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  • Sailor charged with arson attack on USS Bonhomme Richard missile ship

    Just as in the late stages of the Soviet Union, morale among American fighting troops hits a new low because no one has faith in the system or its promises anymore. The next war ought to be lit as our generals depend on technology and our troops flee.

  • Nanjing: New virus outbreak worst since Wuhan, say Chinese state media

    As election audits prove their point and the Biden administration increasingly looks useless, unable to challenge the Chinese like the UK has, China suddenly decides that it must report the new outbreak of COVID-19 in order to throw the world back into panic and lockdowns so that the Communists can continue their world takeover plans.

  • Are America’s unvaccinated changing their minds?

    More propaganda from those who benefit from globalism and unrestrained consumerism, this articles tells you that what They want you to do is in fact happening, so you might as well just hop on the bandwagon, sheep, and start conforming, if you know what is good for you.

  • The world’s biggest food company says prices are going even higher

    Funny how the more free stuff we get, the higher prices go, as if the money to support that free stuff was taken from lower levels of the economy in order to subsidize the head. Right now, they blame transportation costs brought on by the COVID-19 lockdowns, but we are seeing inflation across the board, so that is obviously not the source.

  • CDC study shows 74% of people infected in Massachusetts Covid outbreak were fully vaccinated

    Many hypothesize that this “outbreak” shows the failure of our “science”: we make up a hypothesis based on the dominant paradigm and current narrative, then go looking for data to support it, and use that to argue for our POV. This leads us to shovel near-misses like the flu and diabetes into the COVID-19 column, and to miss the fact that our vaccines may be causing this new “outbreak.”

  • Chimps are spotted ganging up on, killing and eating GORILLAS for first time ever

    In nature, tribal warfare defines the survival of any group. It must break away, defend itself, and find a way to feed itself in order to adopt a niche, while all forces around it try to break it and force it back into the norm. In this case, inter-species tribal warfare shows us that nature is not fond of equality.

  • KwaZulu-Natal yet to see increase in Covid-19 numbers after unrest, looting

    Despite massive riots, South Africa sees no surge in the media virus. Perhaps without dubious PCR tests and symptoms charts that are identical to those for the flu, the virus is not discovered. If a virus falls alone in the forest, does it make a sound?

  • Boris Johnson’s gamble looks like it will pay off

    Ending lockdowns and restoring normal life somehow makes cases go down instead of up, probably because people are no longer living in fear and running to the hospital the instant they get a cold or a flu. Poster child for avoiding lockdowns Sweden in the meantime saw cases drop to zero as people were able to live like autonomous beings again.

  • SA first to award patent recognising artificial intelligence as inventor

    Our current artificial intelligences do what humans do not, which is systematically apply methods that have worked in the past in order to find their limitations. Instead of the great singularity, we will most likely have a reduction in chaos as our machines reject our social and consumerist approach.

  • Army to enforce stay-at-home orders as Delta spreads through children

    What started as a potentially credible pandemic increasingly looks like a mass panic, where people become so afraid that they convince themselves that a non-threat is real in order to avoid looking at the real threats like China and civilization collapse.

  • First Nations and Ottawa agree to $8 billion settlement on drinking water advisories

    The shakedown never evens. Every other community finds a way to make its water safe, and to produce something of value, but not the minority community, which knows that if it just lays a guilt trap for Whitey he will cough up the dough and everyone can keep being useless.

  • Cold snap leaves Brazilian authorities scrambling to support homeless population

    Equality means taking from the strong to give to the weak, since the strong do not need equality and the weak cannot make themselves strong. This gradually depletes anything that makes a civilization good and replaces it with the useless, until one day it wakes up as a third-world dystopian wasteland.



  • Covid: Cardiff woman ‘cut by razor behind anti-mask poster’

    Moronic woman tears down anti-mask poster, gets herself sliced up by a razor blade put there to prevent such things from happening, and has a tantrum on media, knowing that The Establishment™ supports anyone who favors masks, China, lockdowns, world Communism, social distancing, China, and the suicide of the West.

  • Anjem Choudary: Islamist hate preacher banned from Twitter

    First they came for the Right-wingers… now anyone who deviates from the Narrative of absolute equality and the Utopia it will produce will be censored. Now that the censors are feeling their power, anyone who deviates from the dogma will find themselves censored.

