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Mainstream Media (Mostly) Buries News Of Podesta Leaks


At this point, no one is surprised that American mainstream media (MSM) acts like a propaganda organ of the Left. Their most recent outrage was to blare less-than-credible accusations against Donald Trump of sexual assault in order to rally the female voters of the Left, and to distract from the Wikileaks releases.

These releases have kept pouring, difficult only in that there is so much that it requires someone who is paid to investigate things like this to pore over them, but that group would be — in theory — our journalists, and they are mostly ignoring the event.

One voice broke through in the pantheon, and reported on batch 17 of leaked emails from John Podesta:

WikiLeaks released its 17th batch of emails stolen from John Podesta’s personal account on Monday, bringing the total number of emails in the leak to 30,235. The group has posted batches of Podesta’s emails nearly daily over the last several weeks.

…On page 31 of the document, emailed to Podesta by research director Tony Carrk, there’s a quote from Trump about Machado: “She weighed 118 pounds, or 117 pounds, and she went up to 160 or 170. So this is somebody that likes to eat.” The quote is included in a section of the report titled, “On Women’s Weight and Appearance … Including His Own Daughter’s.”

The article then covers other highlights of the leaks, including Clinton’s health and mental state, but is part of the CBS online effort and apparently is not also broadcast with television news. However, this shows some cracking within the media facade even if relatively small.

As the MSM spin machine tries to play this one off, they make unintentional revelations which end up helping the case against them. For example, Politifact issues the following hit piece on the leaks, but in doing so, confirmed that their origin was not Russian:

For example, hackers were kicked out of the DNC network June 11, yet among their documents is a file that was created on June 15, found Thomas Rid, a war studies professor at King’s College London.

If one of the leaks occurred after the hackers were booted, then there is another source in addition to the hackers. (This leads us to wonder who among the world’s hackers did not manage to hack the Clinton Foundation and Democratic National Convention, since it sounds like it was like rush hour traffic in there.

In addition, the fact that American government officials leaned on Ecuador to induce that state to cut off internet connectivity for Julian Assange suggests collaboration between Clinton officials and the standing government, which in itself is a gross ethical violation.

All of these factors contribute to the likelihood of two things: (1) distrust of Clinton keeping some voters at home and (2) frustration and distrust of the media driving other voters toward Trump. Let us hope for the latter, as a good option that slowly reverses the decline is, for now, better than an apocalyptic confrontation.

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