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News (February 12, 2021)

  • The Long Hack: How China Exploited a U.S. Tech Supplier

    Doubling down on its 2018 articles about how China compromised SuperMicro motherboards, Bloomberg looks further into the complete Chinese penetration of American industry, which depends on China for labor and future markets, having destroyed its own with unions and diversity.

  • New criteria for chiefs’ bonuses: diversity and climate change

    As ideology replaces real-world results in our concerns, much as it did in the Soviet Union, companies turn away from profit toward pleasing their constituents, who they see as increasingly Leftist, diverse, and possibly from China.

  • Cannabis Cronyism

    It turns out that politicians from both Democratic and Republican parties have been betting big on legal weed. It is as if they have accepted that the US is a ruin, and want to cash in and bail out to Switzerland.

  • Event on racism as ‘national security threat’ scheduled by State Department

    Leftists visualize power as an object, where conservatives see it as a continuous force. Consequently, the Left always tries to seize power by forcing conformity, and its latest “war on (domestic) terror” scapegoats those who notice racial, ethnic, and class differences.

  • Deficit projected at $2.3 trillion for 2021, not counting additional stimulus, CBO says

    By 2031, we are looking at being nearly $40tn in debt. Three quarters of our budget goes to entitlements. We could never afford these things, and now we are rushing toward default and collapse, thanks to the soy, boxwine, and diversity audience voting for “free” stuff.

  • State Department, WHO Expert Clash on Coronavirus Origin Investigation

    China wants to obscure its role in the global panic that has destroyed first world economies, so they are bribing, cajoling, and bullying the WHO into saying that the virus came on frozen meat from Australia, not a Chinese lab after being discovered in bat guano in 2012.

  • Are U.S. jobs vulnerable to workers with H-1B visas?

    American industry has given up on Americans. Taxes, unions, and regulations raise costs to prohibitive levels, so industry has decided to import labor and offshore any production that it can. This creates a death spiral of dependency.

  • Biden warns China is going to ‘eat our lunch’ if U.S. doesn’t get moving on infrastructure

    When he talks about infrastructure, he means more pork barrel programs with kickbacks. We spent the money on anti-poverty and diversity programs and now we have no chance of catching up, except by ditching all of the non-productive dependents and starting over.

  • MU archaeologists reveal oldest writing system among Slavs to be Germanic runes

    As history records, Europeans came from a central origin and then branched outward as peasant and serf populations fled their masters. They took wives in the outlying areas from foreign tribes, and formed new ethnic groups. Somehow this history is now taboo as the Left denies race and the Right tries to shoehorn us all into “huwhite.”

  • Indian-Americans are more liberal towards issues when living in US, but more conservative when living in India

    You come to a society that some other group set up as a member of a minority group. Immediately you realize that your position is precarious until your group is in control. You work to subvert the majority as a result. When back home, you do the opposite. Every group does this.

  • UK economy suffered record annual slump in 2020

    When you shut down your economy for a Chinese panic, lots of things die and do not come back. We are headed for the Great Depression II. On the plus side, consumerism dying out may save us from ourselves, and less wealth in the West will force us to grow up and stop buying votes.

  • Facebook reducing distribution of Myanmar military content

    Give a prole some power and he will try to rule the world; give that power to a king and he will recognize that governing least is governing best, and simply nurture the organic society he inherits. Big Tech have become the worst type of incompetent tyrant-wannabes, which makes them legitimate targets for political terrorism.

  • New health star rating system ranks fruit juice below diet cola in shift to sugar-based grading

    Modern society is based on symbolism, so we can think of only one thing at a time. Sugar is bad, yes, in the wrong proportions, but so are the weird chemicals they put in diet cola. Maybe both sugar and weird chemicals are bad? That is too complicated for the votards and bureaucrats, apparently.

  • US gun maker Colt bought by Czech company

    The USA killed itself with civil rights, diversity, immigration, entitlements, bureaucracy, and consumerism. Now its assets leave, piece by piece, as the people in power — elected by soy, boxwine, and diversity — carve it up and take the best for themselves. This is typical for Late Stage Democracy.

  • UK landfill tax seems to have incentivised fly-tipping, says watchdog

    Government raises tax by 700%, then is shocked — shocked, I tell you! — to find out that people have been simply tossing the junk and garbage around the countryside instead. Perhaps taxes are not the best tool for policy, and government is not the best solution to anything.

