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DiversityWatch (September 21, 2022)


Recall the story of the Zebra murders:

Cooks was one of four men sentenced to life in prison without parole for a string of killings in San Francisco between October 1973 and April 1974.

The four were convicted of targeting white victims in the rampage that left 14 people dead. Others were shot but survived.

One victim was nearly decapitated with a machete. Art Agnos, then an assistant to an assemblyman who later become San Francisco’s mayor, was shot twice and survived.


  • Black family says Katy real estate agent denied them condos over race: ‘They wouldn’t get along’

    In a recording, an agent can be heard saying she cannot sell to the three real estate investors — a husband, wife and the wife’s sister — because “we won’t be able to get along with each other well.” The family had offered to pay the asking price in cash. The lawsuit also includes a flyer advertising the building as an “option for Chinese and Asian communities in Houston” where people could live “a safe and simple Asian life” to make the argument that the refusal was made on the basis of race.

    So much for the myth that White Supremacy causes the failure of diversity. Diversity fails on its own. Different groups want to remain different and that means that they want to exclude others. The United Colors of Benetton exist only in advertisements and government propaganda.

  • West Point turns over 40+ pages of mostly blacked out CRT emails

    The June 21, 2021 request asked for six months worth of emails to and from West Point Superintendent Darryl Williams for messages that contained the words “critical race,” “critical race theory,” “systemic racism” or “CRT.”

    Even the redacted emails reveal requests for assistance in June 2021 with processing what apparently was an overwhelming number of Freedom of Information Act requests for information on CRT at the U.S. Army officer school.

    What are they hiding?

  • The Muscogee get their say in national park plan for Georgia

    Muscogean people say that history is fraught with trauma, but also pride at how they’re thriving now after surviving the Road to Misery, their phrase for the Trail of Tears. The forced march ordered by Congress removed 80,000 Native Americans from the eastern United States. Many died of illness, starvation or abuse as the federal government broke its promises to care for them in exchange for their lands.

    White settlers had made their lives unbearable through relentless campaigns of “expulsion or extermination” in the 1820s and 1830s. And as soon as the Muscogee, Seminole, Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw and other natives were gone from the Deep South, they were replaced by hundreds of thousands of slaves, sold down rivers by their northern owners to clear the land for cotton.

    The diversity cries out as it attacks you. Indians attacked the settlers first, and were known for rape, murder, and theft. Blacks sold fellow Blacks into slavery, an institution that was declining in the South decades before the Civil War due to moral opposition to chattel servitude and the low quality of slave labor. Everything the Leftist says is a lie.

  • Why Speed Cameras Are Racist

    If white liberal Americans were serious about police reform, they’d call for objective speed cameras to replace subjective and thus no doubt racist traffic stops. But, instead, they don’t, because they would prefer to explain to cops that, while they might have been driving a little too fast, hey, they aren’t the gangbangers you are looking for.

    Anything which catches disproportionately bad minority behavior is by definition “racist” (per disparate impact and other 14A doctrines. The Ferguson Effect is raging because police do not want to end up on the news, then in jail, for stopping a minority motorist who then acts out and feint attacks them and gets shot.

  • Britain’s ‘strictest headmistress’ claims she’s been reported to police for a ‘HATE CRIME’ after inviting controversial right-wing Canadian professor Jordan Peterson to speak

    Following a backlash, Ms Birbalsingh wrote this weekend: ‘I tweeted photos of Jordan Peterson’s visit to Michaela. Like this one. They reported me to the police for hate crime. Many pleas to Ofsted for an immediate inspection.’

    ‘Cries of safeguarding concerns. Demands for my removal as Head. But they deny cancel culture exists.’

    During his rise to fame, Peterson has described himself as a ‘professor against political correctness’. The 60-year-old has been particularly outspoken about masculinity and has previously stated that the masculine spirit is ‘under assault’.

    Peterson is a Christian libertarian who has still not broken taboo regarding genetics, but pointed out some purely commonsense failings of the attempted intersexualization of the West.

  • Tucker Carlson claims British civilised India

    Carson, during his monologue, stated, “Strong countries dominate weak countries. This trend hasn’t changed. At least the English took their colonial responsibility seriously. They didn’t just take things, they added. We (the United States) left Afghanistan, we left airstrips, weapons and guns. When the British pulled out of India, they left behind an entire civilization, a language, a legal system, schools, churches and public buildings, all of which are still in use today.”

    Nothing is “racist”; every group prefers its own and notices differences between them. Ancient India was a great civilization that had fallen through diversity and bottom-heavy breeding by the time the British arrived, and while colonization was a great thing, there was already a vital India there. A sensible attitude says that Britain brought out the real India after Islamic invasions and other crises had devastated it, and now India has resurrected itself with the rise of the Hindutva movement.

