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News (June 11, 2022)


Leftists are freaking out because they know that for the largest part of the last three decades they have controlled the West, and now all of their plans are failing. The film 2000 Mules has convinced many through visual imagery that election theft was indeed likely in 2020, even if we also suspect it has been this way since FDR, and Republicans only get elected with surges in votes that were unanticipated by the cheaters.

The Supreme Court looks ready to repeal Roe v. Wade to the dismay of female Leftists who have based almost their entire identity on casual sex and alcoholism. Russia continues gaining ground in Ukraine, which means that the conflict will intensify as Zelensky bombards them back using Western weapons. BlackRock continues buying up houses while most Americans struggle through the greatest price rise in the last forty years, and the Biden administration seems to have no comment other than to say that we should have gotten fat jobs in government like they were smart enough to do.

Diversity continues failing as random Black people die from resisting the cops and eating their stashes, preparing us for the November 2022 election riots. Somehow almost no one except the brainwashed are convinced by the January 6 hearings, since a real revolution would involve actually armed people and Capitol cops not stepping aside and waving them in under orders from Nancy “The Godfather” Pelosi.

Slowly people are realizing that the real debt jubilee occurred over the past century and consists of governments, fattened by income and property taxes, spending far more than they could ever hope to repay in the interest of buying votes through entitlements at the same time lobbyists bought votes via promises. Democracy is failing and with it, the vision of the West as a model to emulate.

Accountability has come to democracy. The voteclowns who spent the past decades angrily yelling at the television and then blowing the problem off in the morning are now facing a future where all from the past that we squandered is not here for them, and they will live poor in the dark winter.

They know, or rather can now face, that democracy, equality, socialism, and diversity did this to them, but they were afraid to oppose the dominant paradigm, so they just went along with what was popular and then scapegoated someone else for their failings. As they behold the ruins, regret is setting in.


  • Survivors of the USS Liberty Look for Answers 55 Years Later

    Somewhere ashore, an Israeli intelligence officer marked the ship’s location with a red flag on a map board, indicating it could not be identified clearly.

    But as Syrians battered Israel’s front lines and Egyptian submarines prowled the sea, the green marker, according to the Israelis, became an afterthought.

    By the evening of June 8, the Liberty — which was armed with only a handful of .50-caliber machine guns — was nearly sunk.

    My guess here is that LBJ wanted to spy on Israel as well as Egypt in order to get a feel for what the future would be, but that US intelligence was so penetrated by Soviet spies that this information made it back to Russia and through them to Egypt. A lone wolf Israeli commander decided to strike back, and LBJ covered it up because he realized that American voters would not support a war in the middle east even after a “Gulf of Tonkin” type incident.

  • White supremacists are riling up thousands on social media

    To avoid detection from artificial intelligence-powered moderation, users don’t use obvious terms like “white genocide” or “white power” in conversation.

    They signal their beliefs in other ways: a Christian cross emoji in their profile or words like “anglo” or “pilled,” a term embraced by far-right chatrooms, in usernames.

    At the most anglopilled website on the net, where we acknowledge that WASP America was functional and every other group needs to go back to North Africa, it seems clear that this article is a negative fluff piece designed to rally the Leftist troops in case the Supreme Court repeals Roe v. Wade on Monday. People are becoming more far-Right because Leftism does not work, and mainstream conservatism is too Leftism to avoid the same end, so we want to seize control of our country back and end diversity before the Great Replacement genocides us. The far-Right has always been an anti-genocide movement because relatively few sane and good people exist, and the rest — being incompetent, not mentally healthy, and morally cowardly — feel and believe that they will feel better if they eliminate the good ones so everyone can be equally mediocre. In reality, if we fed the incompetents and cowards into wood chippers, humanity would leap forward by thousands of years in evolution. Nature just needs a little helping hand and a sixty mile wide oil slick of human remains leading out toward the deep sea.

  • Scientists find microplastics in fresh Antarctic snow for first time

    Most of the particles were from a type of plastic called polyethylene terephthalate, which is found in clothing and water bottles. The study found an average of 29 particles per liter of melted snow, higher than marine concentrations previously reported from the surrounding Ross Sea and in Antarctic sea ice.

    There is nowhere to go to escape the ecocide. It is everywhere, and it will take us down through a gradual increase in disease until we are all piles of tumors slaving away at useless, meaningless jobs in order to afford enough “free” health insurance to treat our constant autoimmune diseases, cancers, and liver afflictions.

