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Our First Globalist War

When the Soviet Union fell and Clinton took over in the USA, with the voters as usual choosing a liberal to follow a conservative because the voters focused on drama over “problems” instead of the large task of directing the ship of state, the globalist era began.

It was nothing new, since progressive theorists and liberal ideologues had long argued for a “brotherhood of man.” The French Revolutionaries called for “fraternity,” much as previous religious thought had called for uniting all of us in Christ. Schiller wrote the “Ode to Joy” which stated in part:

Joy, beautiful spark of the gods,
Daughter of Elysium,
We approach fire-drunk,
Heavenly One, your shrine.
What custom’s sword separates;
Beggars become princes’ brothers
Where your gentle wing alights.

Let us look at the themes there: one God uniting us all, class warfare ended with equality, and pacifism through mutual support. We might classify this as the “eternal human dream,” recognizing that the one god may become science or money too.

When the Soviet Union fell, democracy could move forward, and democracy consists of two things, one a public “text” of what it tells us it is doing, and the other a private “subtext” of the actual motivations of those behind it.

  1. Text: conflict is caused by a lack of unity which arises from recognizing that we are different inside, so if we ignore what is inside and pretend that only external differences in wealth/power/status separate us, we can eliminate those with equality and therefore every individual can feel safe from the others, but to do that, we need to elect leaders and obey them instead of choosing the most competent.
  2. Subtext: people are whores motivated by fear so if we give them fake power to believe in, they are easily manipulated, since they will chase the talisman-idol of equality while we who can be easily elected to rule them will use them as cattle for our own increase of wealth/power/status.

Despite all the bloviation by the religious Right about “materialism,” what ultimately motivates people is individualism, which as an ism refers to the root as a value higher than all others, which means that individualism means (philosophically) “me first above all else.”

The problem with individualism — and related concepts like equality, freedom, liberalization, progress, and liberty — is that you grant them equally to good and bad alike. This means that sociopaths, narcissists, and manipulators are set free for their agenda of control.

Since The Enlightenment™ the West has been steadily moving toward individualism, replacing its original ideal of belief in a transcendent natural order in which each of us has a place where we fit and can do good.

All of the bloviation you hear from the Right — Marxism, Trotskyism, Great Reset, and socialism — roughly reflects different stages of individualism:

  1. Individualism: the individual becomes more important than natural order or tradition (The Enlightenment™).
  2. Equality: people keep judging individuals for stupid decisions, so we need to make “good” equal to “bad” in order to eliminate conflict and keep the Herd together (The French Revolution).
  3. Socialism: political equality ran up against reality and some people are suffering for their bad decisions, so we must subsidize them (1830s era socialists).
  4. Mass mobilization: now that everyone is subsidized, no one does anything, so we need a military-style commitment to keeping everyone ideologically motivated (Napoleonic era).
  5. Militarization: ideology alone is not strong enough, so we need secret police and a constant state of war in order to keep the population terrified, starving, and full of doubt, which makes them pliable and easy to manipulate (Communism).
  6. Dysgenics: eugenics means breeding the best, but that creates people who notice that things are not working with the System/State, so we must breed for idiots and feed them garbage to keep them weak (Consumerism).
  7. Tyranny: we now rule over selfish and narcissistic cattle who compensate for their low self-esteem with ideology, so we must manipulate them in order to serve the State (postmodern democracy).
  8. Globalism: the more we force people to work with each other, the less internal conflict we have and the more they serve the state, so we need one world body to rule us all and turn us into equal grey people (World Federalism).

William S. Burroughs describes this as the gradual takeover of the bureaucracy, but in order to have individuality, you need the assembly line approach of bureaucracy where everyone is treated the same way.

This means that individualism creates bureaucracy.

Where does individualism arise? In my view, fatalism joins with ironism and contrarianism. When a society is established, people stop looking for goals because the goal is achieved, and start looking at “problems” i.e. details which are imperfect. Hence the notion of “progress”: the basics are fine, so let us try to quash the exceptions, and focus on those.

This however requires that we accept what we might call the basic rule of human socialization, which is that all people are the same inside, and therefore anything bad that happens to them originates outside of them. Blame reality for being unequal, in other words, instead of looking at the actions people took that begat bad results.

From this comes individualism, or the idea that all humans are good but life is bad to them, therefore we need to balance life with subsidies for the weak and restrictions on the strong.