  • Pre-trial conference for woman accused of killing 2 state troopers, 1 pedestrian while DUI

    Investigators say state troopers Martin Mack and Branden Sisca were trying to help Reyes Rivera Oliveras while he was walking on I-95 near the sports complex.

    Charges against Webb include three counts of third-degree murder, vehicular homicide, and DUI.

    The sheer chaos brought on by third world behavior does not fit in a first-world society. This applies mostly to the Irish, but also to Africans.

  • Why Hellraiser 2022 Looks to Be a Turning Point for the Franchise

    The Cenobite ruler will be portrayed by Jamie Clayton, which will mark the first instance of a woman taking on the role in the history of the franchise. This makes sense, given the fact that the film, though it is technically a reboot, will not be an exact remake. The decision to go with a female antagonist could bring about many changes to the story, as the sexual dynamics of the Cenobite’s graphic torture methods have long made audiences uncomfortable.

    Given the fact that the recently released Hellraiser: Judgment was critiqued for being sexist, it makes sense that the filmmakers would decide to change the series’ oftentimes problematic gender roles. When Pinhead tortures her victims, though it will obviously still be brutal and unpleasant, it will not seem quite so centered around sickening, toxically masculine fantasies.

    A few pinkhairs complained, so the studios used this as a chance to leap onto the latest government-created industry, woke/ESG corporate activity. They will simply kill another series by neutering its controversy to fit within the neo-Communist paradigm that uses diversity as its moral justification for seizing power and all wealth.

  • NASA engineers encounter leak during Artemis I test

    NASA engineers have detected a liquid hydrogen leak during Wednesday’s crucial fueling test for the Artemis I mega moon rocket that has “the same signature” as a leak that prevented the September 3 launch attempt.

    But recall the neo-Communist objective:

    The Artemis 1 mission is playing an important role in educating us all about science and math, as well as sending an important message about diversity and inclusion.

    Artemis 3 also aims to send the first woman and the first person of color to the surface of the moon.

    Do not fly the affirmative action rockets. Anytime the political goal replaces a realistic goal, we get Soviet levels of incompetence and failure.

  • How an ‘impact mindset’ unites activists of different races

    While Black Americans have a vested interest in backing BLM, they also support it because they are concerned about the injustices experienced by fellow members of their racial group and view the movement’s success as a positive outcome for society in general. Non-Black people of color support racial justice movements when they value equality for all groups.

    In other words, we are chasing a mythical symbol of equality out of the hope that it will keep the system afloat.

  • Prof says those who support busing illegal immigrants to liberal cities are racists

    “We saw this with our parents and grandparents’ generation when schools were forced to integrate, and they refused, so they would ship African Americans to other states to attend college, because they didn’t want to integrate schools in say South Carolina, or Virginia, or Georgia,” Christina Greer said on MSNBC’s The Cross Connection.

    She also alleged that “racists” don’t mind paying the $80,000 dollars it reportedly costs per bus trip.

    It is “racist” to oppose your own replacement.

  • Pfizer is hit with racial discrimination lawsuit over its minority fellowship program that ‘excludes white and asian people’ for black, latino and native Americans

    Because the pharmaceutical company receives federal funding, it is violating a federal law which prohibits employers from racially discriminating candidates.

    That symbol of equality is a false goal. Equality means taking from the strong to give to the weak; Asians and Whites (and whites) are wealthier than Blacks and Hispanics. Therefore, the wealth will always flow to the latter two groups and ignore the former two.


  • Illegal-Alien Sex Fiend Linked To 21 Crimes, Suspect In Rape In N.Y., Was Deported Three Times

    Juan Rodriguez Alfaro, 42, is wanted in 21 cases of indecent exposure, many along the trail, a 45-mile park along the W&OD Railroad [W&OD trail suspect is undocumented immigrant who was deported 3 times: ICE, by Lindsay Watts, Fox5, September 14, 2022]. School kids use it to walk and bike to school.

    The USA is not their country. It is a place they go, full of people they hate for being different, to make money and have some fun. This is how they view it; White people tend to want everyone to treat this place as their own homeland, but non-White groups will always resent the USA for being founded by Western European Pioneers.

  • How Reagan Almost Crushed Wokeness

    In response to this ruling, the Reagan administration largely shut down investigations of athletic programs, and scaled back enforcement of anti-discrimination claims on college campuses more generally on the grounds that it lacked jurisdiction. Had Grove City stayed in place, all the Title IX innovations of later decades in the areas of sports, sexuality, and trans issues would have been impossible, or at least much more difficult.

