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Journalist Embraces Low Standards To Pursue Trump

From a source that should know better, dubious reasoning in service of ideology:

Trump states that “the government should do all it can to reduce barriers to entry into markets and should work at creating a business environment where fair trade is as important as free trade.” He highlights “space exploration” and acknowledges the importance of investing in “science, engineering, health care and other areas” that would “make Americans safer and more prosperous.” His answer to this question contradicts responses to three other questions in the survey, however, in which he references “limited” financial resources, which would presumably prevent following through on any of these ideas. Grade: 1/5

Insufferable presumption! Limited budgets do not mean cutting whole areas entirely, nor does suggesting that private industry be marshaled to provide research and development. For this source, what matters is the conclusion and not the reasoning or the actuality, because they are hoping to recruit fans from the people who consume the most media, and almost all of those oppose Donald Trump.

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