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Immigration Drives the Nü-Amerikan Empire

Let us all imagine that something sad befell our illustrious VP Kamala Harris. She takes a blow to the head so savage that it warps her into actually wanting to use her power and prestige to improve the world rather than merely filling up her swag bag. This condition could be chronic to the point where she takes assignments like stemming the flow of illegal brooding crossings into the United States seriously. This could lead to drastic consequences. The ruthless application of both incompetence and over-credentialed stupidity typically do.

In a less brutal and nightmarish world, Kamala Harris would never suffer physical assault. She would merely be herself. This would render her so utterly unpopular that she would then take some time off from that busy schedule of spa visits and self-adulation. She would go against her better instincts and make a pro-forma gesture towards performing her assigned additional duty as border czar.

In the absence of another person’s coruscating brilliance for her to plagiarize and take credit for, Kamala operates poorly. We get to see the depth of her thoughts on the subject of predatory migration. Nobody wearing a pair of shower sandals even gets a toe wet. Her strategy to fix the border could perhaps be entitled The Banality of Banal. The elevator pitch follows below.

All we have to do to ensure that Central Americans stop illegally crossing our border is to transform the Northern Triangle countries of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador into stable, prosperous democracies. That’s it! That’s the answer!

Then we can peruse the regretable specifics. Root Causes Strategy is a classic in avoiding risk by passing its costs to somebody else. The strategy is as slap-dash and devoid of content as its ultimate author, but let us discuss what little it does actually contain. It has four routes to blame evasion.

  1. First, addressing the root causes of migration is critical to our overall immigration effort. Here is the Kamala-speak.

    President Joe Biden outlined our Administration’s vision to reform our immigration system by creating a pathway to citizenship for the nearly 11 million undocumented migrants in our country, modernizing our immigration process, and effectively managing our border. Shortly after that, the President asked me to lead our nation’s efforts to address the root causes of that migration. That is because migration to our border is also a symptom of much larger issues in the region.

    Two things stand out. They attempt to solve a crime problem by getting rid of the legal ban rather than attempting to stop the outlawed behavior. If we made all 8 Billion living human beings automatic US Citizens, the immigration crisis is over – give or take a few negative externalities that can be blamed on Evil Rethuglicans.

    Secondly, she shifts the blame to those much larger issues in the region without naming them. This is not mere carelessness. To understand these regional issues, we need to understand something about Democracy. If we really have government by The People, we need to have a high-functioning population center-of-mass.

    Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador have a center-of-mass that is a whole lot closer to Haiti’s than say Chile or Canada. This makes Democracy a boil on the posterior of the smaller portion of population in these three countries that can function in a workable civilization. To cure the democracy, you have to get rid of the democracy, or rid yourself of the people that render it useless and pestilential as a form of government.

    What we are seeing here is an inversion of Turner’s Frontier Thesis. A country with excess land and fewer people can spread their undesirables and eccentrics out over abundant land. A small land with lots of eccentrics has to thin its population out through removals or a Holodomor. By flooding the Rio Grande, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador are being nice about this process.

  2. Providing relief is not sufficient to stem migration from the region. We start with Kamala-Speak.

    The COVID-19 pandemic and extreme weather conditions have indeed exacerbated the root causes of migration—which include corruption, violence, trafficking, and poverty. While our Administration is proud that we have sent millions of vaccine doses and hurricane relief, we know that it is not enough to alleviate suffering in the long term.

    It not only is not enough, it is counterproductive. What Amerika and many NGOs have purchased is learned helplessness. This is great for justifying ongoing bureaucracy and wealth-transfer; it does nothing to teach anyone in these countries to become resilient and self-reliant.

    In addition, why would the Anarcho-Tyranny currently running the USSA ever want this useful problem solved? They get a permanent justification of mission for a horde of bureaucratic parasites. They get Marx’s Reserve Army of The Unemployed to hammer any labor market that ever gets uppity and cuts into corporate profits with silly and outmoded demands for higher pay. They can alter any population of voters that ever gets recalcitrant about accepting the Federal OxyContin prescription. As problems go, Leftists find this one to be a jackpot.

  3. Unless we address all of the root causes, problems will persist. Kamala apparently looks for irony on The Periodic Table of Elements. She offers us the following comedy monologue.

    Recently, I travelled to Guatemala, where one of the largest challenges is corruption. Our Administration knows that, where corruption goes unchecked, people suffer. And so, on that trip, the United States announced that we will launch an Anticorruption Task Force which will include U.S. prosecutors and law enforcement experts who will investigate corruption cases.

    Do I even need to rehash our VP’s path to Washington? Maybe we can discuss Hunter Biden’s career as an artist. Yeah! Get in there and root out all that corruption like a Maricopa County election audit! We have people like James Comey that will totally teach our little brothers to the south about upholding high ethical standards in government. Sending in the USSA to fix another country’s corruption is like asking the CCP for advice on protecting natural habitats. This will go about as well as nation building in Afghanistan.

  4. Most importantly, the United States cannot do this work alone. We start with the Kamala-Speak.

    Our Strategy is far-reaching—and focuses on our partnerships with other governments, international institutions, businesses, foundations, and civil society. At this writing, we have already received commitments from the governments of Mexico, Japan, and Korea, and the United Nations, to join the United States in providing relief to the region. Our Administration is also working hand-in-hand with foundations and non-profits to accelerate efforts in Central America.

    Therefore, we cannot stop the migration, but we can sure loot it as if it was Haiti. The Clinton Foundation read that paragraph I cited and started licking its chops. If The USSA supports an evil empire that exploits Central and South America, then it does so mostly by being so willing to help those people. Again, with problems like Central America, our Anracho-Tyranny should not need further Christmas Bonuses.

In conclusion, we have elected an administration that has desire to fix the problems at Amerika’s borders. These problems beset plebeians. They are not problems for our current elected leadership. They are opportunities for swag and spoils. Kamala Harris has a vital and important role here. She is to make sure that her faction gets to continue to exploit this for all that it is worth. The real root cause of the problem is that the most corrupt and most powerful members of Amerika’s Kakistocracy see this as no real problem.

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