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How They Broke You

You probably heard your coach tell you, back when you ran track or swam or cycled, that you were not trying to beat the other guys in the race; you were trying to beat your own time. If they were slower than you, it was possible to win and still not advance your abilities.

In the same way, in a democracy, responding to your opponents causes a fatal mistake — they lead the discourse, with you framing your replies in terms of their ideas, causing the audience to assume that their ideas are the foundation of your society.

Once they get you speaking their language and using their concepts, the other side has successfully reduced you to a version of them. You are what they are, but with a few asterisks and caveats that most people write off as irrelevant detail.

The tragedy of our “Uniparty” is not that both sides are the same, but that both sides are using the same framework, and it rewards only one side. For this reason, conservatives find themselves making deductions that lead only to more Leftism, just slightly slower.

For example, today we find conservatives who support social security, unions, medicare, public education, diversity, gay marriage, sin taxes, globalism, welfare, EMTALA, and civil rights law, despite none of those things being even remotely “conservative.”

By the same token, we have White people arguing for White dispossession and ultimately White Genocide, if by no other means than the predictable outbreeding that happens when you mix populations. When someone is only half-White, they are not “White” but something else.

They broke you by forcing you to accept things which went against your interests and beliefs. This made your worldview paradoxical, at which point nothing made sense, and so you would accept anything if framed in the right vocabulary. This is how manipulators work.

Let us tour the many reversals:

  • Christians: Democracy. If we read the Bible, we see that Jesus points out multiple times — echoing the Old Testament story — that people are sheep because they choose the easy self-centered way over paying attention to the world around them and its implications. Then they take a vote and decide to kill him instead of (probably Irish) career criminal Barabbas. Throughout the Bible, we see a traditional civilization with kings and caste and culture including faith as its center. There is no way a sane Christian could support democracy.
  • Conservatives: Equality. The problem with conservatism is that most people do not understand it; the short-hand is preserving the past, but the real meaning involves preserving and continuing the eternal. Nothing in there supports equality, which is a disguised form of individualism where a group of little sociopaths get together and demand we abolish laws, standards, rules, and goals so that these little sociopaths can do whatever they want and force someone else to pay for it. And yet, we see conservatives out there praising “equality” as an alternative to “equity” — in fact, the two are parts of the same process — without realizing that conservatism emphasizes order above and beyond the individual, where Leftism emphasizes the individual and the philosophy of individualism, equality.
  • Whites: Tolerance. No one wants to say this out loud, so I will: the essence of being Caucasian is to be intolerant. We refuse to tolerate mediocrity, bad behavior, filth, stupidity, retardation, criminality, and lazy thinking. That is how we rose despite having relatively few natural resources compared to the Asians, Africans, and middle east. Intolerance does not mean “kill all the Black people,” as the media uses it, but it certainly means not tolerating insane and idiotic policies like diversity (of any form).
  • Souls: Jobs. People with souls are different from regular people. They need a goal and to form an inner desire to meet it, at which point they achieve far more than regular people, who are best at repetitive tasks that they interrupt with frequent distractions. Jobs, school, and public events are designed for the regular people and will break anyone with a soul, yet your average person with a soul finds themselves justifying jobs, school, and other obedience activities as “good” because they keep the proles in line.

Accepting these paradoxical ideas has made us demoralized, alienated, and atomized. Nothing makes sense anymore because we let the snake into the garden, and he subverted what we knew by introducing its opposite as if it was part of the majority of our thinking.

If humanity is to get out of this time of decay, our renewal begins by rejecting the paradoxical thinking of this time and striving for clarity of realistic but futuristic thinking. We must aim to be better in order to avoid falling back into the mundane.

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