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News (February 18, 2021)


  • Wolf commutes sentences of 13 people convicted of murder

    The brothers robbed a 68-year-old man at gunpoint and forced him out of his car, stealing the vehicle. The man later had a heart attack and died early the next day, making the robbery a murder under the felony murder law.

    These idiots belong in jail. Steal a car from a vulnerable person, and this person then has a heart attack and dies from its effects a day later, and you have interrupted a life and what otherwise most likely would have been a survivable event. For how long do we sacrifice the lives of the innocent so that the guilty can go free, just for our public image of being pro-equality/anti-racist?

  • German police crack down on Berlin organized crime families

    Arab and Chechen families run the organized crime in Germany. Think of all of the problems we could avoid without diversity, which both weaponizes your population into a constant race war and gives some participants a shield to hide behind.

  • Increasingly fragmented tiger populations may require ‘genetic rescue’

    When you break populations down into isolated groups, they run out of breeding partners and become heavily inbred, at which point they experience a genetic crash. We are about to see this happen with the most intelligent human groups, who lost out to the herd of mediocrities.

  • Stanford prof: ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ is racist

    Back in the 1980s, post-Buckley “conservatives” worried that Dungeons & Dragons might lead teens to Satan. Now, the Left wails because it mentions race and, in doing so, reminds us that races have different traits.

  • Biden pledges to protect 30% of US lands by 2030

    Sleepy creepy Joe finally does something worth supporting. Our environmental problem consists of too many humans, covering the Earth in concrete cities, and consuming too many resources. The solution is Half Earth: setting aside half of the land, air, and water for nature alone with no human intervention. Biden took a good first step.

  • France passes anti-radicalism bill that worries Muslims

    The last ten thousand laws did not help, so maybe a new one will. France keeps trying to legislate diversity into something functional, when in fact it does nothing but destroy civilizations. There is no fix except to end diversity, the biggest policy failure ever adopted in democracy.

  • Early-Life Environmental Exposures and Childhood Obesity: An Exposome-Wide Approach

    Children exposed to pollutants early in life have a better chance of being obese. Most likely, we will find that exposure to contaminants earlier in life predicts less general health, including obesity and the beetus.

  • Sen. Ted Cruz Heads Back to Texas Amid Backlash

    People are tired of the behavior of our elites, who seem content for all of us to dwell in dystopia while we pay their salaries. Cruz, who briefly spoke MAGA-ese, wants to be the next McConnell, or the professional politician who loses gracefully while cementing his own power.

  • UN: Huge changes in society needed to keep nature, Earth OK

    As usual, the Left finds a universal justification for its egalitarian agenda, which means a few wise bureaucrats rule over a giant mass of useless and poor people like in the third world. They had civil rights, COVID-19, and now they have climate change. Humanity needs to fix itself by limiting population and land use, not this warmed-over neo-Communism.

  • Estonia warns of “silenced world dominated by Beijing”

    Some recognize what bloated, red tape bound, miserable, and decadent W.E.I.R.D. democracies cannot: China is taking over the world by applying the same tactics in the West as it does at home through using its business (and access to 1.5bn consumers) as a carrot and stick. This is the hidden elephant in the room.

  • Beyond the !Kung

    Leftist social scientists investigated one group of Bushmen and concluded that all other humans came from the same model of egalitarian sharing, even though the study of the Bushmen was in fact incorrect. It turns out that most societies are hierarchical hereditary monarchies because this method works.

  • Biden administration looks to FEMA to help combat domestic terrorism in wake of Capitol attack

    The Left operates through what we might call The Mandarin Method, which consists of reducing the population to self-interested tools who can then be manipulated en masse by controlling the methods, tools, and language that they use. As part of this, Leftists always make thought criminals into targets.

  • Global debt soars to 356% of GDP

    We are witnessing the endgame of liberal democracy: having spent themselves into bankruptcy to buy votes, these regimes are going to collapse in debt. The secret ingredient here is that they owe at least this much in what they must spend to rebuild their infrastructure, having spent the money on anti-poverty and diversity instead.

