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  • Jeff Bezos comes out in support of increased corporate taxes

    Corporations were created by Keynesianism: the government pays money to the citizens, mostly the poor, who then rush off and buy luxury products with them because they have no financial sense. This rapidly dumps stimulus into the economy, which the wealthier “steal” by selling their stocks, realizing a profit. Then government cites the high GDP and raises taxes again. It is a self-parasitizing organism based in equality, anti-poverty, and anti-racism programs.

  • Texas hitting record-low numbers in multiple COVID-19 statistics to start April

    Texas and Florida just killed the COVID-19 narrative by ending masks and lockdowns and thriving. While Texas showed lower numbers, Florida experienced average numbers in a state filled with elderly and Hispanic minorities, who seem to be those suffering the most COVID-19-related deaths. By May first, this nation will open back up, since we have seen that this is just another panic or trend and not real.

  • The US economy is growing at its fastest pace since 1984

    America follows the same old sad pattern here. Conservatives rescue us from the insanity of Leftism, so the voters go right back to sleep and keep voting for more liberalism, since democracy itself is a Leftist system — based on the Big Lie of “equal reason” — and therefore always swims Left. We are seeing the Trump recovery triumph despite the COVID-19 panic.

  • Analysis: Wang has message for Japan — ‘Taiwan, Taiwan, Taiwan’

    “For Xi, who aims to extend his reign as Chinese Communist Party general secretary beyond the party’s next national congress, in 2022, Taiwan is an issue that could make or break his political fortunes.” The stable China presented to us is not real; it is an unstable regime wracked by internal power struggles, as Asiatic tyrannies always are. Genghis Khan laughs.

  • Fresh Unrest In Northern Ireland Sparks Comparisons To ‘The Troubles’

    No one wants to say it, but we should: the problem of Northern Ireland is a diversity problem. The “Northern Irish” or “Ulster Scots” are genetically Scots who live in the northern part of Ireland and follow western Hajnal behavior; the regular Irish are a Semitic population who mixed with neolithic Europeans in the genetic appendix that is Ireland, an easy place to survive but never a prosperous place.

  • Yellen calls for minimum global corporate income tax

    Insane bean counter Janet Yellen agitates for what humanity will always choose if given the choice, namely one world Communist government where everyone is accepted and subsidized, therefore each individual feels safe both from mass revolt and from being downranked in the hierarchy for being a furry, crackhead, swinger, perma-poor, or minority.

  • Boston hospital set to offer ‘preferential care based on race’

    They call it “distributing medical resources” but what they mean is that, as always during America’s failing diversity experiment, they take from the prosperous White middle class and give to the poor (often but not exclusively Black) underclass. Eventually White people simply bail on the area or the hospital and it collapses into a ghetto.

  • United Sets New Diversity Goal: 50% of Students at New Pilot Training Academy To Be Women and People of Color

    In the 1990s under Clinton, America decided that its future depended on minorities and not Whites. It shipped its industry offshore and buried White people under busywork and taxes to achieve this. Now, corporations stunt for minority approval by sabotaging Whites. Maybe this will turn out better than the diversity planes and the diversity pilots.

  • Congress allocated $19 billion in federal stimulus money to Texas public education, but schools have yet to see an extra dime

    “‘Principals’ budgets are being eaten up with personal protective equipment, with tutoring, with trying to get kids back engaged, while the Legislature is sitting on a whole bunch of money,’ said Michelle Smith, the vice president of policy and advocacy for Raise Your Hand Texas.” The legislature is withholding money so that you do not waste it on more of that nonsense, then ask for more.

  • Forensic experts prove laptop belongs to Hunter Biden

    He claims that the furor over his laptop of child pornography, crack addiction, and government secrets must be a Russian disinformation campaign, but forensic experts have validated the content of the laptop and conclusively linked it to the Biden Crime Family.

