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Kamala Harris Sleeps With Midget Strippers

OK. She doesn’t really. Someone else did.

Her behavior at Brett Kavanaugh’s US Senate Supreme Court confirmation hearing this morning at least marginally qualified her for her gig on The Jerry Springer Show. Jerry is a good Democrat. It offers him an awesome talent pool to choose from. He must have scanned the field for guests as the Democratic Party all but threw snack packs in an effort to prevent the US Senate from ever getting down to serious business.

When Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley first tried to deliver opening remarks, Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris raised objections to the committee just receiving a batch of 42,000 documents relating to the nominee’s work with past administrations. “We cannot possibly move forward,” Harris, a potential 2020 Democratic presidential contender, said…. More than an hour and 15 minutes after the hearing began, Grassley moved past Democratic attempts to delay and finally delivered his opening statement, over the sustained shouts of protesters who were being escorted out of the room. “Judge Kavanaugh is one of the most qualified nominees – if not the most qualified nominee – I have seen,” Grassley said. The disruptions continued as lawmakers attempted to make opening statements. There were 63 interruptions before the break for lunch.

We are not quite back to the days when The Senate Caning Incident took place, but we aren’t far off. Not because anyone has been dishonored, but rather because massive amounts of power are up for grabs that should not be.

The US Senate is a failure at making decisions. So are most legislative bodies in a Democracy. The House is not significantly better except that a motivated and angry speaker can whip his majority and gavel through the latest idiocy. A Senate Majority Leader has trouble even doing that. Thus, the Senate has outsourced much of it’s power to more unitary branches.

Two out of the three branches of the USG can pull the trigger on a decision. The executive branch can reinterpret a law or regulatory finding and temporarily get crap done until Congress becomes disturbed or embarrassed by that and legislates the executive branch back into a standstill. The Supreme Court, on the other hand; can take the right legal case, render a decision, and for all intents and purposes rewrite the US Constitution in ways the Founding Fathers never took enough peyote to properly envision.

Once the right attorney puts the proper case in front of the USSC, they are a nine-member Amerikan Politburo. They are empowered to do the job the US Congress is unable to motivate itself to bother with. Thus, in real world terms, Brett Kavanaugh is going to have more power in his hand than most US Senators will ever have in their entire bodies. The US Senate, like the old Roman Senate has delegated all of its real-world powers. In face of controversy, they routinely punt on 2nd Down.

A fundamental law of Democracy should read that any elected body will fob off any decision that is hard to someone unaccountable to the electorate. Abortion, ObamaCare, Gun Rights, Property Rights, you name it. If the going gets tough, the wussies call an attorney. At that point, it will get thrust in front of a long line of judges. Each inferior court judge will hand down some incrutable gibberish of an opinion that is all but designed to be appealed. Eventually, it will come before the Politburo.

The hard stuff comes to the Politburo because the guys elected to make decisions are too afraid of the people to lead them. The Politburo is the result of demotism. When something has to be decided, it has to be decided. You can’t put it in front of the 538 cowards. This makes the average senator leery and seriously afraid of any USSC nominee made by a president from the opposing party. You get one shot at that person before they are way more powerful and way more influential than you are.

It makes the going get weird. That makes the weird like Kamela Harris go pro. If Brett Kavanaugh gets his Judges’ Robe, Kamela’s side loses a lot of power. His credentials don’t matter. The ideological war is all that counts. It’s like that when a government has too much power and the people who are selected to actually represent the citizenry have far too little. That’s demotism. Once Kavanaugh is confirmed, she might as well go sleep with a midget stripper for all the good she will do her corporate paymasters. This Jerry Springer Show is her only shot at preventing her from de facto demotion. It will be a terribly demoralizing week for anyone who actually watches the US Senate.

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