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In Defense Of The Black Pill


Many countries have elections in 2016, but only the Americans are challenging the New World Order (NWO): a worldwide government designed to enforce centralized ideological control not to protect people, but to shape their minds so that they act in a way which perpetuates the NWO.

Modern individuals have access to a mind-bendingly huge amount of information. The liminality of this condition is staggeringly refreshing, even invigoratingly illuminative. The battle of information comprises sources who run the gamut from intuitive, to thoughtful, from sarcastic to cutting edge; these positions and counter-cultures cross swords on the street in the small, but in a broader sense also do so in the minds of individuals and masses alike.

The result is a Black Pill triumph: there is no longer a single narrative, a unitary presumed absolute and universal truth. Nothing is sacred, nothing is true, everything fades and nothing will survive because the answer is unknown, the future is unknown, in fact who we are, is unknown. We are back at the stage of hunter-gatherers, wandering the forest without much knowledge except a fervent need to survive.

What complicates this is the delay between cause and effect. A child who is accidentally burnt by an adult mishandling a pan creates a problem that, emotionally, will take months to fix. Two hundred and twenty-seven years ago the French decided to kill their king; the fix will take centuries, and we are barely even sure of the first layer of consequences. History is measured in millennia, and by which groups survive intact.

In this way every single person and every single organization makes mistakes, then mistakes on top of mistakes, and then they forget those mistakes. Hillary Clinton is an example of this, but more important is the political “machine” behind her. We forget that “we” voted Democrat in 2008 and in 2012. “We” created Obama and we have created Clinton. She is one of the heads of the Hydra, not the neck.

The problem is us: me, you and “our” organizations and the principles behind them produce the leaders of those organizations that we “trust.” We trust them because we are underconfident about trusting ourselves and our own decisions. It is so much easier to join in a binge party — follow the herd, join the mob, hunt the witch — than it is to tell your representative that if he does not follow your instructions, he will be re-called.

Immanuel Kant gave us the concept of “radical evil” to explain this. People who do not consciously choose good tend just go along with the crowd and give in to peer pressure, but the crowd always tends toward evil because it values personal mental convenience over positive results in the external world. And so, insanely evil things become normal and accepted everyday acts, and no one things about them.

One real example of this escape into a bingeing fantasy world is a rich guy living amongst winelands, taking a cross-country-biking trail with frequent stops for wine “tasting” and showing his social media followers how great it was in video footage. This happens a few hundred feet away from slum zones that are conveniently missed by the camera. Then this guy waxes on how he trains “interns” for a “better life” in the NWO model of Global Citizenry.

Another example of this escape to fantasy land is this prior terrorist now rich guy, smilingly accepting bribes from American companies for the “moral right” to do business in South Africa. That they will be ordered to pay a heavy fine in America is not his problem. “They gave it to me; it could really have been anyone else, you know.”

There will always be rich people and poor people. The problem here is not riches but systemic insanity. We allow and voted for a political dispensation that made this illusory behavior acceptable. Compared to animals such as wolves, lions, antelope or even ants, humans also need to organize themselves, but unlike animals, humans seek a fantasy world and then self-destruct by enforcing it on each other. That means we need to fix ourselves.

One dark organizational example is where the Executive Committee of one company “divided” themselves into two groups of “insiders” and “outsiders.” In this instance, the outsiders formed a “dark defensive group” because the inside group were actually toxic, i.e. manipulative and extractive.

The tragedy of power can be seen happening there in real time without any group actually realizing what they are doing. They will not solve the problem despite people getting hurt. Even under these circumstances, not a single one of those “executives” will ask for help. One Board Director actually asked them: “How will you address your obvious stress levels?” to which they responded: “Stress, what stress?”

People do not want to take The Black Pill. They are afraid to because our inherent personal failure is the ultimate threat, knowing that one is not immune to failure, thinking and hoping no-one will see it. We are underconfident because we take on the assumptions of a broken system, but The Black Pill removes the perception of its universal truth that this system uses to control us.

As the war-ridden, Nobel “Peace” Prize winning American Idi Amin Barack Obama fantastically says: “Let me be clear” — everyone can see it and everyone experiences this fatal defect of our system, so when we regain our confidence we can stop taking it to our collective mass grave.

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