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Literally Hitler

Some eighty years ago, the Capitalist West and the Communist East united to wage war against one enemy. The whole world participated in bringing down the last obstacle to a worldwide and permanent cultureless, consumerist utopia devoid of any standards, where Man himself can be God.

The media played a huge part in this great war effort. Every once in a while, we see sides who, with media complicity, play their best act to appear enemies in the public eye. Then someone comes along and blasts the whole “good cop/bad cop” scheme into the open.

It shows both parties in bed together from the get go. It exposes not only their pathetic play, but also the actors’ own puppet strings dangling above them, and the briefest glimpse of the puppeteers’ own dark silhouette.

When such a man comes along, all pretense of the game flies out the window and real war begins. Most of humanity unites in that war on a single purpose: to remove that which was bold enough to dare expose the puppeteers and their elaborate game.

The puppeteers desire to distract the public with WWE-style tales of good versus evil, while the real evil continues to exist in plain sight, unchallenged. Arab Springs, Gulf Wars, and the occasional African genocide keep the newspapers churning. Real war can be felt by everyone on a subconscious level because it is a spiritual war, a war of essence, a conflict to determine who we are inside.

In Isaac Asimov’s iconic Foundations series, a character named Mule appears who disrupts the orderly calculations of scientist Hari Seldon, who otherwise is able to predict the future. The Mule comes out of chaos; he does not play by the rules of the game, but invents the rules of his own game as he goes. The Mule is a disruptor, like a bull in a china shop, wrecking everything around him just by existing and tilting the power balance.

Our democratic Establishment (or Deep State) finds itself surprised when every one in a while a Mule, someone outside the calculations of the puppeteers, appears and begins to win the game because he stops taking the rules at face value. After a period of surprised reaction, the Deep State reacts as it always does, with coordiation, collusion, influence-buying, and most importantly, retaliation of a hard, merciless, humiliating, and total nature, as F.P. Yockey stated in his magnum opus Imperium.

In our time the cycle repeats again, but in this instance, the Mule is The 45th President of the United States, and once again, the whole world (which is to say, the fake Left, the fake Right, and their media acolytes) is outraged and calling for blood. They were entertained at first. They feigned amusement as they expected the newcomer to be easily defeated, then when he bloodied their noses good, their attitude was bound to change.

It appears the denialists — normies, cucks, and SJWs — were right, as a broken clock is twice a day, to call Trump “Hitler.” He resonated with them on a collective subconscious level as a disruptor. They knew that he had arrived to remove their comfortable scam and replace it with hard, functional reality and a path to being a rising civilization again, which would be one in which they serve a minor role if any at all.

These products of the Establishment recognized the enemy instinctively, and how couldn’t they? After all, they are the descendents of the 1789 rabble, whose war with order, hierarchy, nature and Good, is eternal.

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