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Jobs alter personality, make you obedient and mindless


The American Psychological Association recently issued a bulletin in which it summarizes research which states that unemployed people over time lose the traits that jobs inculcate into them:

Unemployment can change peoples’ core personalities, making some less conscientious, agreeable and open, which may make it difficult for them to find new jobs, according to research published by the American Psychological Association.

What they do not mention is the converse: if people can lose these traits from not having a job, then jobs instilled them into people in the first place. Let’s look at those traits:

  • Conscientious: detail-oriented/big-picture oblivious.
  • Agreeable: prone to compromise.
  • Open: easily guided.

In essence, the APA is complaining that indoctrination fails when people are taken out of the workforce. I suggest we take every white male out of the workforce immediately.

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