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  • Russian ‘troop build-up’ near Ukraine alarms Nato

    Like well-intentioned neurotic Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama and Joe Xiden create the groundwork for war wherever they go by acting weak and then later trying to boss around sovereign nations with nothing to lose. Europe, China, Iran, and Russia all love weak American leaders, which is why they clapped like seals for the return of Obama, even if in public they frowned.

  • Chamber of Commerce is ‘a front service for woke corporations’

    America declared globalism to be the NWO back in the 1990s. That means that the third world functions as our new underclass, making our stuff by doing the jobs too repetitive for even American robots. This means that you must praise the non-White and do what China wants, since they are now essential participants in the practice of making money in the USA.

  • Invasive species have cost the world at least $1.62 trillion since 1970

    Invasive species follow the “disruptive” 1990s business cycle: generic new thing enters the field and has none of the adaptations of the original, so is more efficient and takes over, then collapses. We are about to see this with uber. Invasive species show us just another form of diversity utterly failing by ignoring the need of each sub-species to have its place.

  • Black adviser quits government in wake of racism report

    The UK issued a sane report pointing out that no systemic factors are holding minorities back. That leads us to consider the only other option, which is that those average IQ curves mean something, which in turn tells us that our societies are going to be going into third world levels of poverty as our average IQ declines. They were warned, but democracy ignored it.

  • U.S. manufacturing sector index races to 37-year high in March

    Thanks Trump! He got government out of the way and gave guidance for long enough that manufacturing could come back, enraging Obama/Xiden who want America to be a “service economy” where everyone spends all their time at make-work jobs that are much useless signaling as wearing COVID masks. Tyrants love obedience and humility.

  • February 2021 Reagan National Defense Survey

    37% of ‘murkans think that China is the greatest threat to our nation, and faith in the military, law enforcement, and media has hit record lows.

  • Alabama fails to reverse ban on school yoga as conservatives say they fear rise in Hinduism

    Conservatives always shoot themselves in the foot by pandering to idiots waving around symbols. Abortion, Christianity, free markets… they fool you every time, don’t they? Your problem is not Hinduism or Christianity, but ethnic replacement, but these “conservatives” act like Communists whose savior of the State is Christ and not Marx. Deport ’em.

  • Damage caused by China in West Philippine Sea could affect food security

    Grandpa, where were you when the food wars began? Humanity has now taken over three-quarters of the Earth to the point where natural ecosystems cannot function at anything near full capacity, while almost sixty percent of us are urbanized. This means eight billion hungry people will consume everything in sight, and fight wars over it before they deplete it.

  • Who is Joel Greenberg? Former tax collector tied to U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz steeped in controversy before criminal charges

    Sometimes one simply wants to present both sides. Matt Gaetz has been hanging around with some creeps, but it also looks like government, law enforcement, and media are working together to extort $25m from his father.

  • Are Educated People More Anti-Semitic?

    “Educated people” is a proxy for over-120s, and in my experience, this group is massively “racist,” “homophobic,” “Islamophobic,” “Anti-Semitic,” blasphemous, “transphobic,” “sexist,” “ableist,” and most of all, “classist” in private but in public know that there are consequences so instinctively lie and say the correct thing while believing that only suckers would believe it.

  • London police officer convicted of neo-Nazi group membership

    Ach, so this is freedom. You have the right to… advocate for more freedom, and equality, and liberty, inclusion, pluralism, tolerance, and stuff. If you do not, we destroy you. Also: it is moronic to have any kind of membership list these days. We are mainstream now, if you can speak without slur salad, and have no need for little loser cluster “groups.”

  • Lessons From a Failed Experiment: When “Eradicated” Species Bounce Back With a Vengeance

    When you kill off the adults, the young run free. This will happen with American Whites, who are about to lose their restrained National Review “the conservative case for metrosexual Communism” elders and go into full-on Yamnaya bloodlust mode. It’s going to be fun to live in a continent with far fewer people.

  • What Are Dark Patterns?

    Social media sites pander to your lowest impulses, sort of like (smacks head) advertising, democracy, and egalitarianism! We have finally heat the peak of our flirtation with self-managing systems, including algorithms, and are starting to head back to hierarchy, since we have seen that most people are basically talking yeast with email addresses.