    Unfortunately, four years after that decision, Congress overruled the Supreme Court when it passed the Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1988. This statute clarified that Title VI and Title IX meant that any institution receiving federal money must comply with civil rights law in all areas of operation.

    In an effort to gain minority votes, Congress keeps passing Civil Rights laws that transfer wealth from Whites to minorities. The voters sleep, as usual, lulled by the exuberant and optimistic voices they hear on the teevee.

  • For some students with disabilities, full inclusion may not be the answer

    Reporting their findings in “Exploring the Truth of Michael Yudin’s Claim: The More Time Students with Disabilities Spend in General Classrooms, the Better They Do Academically” (Journal of Disability Policy Studies, 2022), the researchers found that as the number of students with disabilities placed in general classrooms increased, the gap between their reading proficiency and their grade level increased, as well.

    Without special accommodations, they fail because they are disabled, as one might expect. Education has been “mainstreaming” speds for the last couple decades in order to reduce the costs of special accommodations for tards so that the money can be spent on special accommodations for diversity.

  • Trump’s NJ lawyer who claimed she can’t be racist because ‘I am a f*****g minority myself’ settles lawsuit that accused her of using n-word while rapping Kanye at work

    The suit was brought by Na’Syia Drayton, a former paralegal at Habba Madaio and Associates, a law firm based in New Jersey, close to Trump’s Bedminster Golf Club.

    Drayton alleged in her lawsuit that prior to court appearances that involved Trump that the white lawyers would gather in a room in order to play rap music.

    Among those songs was the Ruff Ryder’s Anthem by the late DMX that begins with the lyrics: ‘N***** wanna try, n***** wanna lie, Then n***** wonder why n***** wanna die.’

    In other incident, Habba stormed through a hallway in the law firm’s office and referred to New York Attorney General Letitia James as that ‘black b***h.’

    On another occasion, Habba referred to someone as a ‘cheap Jew’ in front of a Jewish human resources employee.

    Funded by organized Leftists, another diversity shakedown in order to hassle non-Leftists. In other news, hip-hop is moronic. It is deathcore for Black people.

  • Indian author Meena Kandasamy to receive PEN Germany prize

    “With empathy, analytical precision and literary fervor, she [Kandasamy] goes through patriarchal, feudal structures and identifies in speeches and writings, violence against women, consequences of unbridled capitalism and the massacre of farmers in southern India,” Zetzsche added.

    The only people who win literary prizes anymore are minority Leftists.

  • Chinese official warns against touching foreigners after monkeypox case

    “In order to prevent possible monkeypox infection and as part of our healthy lifestyle, it is recommended that 1) you do not have direct skin-to-skin contact with foreigners,” Mr Wu wrote on his Weibo page on Saturday.

    In addition, he called for locals to avoid skin-to-skin contact with recent travellers who had returned from abroad in the past three weeks, and with strangers.

    The post drew controversy, with some labelling it as racist.

    Shades of Slutwalk all over again: realistic advice offends the individualistic pretenses of the crowd. Diversity is no good for any society, even China.

  • 1,800 STEM scholars sign letter against proposal that would dumb down K-12 math in California

    As The College Fix has previously reported, a framework before the California Department of Education would move more advanced math classes from the state’s middle schools to high schools to make math more equitable to students of all levels.

    The framework also rebukes student giftedness, alleging the concept creates “considerable inequities in mathematics education.”

    Giftedness is inequality so that cannot stand, and everything must be dumbed down to include third world minorities as well as dumb impoverished pink-haired whites.

  • Florida man Jacob Ramirez sentenced to life in prison for sexually abusing 3 girls

    32-year-old Jacob Ramirez of DeFuniak Springs was found guilty of sexually abusing three children that were left in his care.

    According to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, the victims were between the ages of 7 and 12 at the time.

    What we consider transgressive is often normal in other cultures. Conversely, many things we stupidly permit would not be tolerated in those same cultures. Diversity is the problem. If they want to have sex with twelve-year-olds in their own countries, it is not our job nor place to comment.

  • They’re All Open-Borders Hypocrites

    But whether it’s Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis dumping Venezuelans on Martha’s Vineyard or Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott shuttling Mexicans to the Big Apple and D.C. swamp or former Democrat President Barack Obama chartering illegal alien flights to military bases across New England (a story I first broke back in 2014), the script is always the same:

    One side claims to be tough on borders. The other screams “racism” and “xenophobia.” Then leaders in both parties pocket big donations from the same globalist special interests — Big Agriculture, Big Business and Big Tech — and pretend to join hands on “immigration reform.” All the illegal alien pawns settle in for the long haul — collecting driver’s licenses from Democrat and Republican governors, sanctuary status from both Democrat and Republican mayors, in-state tuition discounts across the country, bountiful health, welfare and legal services, and eventual amnesty, green cards, U.S. citizenship, entitlement benefits and voting rights.

