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How Democracy Will Kill You

In the future, democracy and equality will be classified as parasitic organisms because they are irresistible to humans, who promptly become zombies who then self-destruct as they chase imaginary visions of plenty.

All civilizations die by class revolt. The lower castes, who are more numerous, do not understand what the higher castes do for them, much as the average office worker has no idea why the CEO is the most valuable person in the building. The lower castes also reproduce at a higher rate. Soon there are a whole lot of followers, and very few leaders, and so at the first sign of trouble, the lower castes seize power.

They are aided by the mercantile middle classes, who realize that if civilization stops investing in the extensive rituals and behavior codes needed to maintain order, further business opportunities open up. The best allies of the raging prole herd are the graphic artists, lawyers, builders, shopkeepers, doctors, bankers, schoolteachers and plumbers.

As soon as democracy is adopted, the slide has begun because the feast has begun. All of that wealth and power spent keeping society functional is now redirected for redistribution to the citizens, who either take it for granted or more likely, simply do not care if it is there for future generations. The benefits flow!

We The People votes with its hearts and egos, and so any sane opinions are overwhelmed by the masses of votes coming in for whatever is stupid, short-sighted and pretentious. Most of them, since they have too little to be taxed, simply enjoy acting as if they have the money that they are ordering to be spent through the policies which they enact with their votes.

At this point, the currency begins losing value on a permanent basis. Whatever X monetary units purchased last decade now requires X+1 or Xx2 monetary units. The reason for this value loss is that wealth is being bled out of business and private citizens, funneled into government, and then dumped on other citizens as benefits, reducing its value by creating a new higher “bottom line” to which all higher amounts are relative.

Then the long slow slide into third world status begins:

[A]lthough the recession hurt the economy a lot, it happened to coincide with two trends that were slowly eroding the U.S.’s fundamentals…Those two trends are slowing productivity and reduced labor-force participation.

…As for labor-force participation, this has been falling since the turn of the century, though the last two years have seen a small uptick…

…But neither of these effects explains the 2000s, when these negative trends were getting started despite a healthy economy. The years before the recession also saw other disturbing developments. For example, the rate of high-growth startup formation fell during that period.

…Taken together, this evidence hints that some sort of long-term rot is afflicting the U.S. economy. What could it be? One candidate is the increase in industrial concentration — greater monopoly power might be holding back productivity and reducing employment. Other hypotheses abound — creeping regulation, a slowdown in scientific progress, Chinese competition, or the ephemeral nature of the internet economy. Some have even blamed video games for luring young men out of the labor force.

What could it be? Hint: the more you make your society into a dystopian wasteland of existential misery, the more the competent people drop out and leave the field to the incompetents. Therein you find your declining innovation and lowered workforce participation.

The voters will never realize that every dollar they put into social programs is a dollar subtracted from the business economy, which makes that weaker. They will never recognize this because their philosophy is to treat civilization and its productivity as givens, blank checks and full accounts upon which the voters may draw.

Every regulation they pass, and every law which protects “rights” against the big bad companies, incurs costs which siphon money from the economy. Every form they require someone to fill out means that money is going to bureaucrats and lawyers, but not back into earning more money. Every bit of red tape they implement convinces someone to quit and go live out of his van in the Badlands.

This is how democracy kills societies. It is a parasitic organism that steadily draws more and more of the wealth of the nation away, leaving behind carbon copies of itself through bureaucracy. Like any good salesman or con man, it lures the voters in by promising them that what they want to believe is true, is actually true, and gratefully they vote for more parasitism. Every time.

It is excruciating to watch for anyone who knows better, but luckily those are always at most 5% of the population who are not egomaniacs. The rest are too busy braggarting around about how important they are with their job titles, new cars, fancy clothes and big homes. Even — or especially — the “educated” ones.

Eventually democracy runs out of easy prey and turns on the core of the civilization, its middle class. It does this by raising costs on vital things like homes, whose value has been kicked up by high demand to escape the growing underclasses and high costs of regulations and lawsuits. This causes people to stop breeding:

Why is this shift to an increasingly child-free population occurring more in Southern California than elsewhere? One logical source may be housing prices, particularly near the coast, which present a particular problem for middle-class, middle-aged families. In contrast, the growth in the number of children under 17 is much higher in more affordable metropolitan areas such as Dallas-Fort Worth, Atlanta, Phoenix, San Antonio, and Charlotte and Raleigh in North Carolina.

The same thing is happening in Europe. Faced with high costs, moronic and boring jobs, and governments who will clearly only make everything worse, the smartest people bail out and stop reproducing. Some escape to the countryside, or run off to the third world for most of their lives and return for the generous retirement benefits, but most simply cut out the biggest expense in their lives, children. The egomania of democracy encourages them in this decision, and so they consider themselves wise for having elected for intergenerational suicide.

In order to keep its promises to voters, democratic government tends to import foreigners as a workforce to replace the disappearing natives. They also like the fact that these voters are even more prone to vote, as Venezuelans did recently, for more generous benefits especially when the nation has no money. The parasites feast while the people starve by their own hand.

And when all is said and done, there will be nothing to write but, “Democracy killed another place.” People are so desperate to believe in their own equality that they insist others behave as if it were so, leading to unstable political systems that suck out the innards of society and then abandon the husk to be another shattered, mixed-race third world nightmare.

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