  • A 10-year immigration ban? Here’s the impact that would have on the U.S. population.

    What they are hiding: most people now realize that diversity does not work, even with the “nice” groups, and so with numbers falling, White people would take over their nations again and end the attractors that bring in foreigners, namely the free stuff and affirmative action. The West would become nearly carbon neutral as well.

  • Stonehenge: Campaigners win legal battle over plans for road tunnel near prehistoric monument

    After years of tearing apart our history, destroying all evidence of past greatness, and lauding our conquerors for insignificant accomplishments, White nations are rediscovering the importance of protecting history and cultural continuity.

  • Bayer to end glyphosate sales to US consumers

    The modern agricultural marvel continues to unravel as more ingredients are found to be highly toxic in the long term. This means that we have to go back to older ways of farming and cannot feed as many people, which in turn will require humanity to downsize. Cutting diversity would be a good start.

  • Support for Jan. 6 Capitol riot probe slips after cops’ emotional testimony

    Most functional people operate by the deadpan: you state the facts, and get your emotions from that, if you need them at all (in most decisions, you do not). The modern way involves mixing emotion and fact in order to obscure the latter, and people are learning not to trust it at all.

  • China interest in Afghanistan could be ‘positive’, says Blinken

    Can we find anyone in the nü-American government who has not been bought? Biden plays a game of Xi’s design: like Obama and Clinton, he blusters boldly, makes himself into a caricature, and then backs down on the key points of interest to the Chinese while hanging on to a few symbolic strikes for the Murkans.

  • Lawsuit targeting transgender student policies dismissed

    Individualistic legal systems hide behind a fallacy: they pretend that the individual is not harmed by changes to his culture, demographics, civilization, and daily experience if they do not impact him personally in a fiscal sense in the short term. In reality, they doom all his efforts and he should be able to sue to alter these terrible democratic decisions.

  • Move asteroids now before they become a threat, researchers argue

    While the prole-monkeys dance, exulting in their newfound power over those who know better than they do, nature continues her countdown. We have no idea how long we have, but someday, the asteroid of death is coming, and we will have expended ourselves on the illusory quest for equality and will have nothing left to save ourselves. Darwin award for humanity!

  • Minsk regime uses migrants in ‘hybrid attack’ against EU, NATO, say Baltic ministers

    Finally we see some recognition that demographic change is a weapon. Perhaps next we will make it to understanding how this is used to dispossess populations so that cynical Leftists can seize their countries, rule them badly, then sell them piecemeal before fleeing abroad.

  • Wealthy Americans Targeted by U.S. in Panama Tax-Fraud Probe

    Every time they come to power, the Left displays an abnormal interest in taking in all the money they can. The proles, motivated by a hatred driven by feelings of insufficiency, delight in destroying anyone above them and always support more taxes for this reason.

  • Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ Are Found Everywhere. What You Need to Know About PFAS

    Slowly humanity awakens from the “if it sells, it’s good” mentality that came about through the intersection of capitalism and state subsidies for the poor. This created a huge consumer population that spends money recklessly since its retirement, medical care, education, and insurance are covered by Uncle Sap. From this communist-capitalist hybrid the horror of consumerism emerged.



  • South Africa riots: The inside story of Durban’s week of anarchy

    In a typical diversity story, not only racial conflict with Whites but ethnic conflict between Black tribes brought South Africa to a state of anarchy. Diversity does not create, only destroy. It is not our strength, but our suicide.

  • Rent controls are becoming a highly divisive issue in Europe

    Before the first world war, socialism had already conquered Europe through its intellectuals who wanted to prevent another French Revolution by buying off the proles. Now they are discovering that subsidy programs like rent control simply mean fewer places to live, and fewer nice places preserved.

  • Drug firm fined for huge price rise that hit NHS

    Not only does socialized medicine depend on the products of the free market, but it also serves as a subsidy for the pharmaceutical industry by recruiting people to “free” services which prescribe to them as many expensive treatments as possible. This entitlement, too, will go away.

  • U.S. GDP rose 6.5% last quarter, well below expectations

    Surprising no one, the Biden economy dopes as being as moribund as the second-term Obama and Clinton economies. It will require a world war to pull us out of this decline, and with the Bidens and Clintons in control, it will have been decided that America gets to be the new Germany and lose hard. That way, it can be split up and sold.