  • ‘2000 Mules’: Documentary’s Message Resonates With Voters

    A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 77% of those Likely U.S. voters who have seen 2000 Mules say the movie strengthened their conviction that there was systematic and widespread election fraud in the 2020 election. Only 19% of those who have seen the documentary say their belief in election fraud was weakened.

    Awareness of the new documentary is much more widespread, with 41% of voters saying they’ve heard about 2000 Mules. That includes 50% of Republicans, 36% of Democrats and 38% of unaffiliated voters.

    Hit up the big search engines (Bing, Google, Qwant, Yep, Amazon) to further spook TPTB. In the meantime, Biden has made it clear that he wants to use the economy as a weapon to force us to comply with the Utopian order that the goodthinkers are using as a talisman for their Hail Mary to save democracy, equality, diversity, and socialism from its own collapse.

    They want to force you to drive electric cars, so they will make gasoline prohibitively expensive. They want you poor so you vote for more free stuff from government, so they have sabotaged small business. They want you living in a crappy city apartment so they are raising home prices through soaring property taxes. They insist that you get replaced by H-1B voters so they have opened the borders and are firing White people wherever possible. They need big business to depend on them for “favors,” so they create endless regulations. Like Tammany Hall, they intend to rule forever by making it impossible to live well unless you are part of the organized crime political machine that they are building.

  • A new study of 159,255 women reveals that optimists are more likely to live past age 90—here’s why

    The 2019 study concluded that highly positive people were the most likely group to live to age 85 or older, but admitted that its participants “were mostly white and had a high socioeconomic status than the general population.”

    More likely, this is a wet streets make rain story:

    You read the article and see the journalist has absolutely no understanding of either the facts or the issues. Often, the article is so wrong it actually presents the story backward—reversing cause and effect. I call these the “wet streets cause rain” stories. Paper’s full of them.

    This is one of his most important concepts, alongside thin intelligence:

    They don’t have intelligence. They have what I call ‘thintelligence.’ They see the immediate situation. They think narrowly and they call it ‘being focused.’ They don’t see the surround. They don’t see the consequences.

    In this case, the wet streets are intelligence and the rain is long life. If you read the literature on intelligence and the importance of g, you know that it correlates to better health outcome and longer lifespan. Smarter people live longer, and also tend to be more optimistic, probably because they see more possibilities. This openness both makes them capable of building great civilizations and also being deceived by every White working class moron or impoverished third worlder who comes along with a sob story, the former being far more dangerous and necessary to open the door to the latter.

    The Left, on the other hand, argue for “wet makes wet” as the narrative, claiming that because society has systemic racism, White people are more optimistic, and therefore live longer and perpetuate more systemic racism through articles like this one. As usual, Leftism is circular reasoning of the begging-the-question form: “assuming that equality makes Utopia, we can see that our problem is a lack of equality because we do not have Utopia.” In realist news, “Utopia” means nowhere and Chuck Schuldiner died of AIDS.

  • What’s behind Okinawans’ falling life expectancy?

    “I also believe the concept of ‘ikegai’ is important to our lives, especially in older people,” Suzuki said, referring to the traditional idea of the reason a person has for living.

    “My job at the hospital is very busy and that is my ikegai,” he said. “It is important for me to help people who are sick and I do not consider them my patients, I see them as my friends. But being with them also helps me as isolation and loneliness are very dangerous for old people.

    “My wife died two years ago so now I often go to the hospital in the night to be with other people as my friends are there.”

    The authors basically hint at the total failure of diversity:

    Tomoko Owan, an associate professor in the faculty of medicine at the University of the Ryukyus, agrees that outside influences have had a negative impact on the islanders’ well-being.

    “Okinawa has been famous as a place where people live well into old age, but that began to change in the years after the war,” she said. “People from overseas moved here and they brought their own cultures with them. Slowly, local people became mixed in with these newcomers and our diet and traditions changed.”

    If you want the best (possible) life, your center must be ikegami or making something of great importance to you that pulls you out of bed in the morning. That requires, along the path to that goal, acquiring self-discipline, a realistic outlook, and a transcendental appreciation of the beauty of life. It can only occur within a supportive culture, so when foreigners show up and bring foreign ways, that culture is diluted and your chance for ikegai evaporates.

