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How Democracy Aims To Destroy White People

The devastation of failing civilizations is that they leave behind third world populations, not just ethnically through beige mixing, but also spiritually, through people who are conditioned to helplessness, apathy and disorganization. Now Scientific American offers us some insight into the mechanism of the collapse within the collapse:

A number of studies have shown that seeing a peer behave unethically increases people’s dishonesty in laboratory tests. What is much harder to investigate is how this kind of influence operates at a societal level. But that is exactly what behavioral economists Simon Gächter of the University of Nottingham in England and Jonathan Schulz of Yale University set out to do in a study published in March 2016 in Nature. Their findings suggest that corruption not only harms a nation’s prosperity but also shapes the moral behavior of its citizens.

…The findings imply that highly corrupt countries may be difficult to change because their citizens have been shaped by norms that permit dishonesty. Yet there is also a positive practical implication. Rather than tackling corruption by targeting institutions, we might do better to aim at young people.

This shows us what happened after the French Revolution and Russian Revolution: the ideology of Leftism destroyed those populations, both by killing off the intelligent and by conditioning the rest to be weak and dependent on the state. As a result, they were stranded without hope in a world of symbols and obligations, oblivious to reality, through being corrupted in regards to reality

If democracy is allowed to play itself out to its extremes, it will leave behind a “white” race of mixed Southern, Eastern and Western Europeans who have no culture and act out the dispirited and conformist pattern of egalitarianism. They will not aspire; they will merely react, and when that fails, rationalize failure and return to a life of apathy.

Corruption is endemic to democracy. When leaders are elected for promises, and not actual abilities, they are granted a property that they can resell. Further, the nature of politics as the telling of pleasant lies, and the habits of the voters as throwing in their vote and then blaming someone else for the result, spreads corruption like a virus.

Democracy thus is the ultimate weapon of genocide: it will destroy what it can, then reduce the rest to a mental state of servitude, which will guarantee their further destruction.

In turn, this article recapitulates the Alt Right by suggesting that we give up politics as it is, and focus on building a cultural wave starting with the young that resists corruption, and thus by extension resists democracy, equality, diversity and the other insane ideas of the neurotic Left.

The dividing line between the Alt Right and Alt Lite exists on this issue. The Alt Lite thinks that democracy can be reformed and made useful; the Alt Right recognizes that all of modernity, or in other words all ideas emanating from the notion of egalitarianism, must be removed and replaced with the idea of facts over feels.

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