  • Arrest made after postal worker assaulted in Flint, police say

    Apparently, the mail was late with the latest stimulus check, so these two geniuses assaulted a mail carrier and now will be spending some entertaining time in federal confinement. In other news, America has become accustomed to thinly-disguised racial violence like this.

  • Half of S&P 500 report more money for foreign taxes than U.S. taxes

    Ten times as much tax money goes overseas as stays in the USA because these companies have shifted toward global markets. It turns out that it is easier to sell consumer junk to the third world than it is to make products so competitive that they win over the American audience, and there are many more of them than us.

  • CDC Director Declares Racism A ‘Serious Public Health Threat’

    As far as anyone can tell, “racism” means any resistance to diversity replacing White people. This means that government has just declared opposition to its policies as a public health threat, which shows us how far into the final stage of democracy we are. Perhaps we can just skip the dictatorship and go directly to monarchy.

  • Biden’s DHS may restart border wall construction to plug ‘gaps’

    Morons think good leaders bring peace. In reality, good leadership comes from forcing things to a point of conflict, causing maturation of each crisis so that it can be understood and acted upon decisively. Trump set many things in motion which now cannot be undone, and despite his protestations otherwise, the First Potato will have to follow along.

  • US sanctions Chinese computer makers in widening tech fight

    Again, we see an area where Trump let the cat out of the bag and forced a meeting engagement. Now China has effectively admitted that it is spying through tech gear, other nations are at least partially backing away from Chinese gear, and the United States government cannot back down without infuriating a whole industry which has positioned itself for the new market.

  • Coca-Cola trade secret theft underscores importance of insider threat early detection

    The question of dual loyalties rears its ugly head yet again. People can be loyal to their adopted nations, but they are more loyal to their ethnic group because that part of their identity cannot be severed (transsexuals are finding the same thing is true about sex). Chinese are going to act for China, and they will throw the USA under the bus, like all diverse groups do.

  • Details of sweeping effort to counter China emerge in U.S. Senate

    If we had left it up to them, the GOP would have kept running the National Review playbook of “The Conservative Case for Full-Blown Transsexual Mulatto Communism” and the US government would have kept selling out to China, much as under Carter our “intellectuals” wanted to do to Russia. The cat is out of the bag, and now the market reacts. Point to Trump.

  • Prince Philip has died aged 99, Buckingham Palace announces

    He helped guide England through some of its darkest times and constantly counter-signaled the media on its praise for modernity, diversity, equality, and consumerism. We lost a good one today. Good luck finding as fair, competent, and honest a leader among the democratic herd. Proles hate it but they were born to serve and are incompetent as leaders.

  • Man’s body was found after lying in Norway flat for nine years

    Welcome to the lonely word. Since we are all Interchangeable Consumption Units, we have no loyalty to anything but our own wealth, power, and status. This means that families break apart, friends move away, and lovers leave when the going gets tough. Most of us will die alone, or under the unsympathetic and apathetic eye of low-paid nursing home staff.

  • Blinken tells Israel: Palestinians should enjoy same rights, freedoms as you do

    So much for The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Despite coming from a storied Jewish family, Anthony Blinken married an Irish girl and came around to the idea of a diverse Israel in which “equal treatment” means as usual that the founding population gets replaced. After yet another inconclusive election, Israel is already seeing the problem of diversity, namely that with a swing vote of Palestinians, it can no longer elect pro-Jewish candidates.

  • ‘Leave no Tigrayan’: In Ethiopia, an ethnicity is erased

    After a century of war for diversity, it turns out that all we have done is lay the groundstones for future genocide. If you keep groups separately, they may fight over territory, but they have some place to retreat. In a diverse society, no one has a safe place to retreat, so it becomes the most extreme form of attrition warfare: erasure.

  • China’s factories automate as worker shortage looms

    The more red tape and make-work we pack into our economies, the fewer people work the factories. In America, people hang out in office jobs when they should be on farms, in factories, or tending stores; instead, we import new people to work those jobs in order to keep the tax-entitlements-consumerism circular Ponzi scheme going.