That leads down the list above which shows different stages of individualism failing and being replaced with more authoritarian, centralized, standardized, and militarized options.

The last on that stage is globalization, which is where we are now, a desire for a worldwide bureaucracy to run us not to achieve good results, but to ensure that we all have our “human rights” intact no matter what the consequences of our actions are.

Without an external goal like creating and maintaining civilization, we fall into neurosis, blame the world for our problems, and embark on a quest for substitute goals consisting entirely of ourselves.

To achieve this end, we need to appoint increasingly fanatical leaders who support only the bottom line of human rights, and we run into the paradox of tolerance which says that we should not tolerate those who do not support our agenda of “tolerance,” which they must take at face value as being the only option for what it claims to create (tolerance, equality, human rights).

We now see what the first globalism war will look like. The world wars were democracy wars, fought to eliminate the last holdouts against worldwide democracy. Globalist wars are fought to subjugate the last holdouts from the global economy and human rights, which is the ideological basis that holds it together, namely the notion that what humans want is more important than consequences in reality. Consumerism and Communism join in this ideal, and so we now have a hybrid system of free markets which fund socialist-style entitlements in the name of human rights.

Before globalism, we fought over who would rule the world. After globalism, we have an answer — the UN, WEF, and global capital empowered by state dependence on debt-based currency, such as BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street — and now we fight over who is able to control that.

China and Russia argue for an illusion, the “multipolar world,” which essentially means that they want a re-do on the Cold War. This new Colder War means that we are fighting over who controls global currency via ideology, since ideology determines government spending and therefore, how much debt governments use to back their currencies. The theory being that if you owe people money, they need you.

On the plus side, they have shown us their true colors.

On the downside, the West remains enmired in individualism and the increasingly tyrannical bureaucracy that supports it.

The stage has been set for quite a showdown.

If we can learn anything from the past, it is that history repeats itself. Just like at the outbreak of WW1, a small Eastern European country provides the touchstone to set off a long-simmering conflict based on ideological disagreements rooted in practicality.

For all of its problems, after all, the West performs the task of civilization better than China or Russia. We make food well and have relatively high security for the average citizen. These things have been damaged by the dogmatic pursuit of diversity in the West, but that seems to be fading after centuries of subsidies failed to prevent frequent race riots, inter-racial attacks disguised as everyday crime, and constant jockeying for power by different conflicting groups.

Diversity probably jumped the shark once the diversity started attacking others, such as Africans beating up Asians in San Francisco and Muslims killing Jews in Europe. The old “diversity is natural, but White racism holds it back” line has failed; the speeches that once had to start with “diversity is our strength” now mention it in passing.

Globalism means a different type of conflict however. WW1 and WW2 were won by destroying the industrial capacity of the enemy. Globalist wars are won by destroying his buying power. As long as Zelenskyy has enough volunteers and anti-tank weapons, he can wage a guerrilla insurgency which makes the Russian occupation just as unstable as the Soviet occupation was in Afghanistan.

Why did Biden allow it to happen? Leftists work by addressing the mental state of people, knowing that there is a gap between an action and when people realize its consequences. In that gap, the Left builds its power, then locks down the opposition with political correctness and uses strategies like diversity and entitlements to buy votes. This is why very little changes in the West: we are on a trajectory from basic individualism toward a Consumerist-Communist hybrid, closer to the latter state than the former.

Biden, like all Tammany/Pendergast style politicians, aims simply to stay in power by buying votes and then wrecking the system so thoroughly that people need “favors” from him and his crew in order to survive. All tyrants work this way, including the Soviet Union and Genghis Khan. It is the third world system.

This way nothing happens without his approval, and he can keep accumulating money and power until he dies. This pathological approach reflects something wrong with him mentally, such as a Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD), or merely Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). These are the people who succeed in democratic states because they are able to detach their actions mentally from their consequences.

A mentally and morally healthy leader, confronted with the January 6th “insurrection,” doubles the police at the door and holds the line. An insane one pulls back the cops, lets the inevitable disaster play out, and then arrests everyone involved and destroys their lives to serve as a warning to others.

A sane and moral leader, seeing the disaster in Ukraine, signals strongly to Putin that he needs to keep his hands off. Then, after the seizure is all but done, he starts sending in weapons and using sanctions to cut Russia off at the knees until the correct bribes are paid. China paid the bribes, and it is playing the Russians by letting them self-destruct.