  • Texas’ LaDamonyon Hall dies on way to hospital after police restraint

    Two cops who arrived at the scene — Jon Leach and Alan Hovis — found Hall in an apparent “altered mental state,” police said.

    The officers tried to arrest Hall, but she resisted and was “taken to the ground and handcuffed,” Deputy Chief Terrence Rhodes said in the video’s introduction.

    On the ride over to Baylor Hospital, a spit hood was placed over Hall’s head, which she tried in vain to throw off.

    It should be interesting watching them spin up these riots and keep them going until November. The pattern seems to repeat itself: Black people on drugs fighting with police then dying from what would not kill an ordinary person, if not the drugs themselves. If you have weak heart health and take a bunch of meth, cocaine, PCP, or fentanyl and then experience a traumatic situation, it may be enough to push you over the edge and make you a Democratic talking point.

  • Targeted wastewater surveillance has a history of social and ethical concerns

    Targeted surveillance of opioids in prisons’ sewage, according to the researchers, could hypothetically justify overly harsh measures such as banning visitations.

    Witness means-over-ends thinking in the wild: even if monitoring sewage leads to ending the problem, it might violate “human rights” and therefore is bad, so we must just live with the problem until it joins all the other problems and, like happens in someone with 2.6 comorbidities who gets the wu-flu, lead us into death by a thousand cuts.

  • The minimum land area requiring conservation attention to safeguard biodiversity

    Allan et al. found that 44% of terrestrial land must be ecologically sound to prevent major biodiversity losses. Brennan et al. found that the most important connectivity routes among protected areas remain threatened by conversion.

    In other words, to avoid the ecocide, we need to keep half of our land and sea free from human intervention, including roads, and this land must be contiguous so that animals can migrate and set up territory for themselves. Half Earth will prevent ecocide and also, coincidentally, reverse whatever the “climate change” bougies are wailing on about this week.

  • Executives who get pulled into politics risk alienating their own workforce

    Women are more likely than men, younger workers are more likely than older workers, and — most dramatically — Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics are more likely than whites to say they approve of business leaders who speak up.

    Diversity killed the USA. The minority contingent wants business to be “woke,” but Whites prefer that it focuses on function instead, knowing from experience that corporate support for issues tends to be half-hearted and ultimately kill any meaning they once had. On the flip side, when all of the tools and sycophants are endorsing Leftist causes, being Leftist will be about as hip as having an anti-smoking tattoo.

  • Putin warns US against sending long-range rockets to Ukraine

    “If it now comes to rockets and they are supplied, we will draw conclusions from that and employ our weapons that we have in sufficient quantities to strike those facilities that we are not attacking so far,” Putin said in an interview aired on Russian television Sunday, state-run media reported.

    He fears his enemy having artillery to match his own. The Russians can advance with their trademarked scorched earth tactics, essentially showering everything in their path with high explosive warheads, but if the Ukrainians can retaliate the result will be massed Russian casualties.

  • ‘Fat cat’ union bosses grinding London to a halt

    Completing the ‘Lynch mob’ is union leader Mick Lynch, who once sighed ‘All I want from life is a bit of socialism’ – but now collects a salary of £84,174.

    On the issue of bosses’ pay, the RMT said: ‘The pay and benefits of RMT officials are decided on through our democratic structures and are ratified at the union’s Annual General Meeting in a wholly open and transparent process that every member has a right to comment on.’

    The working classes are dumb. There is no nice way to put this; workers, by definition, are not capable of what bosses do. This is the most taboo statement you can make since it rejects the basis of egalitarianism, which went from the Peasant Revolts to the French Revolution in a short span of history, inspired in part by the egalitarian systems of Asiatic tyrants like Genghis Khan and Darius of Persia. The workers believe what the unions say at face value, and seem to fail to notice that every union pays its administrators generous salaries, forms partnerships with organized crime, donates to Leftist parties, and eventually drives business overseas in order to escape the parasitic, esurient unions.


  • Japan Adopts View That Huge Government Debt Doesn’t Matter

    Many countries added heavily to their debt during the Covid-19 pandemic and a global debate is under way about whether they need to cut back now. Japan’s experience is likely to be instructive because it has the highest government debt among leading economies and at the same time one of the most powerful factions arguing that the world’s understanding of debt is flawed.