  • U.S. State Department backs away from the idea of a Beijing Olympics boycott

    Like Obama, Biden takes orders from Beijing. They want to weaken the US as much as possible, so they demand that he bluster and rage then back down to show how weak he is in the fact of mighty China! This shows how much Xi is trying to deflect within his own nation from recognition of how unstable and weak his rule actually is.

  • Two former Uyghur officials sentenced for ‘separatist activities’

    In America, the government works to eliminate Whites so that it can rule forever on the backs of the third world vote. In China, they have seen the horrors of diversity in the West and are trying to avoid it by ejecting the Turkic people known as Uyghurs or breeding them into the Han majority. Diversity is suicide, but only the West, hypnotized by “equality,” refuses to see that.

  • ‘Ecocide’ movement pushes for a new international crime: Environmental destruction

    Move over, incels and “White Supremacists”: the Linkolan ecocide movement has replaced you as the most extreme viewpoint that someone can adopt. It says that increased human population, urbanization, and consumerism are reducing natural ecosystems to being too small to survive. Making ecocide a crime however will only let the third world cheat while the first world starves.

  • Entire Morning Bull radio staff at 97 Rock fired following racist incident on show

    Drugged with the idea of making lots of money selling their product to minorities instead of picky White people, companies find themselves perfectly willing to remove as many Whites as possible to signal that they are hip to the new Chinese-run, Irish-led, diverse, and transsexual regime.

  • Why America’s Elites Want to End the Middle Class

    Our new elites — produced by government education, mostly — want the “Mandarin Method” perfected by Darius and Genghis Khan where a few “educated, enlightened” people rule a vast bureaucracy which administers its edicts directly to its impoverished equal lumpenprole citizens, instead of engineering situations that reward good behavior and punish bad, as is natural. They do not care who is good and bad, only that they follow orders.

  • She yelled an anti-Asian slur at a man on the street, police said. He was an undercover NYPD officer.

    Tell someone that they brought coronavirus to this country, and they are a Chinese MF, and they will arrest you for “harassment.” With anti-stalking laws plus anti-racism “hate crime” laws, we are well on our way to having forbidden utterances here in the West. It has been entertaining to watch democracy utterly reverse itself on freedom and embrace tyranny.

  • Slightly More Than 6 in 10 U.S. Adults (61%) Report Undesired Weight Change Since Start of Pandemic

    It turns out that mass panic or fad, while it feels good at the time, has consequences. Everyone got a chance to Be Someone when the virus panic hit, and they all acquired a new source of internal drama with their fears and vaccines. Now we see that cutting people off from a normal life has simply made us sicker and more tired.

  • Leaders of Russia and China tighten their grips, grow closer

    Because it is weak, democracy creates enemies who are stronger, at least in the short term. They see how slow democracy is and how it fixates on anything but the vital issues, since those are socially controversial. This signals to a strong leader that democracy is weak and ripe for conquest, and no one will argue with that. Democracy killed the West.



  • Quality of life plummets, taxes rocket — and New York City faces doom

    No such thing will come to pass. Right now, New York is driving out the old rich and replacing them with new rich, which it does every time its taxes rise. This drives out those who know what the scams are and have made enough money to resist them, and replaces them with young, dumb, and hungry people who will do whatever the man with the corner office says.

  • Nothing beats land: Bill Gates is now America’s biggest farmer

    “Land, particularly rich arable land, is in ever growing demand as the globe’s population rises. As the old saying goes, ‘They aren’t making any more of it.’ The value of UK farmland has historically increased at 6 per cent per annum, according to Savills. But after the turn of the millennium it more than trebled in value.” Overpopulation is driving land value.

  • Impossible Foods in talks to list on the stock market

    Watch a market bubble develop in real time. Thanks to constant propaganda, many of our weaker-willed and extraverted citizens do things like drink Soylent, eat fake meat, and buy electric cars. Government loves weak people because they need it and will do anything, and corporations feel the same, but they are soon going to find that not enough of these people are conforming.