    That’s bipartisan America Last stuntsmanship for you.

    The voters just spent the last twenty years screaming for “bipartisanship,” forgetting that eliminating combat does not eliminate conflict. No one is looking at the road ahead because no one believes in it.

  • Mother of Eliza Fletcher’s accused killer defends her son, calls him ‘a good person’

    Virgie Abston, 65, told the Daily Mail that her 38-year-old son, Cleotha Abston, is being “railroaded” for the violent crime that rocked the city of Memphis earlier this month.

    “I talked to him and he said he didn’t do it,” Virgie Abston said of her son. “He said [to me]: ‘They’re trying to put me in some stuff, mom,’” she told the outlet from outside of her low-income apartment building.

    “I believe him,’ she added. “I don’t believe he did it. If it comes out of his mouth, that’s what I believe.”

    The he-was-a-gud-boi meme in real life forgets this salient detail:

    Days later on Sept. 9 he was charged with raping a woman at gunpoint in 2021 in a separate case. He had previously served 20 years in prison for kidnapping a prosecutor in 2000 when he was just 16-years-old

    The latest killing was just another incremental escalation in his life of crime.

  • Hawthorn Football Club hit by ‘harrowing’ racism, bullying claims

    Asked if the club had a cultural problem, he responded: “I think Australia has a culture problem.”

    Several star players from multiple AFL teams have complained of racist abuse from stadium crowds and poor support from club officials in recent years.

    Diversity means no one gets along, someone is always the victim, and all the wealth flows from those who can make more to those who can only destroy it and then demand more.

  • Social media greenwashing by fossil fuel interests ‘rampant’

    Green posts also tend to feature more women, non-binary people and non-Caucasian people—for example, a tweet by Wizz Air on World Environment Day shows an elderly Black woman, who appears to be part tree, part person, standing in a lush green forest.

    Not only does the post appear tokenistic, the report said, it also promotes an article about how to reduce personal energy consumption.

    This is a widespread corporate practice researchers call “redirecting responsibility” in which individual behavior, rather than the actions of governments and companies, is placed at the center of climate action.

    In other words, diversity just like the watermelon greens and insincere Republicans consists of a signaling exercise in order for people to fit within the social group of goodthinkers who are getting rich on the excess of democracy. They are not serious. However, the effects of their lunacy are serious.


  • Popular comic strip is canned by 77 newspapers after artist Scott Adams began incorporating anti-woke plotlines

    One of his most recent controversial comic strips included a black worker, who identifies as white, being asked to also identify as gay to boost his company’s environmental, social, and governance ratings.

    The fragile Regime based on diversity cannot handle even mild criticism.

  • Texas judge rules Charter Spectrum must pay $1.1 billion after cable customer was murdered

    Roy Holden, the former employee who murdered Thomas, performed a service call at her home in December 2019. The next day, while off-duty, he went back to her house and stole her credit cards as he was fixing her fax machine, then stabbed her to death before going on a spending spree with the stolen cards.

    If you fire the diversity, they can sue you and make a lot of money. If you look the other way, every now and then one of them feels invincible and does something horrific.

  • LA school district is slammed for posting woke video that says calling junk food bad is wrong

    ‘Diet culture, fatphobia, and systems of oppression have created false hierarchies of food and it shows up everywhere,’ she says.

    The nutritionist is then joined by Maya Finoh, a black feminist and advocate against fat shaming, who suggests that junk food is not bad for you.

    ‘We are all incorrectly taught from a young age that our size, and therefore the food we eat, are markers of our self worth,’ Finoh says.

    We must all be equal, even if unequally healthy.

  • Santos gas drilling project derailed after Tiwi Islands protest

    Indigenous rights have become a focus for investors in Australia following Rio Tinto’s decision in 2020 to blow up a 46,000-year-old heritage site in Juukan Gorge in Western Australia, which triggered the resignation of the mining company’s chief executive.

    Santos and ConocoPhilips, which previously owned the assets, argued that they had met all legal requirements for the drilling application prior to the hearing.

    Tiwi islanders, however, argued that they had not been properly consulted about the risks of the gas project which would disturb their “Sea Country” ecosystem including the turtle population, which has spiritual significance to the islanders.