    The first world spent heavily on entitlements, which are direct or in-kind payments directly to citizens, despite conservatives at the time warning that this would not be sustainable nor achieve the promised Utopian results. Poverty still lives with us, but now our infrastructure is rotted, our militaries inept, and our future technology portfolio stunted because entitlements spending ate up almost all of the budget and left all first world countries in debt. The debt bomb is coming. It will end the era of peace and prosperity and leave us in poverty with a huge mountain to climb. It seems that it is easier even to buy voters than lobbyists.

  • How Much Search Engine Bias is There Against

    In 2016, half of all visitors to came to us through an “organic search,” meaning that they typed something into Google or another search engine, saw AR in the results, and clicked through to us.

    By April 2020, only 17.75 percent of our traffic came from searches. By March 2022, the percentage was down to 11.84.

    It became clear even a few years before that the Big Tech companies were filtering out non-Leftist thought in an attempt to appease the globalist audience and diversity at home, as well as the endless neurotic Useful Idiots that inhabit easy living capitals like California:

    This blog has now passed 2.5M page views over its lifespan. I have been actively, daily blogging since May 2010 – approaching 8 years – 3820 posts at an average of about 1.3 posts per day.

    But despite the continual accumulation of posts, the monthly page views have been declining for two years; and the usual number of views per new post has gone down; and the rate of commenting has also gone down.

    Google-style search engines reward popularity, and social media sites are the most popular, so these Big Tech firms switched to a type of informal, implicit cabal: the social media sites would wipe out the “dangerous” non-Left-wing content, and then the search engines would bump those results above anything else but explicit searches for Right-wing material, which would be pushed down the page so that no one would find it without trying really hard. Diversity makes any area swing Leftward.

  • Germany’s military upgrade hampered by bureaucracy

    But according to critics, the barrier might be the government agency responsible for procuring the equipment: the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology, and In-Service Support (BAAINBw). About 6,500 people work at its headquarters in the western city of Koblenz alone. In total, 11,000 people are employed at the agency across 116 offices. They regulate the purchase of everything from high technology to socks.

    The BAAINBw has long been considered in urgent need of reform. Several German Defense Ministers have tried and failed to do so. To summarize the accusations against the agency: it is a planned economy-oriented administrative juggernaut that delays processes rather than speeding them up.

    For example, parachutists have been waiting for new helmets for 10 years, the German Bundestag’s Parliamentary Commissioner for the Armed Forces, Eva Högl, told the daily newspaper taz. The holdup has been that the helmet, which is used in the United States, is “first tested again quite extensively, to see whether it also fits on German heads and really protects as well as we would expect according to German standards,” Högl complained.

    Across the West, as treaties and regulations have proliferated, so has the bureaucracy, which serves as an employment program for college-educated goodthinkers who need high salaries in order to support their lifestyles, and in turn, throw their considerable support behind the growth of government bureaucracy. This is the “deep state” in its simplest form.

  • New study shows welfare prevents crime, quite dramatically

    They found that terminating the cash welfare benefits of these young adults increased the number of criminal charges by 20% over the next two decades. The increase was concentrated in what the authors call “income-generating crimes,” like theft, burglary, fraud/forgery, and prostitution. As a result of the increase in criminal charges, the annual likelihood of incarceration increased by 60%.

    The ultimate crime and motivation of the Left may be the selling of false hope, or telling people that what is obvious is in fact not true and we can instead believe in some human-designed solution that “ends” problems in a Utopian way. Raising welfare subsidizes criminals and passes the buck on to the next generation, instead of doing what any sane society would do, which is to identify and exile those with criminal tendencies. It will be less expensive to do that in the long run.

  • Trade can worsen income inequality, study finds

    The study finds that trade generates income gains that are about 7 percent greater for those at the 90th income percentile, compared to those of median income, and up to 11 percent greater for the top percentile of income in Ecuador.

    “Trade in Ecuador tends to be something that is good for the richest, relative to the middle class,” says Dave Donaldson, a professor in the MIT Department of Economics and co-author of a published paper detailing the findings. “It’s pretty neutral in terms of the middle class relative to the poorest. The [largest benefits] are found both among those who have founded businesses, as well as those who are well off and work as employees. So, it’s both a labor and capital effect at the top.”