  • Student responsible for racist graffiti that was found in Albion College dorm, officials say

    Yet another fake hate crime. As we found out with sexual assault allegations, when you assume that one side is a victim and therefore grant them the privilege to be automatically believed, many of them will abuse that. It makes us wonder how many other instances of racism are fake, although at this point most people obviously have lost faith in diversity and want it to end.

  • China’s census could point to a looming demographic slide

    Modern instills the creepily egotistic hubris of individualism, or socially-validated human solipsism, upon populations, at which point they stop having children and die out. No one has been able to make modern society work so far. All of the suggestions — gender roles, culture, heritage, faith, family — conflict with our individualism.

  • Xi Jinping’s Hard-Line Diplomacy Plunging China Into ‘Political Peril’

    China wants to start a world war. Communists do not mind high casualties; in fact, they see it as the only way to motivate a population. They realize that their system forces obedience but does not motivate excellence, and so is doomed to fail, which means that they must militarize in order to compel people to do anything other than the absolute bare minimum.

  • ‘Not our problem’: Gov. Reynolds declines request to house migrant children in Iowa

    Across America, the states are pushing back against the extreme Leftist agenda of the federal government, which most view as illegitimate. This sets the groundwork for federal retaliation which will prompt a convention of states to replace the executive, legislative, and judicial branches with a patched Constitution to thwart a repetition of the takeover (end 14A!).

  • Business group, DNR agree not to release PFAS tests for now

    Slowly people recognize that society has been poisoning them for years with industrial byproducts. In the West we do it for profit, in the East for the Party, but the result is the same. We did much better under the aristocrats, who tended to ask if the new ways really were better, and had a natural distrust of industry, profit motive, and egalitarianism.

  • High court won’t block Mississippi school disparity lawsuit

    Shakedown lawsuits all take the “disparate impact” form: their schools are nice, our schools are old and terrible. This is just scapegoating. The reason that minority kids do not get ahead is that most have IQs in the 90s, their teachers steal everything from the schools, and the kids come from broken families and are often discipline problems.

  • Israeli data shows world’s Jewish population now as high as in 1925

    83% of them live in Israel or the US. It looks like the Holocaust is finally over. On the other hand, Jews outside Israel tend to become secularized, then outbreed, and finally discard their Jewish identity entirely when they are only a quarter Jewish. Almost all of them marry Irish or Italians because without the connection to a holy land, they see no point in Jewish identity.

  • Smotrich threatens to expel Arab MK, other Muslims who don’t accept Jewish rule

    Israel shows us the failure of diversity. Arab leaders who want to seize control through terrorism, the ballot, and fertility complain — in German — that Jewish leaders who want Israel for the Jewish pople are “racist.” It’s the same agenda we see in Europe, the USA, and South Africa being run against White people. Diversity is genocide.

  • Pandemic fueled anti-Semitism, with vaccine firm heads likened to Nazis – study

    Conspiracy theories work when they explain something in figurative terms that is too complex or relies on too many unknowns to be explained literally and structurally. I would avoid these ridiculous vaccines because they have been rushed to production by an industry that has generated the third leading cause of death through medical mistakes.

  • World powers seek to bring US back into Iran nuclear deal

    Careerists always want you to “keep the peace” and compromise with the bad even when results are disastrous because that feeling of security guarantees career boosts for the careerists. To them, what happens after they move on to a new issue, job, or job title does not matter; they just want to get more wealth, power, and social status. That is democracy/bureaucracy game.

  • Biden announces limited gun restrictions as pressure rises following mass shootings

    No pressure is rising except in newsrooms. People realize that there are crazies out there, and most of us prepare to shoot them since we usually do not have fifteen minutes to wait for the police to arrive. Biden, through governing by executive order, has basically admitted that his presidency is theater until he imports enough Mexicans to have a permanent Democratic majority.

