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How The Benedict Option Broke Your Family

In times of social hierarchy, the most complete and accurate answer wins the day. It has to convince a relatively small and above-average group of its accuracy, and will be compared to everything else, at which point the best solution is found.

Without social hierarchy, however, we get mob rule, which means that whatever answer will be chosen must convince as many people as possible, which means that it must be a lowest common denominator idea, chosen not for its accuracy or depth but how easily grasped it is by a person of average intelligence.

This in turn means something quite ugly: we are ruled by outright lies, since there is no fouler lie than a partial truth, which have been sexed-up to get idiots excited about them, resulting in the complete distortion of everything. Democracy creates a rudderless ship.

Looking at the Bell Curve, we see that the truth gets even uglier. The people in the right fifth of the curve — those who can go to college, write books, and invent new technologies — are being held hostage by the rest. This alone would drive you nuts, knowing that your society opposes any ideas that is not given the McDonald’s treatment and super-sized, sweetened, salted, and soaked in fats and starches.

Things get even worse however. First, those who are intelligent realize the futility of intelligence, and start coming up with lies that sound good to the herd so that the individuals who create these ideas can personally profit by hoodwinking the credulous masses. This is the Democratic party in a nutshell.

Second, however, and worse, those who are mentally capable become neurotic because they must reconcile the train ride to doom on which they find themselves with some way of thinking somewhat happy thoughts about the future. They break their own sense of logic so that they can keep thinking that society is thriving and not dying.

As Plato pointed out years ago, democracies make people go insane. With culture torn away and replaced by ideology, they have nothing except their own narcissism, and that makes them go nuts in the same way that compensatory thinking designed to rationalize the ongoing decay as good makes them lose their grip.

Almost everyone adopts a “mature” position which is a form of “The Benedict Option“: since their immediate survival is more pressing than the health of civilization, they give up on civilization, culture, heritage, and faith and focus instead on a bourgeois quest for personal wealth, power, and social status.

These are the people like your Dad who reads the newspaper, curses loudly and shakes his fist at the screen, then shrugs to move on to something else. He knows that Social Security, public education, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, welfare, and HUD are dead men walking. He also knows the voters will never wake up to this fact.

Almost all of us at this point are abused children because we grew up under parents who had no hope of changing the death-route that our society is taking, so focused on a “Benedict Option” where they live well in a bourgeois sense while having no hope for the future.

This fact is not lost on children, who realize that their parents are raising them to be doomed, and consequently become insufferable brats as their parents, hopeless in their souls because of political futility, also pursue bratty behaviors like divorce, swinging, drugs, drink, lottery, gambling, nutty religion, and personal neurosis.

Simplistic answers function as motivators. If you tell a group that drugs are killing our kids, the Russians are invading, or innocent Black kids are getting shot by scattergun-toting rednecks, they mobilize to do something about This Problem but then lapse back into sleep, knowing that the real problems are systemic.

Almost no one thinks about these issues because they have no hope, in addition to most of them lacking the requisite ability; biologically/genetically their brains cannot assimilate that much information. Even more, however, why would you want to? Knowing something about any area simply makes you more despairing and enraged.

So people space out. They figure their kids will have to worry about the worldwide mess. They fetishize the decline and apocalypse, secretly hoping it will happen because they actually hate their society for being in a terminal velocity of failure, and promote non-answers because these ensnare and destroy others.

In the process, they join the social trend of attacking sources of strength. Democracy is narcissism and it makes narcissists; narcissists resent anything that is more powerful than they are, whether it be culture, oil-based energy, realism, honor, duty, sanity, intelligence, health, or wisdom.

Your average democratic person now believes that intelligence leads to corruption, strength creates bullying, culture makes bigotry, realism reduces compassion, duty makes robots, and wisdom causes loneliness. They seek weakness because egalitarianism, which seeks to make us equal, always does so by removing strength and promoting weakness.

In the egalitarian mindset, our problems are caused by conflict which is brought about by different situations in life. They deny that there might be different abilities, and see everything but the personality as external to the individual. To fix that conflict, they want everyone to have the same.

In order to do that, they must take from the strong, productive, wise, healthy, wealthy, moral, and sane, and give to the weak, useless, ignorant, sick, poor, opportunistic, and insane. Every egalitarian venture known to humanity has embarked on this course which is why egalitarians always deny that this is its nature.

Imagine being gaslit since birth to hate strength and worship weakness. In this society, the highest role one can play is that of a victim, suffering in noble silence at the hands of cruel robotic oppressors. Then someday, like a final judgment, the roles are reversed and the meek stand as kings with the kings dethroned.

Taking the “Benedict Option” guarantees that you will break your family because you will internalize this mythos the farther you run from it. The suburbs drip in race guilt, class guilt, and personal guilt for having more than others. In the city they have a ready answer, since they splash out taxes to deal with the problem.

The more you go away from the city, the less you will believe the hollow excuses of urbanites, therefore “I pay taxes so I am fixing the problem” sounds empty. You feel the guilt deep within. At some level, you start to hate yourself, your class, and your race for having risen above where others are still being noble victims.

