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The nanny state makes its own disasters

Running away from a problem, it caters to the mentality of those who perpetuate that problem, norming us all to their level of stupidity:

The Department of Health labelled the campaign: “Condom confidence boosts sex appeal”.

The £5.2 million publicity drive tells women in their late teens and early 20s that men are attracted to girls who carry the contraceptives.

It advises that “men like nothing better than a woman who knows what she wants”.

Recommended phrases include “If you make it clean, I’ll make it dirty” and “Let’s get you ready for the ride of your life”.

Women are told that they are no longer regarded as “easy” for carrying a condom.

The Telegraph

Ah, lowest common denominator, if you were only rare — but you’re not, you’re the default, and the default of all things in life is basically failure.

Easy girls are only attractive to underconfident men. Women who carry around condoms in case they get lucky in the toilet paper aisle at the local grocery store are people incapable of planning their lives.

Normally we call these drones, whores, sluts, slaves, etc.

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