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How Individualism Destroys Societies

In dying civilizations, disinformation becomes the norm, not so much because government and industry circulate it, but because normal people bleat-repeat lies in order to make themselves feel better about living in a dying age.

For example, the definition of conservative became warped to mean someone who likes free market economics, strong defense, and religion. This takes a tenth of what conservatives believe and turns it into a religion.

Cults of that nature serve to keep away the fears of their members. That is, they explain away the unknown by sealing it in big symbols, like gods or demons, which keeps people from looking too deeply into the cracks between the categories.

While not “scientifically” accurate, these categorical declarations allow people to function in the immediate sense, but often sacrifice the long-term sanity of their people in order to do so.

By making conservatism a religion, they concealed its actual meaning: focus on internal input about the external world, not external input about the internal world.

  • A conservative seeks to understand in her gut and soul how nature works by appreciating its beauty, or qualitative and aesthetic principles, and therefore to not only adapt to this reality but choose the best option always.
  • A liberal seeks to remove all external constraints on her individualism so that she can become part of a human-only world where human judgments, feelings, emotions, and popularity determine what is “real.”

From that come many obvious things. No conservative can support egalitarianism or equality in any form because these things are not found in reality. That makes the conservative a foe of modernity, utilitarianism, democracy, and equality.

In other words, to adopt conservatism one must accept that this civilization is in a terminal tail-spin, and our individualism will not allow us to do that.

We might define culture as that which binds people to a mutual fate because they share a goal; individualism and liberalization, on the other hand, separate the individual from that goal.

Individualism in our time manifests as me-first pretense. Our society might be going to hell, one might say, but not me; unlike these other idiots, I have an advanced degree, I have a condominium in the hip neighborhood, I have a thriving investment portfolio…

For higher-up groups, like Whites, this individual results in disunity. Why would I march in the streets for some impoverished White idiot who got killed, when I could just earn a lot more money and move away from the disaster?

By the same token, Blacks march in the streets because as individuals they have something to gain. The money is elsewhere, but if they riot, it comes to them. Therefore they each riot in anticipation of their share.

If you wonder why Whites do not unite, consider this answer: individualism. They are each hoping to win out over the others, and to be the smartest kid on the block with all their money and toys, not realizing that Other groups see them only as Whites and will enjoy killing them.

This is part of how the diversity trap works.

For Blacks, the trap is even more grim. They will agitate to overthrow Whitey, and promptly get replaced by Asians and bred out like they were in much of Mexico and South America. They will genocide themselves with Black Lives Matter, down the line.

In the bigger picture, we need to figure out how to fix a dying civilization. In my mind, it begins with resurrecting culture in order to beat individualism, and since culture cannot be imposed in the same way that propaganda or a religious cult can, we need a mono-ethnic society.

Our problem consists of bad political decisions, and it needs to begin with a good political counter-decision: end diversity.

To get people to support this, we need to stop talking about race per se and include race as part of our formula for ending a dying society, pointing out that being top dog in a ghetto is not very important.

It’s time to make fun of White people for being so proud as to be the person with the highest seat on the sinking wreckage of a once-great society. We need a new status goal, and that will be reserved for those who are rebuilders.

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