  • Opposition grows against UK vaccine passports

    The entrenched bureaucracy saw COVID-19 as its blank cheque to implement total control, but now people are seeing how this means giving up on everything that our ancestors did just so China can run the world, knowing that they will screw it up just like they have every time before. Normal people are over COVID-19, and they are very close to being “over” diversity.

  • Chinese Christians Held in Secretive Brainwashing Camps

    Good for China. Christianity is not from China. It does not belong there. We might apply the same reason to the West as well, and designate the middle east the Official Abrahamic Religions Zone (OARZ) and send them all there. Our people need something more flexible and realistic than a dualistic moral god who communicates through symbolism and urge pacifism.



  • UK may force Facebook services to allow backdoor police access

    They are just formalizing this, since they have had this de facto power for a decade now. If you run an online service, you either give data to the police or watch as they confiscate all of your equipment. This is just another step toward what Zuck and Dorky want, which is to be utilities run by the state with guaranteed income for mediocre service.

  • Obama Transportation Secretary Hid Foreign Cash Loan

    Every now and then one of them gets caught, but nothing significant happens and the event quickly goes into the memoryhole. The rest of them have done this ten times over, laundering money while funding campaigns and then buying kickbacks with taxpayer money, and they are laughing at you for tolerating it.

  • China is betting that the West is in irreversible decline

    China has hated the West for eight thousand years or more, since the days of the Tarim Basin when the ancestors of both the Yamnaya and Corded Ware people roamed through Eurasia, setting up civilizations when then self-destructed as soon as lesser men took over with “equality.” China and Mongolia resent us, which is why they attack us every couple hundred years.

  • Some of Yemen’s last remaining Jews said expelled by Iran-backed Houthis

    This makes sense. Multi-ethnic, multi-religious, and multi-racial societies self-destruct, so if you like your society, you avoid diversity. Israel is trying to do the same by removing Palestinians, and Yemen should remove Jews and send them to Israel, where all the world’s Jews and only Jews belong.

  • Greek coast guard units harassed during migrant patrol

    Turkey harasses Greek patrol boats to try to force the weaker Europeans into accepting more migrants. They know that diversity is a genocidal weapon which can destroy their adversary, and they intend to use it. How do we know? They did it before, when Greeks became part-Turkic and gained their current frizzy-haired, swarthy, and confused look.

  • Teachers suspended after racist question about Asian Americans used on quiz

    Public education became daycare for idiots, by idiots, as soon as government made it mandatory for everyone. That means teaching to the 90 IQ average, which means that all of your lessons will be a giant moronic waste of time. This example came about just so we could have “struggle sessions” about anti-Asian “racism.”

  • Biden lets Trump’s H-1B visa ban expire

    The Chamber of Commerce uses Leftist demand-based economics, so it does not care about producing things (at all). It wants to find ways to use the demand of others to make money, and is perfectly content producing those things offshore and paying lots of America to either not work or “work” at make-work do-nothing jobs which have zero leverage or influence.

  • Europe’s heat and drought crop losses tripled in 50 years

    We still cannot mention the “hidden elephant in the room,” namely that increased urbanization, swelling population, and loss of any natural land means that ecosystems are unstable. Instead, we will blame the scapegoat “climate change” so that votards (voter+dotard+retard) can continue to think that buying a Prius will save the planet.

  • Migrants freed without court notice — sometimes no paperwork

    Xiden wants to accelerate the Hart-Celler process where we gain enough brown, yellow, and Black people so that they constitute a swing vote in every election. That way, we will only get Democrat candidates from here on out. Being a moronic Irish potato, he thinks that this is very clever, even though it will obviously turn the USA into Brazil 2.0.

  • Chinese zoo embarrassed after attempting to pass off golden retriever dog as an African lion

    Notice the mentality that Asiatic-style “Mandarin Method” systems — bureaucracy replaces organic culture and social hierarchy — cultivates in people. You do whatever you can that you think you can get away with, and in a bourgeois outlook ignore quality, because all you need to do is fake the optics long enough to get paid. It’s anti-quality, but pro-equality.

