leaked affidavit to the police, Fraser alleges that on February 9, 2020, robbers targeted Ramaphosa’s game farm in the northern Limpopo province, where they found $4 million (€3.7 million) in foreign currency hidden inside furniture.

    The criminals were apprehended and the money recovered from them, the affidavit says, but the men were then paid to buy their silence.

    Most of humanity gets nowhere because it is individualistic; each individual acts in whatever way benefits him in the short term and gives nothing to the commonwealth or shared institutions, consequently no functional entities except small private businesses exist and those are hampered by mordida, disappearing stock, constant shoplifting, and apathetic workers. People who can survive in the third world have adapted psychically to this constant tedium and stress, therefore just sort of roll with it, but as a result it is coded into their DNA. When you create a diverse society, whatever group has the lowest or broadest standards becomes the standard, and so third world behavior takes whatever might be used for shared wealth and eats it all up through corruption, mismanagement, waste, and ineptitude.

  • Microplastics found in fresh Antarctic snow

    Microplastics stem from the erosion of plastic materials and are smaller than a grain of rice – sometimes even invisible to the naked eye.

    The researchers found an average of 29 particles per litre of melted snow.

    They identified 13 different types of plastics and the most common was polyethylene terephthalate (PET), mostly used in soft-drink bottles and clothing. This was found in 79% of the samples.

    A society of disposable products has long-term consequences, but “democratization” of products required making them cheaper, so those nice glass and paper containers were replaced by plastic, at which point the simplistic hominids who make up much of our societies busied themselves tossing these into national forests and oceans, in addition to sloppily managing landfills such that huge amounts of plastic leaked into the environment. Drive around your average modern society and you will find huge heaps of refuse dropped by those who cannot or do not want to pay disposal fees. It turns out that when you design a society around the lowest common denominator, acceptance of that level drives standards even lower in subsequent generations as people take the lowest common denominator of the spread formerly lower bounded by the previous lowest common denominator. Every year, we get sloppier, lazier, more neurotic, more narcissistic, and less aware of the transcendent beauty of life. In the end, you get “talking monkeys with car keys.”

  • Obesity alert over fatal liver disease as experts warn expanding waistlines could send cases soaring

    Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is already thought to affect one in five Britons. A preventable form of fatty liver disease, it can be reversed through lifestyle change if caught early enough. However, if ignored, it becomes a deadly disease called non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.

    Symptoms of NAFLD include tiredness, yellow eyes, jaundice and discomfort on the upper right side of the stomach area, where the liver is.

    We all like to blame the sugar-based carb-heavy foods which were adopted in a panic at the idea of consuming fat, which actually has nutritional value, but most likely the crisis we are seeing here is that no one wants to walk anywhere in diverse societies. When the world outside your door consists of people not like you who resent you and have more legal rights than you, you stay inside and bloat out instead of walking around enjoying the world.

  • Africa Eye: Racism for sale

    In February 2020 a shocking video began to circulate on Chinese social media. A group of African children are being instructed, by a voice off-camera, to chant phrases in Chinese. The kids repeat the words with smiles and enthusiasm — but they don’t understand that what they’re being told to say is ” I am a black monster and my IQ is low.”

    Most of the world fits into what we in the W.E.I.R.D. countries would call “racist,” “classist,” “sexist,” and “homophobic,” even though all of these are made-up terms for different types of non-egalitarian thought. The West recoiled at that and tried to make itself into a paragon of virtue in order to convince the world that our colonialism in fact brought moral benefits, but it turns out that the rest of the world does not care about morality at all but simply wants to conquer us and take our stuff.



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