  • Dozens of former Republican officials in talks to form anti-Trump third party

    They wanted Trump to form a third party. He refused, knowing that this would simply marginalize him, and wanting to force them to do it instead. Now we have a RINO neoconservative party in the works, set to become historically irrelevant in eighteen months.

  • Doctors warn that Covid will become endemic and people need to learn to live with it

    Once upon a time, the flu was new and people panicked. Over the years, we learned better methods of treatment, but became accustomed to it killing off the elderly, weak, sick, and genetically flawed. Now COVID-19 is doing the same and we are gradually realizing that we have to adapt to reality instead of hiding from it.

  • IUCN Red List Threat Assessments for Priority Tree Species

    Half of the oak species in North America are in trouble. What could save them? Leaving big chunks of forest so they can adapt to new threats, maintain genetic health, and reproduce wantonly. Humanity is taking up too much space, always with the same concrete, asphalt, plastic, glass, and metal.

  • Formerly Black Owned Dallas Express Resurrected As Right Wing Propaganda Site

    Right-wing activists figure out the path forward: seize territory from the Left and its allies, and turn it against them. We are no longer trying to coexist with Leftists, diversity, socialism, and equality; we are going to destroy them, remove those responsible, and relocate those who do not fit within an (ethnic) nationalist America.

  • Mexico: 18 bags full of hacked-up body parts found by police

    This is your future when the USA goes third world because of the corruption of our government, Chinese penetration into our system, default because of socialist-style entitlements, and both diversity and bureaucracy erasing our heritage culture and genociding the people who created it.

  • China Refuses to Give WHO Raw Data on Early Covid-19 Cases

    As usual, the elephant is hidden in plain sight. In this case, China is hiding something about the pandemic that conveniently destroyed Western economies and allowed China to rise in the ranks. They are closer to their goal of world domination.

  • Indigenous professor doxxes ‘racist’ students after they transfer out of her class

    Communism came to the West in the guise of anti-poverty and anti-racism programs. We have to get rid of diversity and equality in order to survive. Otherwise, they will destroy all of us simply for refusing to go along with their unrealistic, insane, and immoral crusade.

  • Trump’s “fighting” words free speech, defense lawyers argue

    They miss the point: the Left wants to erase free speech so that they can eliminate anyone who expresses an opinion that is not dogmatically pro-Leftist. They want results where 98% vote Democrat, no one criticizes the system, and everyone obeys whatever central command demands.

  • Touching bodycam footage shows cop hugging scared suspect after chase

    Living in an insane world breaks people. Nothing is as simple as the Narrative suggests. Only by paying attention to what is real and sensible can we make something that works for everyone, even if it means breaking up what we have now.

  • The Thirty Tyrants

    Our post-WASP nü-elites made a deal with China: keep us in power and we will do what you want. Welcome to the occupation, where the New World Order that we created uses its greater numbers and wealth to take over our democracy and rule us as a vassal state.

  • HB 544: relative to the propagation of divisive concepts

    New Hampshire bill targets “critical race theory” and other egalitarian propaganda. We are seeing a state and local revolt against the neo-Communism handed down from Washington.

  • New bill allows state to ignore Joe Biden’s executive orders

    As it becomes clear that a Deep State in Washington, D.C. has made an alliance with China to occupy the former American civilization, the states prepare the challenges that will force the dismantling of the NWO vassal state, also known as the Xenophile Occupation Government (XOG).

  • VA American Academy of Medical Ethics Urges Lawmakers to Reject Marijuana Commercialization

    Your lawmakers, mostly Democrats but a lot of Republicans as well, have positioned themselves to make a great deal of money off of legal weed. They clearly view America as a ruined wasteland that is only worth exploiting, selling off its assets, and taking the money with them on a plane to Switzerland.

  • Biden administration to allow 25,000 asylum-seekers into US

    Biden wants open borders. This guarantees a permanent group that will vote against the majority, electing Democrats every time, while remaining oblivious to the theft of tax funds, much as they are in their home countries today.

  • Did A Shadowy Anti-Trump ‘Cabal’ Help Sway 2020 Election Outcome?

    Of course they did. As is typical in Late Stage Democracy, the wannabe tyrants found themselves compliant foreigners to split the vote, which enabled the tyrants to take over through the usual collusion, vote fraud, and media manipulation.


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