  • Fencing goes up around GraceLife Church west of Edmonton as AHS ‘physically closes’ facility

    You have so much freedom that if you fail to “respect mah authoritah” for the petty tyrants running around cracking the lockdown/masks rules whip, they will seize your business, lock up your church, or cut off your power. Democracy started out being about freedom, but as it failed, its leaders turned to COVID-19 to solidify their power in the midst of herd panic.

  • China keeping a top-secret watchlist of US travelers — from celebs to everyday folks

    China, like Israel, makes all the right moves. Information is the new time, and time is money, so you save big by having files on everyone if you can do it. Thanks to cheap hard drives, fast chips, and big stacks of RAM, you can easily keep watch on just about everyone and be aware of what they are likely to do. The US will follow, probably in the guise of preventing “domestic terrorism.”

  • A third of COVID survivors suffer neurological or mental disorders

    Most likely, this is selection bias. Those with mental disorders are most likely to panic over COVID-19 and go to hospitals in a fit of drama, while those who are sane tend to focus on general health (exercise, eating whole foods, drinking enough water, sleeping enough) and avoid the hospitals, knowing that they are more likely to die there.

  • Iran has produced 55 kg of 20% enriched uranium since January

    The Chinese think that Jews run America and that Jewish power runs the West. For this reason, they want Iran supported. Biden, like Obama, plays the appeasement game knowing that it will lead to more forever war in the middle east, which means more kickbacks for Democrats.

  • New York City police arrest man for 3 separate attacks on Asian Americans

    “The coronavirus pandemic and its suspected origins in the Chinese city of Wuhan is cited as having led to a fresh onslaught of anti-Asian discrimination in the United States that has waged on for over year.” The media/China want you to stop talking about Wuhan. What are they hiding, and why bother?

  • China says U.S. to blame for tensions over Taiwan

    The minority cries out as he strikes you! Well, what else would he do — he does not have the power to take on a majority. He can use guilt as a weapon. China has been trying to obliterate Taiwan since 1949 but the US has stood in the way, sensing that Taiwan is no threat to China. Except for the fact that it out-competes the Chinese Communist economy, of course.

  • Biden seems ready to extend US troop presence in Afghanistan

    Xiden delayed action until it was too late to get out by the deadline. The GWB wars were traps that Obama could not escape, and Trump found difficult to manage, mainly because as soon as we pull out there, will be Fall of Saigon style atrocities as the Taliban comes back into power and executes everyone who was not their staunch ally.

  • Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern speaks out against Australia’s deportation policy

    Australia realized some time ago that unless it made immigration into the country much harder, it would quickly become inundated in Asians and cease to exist except as a political entity controlled by China. Consequently, they tightened up the rules and are deporting as many people as possible. The rest of the West will soon follow.

  • Newcastle driver left student to die in road after crash

    Diversity person runs over indigenous Briton and then flees the scene and avoids reporting it. Why would he? She was not from his group, after all. This reminds us all of a similar scene from America where a Black woman ran over a White guy and then unrepentant left him embedded in her car windshield to die in her garage from blood loss. No riots ensued; it turns out that this was a mistake, since in diversity game, you must make others fear you in order to survive.

  • Italian American groups fight to keep Columbus Day in Philadelphia

    In a diverse society, you cannot have anything which offends any group. That means that these groups will use “being offended” as a strategic weapon and remove as much of your history, customs, values, and knowledge as possible.

  • Proposed US ban on kangaroo products raises industry fears

    It turns out that leather for athletic shoes comes from kangaroos. There would not be a kangaroo overpopulation problem if there were not a human overpopulation problem, since there is plenty of land for kangaroos and other critters if there are not many humans. Immigration has created our environmental crisis.