    History tells us that the middle classes, especially the shopkeepers, overthrew the kings in order to make more money. They wanted to get rid of orientation toward the right, good, beautiful, true, and the nation, and instead orient toward the international language of the lowest common denominator, popularity, and what people wanted to buy. The ones who ran the export/import businesses benefitted from not having kings who refused to deal with shady nations. Ever since that time, this group of mercantile elites has been hammering on the rest of the middle class who are not independently wealthy, trying to keep them down so that they do not compete with the power structure. In the process, they found a solution to the “French Revolution problem,” namely that by taxing the middle classes into oblivion, they could buy off the underclasses and keep them in bread and circuses so their minds do not drift to revolution.

  • The Indian woman behind offensive Prophet Muhammad comments

    At the centre of this controversy is Nupur Sharma, who was a spokesperson of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). She made the remark in a televised debate last month, and videos of her statement had gone viral. Naveen Jindal, who was media head of the party’s Delhi unit, had also posted a provocative tweet on the issue.

    Critics say Ms Sharma and Mr Jindal’s comments reflect the deep religious polarisation that the country has been witnessing over the past few years. Hate speech and attacks against Muslims have risen sharply since the BJP came to power in 2014.

    Diversity cannot unite, only divide, and in a country which was once ruled by Muslims, rising Hindu identity seeks to cast out the foreign and replace it with a healthy attitude of national pride. Trying to address this problem, the British partitioned India and created Pakistan, but the wounds of ancient diversity still plague the region centuries later. Diversity always has this effect, destroying national culture and bringing about a backlash which tends toward extremity.

    And now we get to watch the West making the same mistake by attempting diversity on its own shores:

    Made in Britain for £12million, the film opens with the invasion of Iraq by ISIS and features a graphic jihadist murder, before telling the story of Lady Fatima, one of the daughters of the founder of Islam.

    Islamic tradition forbids the direct portrayal of religious figures, with previous depictions of prophets leading to protests and even murders amid accusations of blasphemy.

    Instead of telling them how superior our tolerance and pluralism are, we should consider that different religions have different rules for a reason, and their needs are not our needs. This means that diversity should end, but this way, everyone can have his own gods and his own rules regarding those gods. Each nation needs its own national culture to safeguard those gods and other practices, aesthetics, values, standards, and behaviors which help define that ethnic group.

  • Why more European firms are choosing Vietnam over China

    European firms are looking for alternatives to China for several reasons. In recent years, Chinese wages have risen, making China less attractive to low-cost manufacturers.

    Average annual wages in China rose from around €5,120 ($5,400) in 2010 to €13,670 in 2020, according to Moody’s Analytics.

    On the geopolitical front, China’s relationship with European governments deteriorated in 2021 when the EU imposed sanctions against China for its treatment of the Uyghur Muslim minority in the Xinjiang region.

    Trump set the ball in motion on a number of issues by criticizing what others had been cowed into accepting. He pointed out that China intends to replace the West, so we should stop sending them all of our wealth. No one would admit taking this hint, but they accepted the wisdom indirectly, and now are continuing his policy of conscious decoupling from China.

  • San Francisco voters oust DA Chesa Boudin over soft-on-crime policies

    The recall effort against Chesa Boudin, a former public defender and the son of convicted Weather Underground terrorists, was supported by 61% of voters in early returns, according to NBC.

    But residents of ultra-liberal San Francisco, population 815,000, soon soured on Boudin’s vision of “radical change to how we envision justice,” which included prohibitions on seeking cash bail, prosecuting juveniles as adults and seeking tougher sentences under California’s anti-gang or “three strikes” laws.

    Viral videos have revealed shoplifters running rampant during smash-and-grab thefts at high-end stores, with city police Lt. Tracy McCray lamenting to Fox News last year that “we can have a greatest hits compilation of people just walking in and cleaning out the store shelves.”

    People in wealthy places make money by making others feel good. They then take the fatal step of confusing the stuff you say to make sales with reality and implement their ideas, which then like all Utopian pursuits collapse in ruins. As the backlash begins, it makes sense to wonder if cities are good at all since they form little echo-chambers where people blather sales propaganda at each other until everyone is basically a Communist who wants legal weed.

    Things seem out of control when even Leftist bastions like The Atlantic start seeing progressivism as a type of overgrown and unrealistic liberalism that endangers the philosophy itself, and point out the inversion that occurs when good intentions collide with reality:

    I used to tell myself that San Francisco’s politics were wacky but the city was trying—really trying—to be good. But the reality is that with the smartest minds and so much money and the very best of intentions, San Francisco became a cruel city. It became so dogmatically progressive that maintaining the purity of the politics required accepting—or at least ignoring—devastating results.

