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How To Set Up An Alt Right Meetup In Your Area

Comments by Fashy Fitness.

After Fashy Fitness posted a picture of a happy, well-adjusted Alt Right meetup, I reached out for some suggestions for those interested in doing this in their own hometowns:

  1. Organization is important. Centralize your communication to eliminate confusion. We use the app called GroupMe to plan our official gatherings. We use Twitter group chats for general banter and discussion.

  2. Quality of quantity. We aren’t 1990s White Nationalism. We aren’t so desperate for people that we need to accept people with personality disorders or other undesirable traits. If someone genuinely doesn’t feel right, don’t feel compelled to keep them around. They’ll drive away quality people. On the other hand, if someone shows potential, but they aren’t 100% solid on the issues yet, it’s your job to move them in the right direction.

  3. Meet regularly. People like regularity, and as your group grows, informal gatherings with begin to spring up all the time. This is how communities are formed. Make meetings enjoyable, but productive. We’re a movement, not just a social club. Raise funds to print stickers, posters, etc… We have good graphic designers. Work out together. You get the idea.

  4. In my experience, the paranoia that people have about being associated with the Alt-Right is mostly unfounded. Unless you’re somehow a public figure and have people following you around, reporting your every move to the SPLC so that they have a name to connect with a face, you’re safe. I can’t stress the Quality over Quantity point enough. People with personality disorders, or anti-social personality traits will DRIVE QUALITY PEOPLE AWAY. You can not keep these people around. They’re toxic.


Also, someone has to take a leadership role, otherwise nothing will happen. If that’s you, always be looking at who could possibly take your place if you had to leave for some reason. The community that you’re going to be building is more important than any individual. Lay a strong foundation so it doesn’t fall apart.

Whatever happens in this election, we will do better to have more of these, not fewer. The suggestions above give the lone Alt Right person a chance to act on some ideas and find others to support locally. Successful organizations like the Masons and Kiwanis Club operate on this basis: the members support each other in real life, enabling all of them to succeed and rise to positions of power. Infiltrate! Subvert! Redirect!

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