  • Snared: catching poachers to save Italy’s songbirds

    Humanity needs to finally come to awareness. Most of our people are extraverts below 115 IQ points who cannot have much awareness because their minds are simple. Without some kind of culture to promote a reverence for nature, humans become like yeast, eating everything around them and then dying of starvation.

  • Biden administration to restore $235m in US aid to Palestinians

    The US wants a color revolution in Israel so that it can make Israel diverse, removing yet another threat to Chinese dominance. Consequently, the Americans send funds to the Palestinians despite knowing that much of this money will make its way into the pockets of warlords, jihadis, and terrorists.

  • Discarded masks litter beaches worldwide, threaten sea life

    The same people who toss their soda cans on the beach when they are done, or leave their fast food packaging in parking lots, are now pitching out their masks and gloves straight into nature. Our ancestors recognized that 90% of our own people were mentally disorganized, aimless, and selfish, and basically enslaved them as serfs as a result.

  • Edmonton man attacked after confronting group not wearing masks

    People are tired of the goodthinkers. These people exist in the world created by television, Leftism, and consumerism, and respond to one-dimensional social pressures at face value instead of tracking cause-and-effect. The rest of us see these people as mentally disorganized blight that probably should be basically enslaved as serfs.

  • Pakistani PM blasted for blaming rape on how women dress

    Like the comments that kicked off slutwalks worldwide, Khan spoke sense: the more sexualized women are, and the more sexual availability is part of society, the more this creates a sexual culture which includes more rape. That offends the liberalized/liberated female, so it must be shouted down by the angry and ignorant crowd, as usual.



  • Students respond to UQAM ‘hypocrisy’ with racy pics of their own after the school sued a student for explicit social media posts

    Welcome to socialized education, where even proles can get advanced degrees, and a huge portion of them seem to be funding those degrees with “sex work” a.k.a. being hoors. We were better off when everyone funded their own future, which meant that those who got out of poverty deserved it and the rest stayed ineffectual, poor, and ignored because their analytical judgment skills were so bad.

  • Virginia school system eyes post that mocked George Floyd

    Teenagers generally behave in insensitive and irreverent ways, and this high school team photoshopped the logo of the opposing team onto the face of George Floyd in the famous kneeling Officer Derek Chauvin picture. Adults react in terror, since the sensitivity around race reflects just how far diversity has failed, and comedy ensues.

  • DOT halts Texas highway project in test of Biden’s promises on race

    Buttigieg decides that I-45 expansion must be postponed, despite having been necessary for thirty-five years, because the people living around it are poor and brown. They moved there because land near I-45 is cheap, and now the Xiden administration wants to stop this necessary expansion for yet another racial shakedown.

  • China Hijacked an NSA Hacking Tool in 2014—and Used It for Years

    China figured out that our investigators fingerprint hackers based on the tools that they use, so the Chinese hackers use American, Russian, and Israeli tools. Funnily enough, they also got into the NSA long before the infamous hack which revealed how much of the world that the NSA has penetrated. Still think Russia did SolarWinds? Sho’, now.

  • Covid: US rules out federal vaccine passports

    American states rebelled against federal overreach, and the government blinked. It realizes that its Achilles Heel is the states who have historically supported populist movements against the trend-insanity of the cities, which seem to want to self-destruct the country every generation. This shows us that Xiden is weak and ready to fall.

  • Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signs bill to preempt federal gun laws

    Open defiance by the states seems to be interrupting the expansion of federal power, and promises a showdown which will finally force some issues to be examined by the courts. This means bad news for Xiden, who will find that his executive orders are lacking force and he will be forced to act against the states, who will then come after him with a vengeance.

  • Police, communities across U.S. fight back against anti-Asian hate crimes

    We should ask whether there is an actual wave of anti-Asian hate crimes or if people are simply reporting things that otherwise would get written off as more diversity-on-diversity crime. Most likely, the Beijing masters of our media want to get the word out that we must accept the coming Asian domination and Chinese rule of our fallen civilization.

