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A friend was bemoaning the loss acquaintances because of her political views. It seems that she had spoken out against some sacred cows including the welfare state, women in the workforce, and diversity. This prompted her erstwhile friends to back away slowly and ignore her.

From the broader perspective of history, her sin was speaking out against modernism, because modernism is not a time but a type of civilization that is adopted once bureaucracy takes over, and it always brings egalitarianism with it so that it can claim not to be selfish but altruism.

Leftism, as we know it, exists because it argues for modernism as good; this enables normal suburban people to think that everything is going fine and they might as well return to their slumbering repetition of functional acts in the material world.

However, modernism is a pathology… like a cult, obsession, trend, clique, gang, or fad. Much as a serial killer is driven to complete his narrative, or the story he re-plays in his head and acts out with dead flesh dolls, modernists constantly repeat the revolution-Utopia cycle in their minds.

In this notion, something has gone wrong, and the problem must be the mean and stupid people in charge, so the many misfits out there overcome their differences, join hands, and through a revolution overthrow the bad and raise up a new Utopia where everyone is tolerated.

You see this in just about every movie. The crowd comes out at the end and sings a little song about how glad they are that the witch is dead and We The People can now rule. It dates to the French Revolution, but before that was used by Genghis Khan, and even prior, the Asiatic tyrants that Plato mentions.

What we see now as evil liberals trying to take over our society (although this is true, just not the complete story) would be understood by a historian as the further takeover of modernity from remaining atavistic elements. Soon equality will rule, and the resulting utilitarian society will grow stronger.

We find it hard to identify the enemy because the enemy is this pathology — the self first, therefore the group enforces the rights of the self, making the centralized bureaucracy stronger — shows up in so many areas and disguises that it becomes nearly impossible to isolate.

Modernity brought us all of the egalitarianism (feminism, socialism, democracy, diversity), the rise of big business caused by bureaucracy raising costs to the point where only big corporations can survive, the Nanny State and its counterpart, the entitlements state, and even the mentality of utilitarianism, where everything can be ugly, disposable, glitchy, and permissive.

Modernism represents all that we want overthrown. It has nothing to do with technology; that was coming along anyway, thanks to the groundwork done by aristocrats and those they funded.

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