  • With an eye on history, Biden moves on big, bold and progressive infrastructure package

    All Leftist plans involve spending a whole lot of money on garbage so that all of the Leftists have jobs and the top Leftists can make themselves rich selling what the taxpayers paid for on the black market for cents on the dollar. They are eating up your country and selling it out, and the idiot voters are too busy talking about abortion, Satanic shoes, and AOC to notice.

  • White people ‘must keep quiet when racism is discussed’

    Wherever equality goes, the weak eat the strong because the weak are more numerous. Once society gives them a voice, instead of seeing them as disposable labor, they take over and, being disposable labor, demonstrate horrific incompetence. Diversity is just the latest form of the egalitarian dark obsession seizing the West.

  • Amish community in Lancaster County reaches herd immunity from COVID-19

    Amazingly, if you avoid those flu shots and instead work around a farm staying healthy with sunlight, fresh air, and real food, you can shrug off new flus without it being too big of a deal. Sleep-deprived desk-sitting fatty liver disease beetus droids get taken out by just about anything because their general health is so bad.

  • COVID Tracking Apps Have Eerie Echoes of Chinese Surveillance System

    We live in a time of historical illiteracy. The French Revolutionaries were famous for having their lists of suspected sympathizers, which meant that the only way to get off the list was to give money to the revolutionaries. Egalitarians never change their stripes; they just get better technology.

  • The cost of speaking up against China

    China appears to be every bit as creepy as the Jacobins or Soviets. Ideology, being symbolic and not realistic, does not consider oppression to be bad but good, if it serves equality. Therefore, they gleefully transgress every moral standard and harm anyone they can, because in their view, it brings them closer to Utopia. That’s how crazy the pathology of “equality” is.



  • Waukegan Latinx activists protest renaming Thomas Jefferson Middle School after Barack and Michelle Obama

    Diversity-on-diversity competition explodes as Blacktivists want to rename a school, but Hispanics want it named after someone who has supported the “undocumented,” which seems to be their term for wetback illegal alien border-hopping day labor like themselves. The search for non-“offensive” names has run into inter-ethnic competition. Get offended and grow up.

  • Police investigate hate crime after racists paint Neo Nazi graffiti on golf course clubhouse

    Want international attention? Add a swastika or two, maybe some SS runes, to your usual graffiti. Suddenly the world will be watching. Even better would be if you said something beautiful, profound, analytically brilliant, or spiritually transcendent, but then the media would probably burst into flame and go back to reporting Peyton Place style gossip.

  • CCP Adviser Outlines Detailed Plan to Defeat US, Including Manipulating Elections

    They do not mean “outlines,” but summarizes, since the plan is obviously in motion and has been since the 1940s when Chinese espionage began in the US and their triads and spies began buying into our political campaigns. It just peaked in the 1990s, when they made nobody Bill Clinton into president with suitcases of cash. Jacobins always want to rule the world.

  • China’s secret loan contracts reveal its hold over low-income nations

    People keep acting like tyrants change their stripes. They do not. Jacobins, Mongols, Soviets, Communards, Red Guards, and Chicoms are all the same entity: those who believe in a bureaucracy ruling through equality and symbolism, instead of the natural order of human civilization called “tradition,” which includes organic culture, social hierarchy, and spirituality.

  • Electric car sales plummet this year, as company car tax rises

    Without government subsidies, no one except the brainwashed and brainless true believers want electric cars. While in an ideal they seem like a good idea, in reality they make a huge mess in the production of batteries. Someday we will zip around in Volvos with Norwegian thorium reactors powering them for a thousand years and laugh at the fools who drove Priuses.

  • Young couple mistakenly vandalizes $440,000 painting in South Korea

    Again we see how modern art is hilarious garbage. In the name of “symbolism,” they fooled the idiots into accepting literal scribbles as profound culture. No one will cry when a new generation of Hitlers burn down these museums and gas the “artists,” since they are obviously mentally defective and probably genetically defective oxygen thieves.

  • Confederate symbols prove difficult to remove in many states

    Our insane media wants a mad rush to remove symbols of White culture so that it can remove White people, and it faces a deadline because every day more people see that, love ’em or hate ’em, the Confederates were correct about race. Hitler was right about diversity. Charlemagne was correct about keeping Muslims afar. Theodor Herzl was correct that nations can only function with exclusively one ethnic group. Equality is lies, and as more see, the panic spreads.

