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Martin Luther King, Jr., Became Irrelevant In The Obama Years

Fifty years ago, someone shot Martin Luther King, Jr., and the world lost its mind. It forgot that this man was a salesman, a failed preacher and plagiarist, who was preaching a doctrine that appealed to white people more than black people.

He spoke of a middle class vision. In this vision, bourgeois values prevailed. Forget your ancestry, the need for a values system, or even the future. What mattered was everyone getting along and gaining a chance to be consumers together.

King advocated that we make people into fungible consumers who lacked race, class, ethnic, and cultural distinctions. Instead everyone would be equal like factory workers, shoppers at a mall, or products on a shelf. Ostensibly a religious leader, King argued for a materialistic values system as empty and soulless as pornography.

The man who Martin Luther King, Jr., may have hated him for the color of his skin. If so, his aggression was better directed at white people who, drugged and addicted to equality, wanted to make all of us into equal robots without heritage. They wanted the Irish to be English and the nation to be united by ideology, not heritage.

From the 30,000 foot view of history, this viewpoint was indistinguishable from Communism, even though it was based in dollar bills and “hard work” instead of the Glorious People’s Revolution. All natural things were banished, replaced by ideological conditioning and becoming an equal cog in a great pointless machine.

What are these natural things? Chastity, so that marriage matters and people bond; family, which should be a higher concern than how “right” your views are; heritage, because without a sense of the past and who we are, we have no future; and faith, because material cannot explain the world, even if all we want are agnostic ideals.

Like most salesmen, King was working the con job. He told white America that if they just accepted dominion by the raceless, they could continue with their middle class lives and white picket fences, remaining oblivious as they performed non-essential work for high salaries. He promised pacifism in exchange for political power.

This subverted Americans through their lack of values brought on by WW2. To win that war, we needed compliance and for everyone to fight for “freedom” — the same thing as the Napoleonic Wars, democracy versus the world — and so people had to give up who they were, as races, ethnic groups, families, and even selves.

Only the state mattered. And now, the state wanted us to integrate the different races to eliminate our last allegiance to something other than ourselves. White people bought into this dream because it allowed them to stay bloated on watery beer, watching television from the couch, disengaged from an increasingly complex world.

When the dream that King spoke of was finally realized, it was through Barack Obama. The son of a prostitute and con man could become president of the United States just by pitching hope, change, and racial reconciliation. In doing so, however, diversity died as an idea, because instead Obama brought more racial animus.

Slowly it dawned on white people, even Joe Bob drinking Pabst in the easy chair, that they had been conned. There is no racial reconciliation. Each group acts in its own interests only, and we are not fungible. There are good people, and bad people. Some are more fit to lead than others, but many want to lead, especially the bad.

In that moment, it became clear that everything was a lie. Democracy was not stability, but a steady grinding decay. Diversity was not peace, but ethnic replacement and genocide. Equality was not fairness, but killing the good to feed the bad. Everything in the modern world was suddenly obviously a lie.

Now as we contemplate King, we can do so outside of the over-enthusiastic praise of the past. His dream failed. It was never anything more than control propaganda designed to enforce conformity and erase who we are. And so we can let him rest, not in peace but in irrelevance.

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