  • Nobelists decry Chinese government’s censorship attempts at the Nobel Summit

    Less than five percent of the electorate can understand this article, much less will sit still to read it and have the presence of mind to remember it for more than a pay period. The bad guys always win in democracy because the voters are sleepwalking lobotomized robot zombies.

  • UK already undergoing disruptive climate change

    They blame climate change to avoid blaming immigration, urbanization, consumerism, and other favorites of the neurotic human mind. At the root of all of our problems is individualism, or the idea that something is right because an individual wants it, no matter what history, logic, and smarter and more moral people say.

  • Outspoken billionaire Sun Dawu jailed for 18 years in China

    Following the ancient Asiatic tyrant playbook, China specializes in destroying those who stray too far from the official narrative, punishing them so that others conform harder in an attempt to avoid being noticed by the all-seeing eye. They control American businesses the same way.

  • FDA allows automatic ‘generic’ swap for brand-name insulin

    Quietly, and under different terms, the Communists adopt the Trump plan for using generics to reduce medical costs. Big Pharma will now raise its regular insulin prices higher so that it can charge more for the generics and still have them seem like a “good deal” to the idiot herd.

  • Nearly half of surveyed female surgeons experienced major pregnancy complications

    It turns out that the stress of intensive education and high-profile jobs leads to unhealthy pregnancies. Who could have guessed that our manic drive for meritocracy would result in idiocracy? Anyone who realized that raising families is more important than more profits and votes.

  • Biomedical scientists tie improved learning processes to reduced symptoms of depression

    Reducing a sense of helpless in turn lessens depression symptoms. Imagine what escaping the futile system of democracy, consumerism, diversity, equality, and globalism would do for us!

  • Gun maker Remington offers $33m to settle Sandy Hook lawsuit

    Meritocracy produces people who are good at giving the answers that Teacher likes. In turn, Teacher approves when students follow the textbook, which emphasizes making every party in a scenario happy through compromise and wealth redistribution. In reality, Remington just set a per-victim cost for every future shooting, and this will bankrupt gunmakers; its lawyers are good at school, bad at life.

  • It’s harder for Gen-X, people aged 45 and older to land jobs, new study finds

    It makes more sense to pay attention to results than what industry seeks to do because industry is run by the same mercantile middle class middle managers who screw up everything else. They want young, dumb, and obedient workers who spend all their time thinking about social justice because they are easy to manipulate with guilt and perks. This will work poorly, and in ten years, change.



  • The Effects of Legalizing Pot

    This writer believes in decriminalizing all chemicals including medicinal ones like Ivermectin and ADT, but would not bother with the drug war. The big point of this study: legal pot did not decrease abuse of other drugs. Legalization will prove another runaway chain reaction that ends in free heroin for preschoolers (after Drag Queen Story Hour and Struggle Sessions).

  • CDC Coordinated with Facebook On COVID Messaging and ‘Misinformation’

    To purposeful people, power serves as a means to an end, namely improving things; to individualists, it means a position that they can use to increase their personal wealth, power, and status. Now that we have let in the Southern/Irish, Mediterranean, and Eastern European individualists, they are running our society like the societies from which they came.

  • Exploring blood types of Neanderthal and Denisovan individuals

    Blood evidence suggests that Neanderthals and Denisovans both originated in Africa. No word yet on whether Cro-Magnons stepped out of a UFO or simply evolved to greater brain size than either Neanderthals or Denisovans in the frozen North.

  • Morocco team hails stone age tool site dating back 1.3m years

    Steadily our timelines push backward and we sense that perhaps humans have been at modern levels of intelligence — or above — for many hundreds of thousands of years. This means that there are no ideas, only functional ones and human fantasies, since all has been tried before and the results seen, then concealed.

  • Survivors who get reinfected have lower viral loads

    After nearly two years without a case of the flu, COVID-19 is either mutating into a normal flu or being allowed to reveal that it was the flu all along. In the meantime, making people wash their hands, use hand sanitizer, and stop touching their faces has shown us that lazy human practices are responsible for flu and colds among us in the first place.

