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Loss Of Faith

As usual, the debate rages on about what the FLOYD-19 protests/riots mean, and what that implies for our future. The Left says that we have entered a new era of anti-racism; the Right, where they manage to comment, suggest that law and order need to return.

Instead of polemic, we might turn to another tool, historical analysis. Namely, when these protests are viewed by history as a nodal point in the tapestry of human development, what change in perceptions and thus events will they have triggered?

It seems likely that the people directly involved in these protests are few relative to those who are making up their minds about them. In this audience we can see something beyond affirmation or rejection: a loss of faith.

When our cities burn, government can do nothing, and our society is so focused on infighting that no one can even agree on which facts are relevant, we know that we are in the final passage of Late Stage Democracy. Regime change is about to happen, and it will happen through a loss of faith.

The faith lost concerns diversity; your average American, having seen money thrown at this problem decade after decade, no longer has faith that there is a solution to it. Diversity is not our strength anymore; it is merely another form of social decay.

That loss of faith coincides with the plummeting faith in democracy. If voting got us to this disaster, and even winning an election for realism did nothing, what does this say about democracy? Perhaps that it is entropy, a collection of bad ideas born of panic, heaped on top of one another.

People do not seem to be reacting radically to these riots out here in the audience. They are instead changing their minds. They no longer have faith in the system. They have lost faith in diversity, globalism, democracy, and equality. They have in their hearts and minds defected from the Left.

This means that sea change roils beyond the horizon. We may fear the future, but in our gut, we know that the way we used to live is in the past. Democracy and its many fond illusions have failed us; we are ready to escape this ruin, and start something new that will not similarly fail.

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