The West will not intervene in Ukraine because it does not want a repeat of WW1, since once you set up “entangling alliances,” you bring many participants into a global outbreak of a localized conflict.

Biden will, like Obama, enact sanctions because it further destroys Russia and therefore, cements power for the regime that Biden has established in the USA in concert with China and internationalist finance like BlackRock, WEF, Vanguard, and State Street. Business, wrecked by unions and domestic costs, has gone looking abroad for the future because the entitlements state in the West has made profit impossible, much as the Soviet state distributed wealth so thinly that there was no reward, financial or social status, for producing more than the minimum.

Life in the West now resembles the Soviet Union with consumerist luxuries. You go through the education system, and if you are obedient enough in the meritocracy, get a good job. You avoid saying anything controversial because that will get you fired and unpersoned, and you get a paycheck, most of which goes to taxes. After wasting forty years of your life on humiliatingly unnecessary tasks, you can retire with Social Security benefits and live out a decent life based on the sale price of your house and your monthly fixed income check. You obey, and you get rewarded; if you fail to obey, you are punished endlessly.

In the globalist era, we have mostly left behind weapons, and instead use economics as a weapon. Biden and people like him want a subject population that is terrified and obedient. As world grain prices rise and consequently meat and dairy prices rise, since most of the creatures that produce those are fed grain, losing your job in the West will become akin to a death sentence. You will have to repeat the political correctness propaganda — made even more ludicrous by including transsexualism with diversity and legitimized class warfare by the have-nots against the haves — or you will end up in the street drinking polluted water and eating cast-off carbo-soy food, at which point your body will collapse.

If the reckless COVID-19 vaccinations gave you VAIDS or cancer, you will work and say nothing so that you can have health insurance, another free government bennie via EMTALA, Obamacare, and Medicare. Say the wrong thing and your family dies. Conformity to an insane ideology will be assured through the mechanism of control, which relies on not just forcing obedience, but humiliating you and degrading you in order to shatter your self-esteem and make you malleable. Control desires a fungible mass of people, a grey race of Last Men, in order to reach its final stage.

Leftists delight in destruction and chaos because this makes them powerful. They want to destroy anything good, healthy, sane, strong, and realistic because it is competition for them. When everything good is dead, they can rule over the ashes because there is no other option. This is the essence of control.

In the meantime, Ukraine will settle down because Zelenskyy — with the aid of the CIA — has managed to hold out long enough to make this war politically and economically costly for Putin, who will withdraw his forces in exchange for warm water port territory, enabling a negotiated peace:

Putin, he told Israel’s Kan broadcaster, “is ready to stop” the invasion, but “he needs some trophy to present to the general Russian public and to Russian elites.”

Gallyamov said that Putin believed that his invasion of Ukraine would be swift and decisive, and over in a matter of “two or three days,” after which he would be able to impose a puppet government.

The Russian president, he added, “understands that he got into trouble, and definitely he was not counting on that.”

Moreover, said Gallyamov, the primary motive for the invasion was “nothing to do with Ukraine or with the USA or with NATO,” but with Putin’s waning domestic popularity.

This provides him with the win that he needs in order to keep Russia together. That tells us that the problem which created this war is Russian failure to make a functional domestic economy, the same problem that brought down the Soviets. When the Germans waffled on Nordstream 2, it made this war necessary for the Russian leader.

Other fallout will occur slowly as people stumble past denial of the obvious in order to gradually face it. The West is not well, and has not been since the French Revolution at least, with WW1 formalizing our decline. We either reject Leftist or go gentle into the slow suicide that makes us into a mixed-race third world population like we see in Italy and Greece today.

As the world economy contracts through the isolation of Russia and China, one thing will determine who wins: self-sufficiency. The US won the last world war, economically, by wrecking all world economies except its own, and being able to produce everything that it needed with surplus.

Biden, Clinton, Obama, et al. will oppose this since as a source of strength, it weakens their power. They want to continue the Bush I New World Order (BINWO) by ruling the world through American currency, backed by a circular Ponzi scheme where government funds with socialist-style entitlements a Consumerist cycle which inflates the value of currency backed by debt and therefore necessary to world economic function.

The nationalists, represented in part by Ukraine, want to disrupt this. They do not want to be ruled by the third world, which is where globalism is going because the more numerous third world offers more potential customers and more votes than the aging, dying out first world populations. The stage is set for the battle of our time, but it will not happen in the Ukraine; it will happen in the West.

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