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Hillary Clinton Targets A Strawman Of The #Altright


Soon, mainstream Leftist (Communist) candidate Hillary Clinton will make her speech attacking Donald Trump and the Alternative Right.

Her supporters will cheer even if she reads off the ingredients in a common breakfast cereal; for them, having the “correct” opinion is more important than fact.

What is certain is that Hillarious Clinton will attack a strawman. Her version of the Alternative Right will be that which flatters her audience, which has them as the virtuous independents attacking the evil empire instead of the reality that they are conformists cheering on the ideology which has led the West to failure.

Do we need to even hear her speech? Her fans do not; they care only about the symbol of being correct, and have long ago cast reality aside. If her many ethical and legal violations do not concern them now, it is because they do not care about such things; they only care about their ideology, like all zombies.

This is the nature of Leftism, which creates politics: there is One Right Way which happens to contradict reality, and all who want to be helped by the Leftist gang had better start repeating that narrative like robotic tape recorders. Everyone else is bad of course.

The Right does not pretend that it tolerates difference of opinion. It finds some things that work for the purposes of making a thriving civilization, and sticks by them; the Left advances conjectures about what might make people feel better, and chases a new one every week.

Hillary will not understand (or care about) the appeal of the Alternative Right. It can be summarized this way: our civilization is heading down a path to doom in the pursuit of equality, and we want an option. This means the destruction of all egalitarian ideas, including democracy, class warfare, pluralism and diversity.

We do not need to “justify” these ideas; our ideation is based in a knowledge of what works, as opposed to the feelings-based prevarication of the Left. We know how to make a thriving society; the Left wants to destroy this formula and replace it with one where mediocre, clueless people like Hillary Clinton are important.

There is only one way out of this situation, which is to crush the Left and deport all who adhere to it to Brazil. There, they will enjoy pluralism and diversity. Each side wins.

But in the meantime, we do not want our civilization — and our futures, and those of our children — to follow a historically-proven formula for failure in Leftism. Hillary will do anything she can to obscure this truth and paint it as some kind of emotional tantrum, but we know better. She is dead; we are life.

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