  • Africa wants to produce a coronavirus vaccine — and Big Pharma’s not happy

    Perhaps Obamacare unleashed a beast beyond our control by handing Big Pharma hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars. Now content in their monopoly, they seek to stop anyone else from rising. This is the same reason big corporations and billionaires love taxes: it crushes their competition.

  • Crops left to rot in England as Brexit begins to bite

    If anyone was paying attention, they would see that the lesson here confers the knowledge that once you become addicted to immigrant labor, it wreckes your economy. Those proles in offices do not want to go back into the fields, but they are going to have to, so you might as well crash the world economy so they feel better about doing real work again.

  • Two men charged for allegedly vandalizing a Black Lives Matter mural in California

    While the great move toward the type of equality that only comes with being a third-world nation delights the intelligentsia and talking heads, the rest of the population realizes that Leftism is a psy-op, equality is fantasy, and that it is time to push back against the Narrative. Once it no longer seems like unanimous agreement, the Narrative collapses and the Regime falls.

  • $15 wage becoming a norm as employers struggle to fill jobs

    Biden forced the wage increase with the stimulus. Now the workers, who fall for this every time because they are stupid, will slowly see the cost of everything else go up proportionately. Next year at this time, they will have the same troubles they do now, just with higher numbers. Progress!

  • Hiding unhealthy heart outcomes in a low-fat diet trial

    Science rewards what gets scientists paid, just like any other industry. This can be corporate sponsors, lobbyists, public opinion, or political favor. Scientists see their careers as the highest goal and, for the right price, will report on anything and hide all contradictory data.

  • Official photo of Ben Roberts-Smith was altered to hide Crusader’s cross

    Your leaders want you to have “freedom,” but only to believe what they have determined is morally, scientifically, economically, politically, and socially correct because it benefits the continuation of the System. What if the System must fall for us to rediscover reality and with it, the experience of life outside of the consumerist simulacrum?

  • The Iberian Lynx makes a comeback in Spain after near extinction

    With a little bit of pulling humanity back, and a small investment in care, we can restore most of if not all of our environment, including its plants, ecosystems, and creatures. However, we have to turn our focus to these things instead of the constant debate over equality.



  • Lincoln Children’s Museum cancels event after ‘overwhelming’ threats

    It seems that people have tired of pedophile-tinged LGBTQ talking points being thrust on young children. Most likely, the museum got a few threats and saw it as a good excuse to cancel an unpopular Communist program without getting pushback from the fellow travelers around them.

  • Cannabis part of the future says tobacco giant

    Let us introduce you to a horrifying future where Big Tobacco becomes Big Marijuana. As advocated here before: decriminalize production and possession, but keep transport and transfer illegal. That way, you can bust stoned criminals in public, but not Joe Average toking up on the sofa.

  • Ben & Jerry’s: Israel-backed app urges ‘troll army’ to criticise company

    Trolls won the internet but sold out in the process. Everyone employs troll armies and bot farms now. Privatizing discourse onto the internet meant that no one is responsible for the content, so whoever has the money can buy enough voices to manipulate public opinion.

  • Pasco Sheriff’s Office sends letters to residents with criminal histories

    Liberals clutch pearls when law enforcement writes to career criminals and offers them training to get out of their rut. Does anyone seriously deny that most of our crime comes from a relatively small group of repeat offenders who cost us all massive amounts of energy, time, and money?

  • Trial begins in ‘rotten’ Vatican financial scandal

    It turns out that religion, just like industry and government or even your local social group, behaves like a market: people trade their power for wealth, status, and power in other areas. Rather than behave with mock shock and horror, we should consider returning religion to its proper place under the aegis of localized culture.

  • How China Exports Repression Using a Network of Spies Hidden in Plain Sight

    Open societies cannot defend themselves against closed ones because closed societies have focus on a goal, while open societies have replaced any goals with the task of maintaining themselves, since open societies are unnatural. For the same reason, minority groups and grievance parties like the Left have an easy task of taking over.

  • What is a red room on the dark web?

    We all want to believe in shadowy conspiracies, but the mundane reality is that organizations prioritize allegiance over all else, and are willing to enlist perversions in their pursuit of that goal. Ever wonder why we suddenly have pedophiles and other lunatics everywhere?

