Furthest Right



Have you ever stopped to think about how much the things we assume are “good” are designed to neuter us?

Consider democracy. The votes of the foolish, distracted, drunk and thoughtless outnumber the smart. The result is that nothing will get done that could possibly change direction from keeping the lights on and letting people do whatever they want. It took them seventy years to chip away at social standards but now they do not exist.

Consider checks and balances. Americans brag of how their system of democracy functions because it has internal “checks and balances” that ensure that no part has more power than the others. But then what happens is perpetual internal conflict resolved with the usual compromise, which strikingly resembles the unchanging direction of democracy. Why even have politicians then?

Consider equality. Some are above others in ability; we want to ensure that results are equal. This requires lowering the higher, since the lower cannot be raised. This neuters anyone of exceptional ability by telling them that their abilities are unwanted and, even if they do succeed, what they create will be taken from them. Money is more than wealth. It is the power to continue doing what one has done and expand on it. That is what is neutered.

Consider even our modern form of politeness. Once politeness was a way to disagree without making it personal. Now, politeness means not mentioning anything which anyone present might find controversial, or it is considered a personal attack even if not intended that way. This neuters any conversation about actual issues and defers that to the press (terrible idea).

Our society exists on the assumption that neutering avoids an evil, namely extremism, and that by avoiding evil, we are left with good. In actuality, what remains is indecision and gradual but inevitable decline.

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