    It is all a shakedown. The companies will pay out, and the money will vanish into “indigenous” communities where it will evaporate mysteriously.

  • Diversity is Strength! It’s Also… India-Pakistan Wars Imported To Leicester, UK

    Leicester has long held the attention of British leftists by becoming the country’s most “diverse” city. In the early 1970s, large numbers of South Asians began arriving in Leicester to work in its factories. Some 25% of the Ugandan Asians expelled by Idi Amin in 1972 settled in Leicester. By 1991, Leicester was 28% non-white. In the 2001 census, it was 36% non-white, and by 2011 it had tipped over into being Britain’s first “majority minority city.”

    In late August, Leicester degenerated into violent rioting, which then continued for almost two weeks, flaring up as recently as September 18th. And this was not a matter of evil “white supremacists” being unhappy about the takeover of what was once an English city. The violence was between Hindus and Muslims.

    The Pakistanis started chanting Islamic phrases, which provoked the Hindus. The Hindus chanted their own offensive phrase, and fighting began, which included police officers, themselves South Asian in many cases, being injured…The Hindus taunted the Muslims by chanting the Hindi phrase “Jai Shri Ram.” This is offensive because it has been chanted in India during anti-Muslim riots and during attacks on mosques by Hindu nationalists. It literally means “Victory to Lord Ram” and is regarded as “hate speech,” so inflammatory is it for Pakistanis and Indian Muslims

    Jai Shri Ram, bitches. Diversity works nowhere, no matter what the ingredients are. Different groups want to stay different. Even the bow tie conservatives have noticed the Amber Heard nature of diversity:

    What struck me was the extreme reticence in the initial reporting of the events, almost certainly not because of ignorance. Here is how the Daily Telegraph reported the episode at first: “A police chief in Leicester has called for calm after three weeks of disorder sparked by a Pakistan v India cricket match escalated to violence from marauding balaclava-clad gangs.” The article went on to quote the Chief Constable: “‘We have had numerous reports of an outbreak of disorder.’” Another police spokesman: “‘We are aware of a video circulating showing a man pulling down a flag outside a religious building . . . We are continuing to call for dialogue and calm with support from local community leaders.’”

    Nowhere in the article do the words Hindu or Muslim appear. The reader is left to guess the leaders of which communities are being called by the police to start a dialogue, and the flag of which religious building was pulled down.

    It turns out that Diversity = Conflict and this offends us so we must dance around it:

    The widespread disorder — since an Asia Cup cricket match on 28 August — has led to one man being jailed and 47 arrests in total, with a faith leader saying it was sparked by a “country-based dispute” after the cricket.

    On Tuesday, city leaders urged “the inciters of hatred” to stop the “provocation and violence – both in thought and behaviour”, and urged troublemakers from outside the city to stay away.

    “Leicester has no place for any foreign extremist ideology that causes division,” they said in a joint statement.

    By our reliance on equality and postwar insistence on being dogmatically and religiously Not-Hitler, we ignore the genetics of people and groups, and the need of each to have its own space. Diversity is suicide. It is the tunnel viewed from a racing train where the light at the end grows smaller every second. It is how Rome and Athens died. It is how the West has decided to sacrifice itself so that it can be a City Upon A Hill:

    For Miller, the Puritans “spoke as fully as they knew how, and none more magnificently or cogently than John Winthrop in the midst of the passage itself, when he delivered a lay sermon aboard the flagship Arbella and called it ‘A Modell of Christian Charity.’”

    That 1630 sermon by John Winthrop is now famous mainly for its proclamation that “we shall be as a city upon a hill.” Beginning in the 1970s, Ronald Reagan placed that line, from that sermon, at the center of his political career. Tracing the story of America from John Winthrop forward, Reagan built a powerful articulation of American exceptionalism—the idea, as he explained, “that there was some divine plan that placed this great continent between two oceans to be sought out by those who were possessed of an abiding love of freedom and a special kind of courage.”

    The Republicans read this through religion, but the Left translates directly to egalitarian politics. Both are based on symbolism detached from reality — dualism, universalism — and pose at being pluralists only to win votes. These are messianic pathologies that lead to self-destruction.

  • Border buster: Arrests at US southern crossing surpass 2 million for first time

    Border officials in the US arrested more than 2 million illegal immigrants ​in the past 11 months at the southern border — a record high driven by a hike in migration from Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua, according to figures released by Customs and Border Protection.​

    There were 203,598 encounters along the southern border in August, a 1.7% increase over July’s 199,976 figure but lower than the 209,840 encounters recorded last August, the CBP said in a release Monday.