The Revolutions base themselves in this guilt. The middle class dethroned the kings, but then found itself drowning in guilt for its own relative wealth, so it created an egalitarian machine to point everyone toward victimhood. Only the true narcissists escape its gravitational pull because guilt has no hold on them.

The people behind them act as if they want to “free” everyone, but really what they want to do is tear down everything stronger than themselves. They want to enforce uniformity on everyone else so that they are fungible and therefore have no unique pull on the individual, like love or talent, that cannot be controlled.

They tell you to take a Benedict Option so that you get out of their hair but keep providing the tax income they need for their grand plans to make us all equal. They believe they can control and subdue the chaos of nature through mass conformity, when really they unleash even greater chaos through lack of anything in common.

Behind their ideal lurks the bourgeois. Get culture out of the way, and everyone can make lots of money. All their “social justice” is just a token activity designed to hide how vile they are. They want you in the suburbs, dumping money into their system, so they can profit off of government spending.

Those who fall into this trap end up teaching their children lies and using the techniques of narcissists to control them. This results in weakened, underconfident, and supremely angry children. Those then rebel and self-destruct, which allows the parents and others to chuckle in having known this was always the case.

In the grips of decay, the West will never recover until we mass-reject our gaslighting, namely the idea of equality and the ideal of victimhood. When we celebrate strength again, the parasites will stand revealed as what they are, and our goal of becoming as strong, sane, healthy, intelligent, and wise as possible will appear obvious.

Until then we are all victims although not in the way the Revolution sees. We are psychological victims, programmed in the narcissism of the me-first individualism behind equality, and we are abusing each other because we have no hope and therefore are clinging fanatically to the few things we have left.

Your parents may not have been the best. They may have been narcissistic and treated you badly. In the bigger picture, they were simply acting out the pathology of our time, itself a reflection of what happens when a group confuses its external success for itself having become as strong as it can be.

Right now, lots of people are preaching variants of the Benedict Option. Some even call it parallelism, missing the point that the philosophy of parallelism expressed here is more comprehensive, but really they mean that you should run off to the suburbs and be a good tax cash cow like your grandparents.

This, too, shows the pathology of narcissism. Simplistic ideas win out with the crowd, but function as a motivator not a policy, so you end up with people chasing empty symbols who then drop out. This is what tears down the Right, the endless shilling and self-promotion that requires hollowed-out symbols projected as a wholesome worldview.

There can be no Benedict Option. You cannot run away from civilization decline. Your parents, grandparents, and probably great-grandparents tried to run away and just have a decent life among the ruins, but that did not arrest the decline, and as a result they went mad and took it out on you.

The phrase “no political solution” comes to mind. We can fix this situation with politics, but not politics in themselves, only politics as a means to restoring the West, i.e. undoing egalitarianism and become not just anti-egalitarian but positively inclined toward realism and quality, including strength.

We are in a war against human stupidity. Stupidity loves simplistic ideas like equality. Groups of people like to follow trends, because this is how you compete with others and feel important in the eyes of your peer group, so once one toe sets on the path toward an insane symbol like equality, the herd thunders in pursuit.

Our media now proves to be just as consistent as the Communist media. They are trying to out-do each other for affirming the narrative of egalitarianism leading to Utopia because the minute the narrative fails, we have to admit that our society is not rising but in fact deeply in decline and getting worse.

No one wants to face the grim truth. Even the random copes you see on the internet — Christian Nationalism, National Socialism, Parallel Economies, Distributism, transhumanism — avoid looking at the problem head-on. National Socialism for example tries to make its own version of modernity, but it is still modernity (individualism).

Our media learned in the 1980s that if they all ganged up and repeated the same thing en masse they could effect political change. This gave them a sense of power and hubris which has not faded, only passed into the hands of people even less capable than previous generations.

People kept voting for clown Leftists and absurd RINOs for years so that the Benedict Option remained on the table. No one wanted to do the hard work of rebuilding civilization; everyone wanted to escape, run away, and enjoy the bourgeois good life untainted by The Decline. Such a thing is fiction, as we now see.

In doing so, they have created a monster. The Swamp consists of everyone in the entrenched bureaucracy and they form a Tammany Hall-style Political Machine which profits from the inability to reverse the decline. It never panics; it just moves forward, swapping favors for money, always gaining ground.

You cannot tackle a bully by indirect methods. You have to confront your abuser, tell them that their ideas are wrong, and then obstruct them so that they cannot achieve their goals. These people are born parasites, and they will go elsewhere to find victims if they are driven out of government.

At the end of things, we see that the middle class philosophy is flawed. You cannot seek to simply enjoy life without trying to proactively create and nurture civilization; we need civilization, because otherwise what comes in its place are the parasites. There is no Benedict Option.

Looking at it another way, we cannot make self-rule work. We need the kings. We need social hierarchy. We need something more than individualism justified with egalitarianism which translates into an abusive narcissism which makes all of us cowed, subjugated individuals afraid to look reality in the eye.

Until we begin to tackle this bully head-on, however, we will remain the abused children of frantic parents in the grip of desperate, manic futility. We are abusing each other because we are afraid to admit that this system does not work and never will work. The moment we take the step of admitting that problem we can start to heal.

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