  • Brazil COVID-19 deaths on track to pass worst of U.S. wave

    A year ago, European-descended people would have cared. After a year of race riots, however, no one really minds that COVID-19 is clearing out the excess diversity. We used to support it, but now we realize that it means to genocide us, so we want to get on with our lives and let the diversity figure out its own response to this panic.

  • Has America come any closer to Dr. King’s dream?

    The “dream” that Martin Luther King, Jr., had was only a rhetorical device designed to use guilt and Christianity against White people so that they would admit Black people in mainstream society, at which point Black people could work on taking over. Every minority group, no matter how nice, does this; their only other option is to remain conquered.

  • Stephen Miller: ‘If cartels had a vote,’ they would back Biden border policies ‘unanimously’

    The cartels are making money hand-over-fist by smuggling Mexicans into America. They will make even more money when they smuggle in drugs to feed the appetites of this new population. Finally, when Mexicans take over, they can start buying cops the way they do in the third world, including in Asia, and will have a permanent lucrative business with low risk.

  • Portland school fears ‘Evergreens’ mascot tied to lynching

    Witness peak influencer signaling. Seeking attention, a school dramatizes its neurosis by making the connection that their mascot is a tree, and people were hung in trees, even if most of them were White cattle rustlers. All of the insane people seem to be coming out of the woodwork and identifying themselves.

  • IMF raises China growth forecast to 8.4% in 2021

    China took advantage of the global COVID-19 freakout by enacting draconian policies, then backing off quickly while everyone else stayed in lockdown and destroyed the lower two levels of their economics (business-to-business and local business). Now China can move ahead with its plan to replace the dollar, take over the world, and implement global Communism. So clever!

  • Local teen diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome questions COVID-19 vaccine after receiving first dose

    A new type of vaccine, tested hastily, and rolled out in a panic does not qualify as being a stable bet. For most of us, the risk of COVID-19 death is low, so we avoid the vaccine because there is no need to take the greater risk of untested medical technology. The real story here will occur in ten or twenty years as the side-effects manifest.

  • Portland Is Averaging Two Homicides a Week in 2021

    Defunding police was not such a hot idea. However, it made the voters happy at the time because most people simply want to ignore the elephant in the room and focus on distractions, since they see no hope of anything every getting better. Now that things are worse, they may reconsider.

  • Race report: ‘UK not deliberately rigged against ethnic minorities’

    If minorities were high performers, history would be different. Western explorers encountered not just non-technological societies, but third world societies, without organized institutions, compiled knowledge, hygienic practices, anti-corruption, stable leadership, or functional economies. Now these same people claim “racism” because they are not succeeding in the West.

  • ‘Allergic reaction to US religious right’ fueling decline of religion, experts say

    More likely, most of the people in churches were Leftists just playing along. Once they saw what these religions actually believe, they fled the scene because it conflicted with egalitarianism. What else did they think the Garden of Eden was about but how human hubris — including “equality” — ruins everything? The tower of Babel?

  • White House says Ukraine has long aspired to join NATO

    Surely those bribes paid to Biden had nothing to do with this. Ukraine faces one problem above all others, which is that Ukrainians are not that different from Russians, and Ukraine has the same dysfunctional economy and social life that Russia does. Consequently, Russia — which wants a buffer zone against Germany — will absorb it, if it can.

  • US and Chinese aircraft carriers sail into disputed South China Sea, as ‘fishing’ standoff rumbles on

    China keeps aggressively pushing against the borders of its neighbors. It would not do this if it believed that it was self-sufficient. Instead, Xi clamors for power by militarizing his nation and provoking a world war, believing that this will unify his people behind him and give him a chance at, if not outright victory, at least a humbling of the West.

  • Are Birds the Reason You Feel Good in Nature?

    No human wants to say this, but nature is smarter than we are. Nature aims not just for minimal functionality with concentration in one area to produce power, as humans do, but for overall excellence and beauty. We are not sure why it does this but suspect a divine force, intelligence, or process is at play, which makes us nervous because suddenly, we are less of a Big Deal.