    Of those encounters, 55,333 were migrants from Venezuela, Cuba or Nicaragua, representing a 175% spike from a year ago, the figures show.

    Leftists will delight at the new voters and assign them voting rights at the state and local level. Republicans will rage, point out hypocrisy, then weep and appeal to “Christian values” before signing a sweeping new amnesty bill. The vote will further tip against Whites, whites, and conservatives, leading to the perpetual Leftist Regime desired by the progressives and the World Federalist mixed economy so adored by big business and spacy limousine liberals alike.

  • For Black patients, nixing ‘race adjustment’ may improve kidney transplant odds, study finds

    Kidney transplant waitlist eligibility is determined by a formula that calculates estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR). It measures creatinine, a breakdown product of muscle tissues, and factors in a patient’s age and sex. Previously, the equations for eGFR had a race adjustment that meant Black patients had a higher eGFR despite having the same creatinine level. The rationale for this is based on earlier studies that show Black people may have naturally higher levels of creatinine.

    However, in recognition of race as a social construct, rather than a biological one, the American Society of Nephrology and the National Kidney Foundation last year recommended the removal of these race modifiers, which adjust kidney function upward by 16% in Blacks.

    If we pretend that race is not real, we can bump Black people up in the line and share goodfeel goodthink warm fuzzies with our fellow luvvies as Whites (and huwhites) die waiting in queue.

  • Pentagon launches probe into woke female diversity officer after her tweets about white people

    The tweets by Kelisa Wing, an Army veteran and the current chief ‘diversity, equity and inclusion’ officer at the Department of Defense’s Education Activity office, were first reported last week, and have since come under federal scrutiny.

    ‘I’m exhausted with these white folx in these [professional development] sessions,’ Wing wrote on July 23, 2020, disparaging an unnamed woman at a federal meeting.

    ‘[T]his lady actually had the CAUdacity to say that black people can be racist too,’ the post continues. ‘I had to stop the session and give Karen the BUSINESS.’

    Wing, who is African-American, then adds, ‘We are not the majority, we don’t have power.’

    They hate you. They resent you. They know this is not their country, and so them, it is always an enemy, and you as the symbol of its founding that they cannot erase, they detest.

  • Virginia police search for two men who held elderly residents at gunpoint during home invasion

    The incident happened in Portsmouth, Virginia on Wednesday at around 1:50 p.m. when Mitchell Boney Jr., 25 and Tyree Demont Boney Jr., 22, allegedly entered the residence of two elderly people and ordered them to “get inside of a linen closet at gunpoint.”

    We could do so much if we were not so internally divided. Diversity warfare manifests first as pointless violent crime.

  • University of Utah scrubs info on doctoral program open only to black students

    The removal of links for the “African American Doctoral Scholars Initiative” comes after the Department of Education launched a probe into the program and The College Fix reported on the investigation. The DOE opened an inquiry into whether the program violated Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race at institutions that receive federal funding.

    Leftists get a sexual thrill from tearing down those above them. They transfer wealth to the weaker simply because it harms the stronger, and keeps the stronger from doing good and useful things, like lining up all the Leftists and shooting them at the base of the skull.

  • Indigenous spiritual adviser and poet comments on Monarchy’s legacy ahead of tribute to Queen

    “But I also felt I needed to speak about the horrors of the past monarchies, the past monarchs and the brutality that was involved. I tried to do it in an eloquent way and in a way that’s going to be not really frowned upon by people who love the Queen, because nobody’s perfect.”

    They hate the monarchy most of all, because they know that the West rose under the kings and is dying under democracy. They want you destroyed. Amber Heard after a night of Taco Bell and Modelo Especial.

  • Record number of buses carrying migrants rolls into NYC’s Port Authority

    Sunday’s record bus number comes as Texas officials angry over President Biden’s border policies have been ramping up the amount of migrants they’ve been transporting to “progressive” cities such as New York.

    On Friday, an aid worker at the Port Authority told The Post, “Before, it used to be one or two [buses] a day, three days a week.

    “Now it’s six or seven in a day and almost every day, sometimes even at night,’’ the worker said, noting that the ramp-up began about two weeks ago.

    Leftists (for 150 years): haha, sucks to be poor and uneducated like you so much that you are threatened by diversity in your communities.
    Conservatives: the problem you made for us is now going to be your problem. Sucks to be rich, weak, and obedient like you.


  • McDonald’s CEO Sounds the Alarm Over Crime in Chicago

    “We have violent crime that’s happening in our restaurants … we’re seeing homelessness issues in our restaurants. We’re having drug overdoses that are happening in our restaurants,” he said. “So we see in our restaurants, every single day, what’s happening in society at large.”

