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Leftists Forge Another Election

Ever wonder why Leftists are so active in getting felons to vote, busing the homeless to voting booths, and stirring up those on unemployment to go vote?

Elections are often quite close. Most people stay home because they have (selfishly) thrown in the towel on the whole process. When they do get inspired to come out, it is usually for strong candidates as recently happened in Austria.

But there, the tactics of the Left reveal the reasons for their existence: about half of the population are committed lunatics who vote Leftist for the benefits, out of fear or neurosis, and to revenge themselves on those above them. This is the group to beat, and when an election is close, trust the Left to use every trick possible.

In the end there was just a 0.6 percent difference, with Van der Bellen receiving 50.3 percent and Freedom Party’s Norbert Hofer receiving 49.7 percent.

…In the end it came down to some 750,000 valid postal votes which were counted on Monday and added to the total. Early reports suggest it came down to just a matter of a thousand votes in the end.

A thousand votes in a country of eight million. All it takes is the Leftists — most of whom are on benefits, so are not distracted with jobs, families and real-life activities — to go round up a thousand felons, elderly, unemployed, insane, homeless, and immigrants to displace the voice of the people.

In any sane society, this would be seen as an appalling result. But in any sane society, there would not be voting, because it inherently displaces responsibility for choice, and even with a representative system, the voice of an insane/criminal/neurotic would not be “equal” to that of a normal/healthy/intelligent.

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