  • China is ‘trampling on Hong Kong’s democracy’

    Everyone knew this was going to happen. The answer is that it makes the West stronger for China to continue its self-destruction since the more it expands, the closer it gets to implosion. The Trump doctrine offered the second part to this, which is that if the West shuts off the money trap, Chinese Communism self-cannibalizes and ceases to exist.

  • Brave New World is looking pretty good, all things considered

    Morons love to quote 1984 because they refuse to pay attention to the fact that it was written by a socialist as a response to Brave New World, which said that we would all become Nietzschean last men by pursuing hedonic pleasure including ego-stimulation above all else, at which point we would exist in a prison without walls by our own hand.

  • Pentagon issues policy allowing transgender troops to serve in preferred gender, reversing Trump ban

    Leftists specialize in symbolism because it makes the individual feel good which severs the connection between individual and society; their goal is to destroy our social unity by destroying organic culture and replacing it with bureaucracy. For this reason, every outrage serves their end of making us weak and neurotic so that we need our Mandarins.

  • Billionaire speaks out after attacks on Asian Americans

    Rarely does the enemy tell you so clearly what he thinks, stating in plain words that he intends to use the fear of anti-Asian racism as a justification for destroying and dominating the USA: “We have to recognize that, accept it and then break it.” SAT CONG!

  • John Durham issuing subpoenas and interviewing witnesses

    Either Trump is competent and there is a plan, or Trump is incompetent and those last five years were a fluke. The latter is inconsistent. It appears that Trump has changed his plan to be a long-term mission, but that Xiden is walking into it by doing so many destructive things in short order that WW3 will become inevitable.

  • Syrian refugee withdraws bid for German parliament seat after threats

    Immigrants have one card to play, which is the “racism” card, at which point the burden of making a nice life for themselves switches from them to their hosts. This is probably yet another fake hate crime, but in bigger news, Germans brought you in to make money and then leave, so leave. If you are not an ethnic German, you do not belong in Germany.

  • Destruction of world’s forests increased sharply in 2020

    We live on a planet with people who are innumerate, meaning that they do not realize that each person that we add means less space for nature and therefore, as we expand we consume everything on Earth. Human population growth is ecocide; there are already too many of us. Let COVID-19 and other helpers do their blesséd work!



  • Mastercard, rivals ‘ran cartel’ on cards for the vulnerable, UK watchdog says

    Politics works by the same rules as business because it is a business; businesses found out long ago that if you make a tacit agreement with your competition to raise prices, you may not beat out the competition, but you get more money and therefore your stock price goes up and your shareholders are happy.

  • New Zealand raises minimum wage and increases taxes on the rich

    They sell it to you as taxes on the rich, and most of you are so dense that you actually buy it. The actual rich do not get paychecks, but own stuff, and use that power to achieve what they need. They are not harmed by these taxes, but the rising group of people who might also become rich and displace them are kept on the treadmill with the rest of the proles.

  • China erasing H&M from internet amid Xinjiang backlash

    Most businesspeople behave every bit as much in a sheeplike manner as those in media. They reach that China has a billion and a half people, that the West is in decline, and that the future consists of marketing to minorities, and so they gamble everything on that. Then China has total control of them, and indirect control of the Chamber of Commerce, FBI, etc.

  • Floyd spurred broad push for change globally, activists say

    The French and Russian revolutions were based on lies, too. It turns out that George was selling fentanyl and swallowed his stash, hoping that an ambulance was close by like last time, but it was not to be so. Chauvin knelt on his back, not neck. Billions of dollars of destruction followed just to show us that diversity cannot work. End it!

  • EU ‘plundering African continent’ as Seaspiracy probe exposes horrific fishing practices

    Africans swelled the European population, so now it needs to steal more fish from Africa to feed its new constituents. These groups will fight over the fish until they have harvested them all and killed the goose that laid the golden eggs, at which point they will fight each other as they starve and pass away. This is human “intelligence.”

  • China generated over half world’s coal-fired power in 2020

    While the West virtue preens and status signals over carbon limits, the rest of the world uses this as an excuse to get ahead of the dying civilization. When everyone lives in equal poverty under a Chinese emperor, we will finally have “progress” and be on our way to “Utopia,” amirite?