    And when it comes to returning to the office, he said, “one of the things that I hear from our employees [is] … ‘I’m not sure it’s safe to come downtown.’”

    Kempczinski pointed to several high-profile corporate departures from the city, including Boeing, Caterpilllar and Citadel, which all recently announced plans to relocate their headquarters.

    When diversity dominates the vote, it votes for free stuff and weak law enforcement, at which point third world conditions descend as the area spirals into debt and incoherence. They will do this to the whole nation when they are at 51% or higher.

  • University hires embattled scholar who refused grade inflation for students of color

    His attorney, Rima Kapitan, denied the racial allegations against her client in an earlier communication via email with The College Fix.

    “Dr. McPhail never said that and would consider such a remark to be offensive and wrong,” she said. “The remark was apparently attributed to him by an administrator who did not speak directly to him. This misunderstanding demonstrates why terminations should not be based on the academic equivalent of a game of telephone.”

    “Rather, people accused of some offense should be permitted to defend themselves before any termination takes place,” she said.

    Kapitan said her client did not mistreat students of color and that “being an advocate for diversity does not mean giving black students passing grades when they did not complete the work for the course.”

    It is not about being fair, at least to everyone besides the brainwashed. It is about their tribe versus your tribe, and then every other tribe. They come to conquer; we let them so that we can keep believing in equality and diversity despite those being obviously insane.

  • Sisters Kimberli Guadalupe Torres-Marin, Alexa Torres-Marin allegedly caught with 850K fentanyl-laced pills

    The two women, reportedly sisters, according to AZ Family, were arrested on Aug. 24 after Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies allegedly found the stash in duffel bags. The bags were in the vehicle the women were traveling in towards Phoenix.

    On Monday, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Director for the Port of Nogales, Arizona, said his officers stopped five loads totaling approximately 400,000 fentanyl pills over the weekend. Of that amount, approximately 30,000 were rainbow-colored. The loads also contained 152 pounds of methamphetamine, he said.

    It is not their country. They feel free to destroy it if they can.

  • Jewish university suspends all student group activities in light of Supreme Court’s ruling

    The move would allow YU to stall recognizing the student group YU Pride Alliance without discriminating against one group specifically, as the university plans a course of action for the remainder of the lawsuit.

    Based Yeshiva decides that if the Supreme Court will not deliver it from 14A-based legislation designed to force it to accept LGBT groups whose message goes against that of the Jewish religion, it will simply shut down all groups and force the issue upwards. Make the damage public and suddenly people take notice.

  • CNN host is stunned into silence when royal commentator says African kings – not British royals – should pay reparations for slavery

    Fordwich answered: ‘Well, I think you’re right about reparations in terms of if people want it though. What they need to do – is you always need to go back to the beginning of a supply chain, where was the beginning of the supply chain?

    ‘That was in Africa, and when it crossed the entire world, when slavery was taking place. Which was the first nation in the world that abolished slavery? The first nation in the world to abolish it, it was started by William Wilberforce, was the British,’ she said.

    In fact, Haiti was the first country to legally abolish slavery, which was banned there from the country’s foundation in 1804, following a revolt against the French colonial government.

    But despite the legal prohibition, slavery and human trafficking by criminal organizations remain prevalent in Haiti today, with an estimate 59,000 people there still living in modern slavery, according to the Global Slavery Index.

    Britain in 1833 passed the Abolition of Slavery Act, ordering gradual abolition of slavery in all British colonies.
    The interview between Lemon and Fordwich occurred the week before the Queen’s funeral

    Fordwich continued: ‘In Great Britain, they abolished slavery. Two thousand Naval men died on the high seas trying to stop slavery. Why? Because the African kings were rounding up their own people, they had them on cages waiting in the beaches, no one was running into Africa to get them.

    ‘And I think you’re totally right. If reparations needs to be paid, we need to go right back to the beginning of that supply chain and say, ‘who was rounding up their own people and having them handcuffed in cages? Absolutely. That’s where they should start.

    ‘And maybe, I don’t know, the descendants of those families where they died at the in the high seas trying to stop the slavery, that those families should receive something too I think at the same time.’

    White people are sick of the diversity guilt grift shakedown. It turns out that diversity is not our strength, but a constant source of problems and slowdowns that has delivered exactly zero of its promises. The pushback begins and soon the diversity will realize that it has been discovered, identified as invaders, and now is receiving appropriate treatment for people in that role.

  • Scientists defend censorship, cancel culture as ‘recalibrating,’ ‘consequences culture’

    “The term ‘cancel culture,’” they write, “has lately been twisted into an epithet that is used to discredit progressive policies.” However, they assure, “the practice of creating social distance from controversial or objectionable statements and actions is as old as society itself.”