  • Arkansas governor vetoes transgender youth treatment ban

    This was probably a cynical move designed to force the legislature to override him so that he can continue to play moderate, but in the bigger picture, he is right. We want a cultural mandate, not more little laws. We need to remove toxic laws like the Fourteenth Amendment, but that will not be done by banning every little insane thing that the Left celebrates.

  • Humans are causing climate change: It’s just been proven directly for the first time

    Gaseous pollution is the scapegoat; the real villain comes in the form of overuse of land, which disrupts the natural ecosystems that otherwise channel heat energy into neutral forms. When you cover the Earth in lots of concrete plates known as “cities,” you create concentrated bursts of energy while simultaneously depleting the forests that absorb them.

  • Create national parks around UK coastline, conservation group says

    Protecting nature requires much of this type of activity, but we need something bigger: fewer people, and an increase in culture, so that people recognize a standard of behavior that includes care for nature. Then, it makes sense to impoverish most of the working and lower half of middle classes so that they can no longer afford boats, big cars, trailers, and lots of disposable consumer goods. Ironically, the best path to that is ending entitlements, but democracy fears that leap into sanity.

  • US spies peer into the future – and it doesn’t look good

    Few want to look at the big picture: democracy is collapsing. In 1789, they told us that we were oppressed by aristocrats and could rule ourselves better. It turns out how that the ‘stos knew what they were doing and prevented us from going crazy with our desires. After two centuries of war and now a collapsing system, we are realizing that the Revolution was wrong.

  • Gen X emerging from pandemic with firmer grip on America’s wallet

    When you are older, you have more wealth. You have purchased a house. You have bought stocks or at least tools. Your family has connections to others and you can more easily get side work. At your day job, you have been promoted to the highest level you are probably going to reach. Plenty of tax deductions help you. Gen X is still screwed since they inherited a ruined world.

  • French left tears itself apart over ‘non-white’ meetings

    Leftists find themselves shocked to realize that a philosophy of uniting the underdogs and misfits to overthrow the naturally gifted will eventually turn on them. Now that they can see where Leftism inevitably must go, many are rethinking their support for DEDS (democracy, equality, diversity, and socialism).

  • Global rainforest destruction saw a surge in 2020, study finds

    Globalism means that people with money buy up all the resources from the third world, which means that the third world will consume more of its forests in order to pass along those goodies to the wealthier. The more people who immigrate to the West, the more forest the third world consumes. It turns out that globalism and diversity are death-traps.

  • British racism commission calls for shift from unconscious bias training

    A big change appears here: the Commission argues that racial disparities cannot be solely explained by “racism.” This means that White people would have some defense, since if they can show that they did nothing discriminatory, they no longer get stuck with the bill for bringing the diversity up to the level of equal. That will cause diversity to collapse. Good.

  • Can you be fired over your sex life? Dave Ramsey thinks so.

    Suddenly the dark side of cancel culture emerges for the Left: if you can fire people for their political behavior, you can fire them for immorality as well. This provides a handy tool for conservatives to purge all Leftists from their companies. Catch them doing something perverse or drugged-out, and you can can ’em all. You should do it, too; they’d do the same to you.

  • Covid-19: World leaders call for international pandemic treaty

    The trick to understanding proles consists of recognizing that each one thinks he should be king and wants to create a power structure that he can dominate. Everybody wants to rule the world. They never think about how this will backfire, how inefficient it is, or how roping everyone together to fall together is a terrible idea.

  • Poll: Fewer Than Half of American Adults Now Belong to a House of Worship

    Christianity died in the West not because of science, but because Christianity is foreign, from a foreign land and a culture alien to us. Since it is foreign, it embraces foreign-ness, and therefore tends toward importing the foreign to live among us, a policy that has since failed. With its collapse so goes Christianity, unlamented.


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