  • The Most Terrifying Map in the World

    China let the world outsource trade to it, knowing that this would make it indispensable, and it could then manipulate all of the world’s corporations based on the value of their dependency on China. Now the only plan that can save us is the Trump plan: decouple from China. Biden et al. were raised to power because they would restore the China-globalist order, since government and industry now depend on it.

  • Nearly 2,000 children abused in care of UK council in “toxic game”, review finds

    Politicians passed around children for abuse as pawns, since in the halls of power, everything that someone wants have a value, especially if it is immoral and destructive. It turns out that the kings ruled us much better than the proles ever have.

  • Dell won’t ship energy-hungry PCs to California and five other US states due to power regulations

    Voters never seem to connect laws with their consequences. To them, they are doing the right thing by marking a paper with approval for rules that will protect our environment. It never occurs to them that these rigid, absolute, knee-jerk, emotional, and contextless rules will in turn ruin other things.

  • Coronavirus: Was US money used to fund risky research in China?

    What Trump called “the Deep State” refers to an entrenched bureaucracy in industry, government, media, academia, and among billionaires that depends on Chinese trade for its power. It does not want to change what has made it powerful even if as a vassal, so it created a false COVID-19 crisis and used it to steal an election.

  • Former Major General says Australia-US have only slim chance against China

    Some have noticed that democracy in the West has become unstable and chained to China, which means that war will be coming sooner rather than later. Since as usual democracy has spent the years of peace doing nothing useful, its militaries are weak and unprepared.





  • Wikipedia co-founder says site is now ‘propaganda’ for left-leaning ‘establishment’

    Any organization which is allowed to self-select, meaning that it attracts people who want to work in the stable middle rather than the cutting edge, will tend toward the Left because it has accumulated people who are motivated by fear of instability not desire to achieve. As if acknowledging these concerns, Wikipedia immediately banned anything but far-Left sources.

  • The term ‘White privilege’ is ‘divisive’ and ‘unhelpful’ says the new head of UK’s equality watchdog

    Cracks in the narrative appear as conservative-leaning minority woman argues that students should pay attention to opportunity instead of looking for scapegoats. More importantly, this event passed without mass revolt or riots in the streets, showing that the great diversity and equality agenda is losing popular support.

  • ICE releases immigrants in Shreveport with little warning to local officials

    Clinton got elected because he told a bunch of Boomers hitting their mid-forties that the 1960s had never died, but were coming back stronger than ever. The media picked up on this with a flood of hippie propaganda. Now Biden, like Obama, pursues the Hart-Celler agenda, which is as fanatical as it is insane: replace enough White people with minorities so we all become Tan.

  • EU adopts forest strategy to protect old forests, plant three billion new trees

    It turns out that nothing works better than nature for keeping us free of the ravages of pollution and heat islands. If we have enough forest, with small cities and towns dispersed throughout those forests, and keep our populations to the level which requires only half of the land have signs of human interference, then all works out well. Otherwise, into the abyss we go.

  • Prince Charles’ experimental city is proving critics wrong

    Aristocrats knew how to make things last and make them enduringly good, where modern people focus on utilitarian concerns measured in number of complaints, which in turn requires the complainers to have brains (rarely). If you built a pleasant place, and have a dominant culture, people behave pleasantly and a natural efficiency and drive toward excellence results.

  • Olympic celebration sees Hong Kong police make first arrest under controversial national anthem law

    Leftists specialize in the gang rush and the slow creep, but never the middle path of keeping the good and yeeting the bad (leaving grey areas to their own devices). They will do the same in the USA: lots of rules, changes, “progress,” and then suddenly you wake up and you are living under absolute control.

  • Austria proposes migrant processing at sea

    The West has tied its own hands with the bonds of equality. No one can buck that trend, since the proles will riot and murder our leaders again, so we get continued insanity. If you want to destroy modernity, just destroy the concept of equality and the whole Tower of Babel of lies will collapse immediately. For example, they could simply reject immigration entirely then.

  • Reddit controlled by American military-industrial complex?

    The military-industrial complex morphed into the Deep State, a group which hopes to rule the world with economic power since military action has become police activity because of the risk of nuclear war. The in-group people want China to rule the world with the United States as its economic powerhouse, since that way the Deep State thinks it can retain power over everything.