    Cancellation, they continue, “[is] a way of calling out behavior seen as prejudiced or regressive. Almost all elements of society have adopted the strategy and tactics of ‘call-out culture’ (to use a less loaded term), perhaps best exemplified by the ‘#MeToo’ movement that worked to expose long-ignored misogyny.”

    Ostracism has always existed and has probably been used as a political gatekeeping filter before as well. That is not the question, however. The relevant question is, “Is this a good thing?” Liberalism reversed itself by becoming exactly the thing that it described as its own oppression, which by logical inference means that it never had any ideas; it saw that some people had implements of control and wanted to seize them for its own benefit. That, no matter how “soft” and touchy-feely it is, is tyranny: rule for the sake of perpetuation of rule.

  • Ghostwriter dubbed ‘The Kenyan’ who helped thousands of cashed-up students cheat lifts the lid on how Australian universities are being rorted

    Known as ‘The Kenyan’, he worked for Chinese company Assignment Joy and wrote papers for struggling international students for as little as $149 ($US100) per 1,000 words.

    The ‘academic writer’ labelled the Australian education system a ‘sham’ and said he was concerned by some medical students as they never completed an assignment during their degree.

    Cheating and prepping to get grades instead of depth of learning seems to be an attribute of Asian genetics. Across the third world, cheating is seen as normal; in the West we realize that there is no point to having an educational system if you let it be gamed, but really, all educational systems are gamed because they are proxies for reality based on simplified exercises.

  • What Will Become of ‘America’s Blackest City’?

    And in this century, beginning in the middle of its first decade, people in the predominantly whiter, wealthier portions of Fulton County started moving not so much physically as politically. In what clear-eyed critics considered simply the latest iteration of age-old dynamics that now amounted to thinly hidden racism, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek and Milton split from Fulton County and incorporated as independent cities — citing the desire for autonomy but in the process stripping the county of tax dollars that funneled to Blacker, relatively poorer South Fulton, too. This maneuvering triggered a sort of fraught domino effect of incorporation and annexation, a countywide scramble for taxes and land that ultimately left unincorporated all but 86 of Fulton’s 529 square miles.

    Whites flee when the third world takes over, which then leaves the third world diversity fighting among themselves, since without Whites to rebel against, they have almost no plan except trying to make everyone happy by redistributing tax dollars and gifting people with new ideological “firsts.” Then the tax revenues crash and soon the city is an impoverished third world randomness zone.

  • Biden administration announces first major step to fight America’s racist roads

    A Bloomberg report on neighborhoods destroyed by racist highway construction noted the impact I-375 had on once-bustling Black Bottom, noting that “few traces of the neighborhood remain aside from historical markers.”

    A feature on the neighborhood published in Grist noted that “the destruction of the epicenters of Detroit’s Black life started with the condemnation of housing through the National Housing Act of 1949,” which trapped Black people in cramped, low-quality housing. And Grist said the problem continued “when the city received even more funds through the National Highway Act in 1956.”

    Since the feds and the postwar climate made it legally impossible to keep the diversity away, people did their best to isolate and contain it. Now Biden uses this as a chance to signal his goodthinking, not caring perhaps that in doing so, he will deprive Black people of the roads that they depend on as much as White people.

  • ‘Out of control’ STD situation prompts call for changes

    Rates are highest in men who have sex with men, and among Black and Hispanic Americans and Native Americans.

    Tropical climates create shortened lifespans due to parasite load. Therefore, hyper-sexual behavior is common there; it is important to make as many offspring as possible before early death. This translates poorly into organized societies which offer many more opportunities for casual and nonconsensual sex.

  • Irish soccer fans celebrate Queen’s death, chant ‘Lizzy’s in a box’ at game

    In clips from the match that have been making the rounds on Twitter, Irish soccer fans are heard singing in unison “Lizzy’s in a box, in a box!” while enthusiastically pumping their fists and clapping.

    If a group is identifiably different from yours, they will work against you. The Irish are perhaps the oldest example of diversity that Europeans know. A group of mixed Neolithic and Semitic remnants, Irish people remain as alien to the Cro-Magnids around them as Arabs or Jews would be in Norway or Finland.

  • My Morning With the Park Slope Panthers

    “Crime is an abstract term that means nothing in a lot of ways,” said Sky. “The construct of crime has been so socially constructed to target black and poor people.”

    The Leftist mindset reveals itself yet again: reality is oppression to those who are less capable, so let us abolish reality and tolerate everything even though this leads time after time to dystopia.


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