    Theory that works is always relevant. Theory that is unproven represents a threat, but if it works to sell products or make warm fuzzy feelings, people endorse it. As it begins to fail, they must either back away or double down, and they double down in order to avoid self-criticism. As time goes on, this process accelerates until you reach the absurd, at which point the dogma of freedom becomes Soviet-style crackdown in order to preserve the theory against an onslaught of reality.

  • Understanding segregation and school choice

    Studies have shown that charter schools, for example—which in an unregulated system are essentially free market startups—end up more racially, ethnically, and economically homogenous than the surrounding traditional public schools.

    When given an actual choice, instead of being judged on how many warm fuzzy feelings their sales propaganda opinions engender in others, people escape diversity which they recognize is inherently harmful. Perhaps if we got smart and ended public schooling tomorrow, letting people keep the 60% or so of their property taxes which go toward schools, we would see diversity slowly slip away and die a natural death. No one wants it, but in public, everyone knows that the correct opinion is to endorse whatever the egalitarians want.

  • Most ‘silent’ genetic mutations are harmful, not neutral — a finding with broad implications

    Point mutations that alter the resulting protein sequences are called nonsynonymous mutations, while those that do not alter protein sequences are called silent or synonymous mutations.

    Between one-quarter and one-third of point mutations in protein-coding DNA sequences are synonymous.

    To their surprise, the researchers found that 75.9% of synonymous mutations were significantly deleterious, while 1.3% were significantly beneficial.

    In the broader implications, mutations are more common than we think and more negative than we think. This makes sense in the context of natural selection: there is constant pressure against species to make them fail and die by mutation load until they reach a point of stability, after which they are more genetically homogeneous and therefore, able to clear these mutations. If we took the top ten percent of Western Europeans, filtered out the moral and mental defectives, and stuck them on an Earth-like planet somewhere, in a thousand years or so there would be a new level of human evolution where people would be more genetically similar but also more stable. Perhaps life on Earth can be categorized now as being pro-mutation (in favor of collective reward, diversity, immigration, equality or class-less societies) and anti-mutation (hierarchy, individual reward, order) with the former group wanting to relax selection pressures, but in the process, dooming the species to self-destruction by mutation load.

  • Top Gun: Maverick betrays Hollywood’s weakness in China

    For a film that is supposed to be about US military might, it neither mentions nor even implies the presence of China in the film – a notable omission given what US military brass routinely describe as America’s top security challenge.

    The lesson from this, and from hundreds of other films that address (or don’t address) China is that sometimes Beijing metes out its tolerance or punishment of a studio or actor with no apparent logic – and that is part of the strategy to keep Hollywood on its toes. The capriciousness gives China power.

    Consistent with Chinese Communist Party techniques for exercising power, this is a feature, not a bug. It means studios are always left wondering.

    When Lee Iacocca took a look at the American automobile industry in the 1980s, it had been ruined by unions. He embarked on a strategy of manufacturing parts and assemblies worldwide, then bolting them together in America, requiring fewer workers and less complex work, therefore shattering the power of the unions. If a union took over a parts factory, he could switch to another supplier. If unions staged a strike, he could open a new plant where people could quickly learn how to bolt together the parts for his simplified cars. As unions continued their rampage and taxes rose steadily, companies realized that they could not maintain market competitiveness with US labor, so started shipping work overseas. First it was parts and later, outsourcing of the whole gadget. The problem with this is that it supplied steady doses of money to an enemy who now wields that money, like everything else it has, as a weapon for taking over the world.

  • The shock of rising prices in Japan

    But when prices for everyday items don’t increase, people don’t actively spend money.

    Companies, in turn, respond by not increasing salaries, which lowers consumer demand and prices further. When you cannot get a pay rise, you don’t rush out to go shopping very often.

    Taken altogether, this slows an entire country’s economic growth – a vicious cycle Japan has been trapped in for decades.

    Stagflation occurs when governments attempt to constantly stimulate growth by spending money on their citizens so those citizens buy stuff and drive up prices so that government can tax more and repeat the cycle. This “circular Ponzi scheme” makes no sense in the long term because prices must constantly go up, not just from growth but from the increasing burden of taxes. Absolutely no one connects the dots and figures out that there are too many workers in the pool, especially with women in the workforce, immigration, and globalism. If you want a thriving nation, make it self-sufficient, and keep fewer people in the workforce so that they can make more money and use that stimulate local, not global, economies.



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