  • Europe floods: Victims face massive clean-up as waters recede

    When you make big flat concrete cities and fill them with internal combustion engines and immigrants, the resulting heat islands drive off the jet streams that otherwise keep storms moving along. Expect more fronts to blow in and stay, dumping all of their rain in one place and drowning the people too stupid to vote against democracy and its companion, urbanization.

  • Meet the humanists: ‘You don’t have to be Christian to think of yourself as a good person’

    Leftist unintentionally reveal their motivations: they want to feel good about themselves by thinking of themselves as “good people” in a social context, not achieve good results. These are just lost people clinging to civilization and demanding that it provide them with the souls they lack.

  • Microsoft Exchange hack caused by China, US and allies say

    Whoever did the Microsoft Exchange hack was most likely relying on information obtained through the SolarWinds hack, and now works to widely subvert our digital infrastructure while we cluelessly blame the Russians. It may remind you of the time China hijacked the internet.

  • France: Thousands protest against vaccination, COVID passes

    Slowly we are realizing that ideology has wrecked our lives. The pursuit of symbolic absolutes like equality causes us to neglect reality, and then all we can do is robotically react to precedent, causing us to drift further into insanity to the cheers of the crowd, until they realize that it has all gone wrong.





  • New Swedish migration law makes permanent residency harder for refugees and visitors

    Unable to overcome the addiction to symbols that afflicts those who endorse equality, European nations focus instead on a variant of the Trump method: making the bureaucracy less friendly, so that immigration costs rise and duration increases, making emigration to Europe a less-friendly option.

  • Americans’ Medical Debts Are Bigger Than Was Known, Totaling $140 Billion

    When you let Congress pass rules like EMTALA and Obamacare, you are no longer paying for your bill, but the bill for ten people. If you do not have insurance which recycles this cost as debt and turns it into a presumption of future profit, you end up getting stuck with huge bills that no normal human can pay.

  • ‘We tried to be joyful enough to deserve our new lives’: What it’s really like to be a refugee in Britain

    It turns out that running away from your problems does not solve them, only transfers them into a new form. Humans who believe in equality think that where they live reflects only an economic and political decision, when in fact it has closer ties to culture and genetics.

  • What China Expects From Businesses: Total Surrender

    Here The New York Times offers the subtlest form of propaganda by telling us that a subset of what happened in the past will happen in the future, so that we can fight that strawman. In reality, any company which invests in China or uses Chinese labor was brought into line during the Obama years. Perhaps now we see how catastrophic American unions, which drove labor to China, were for our country.

  • ‘Botched’: Arizona GOP’s ballot count ends, troubles persist

    The Establishment found a couple of Republican cucks to complain about the audit and make broad statements whose truth they could not possibly know, so that media can cast the usual fear, uncertainty, and despair (FUD) upon the audit in the public eye. The problem is that people still want to see the results.

  • Memphis COVID-19 overflow hospital closes without ever seeing a patient

    Cracks in the narrative emerge, and the system papers over them with more hysteria. When a pandemic is a real threat, it does not require a propaganda surge, nor an army of bots and useful idiots to shout at the rest of us that we are selfish and dumb for refusing experimental, untested vaccines.

  • Netflix confirms move into video games as its growth slows

    Smart investors got out of this company long ago. It created an initial “pocket” between the introduction of its model and the ability of industry (which moves slowly) to come out with its own, and then it decided to go “woke” instead of making quality TV, so now America has abandoned it.

  • Living near woodlands is good for children and young people’s mental health

    It turns out that living near the complex and aesthetically pleasing natural environment in which you evolved leads to better health outcomes, or healthier people choose to move closer to nature, instead of the boxy plastic, glass, metal, and concrete nightmare that the human ego creates in cities.

  • Small farms vanish every day in America’s dairyland

    Why oppose regulations? People say that the regulations intend to achieve good things; people like me say they are the wrong method because they raise costs, at which point you end up with a concentration of every industry into six large corporations that are too big to fail. We need culture, not the law, to enforce standards of good behavior, including in agriculture and business.

  • Majority of Physicians Decline COVID Shots, according to Survey

    No one with a functional brain will take any product developed in the midst of mass panic, with high profit motive, and the blessings of the same people who seem to be trying to destroy us so they can replace us with Hart-Celler voters. Physicians cannot state this attitude, but in their personal lives, they are dodging this dodgy vaccine.

