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Leftists Are Attacking Alt Right Chats With Child Pornography

Irritated by the constant censorship at dying Web 3.0 social media sites, Alts have gravitated toward chat services like Discord, Slack and Rocketchat. The Left, who have nothing better to do but fiddle with mobile apps, have started attacking by posting child pornography to Alt Right channels on these services.

Most of the participants use similar avatars, featuring the “GET SMOKED” hat on a cartoon character, and infiltrate by posting what the Left thinks are stereotypical Alt Right messages, then sending private messages and posting public messages that involve icky pictures which are illegal by their very nature.

It is surmised that their endgame is to infiltrate, record voice conversations, and post illegal material so that they can then report these channels to the service provider, getting them banned. Naturally they expect no consequences for themselves. You can insulate yourselves against this Typical Leftist Behavior (TLB) through careful vetting; none of them have prior contacts.

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