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His Name Was Kyle Rittenhouse

That person no longer exists. That person never existed to begin with. Never mind logical contradictions. Those are racist.

He may be on trial for murder. He could even win acquittal. However, that must be happening over in Mobile Ave. As far The MetaVerse is considered…Nada.

The cloak of invisibility is important here. Kyle Rittenhouse has tickets on down the railroad line. There is a bill of lading with his very name on it. If the message remains unsent here, then steps will be taken.

Kenosha County Circuit Court Judge Bruce Schroeder revealed at the start of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial that someone had filmed the jury at their bus pickup on Tuesday morning. He assured the jurors the video was deleted and more steps will be taken to protect them.

The judge seems very jurisprudential here. He deeply cares about juror safety. On the other hand, not…

The revelation comes shortly after Cortez Rice, who says he is George Floyd’s nephew, claimed in a livestream he knew people were taking photos of the Rittenhouse jury while being in the courtroom. Rice has since deleted the video but copies were made and posted to social media.

This sort of thing explains why Meta shut the whole thing down in their unique little universe. Fortunately, Bing has not yet gotten the memo. You can type “kyle rittenhouse trial live” into the engine and actually get feed. (Let me know if you think the WaPo image of Rittenhouse was doctored to make him resemble Kim Jong Il. It came to mind when I saw it.)

The entire Kyle Rittenhouse Trial will soon dissappear. This is the only way to make The Lavrentiy Beria Doctrine work here. Public police serving legitimate search warrants are limited in the extent to which they can rely on secrecy. Attornies can drop Habius Corpus writs and demand bail hearings. This puts public onus on the persecution to convince a judge that Kyle Rittenhouse is The Caucasoid Pablo Escobar if they want him denied bail before trial.

Then, the trial has to be speedy. Mr. Rittenhouse’s legal team could assault the airwaves every night if the wheels of justice ground to a halt as a way to screw with Mr. Rittenhouse and keep him confined without a legitimate conviction. Finally, the trial will normally be open. Again, the persecution has to convince a juge that an open Rittenhouse Trial would have a non-zero probability of triggering an uprising.

The persecution apparantly failed to meet that bar. We therefore saw The #Facepalm. The #Facepalm on #Facebook made Meta shut the whole thing down on their media platform.

Since the legitimate process of loading Kyle Rittenhouse onto a Gulag Train like a Soviet Jew has worked out about as well as a Kamala Harris seminar on personal integrity, the narrative requires other means. Having George Floyd’s COusin take an intimate personal interest in the whereabouts of The Rittenhouse Jury is not how jury trials work. This is how trials work when Narrative is more important than Big-T Truth.

The Rittenhouse Trial is all about message. That message is that the mob veto wins. If the current government fails to honor the mob veto, then the mob may not continue to tolerate that government’s existance. The requisite verdict trumps any evidence when Demotism underpins social order. If that verdict cannot hold up under the weight of actual ground truth, then block actual ground truth.

Truth becomes sabotage to demotic narrative. Democracy cannot succeed in the face of an informed populace. The members of an informed populace will condignly detest one another. The house divided against itself turns into a slum property. This is why #Facebook took this stuff right out of everyone’s face. Democracy, like any other species of coackroach, dies in sunlight. His name was Kyle Rittenhouse. If too many people know that, then they will know their democracy relies on lies that it would never survive having debunked.

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