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Milo Crucified

Amerika draws together conservatives from across the board including mainstream conservatives. One of the best of those, Andrew Breitbart, opined that Leftists enjoyed destroying people. This leads them to enjoy smashing down people who say the “wrong” thing, because it eliminates facts that compete with their worldview.

I have no idea what Milo Yiannopoulos said about young boys, or whether he was serious, since almost everything he has said tends to be a mixture of tongue-in-cheek satire, trolling and hatefacts designed to rile the Left. At that, he is a master: he drives Leftists to tantrums that they cannot control, which increases support for the right. But that makes it hard to tell serious ideas from banter.

However, it seems evident that we on the Right need a higher standard of behavior. Making off-color jokes or observations about bathhouse behavior are not grounds for summoning a lynch mob and crucifying the offending person; in fact, nothing is. We men of the West stand for rule of law and decisions made by our best people, not a reckless mob smashing lives and reputations.

Whatever Milo said, it pales in comparison to what Leftists do. It also is most likely taken out of context and not as serious as the “moral majority” types want it to be. Most likely, it is part of his shtick — do I have to put the ((( echo ))) marks around that word? — in which he is a loony cosmopolitan snarky gay guy who happens to be almost as right-wing as Charlemagne.

If we are adults… if we are responsible… if we are sane… then our first step when some kerfuffle like this happens is to wait until everyone calms down. Monkeys in the wild will intensity emotion among the troupe by repeating shrieks and banging stones on each other. That is what is happening here. The herd wants to spin out of control, emotionally, so it can indulge its dark passions.

We can always look into his statements in detail later, after the panic and frenzy is over. With a cold sober eye and compassion not just for the people involved, but for the intangibles, such as the past, present and future of our civilization and its values. It may be that at that point, we see something so flawed he must go. But that is a different act than letting the mob rise within us.

The Left destroys lives; the Right should not join them in this terrible habit of mistaking tantrums for reality. The Left spends much of its time crucifying people for their words so that it can scare others into joining the herd and being good, obedient and conformist tools:

Cheriese Rhode, 29, allegedly posted a message last week encouraging citizens to inform Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents of those believed to be in the country without proper documentation.

…The message spawned phone calls, emails and visits to the Prosser School District, where 62 percent of students are Hispanic, the Tri-City Herald reported.

“Due to possible safety and security concerns, as well as concern for disruption of the school environment, this teacher has been placed on administrative leave pending (an) investigation,” Prosser Superintendent Ray Tolcacher said in a statement.

Notice the fear here: the superintendent is afraid that the crowd will rise up for his head, so he decapitates one beneath himself. Order restored? Not really, because this is the appearance of order instead of actual order, which would respond with corrections and not amputations. What we are seeing is the absence of order and a population ruled by terror of saying the wrong thing.

When we rush to judgment, we form a mob that then can have only one purpose, which is to destroy the career and support system for another human being. Mobs love destruction because it makes them feel powerful and they delight in not being accountable. This is why the only speech they tolerate is that which encourages destruction, and someone whose speech is in the majority positive will be hunted down for a few comments that are presumed not to be balanced out by the massive amount of good they have done by speaking out.

Contrast what is happening to Milo to a current instance of Leftist claims of censorship that are in fact motivated by a very different purpose than silencing a public voice:

The phones, voicemail machines and email inboxes at the Berkeley Unified School District have been flooded with calls about Felarca, said Charles Burress, spokesman for the district. The main office of Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, where Felarca teaches, has been swamped as well.

…In August, the district went into Felarca’s bank account and withdrew the equivalent of 25.17 days of pay, according to the lawsuit. The district had retroactively un-approved a number of sick and personal days Felarca had taken “claiming that employees could not use their personal leave days to attend political protests and claiming that Felarca had used them for this purpose,” according to the lawsuit. Felarca has stated she had doctor’s notes for some of the sick days she was absent and that she has the right to attend political rallies.

…Despite glossing over the specifics of her action, Felarca has taken credit for “shutting down” Yiannopolous.

Felarca is a typical Leftist who encourages violence, named her group “By Any Means Necessary” to encourage violence, takes paid leave to go stage violent protests and preaching to her students that they should become involved in violent protests:

In 2009, according to the letter, Felarca “repeatedly solicited students to participate in protests” against a proposed charter school BUSD was considering, despite having been formally reprimanded about involving students in her political activities, and pursuing those activities during the work day.

In other words, she is not being fired for public speech, but for private speech that was inappropriate for the task she is employed to do. In other words, she substituted political spam for what students needed to learn, took time off without regard for the impact on the students, and then used that time to encourage violence and parasitism.

Shutting her down is not the same as silencing Yiannopoulos. Felarca can continue to speak, but will have to do so in a way that does not hurt specific individuals in private; the goal with Yiannopoulos, on the other hand, is to force his speech out of the public sphere because it offends Leftists. For some reason, “conservatives” have joined on this quest, which is ill-advised.

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