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How To Live With Diversity

Diversity sucks and is dangerous. It is less dangerous when a community actively encourages its members to take full advantage of their rights as American Citizens to own firearms. She points out that nobody cares about the safety of women and children in a diverse, Anarcho-Tyranny such as the Modern Amerikan City. This is excellent self-reliance. I feel greater confidence that I won’t get stuck taking care of someone who handles their own business.

Ownership of a weapon is a responsibility. It is a step towards adulthood rather than the permanent childhood as a warden of the state. It is also empowering. A 6’2″ 225Lb aggressive male would typically have their way with any woman he chose to slap around and assault. That stops when the woman is properly trained in the use of a handgun and points it directly at his center of mass. At that point in the proceeding, the bigger the man is, the more he is in mortal danger. It isn’t hard to drill lead into the center of a really large mass. It is hard to get into a fist-fight with one. There was some old joke in the American West that all men were created equal, but only a Colt .45 kept it that way.

Compare and contrast the females in the YouTube Video above who purchase firearms, join a gun club and go train together at the range to the disarmed London Cops facing the Islamo-Fascists that Sadiq Khan relies on for his continued electoral majorities as Mayor. The London Police don’t believe they should have to employ deadly force in a free society. The attitude is summed up below.

“In a free and democratic society, there is going to be a balance between democracy, freedom and openness, and a police state — and none of us want to live in a police state,” said Brian Dillon, former head of the Met’s firearms command who now runs the counterterrorism consultancy Rubicon Resilience. “Therefore at some point some attacks are regrettably going to hit home, that’s inevitable,” he added. “Not everything can be stopped.”

When a population is disarmed and denied access to firearms, the fightback against soulless killers gets harder. The killers won’t obey laws. If they are willing to kill you, they won’t get too picky as to whether their methods. Once you’ve committed a capital offense, the additional charges no longer matter. They aren’t going to wake you back up and give you a shot in the other arm.

There are three reasons why someone would logically understand they will get the max* for killing another person and do it anyway.

1) They don’t believe they will get caught, so they are brazen. Chicago, Illinois is an example of this. If someone has no moral qualms about dropping and drilling someone, and they assume there is no way they’ll get caught; then they assume murder is de facto legal and if they get the itch they scratch it.

CHICAGO — In 2012, the body count — 506 murders — marked Chicago as America’s murder capital. But here’s another grim statistic: Chicago police solved just 129 of those killings last year, a 25 percent clearance rate — the lowest in 21 years.

2) They believe so strongly that they should kill you that having you die is worth any penalty they eat as a result of their actions. The Fort Hood Shooter, Malik Nidal Hassan, is an example of this sort of killer. When the assumption that the gas chamber awaits no longer discourages a potential killer, you are your only reliable defense against this person’s diabolical intentions.

Nidal Malik Hasan, the Army psychiatrist who opened fire on dozens of soldiers at Fort Hood., Tex., was found guilty Friday of murdering 13 people, taking him one step closer to becoming the first active-duty soldier to be executed in more than 50 years. Hasan, who acted as his own attorney but demonstrated little interest in mounting a defense, was convicted on 13 charges of premeditated murder and 32 of attempted murder by a panel of senior officers.

3) They believe that you lack the conviction to defend yourself or punish them. This is what happens when large groups of people have their negative actions excused because of perceived victimhood. The “victims” then no longer consider your death a crime. It is considered condign punishment. They have a right to shoot you for slavery, poverty, racism, classism, capitalism, turning them down for a date 12 years ago, etc… Once you give a knave a moral justification for their behavior, they no longer believe they are the “The Bad Guy.” Once they have a chat with the high-powered lawyer and Officer Friendly, everyone will agree you should have been stabbed, shot or robbed.

In societies afflicted with cultural diversity featuring supercharged identity politics, all three of these individuals will be amongst you. While judicious stereotyping can help you avoid a large number of the orcs, it will be like Pokemon. You can’t catch them all. Not all Muslims are terrorists, not all terrorists are Muslim. Not all killers are dope-dealers, not all dope-dealers are killers. And we can go on all day. Diversity will make it impossible for you to identify every threat and avoid them. You have to be ready when the threat manifests and attacks you or those that you love. It isn’t to trifle that Simone’s video quotes JRR Tolkien.

I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend.

Before belittling the gun owner, or arguing they shouldn’t enjoy that right, ask yourself an important question. How much do you love the ones you are responsible for defending? It may be the gun owner, not the one who ridicules his or her ignorance, that is the superior and more mature human being. Diversity is not our strength. A .45 that you know how to use will always be yours.

* — The max in most places in the US is typically a ticket on the night train to The Big Adios. In Europe your mileage may vary.

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