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Iowa State University Removes Nationalist Posters, Then Lies About Reason


Iowa State University, when confronted with posters telling white students that it was acceptable to be proud of their heritage, responded with a typical Leftist gambit. Instead of accepting that the posters were positive for a racial group, they interpreted them as hateful to other racial groups.

This denies the possibility of white self-interest. It is inherently bigoted against a group that is no longer the majority in many areas and therefore, has as much interest in defending its own interests as any other group. To construe white self-interest as bigoted against other groups is to force a zero-sum game.

In other words, Iowa State University is doubling down on the past century of failed policy instead of seeing the obvious, which is that when there is no longer a majority, every group acts in its own self-interest. Yes, diversity has failed; it always does. It is no longer a case of inequality as Leftists styled it, but of ethnic identity.

Iowa State University president Steven Leath (email|phone|mail) issued the following statement:

Early this morning posters were found in approximately 20 locations around campus that violate the facilities and grounds use policy. Pursuant to this policy, these posters are being removed.

These posters also depict historical references or messages that could evoke feelings of bias or racism. It is our understanding that several universities around the country have recently discovered similar posters on their campuses.

This is to remind you that free expression is fundamental to the educational experience and is allowed as long as it is consistent with the facilities and ground use policy and our discrimination and harassment policies.

We continue to defend any individual’s right to free expression; however, attacks directed at any individual or group are inconsistent with the Principles of the Iowa State Community: respect, purpose, cooperation, richness of diversity, freedom from discrimination, and the honest and respectful expression of ideas.

In our current political and social climate, we believe the Principles of the Iowa State Community take on even greater importance. As members of the Cyclone Family, we must remain committed to working together toward a more inclusive, respectful and accepting campus.

Like most other modern institutions, Iowa State University has missed the point: the victim narrative of Leftist class warfare, including the victim narrative of diversity, is inherently one-sided and will never be anything but discriminatory to whites.


This reveals its parasitic nature as a shakedown of the majority using guilt in order to make the Left more powerful.

In the meantime, Leftist racial intolerance remains in full view on other campuses, and show what will happen as the end of result of Iowa State University’s misguided policy:

Student protesters at the University of California-Berkeley gathered in front of a bridge on campus and forcibly prevented white people from crossing it. Students of color were allowed to pass.

…Students who needed to get to class had no choice but to cross the stream by jumping from rock to rock. Dozens of people can be seen doing so.

In the video, the activists appeared to let several students of color pass unmolested, but white students were forced to find other routes. A few who tried to force their way through were violently rebuffed. Protesters shouted “Go around! Go around!” at a white man on a bicycle.

Another student was told, “This is bigger than you,” by a protester. “This is about whiteness.”

These are not the actions of people demanding justice. These are the actions of people demanding total power over others. We now see that diversity itself causes these abuses, which is why anti-diversity and pro-Nationalist sentiment is appearing on college campuses in the first place.

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