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My Take On SpencerGate

Some Black guy got lit up in Wisconsin for diving for a gun in his car while being restrained by cops. Everyone wants to either riot or scream racial slurs, but those of us in the middle — including extremist moderates like myself — are saying, “wait until the facts are in.”

Similarly, we have Richard B. Spencer, the guy who formalized the term “Alt Right” and gave it a life of its own, saying that he plans to vote for Joe Biden because the liberals are more competent people. Let us take a few moments to consider possibilities.

  1. Trollololol. Biden is perhaps the least competent person to ever walk onto the presidential stage, having spent fifty years in government and achieved basically nothing. Spencer may have been making a funny and provoking a response.
  2. Optics. If you wanted Trump to get re-elected, a bunch of endorsements by white nationalists might not really help this. It might also be very useful to project to the Left the image of a Right that is divided and confused.
  3. Anti-Democracy. Spencer may have, as many before him, given up on democracy, as well they should. Some of us hold out for the ability to limit or end democracy through democracy, since this provides the least amount of chaos, but that may not generate enough energy.
  4. Long game. Some suggest that we should let the Left build their final totalitarian incarnation of America, then revolt against it and seize power of this strong State. In addition, this will unite the people against it as much as people in the Soviet Union hated their system in the 1980s.

In addition, another simple factor emerges: Spencer has made headlines for himself yet again, inspired more people to look up the Alt-Right, and driven the Left to respond with foaming indignation for the amusement of all.

After all, there is a reason that more people know Richard Spencer than myself, and the answer is simply that he gets out there, finds ideas that motivate people, and presents them in a form that a large number of individuals can understand and find appealing.

Now that he has fired off another media storm with a tweet, he is back in the game with an angle that no one could anticipate, namely that now he can critique the Democrats from within, arguing for effectiveness instead of ideology.

This will quickly bring out some ugly facts about liberalism and further reveal how crazy the Left has become, since they have nowhere to go (now) but to full socialism, having gotten everything else they wanted over the last century by the second Obama term.

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