  • Facebook, Google, Twitter CEOs will testify about misinformation before U.S. Congress

    All of the good Leftists will now meet to decide that they must do something about “domestic terrorism,” a.k.a. non-Leftist thought. They will come up with a plan which involves, like how political correctness operated, censoring anything but approved Leftist topics and Leftist methods of addressing them. Everyone else goes to the gulag.

  • Canada vows to be next country to go after Facebook to pay for news

    The internet has ended itself because it could not defend free speech and content neutrality. An international digital network would be a good idea, if it were actually located in an international space, but since its hardware and signals pass through different nations, all those rules will now apply.

  • The Continuing Crisis

    Double standards and hypocrisy everywhere. Mike Flynn’s life ruined over a non-crime while the man who ruined it, James Comey, laughs about his handiwork on an Upper East Side stage. Four years of constant lies about Russian collusion and no reckoning, either for those who broke the law to get it going, or those who used their megaphone to keep it going. Changes to the voting system designed to help one party and marginalize theirs. A country flooded with immigration for more than half a century, padding the votes of the other party, driving down wages, and enriching oligarchs. A trade regime seemingly designed to ship their jobs overseas, close their factories, and empty out their towns. A media and intellectual class that no longer makes any pretense of fairness or objectivity but openly operates as the propaganda arm of the regime—to the extent it is not itself the regime. And now, an increasing tendency to demonize all dissent as terrorism and lock out of the political system—permanently—at least 47% of the population.

    What we now have, more and more, is a one-party oligarchy. This was the nemesis of the Trump presidency. Like all oligarchies, ours rules by coercion, not consent. It exerts its power primarily by constraining allowable, expressible opinion: it knows that the thing which cannot be said eventually becomes that which cannot be thought. And the chief thoughts it wishes to suppress are objections to its own misrule. When and where it cannot “persuade”—that is, propagandize—it punishes, with the defiant fired from their jobs, made unemployable, cut off from the financial system, even, in some cases, shunned by friends and family.

    More than a one-party oligarchy, we have an oligarch of bureaucratic elites who have paired up with big business, which in turn is entrenched with China.

  • How Conspiracy Theorizing May Soon Get You Labelled a ‘Domestic Terrorist’

    As outlined in his book Nudge (co-authored with Nobel Prize winning behaviorist Richard Thaler), Sunstein “discovered” that people tend to organize their behavioral patterns around certain fundamental drives, such as the pursuit of pleasure, avoidance of pain, and certain Darwinian drives for sex, popularity, desire for conformity, desire for novelty, and greed.

    Huxley had it right: egalitarianism means the pursuit of individualistic pleasure, which translates into manipulating people through their pleasures, since that becomes the only real currency of the realm. Prole-rule (democracy) is herding behavior that attracts abusive, manipulative, and controlling shepherds.

  • Inside Wikipedia’s leftist bias: socialism pages whitewashed, communist atrocities buried

    This became apparent over a decade ago, when Wikipedia steadfastly removed any interesting Right-wing pages while promoting even trivial Left-wing writings as works of genius and innovation. Disclaimer: they have me listed at

  • Activist suggests paying criminals not to kill to cut Baltimore crime rate

    Ever notice how every Leftist policy boils down to abolishing or relaxing the rules so that wealth can be transferred from the competent few to the incompetent many? Their solution to crime: bribe criminals, effectively giving them the rewards of the crime without the effort or risk. Then again this is indistinguishable from entitlements like welfare, anti-poverty, affirmative action, and pro-diversity programs.

  • Chinese buyers help push Bentley orders up by 50%, CEO says

    The Chinese buy elections by becoming constituents. First, they offer up a giant market that entices business away from the dying West; as a requirement to be in that market, a firm must open up a business in China and follow Chinese law. Next, they buy real estate and companies, then scatter bribes around. Soon they have control.

