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League Of The South Texas State Conference Kicks Off On September 29, 2018

One of the most exciting post-democratic organizations out there, the League of the South, announced yesterday its Texas State Conference on September 29, 2018 in New Boston, Texas, 75570. The conference will focus on White/Southern Nationalism, Texas independence, conserving the Second Amendment, border security, reporting illegal immigrants, and protecting Confederate monuments.

Under the leadership of Dr. Michael Hill, the League of the South has explored a new frontier in defending organic nations against the encroachment of “progress.” They focus on Southern independence within a lawful and orderly, faith-oriented format that avoids the extremities of what most people escape from democracy at first idealize. The Texas League of the South does the same within Texas.

Conference organizers require attendees to make contact in advance. They advise: “Due to security reasons we ask everyone who wishes to attend this event to contact the Texas League of the South to register for the location. We do not allow news reporters to attend. For information contact us at [email protected] or (936) 718-4459.”

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