  • SolarWinds hack got emails of top DHS officials

    Following the plot of the movie The Net from the 1990s, the SolarWinds hack targeted the system that protected the networks, and once the bad guys got in there, they took everything. Expect all aspects of business and government to be compromised so that China — you don’t really believe the Russians did this, do you? — can get dominate us.

  • Biden targets big offshore wind power expansion to fight climate change

    In many ways, American politics represents a cultural fight. The Carterites want to bring the ideals of the 1960s to dominance, despite those being warmed-over versions of the Communist 1930s, and the rest of us want to go back to 1840s American Nativism because that was the last sane model for our society. Wind power is cheap because it is government subsidized, which means that this latest Green New Deal type plan is just another stimmy.

  • Species that went extinct in 2020

    The more humans take over the globe, the less space natural species have to reproduce and survive. Consequently, they crash in population and then cannot survive because there are too few to maintain genetic health. Like most disasters in life, everything will seem fine right up until it is suddenly a screaming emergency and nothing can be done. It’s a trap!

  • WV governor approves what advocates say is the nation’s broadest nonpublic school vouchers program

    White people have tired of paying for public education that goes mostly to illegal aliens and minorities, since any White family that can do so has been home schooling or private schooling. Vouchers means that kids will flee the schools, at which point the schools will be revealed as the low-IQ daycare centers they are, and then we can kill off the failed public education program. Just let us keep our taxes; government is inept and toxic.

  • Money trail from Daphne murder probe stretches to China

    It turns out that China is now sponsoring assassinations in Europe, in addition to fostering corruption, cheating at elections, industrial espionage, and political sabotage. There will be war. Watching the rainbow diversity army head out there to try to defeat a radical Communist cadre should be entertaining at the very least, and a better use of tax dollars than diversity.

  • Hong Kong: China limits parliament to ‘patriots’

    Leftists invert any term they encounter in order to destroy it. The term “patriot” now means someone bought and controlled by China, so no one in Hong Kong will have any use for patriotism anymore. In the same way, in the West they converted the idea of “good” into “equality,” and so now we are all anti-heroes.

  • David Lammy praised for response to radio caller who said he was ‘not English’

    Words have meanings. “English” means an ethnic group; “English national” means someone who is not ethnically English but holds a passport from England. No matter what he does, he will never be English, which requires you be politically, culturally, and genetically from England. He is forever African and should self-deport as soon as possible. Africa is nice these days.

  • Demographic Transformation of Crimea: Forced Migration as Part of Russia’s ‘Hybrid’ Strategy

    Russia keeps sending Russians into Crimea so that they have an excuse to take it over and a fifth column waiting for them when they get there, just like Arab nations injecting “Palestinians” (a thorough forgery) into Israel, Mexicans flooding across the border into the USA, Libyans sailing dinghies to Europe, and Californians moving to texas.

  • World leaders call for international pandemic treaty

    Idiots do not understand cause and effect. They see power as something you seize, when really it is something generated by a prosperous, orderly, high-IQ, and genetically/culturally uniform society. They want an order where if you do not get the vaccine, you get cut out of polite society, and if some country does not join the treaty, it gets left out of world markets.

  • No one can find the animal that gave people covid-19

    But some fear that all the research into bat viruses may have backfired in a shocking way. These people point to a striking coincidence: the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the world epicenter of research on dangerous SARS-like bat coronaviruses, to which SARS-CoV-2 is related, is in the same city where the pandemic first broke loose. They suspect that covid-19 is the result of an accidental leak from the lab.

    “It’s possible they caused a pandemic they were intending to prevent,” says Matthew Pottinger, a former deputy national security advisor at the White House. Pottinger, who was a journalist working in China during the original SARS outbreak, believes it is “very much possible that it did emerge from the laboratory” and that the Chinese government is loath to admit it. Pottinger says that is why Beijing’s joint research with the WHO “is completely insufficient as far as a credible investigation.”

    We have a missing link. That is, somewhere between the COVID-19 bats whose feces was found to have infected miners in 2012, and the epidemic in 2019, something happened. Was it a pangolin, or a Chinese lab that either deliberately or accidentally leaked the virus? Without knowing this, we can trust no part of the narrative around COVID-19.



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