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How to game democracy

Why screw around with voting machines when you can sympathizers at an unethical paper to slander your candidate?

The photos were published in the run-up to Saturday’s election in the state of Queensland, in which the right-wing politician failed to win a seat.

She said she believed the photographs may have been a factor.

“I have said all week I’d be the first person in Australia to apologise to Pauline Hanson if it were proven the photographs were not of her,” Neil Breen, the editor of Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph wrote.

“We’ve proven it ourselves, so Pauline, I’m sorry,” he added.

Damon Johnston, the editor of Melbourne’s Sunday Herald Sun, said: “We acknowledge that Ms Hanson was right all along – and we were wrong.”


And such a sincere apology! Luckily, what they did is 100% legal, so the proles won’t notice, even if we still have no proof that (a) Bush stole an election (b) voting machines were at fault or (c) it wasn’t a counter-tactic to the other side registering felons and other cannon fodder to vote.

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