  • America’s best defense against China’s mushrooming international corruption is dangling by a thread

    Authoritarians take a simple approach to corruption: they make it part of the State, so that it like everyone else serves the State by engaging in the same behaviors at the same time. To most people, mass conformity in pursuit of a “good” goal seems like good government. In reality, it is decay and collapse.

  • Mama bear cries out, stays with cub killed by vehicle in Yosemite

    Creatures have emotions, thoughts, and awareness of death just as we do. For this reason, our ancestors refused to take a life without good reason, and left aside huge swathes of land for nature. Democracy cannot do this, since if everyone is equal, whenever anyone wants to use land, no one can say NO.



  • From Macy’s to Albertsons, facial recognition is already everywhere

    Under twentieth century systems, government mandated control of the people; in the twenty-first century, government merely sets up incentives and industry does the rest. Expect facial recognition and social credit systems to come to America just like anti-fraud services for credit card machines. You participate, if you want to have a job, house, friends, spouse, and retirement plan.

  • Forgotten oil and gas wells linger, leaking toxic chemicals

    Two million oil and gas wells, like open sores, may be leaking petrochemicals into the environment across America. It seems that no one considered what happens after the profit-taking, namely the process of leaving the land as it was. Only culture can enforce that, not government.

  • ‘Civil War’ filmmaker Ken Burns ridiculed for arguing it’s ‘most fraught’ time in US history

    Time will prove Burns correct. America may break up or not, but world democracy has failed, having spent itself into oblivion and made its citizens so miserable that they refuse to breed. The problem is us. When humans rule themselves, they choose what the group likes, which is always constructed by avoiding what the group fears, which means that real problems are not addressed as we run recklessly toward illusion.

  • New study confirms relationship between toxic pollution, climate risks to human health

    Climate change as a myth faces an early demise because scientists have just matched weather disruptions to high pollution emitted by the heat islands of human urbanization. To avoid climate crisis, setting aside half of the Earth for nature alone provides a workable solution; everything else is distraction.

  • Norway mourns 77 slain a decade ago in extremist attack

    Anders Breivik did nothing wrong: instead of attacking the pity pets from minority groups who are being used as livestock and tools by the Left to achieve its goal of total takeover for world Communism, he went after the root of the problem and killed the Leftists. If all the Leftists died tomorrow, humanity might have a fighting chance at a future.

  • Schizophrenia linked to marijuana use disorder is on the rise, study finds

    The useful idiots will trot out from their McWage cubical existence to tell us that correlation does not equal causation, but what we see here is that people who use marijuana are more likely to experience full-blown schizophrenia. This means that they would not otherwise have gone this far. Perhaps our ancestors were right in keeping this drug restricted to ceremonial use.

  • Texas begins jailing border crossers on trespassing charges

    Just like in the lead-up to the Civil War, the states are challenging federal authority because the federal government is attempting to use its power to force the states into conformity with its ideological goal, namely replacing heritage Whites with Hart-Celler voters just like it wanted to replace them with Irish back in the 1820s.

  • How the mafia made a killing from the destruction of Italy’s south

    Wonder why buildings are falling down like in the third world all of sudden? Wherever corruption goes, good quality building materials get sold and replaced with inferior ones; like kickbacks, this is an age-old tool of crime. Twenty years later the building falls down, but the original sellers cannot be found.

  • The YouTubers who blew the whistle on an anti-vax plot

    This article carefully implies that an anti-vax scheme was responsible, when really what we are seeing here is one Big Pharma company astroturfing against its competition.

  • RNA breakthrough creates crops that can grow 50% more potatoes, rice

    If this is true, humanity faces disaster, because now we will add 50% more people to previous estimates. The higher we go, the harder we will fall. It would be better now to start cutting back on the subsidies to individuals through benefits, welfare, affirmative action, and unions so that our population naturally falls.

  • Studies examine different understandings, varieties of diversity

    “The study found more conservative participants preferred viewpoint diversity and more liberal participants preferred demographic diversity.” Leftists want ideological conformity, and recognize that to get it, they must erase majority culture through outbreeding, immigration, globalism, and diversity.

  • Toxic mercury rides rivers into the sea

    Somehow, all the models of mercury pollution seem to have been wrong in an obvious oversight. Models most of all experiments follow the GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) principle: if you forget a single variable, you get radically inaccurate results.


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