  • ‘Stark rise’ in abuse and hate speech directed at LGBT+ people across Europe, report warns

    As Right-wingers told alphabet people years ago, we like you to keep your activities private and in exchange we ignore them and you. If you politicize your activities, and force anti-discrimination law on us, you are changing our culture toward the opposite of its essence, and in self-defense we must turn on you.

  • Football coach says objections to Black Lives Matter curriculum led to firing

    Leftism, like all good viruses, obeys a simple rule: exterminate all competition while making the host too weak to fight off the infection. This means that they will force you to obey their identity politics and diversity race warfare whileremoving any chance you have of having normal life, thought, or psychology.

  • White male civil servant sues the Government for race discrimination after learning a black female colleague was paid almost £52,000 more to do the same job

    Affirmative action comes with diversity because otherwise you appear racist. This means that you hire minorities, homosexuals, transgenders, women, and other subsidy-pets at high wages and expect them to do nothing, since you do not trust their competence. This is yet another form of wealth transfer.

  • Over 13 million Texans facing water crisis after brutal winter storm

    Let us talk about real systemic problems. This term means that every aspect of the system is permeated by a certain failure, meaning that it does not come from the top but is inherently part of the system. Under diversity and affirmative action, routine maintenance is done badly, so under stress, the system fails.

  • The Compound Fractures of Identity Politics

    Hard facts and data about our systems of law and policing are being ignored. Emotional hysteria is increasingly substituted for reasoned problem-solving. There is enormous pressure to conform to approved ideological assertions, and people expressing alternate views are often railroaded. Broad attacks on social order, widespread destruction of public and private property, and new waves of street crime have unfolded.

    This person seems to be describing egalitarianism. Ancient societies valued natural order and finding our place in it; modern societies prize the individual, and force creation of an order to fit all of those (an average lowest common denominator). Diversity is just the latest modern project for erasing standards.

  • Texas mayor resigns after telling residents desperate for power and heat “only the strong will survive”

    This guy was 100% right. I am living through this experience now and have observed two types of people: some who prepare as they can, then find a way to endure, and others who rage around looking for someone to take care of them. The former group is about a fifth of the population.

  • Now even classical music is racist

    White people (mostly) believed the diversity face value justification, which like all sales jobs such as advertising or propaganda offered up some simple categories to reduce complex problems. In reality, the point of diversity is to erase Western Civilization, its culture, and its genetics. It always has been.

  • Mitch McConnell Doesn’t Care If The Election Was Tainted, But You Should

    Mitch McConnell views himself as smart, very smart. He practices the skill he learned in school and politics, which is to find out what the dominant power is and to make himself useful to it. He thinks he is clever for seeing America as a dying ruin, and China as the future, much as he thought plastics were the future back in 1966. He does not want MAGA; he wants to perpetuate the bureaucracy.

  • COVID Communism? Woman Gets Late-night Police Visit for Telling Anti-mask Joke

    Egalitarianism serves as a defense by individuals against those who know better and, by proxy, reality itself. As a result, it starts by demanding “freedom” and “free speech” but then, once it has gained control, turns on those same things as people realize that equality is the opposite of quality.

  • Police: Fred Meyer employees harassed by crowd while throwing out spoiled food in NE Portland

    Your average voter understands nothing of economics, law, or political systems. To them, there is food, so give it away. They do not consider the risks inherent in this, or how these stores would then be sued into oblivion by anyone who could fake sickness. If you want them to give out free food, indemnify them. No one seems to be calling for that however.

  • Comey told Clapper FBI unable to ‘sufficiently corroborate’ Steele — then signed FISA

    We now know for certain that our government impeached a president based on a hoax, spied on that president when he was a candidate using national security powers, and has refused to investigate a wide range of election irregularities. This is not a free society; it is a regime controlled by big business and China.


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