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The House of Representatives has voted to impeach Donald J. Trump; we are told that this is a historic event, but really it serves as only one part of a larger historic event which is the fragmentation of America and the formation of a new Western consciousness.

Since before the 2016 election, Democrats have pursued one goal, to remove Trump. They do not care how they have to do it, so they have come up with one excuse after another: emoluments, insanity, RussiaGate, taxes, Stormy Daniels, and now, a shifting list of charges until they thought that they could find some that would stick.

As many have found out in the past, when pursuing impeachment, you need clear evidence that the President is damaging the country and must be stopped. Small charges and procedural defects do not work; there must be a smoking gun and even more, a threat to our future.

None of this exists with Trump. This impeachment lacks credibility and even more, credulity; it strains our sense of fair play and pragmatism to read it without laughing. This looks like a group of monkeys dressed up in suits feverishly inventing excuses for what they want to be real.

More importantly, their base — those who consistently vote for them — does not care. It just wants what it wants, which is for us to continue our path toward globalism, multiculturalism, socialism, and a permissive libertine society like that of the third world.

Trump demonstrated for us the end of an era. The postwar order of America, culminating in a globalism that outsourced our wealth and power, had failed, and was replaced by a sense of getting back to our roots even if that offended the many special interest groups which have cropped up since the war.

If anything, it showed that American propaganda during WW2 could not be taken as policy. Freedom and accepting everyone looks good on paper until you consider time and how that order will play out. Seventy-five years later, our crumbling infrastructure, divided society, and day-to-day life of Soviet drudgery in order to pay taxes to keep the clown show going show how much our dogma has failed us.

In the 1860s, we left behind “natural rights” for “civil rights,” and threw out natural order for a society based around facilitating what the individual wanted. This was necessary to address our diversity existing at the time, mostly between Western, Southern, and Eastern European groups.

That new agenda allowed government greater power to keep us unified, since obviously we no longer shared a culture; we were told, following Leftist dogma, that culture was not biological and could be taught through politics. That too turned out to be incorrect.

Tonight’s impeachment shows us that the battle lines are drawn. Some want to preserve the America of its founding through the 1840s which has lived on in parallel to the rising special interest groups formed of sexual, political, racial, religious, cultural, and ethnic minorities.

Others want to smash down the old America and replace it with what we might call The Dream, a vision of a Utopia based around the individual where society exists to serve and has no value in itself. In that vision, we are all workers who rent a space in this land only so that we can pursue our hobbies.

At this moment, it has become clear that these divisions cannot be overcome. One side is willing to deny all reality in order to force us to obey, and the rest of us are looking at that and their unbroken track record of failure and opining that we do not want to follow the Soviets into oblivion.

As happens with all societies, entropy wins out at some point if we forget to oppose it vigorously enough. For many decades, Americans went along with the new way, figuring that there were many seats at the table in a game that was not zero-sum, so everyone could win.

Instead, we have seen that the ultimate tragedy of the commons is civilization itself. If its unity fractures, it becomes dedicated to infighting and pushes reality away, at which point those of us still aware of realism must fight for its survival.

America will not survive this conflict, or at least, not all of it will. One side must win; both cannot coexist, since they want entirely different countries. While this impeachment will clearly die in the Senate, the deviation from known reality shows us that we are no longer a functional society.

Those who are pushing this impeachment want you dead and your America destroyed. You cannot compromise with that. This impeachment is designed not for its own sake, but to spin the 2020 election so that the scared suburban voters stay home and the Left can take over and push us toward its endgame.

That endgame, like all Leftist arcs, leads directly to third world status and complete social breakdown. If that happens, there will be no coming back. There will only be further decay and irrelevance. Choose wisely your future, and prepare accordingly.

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