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I Saw The Wall

The phrase “a witness to history” has been abused over the last dozen decades. In reality: it means someone who sees what most would rather ignore.

Very few people remember The Wall in Berlin. I do, however. I saw it and the contrast between the two sides. It was not economic, it was spiritual. On the West side, there was some hope and joy; on the East side, there was only obedience to the pretense of the group.

Ever since then, I have seen all political questions in terms of The Wall. Does this get us closer to The Wall or farther away from it? — because I want to be as far away from that as possible.

The only comparison I can make is a woman I knew who was raising a retarded child. The ‘tard was going to last for twenty or thirty years and then die, never having risen above the intelligence of an eight-year-old. This is why people hate ‘tards: they take all your time, energy and love and cast it into the void.

East Germany was the tard. Every day was an obligation, and everything was fake. Eyes watched behind every pillar and tree. The problem was not that people were not free, but that they were ruled by incompetence and stupidity.

I saw it. I cannot forget it.

When we consider our future in the West, we should look at the past. Any movement to the Left will end up at The Wall; any more movement in another direction will deliver it from us.

It is clear to me which choice is 100% right and which choice should burn in hell for eternity.

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