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“Goyische Kopf”

Sometimes it seems the world around us suffers from goyische kopf, or tendency to innocently take things at face value and therefore be hopelessly manipulated. If you accept what society tells you, or a salesperson tells you, as literal truth, you are the dupe.

Jewish culture sees this as a sin because unlike idealistic societies, Judaism rewards realism. However, lacking the idealistic component, it fills in instead with urban haute bourgeoisie “the customer is always right” logic that emphasizes pleasing and manipulating others into pacifism rather than fighting to achieve what is right for all.

While many demonize the Jews for their behavior, it makes more sense to view them as simply the most successful of the diversity diaspora societies. That is, they preserve their culture by defining it in opposition to the mainstream, therefore embrace a universal acceptance that also destabilizes that host culture.

This enables them to say, as in the term goyische kopf, “we who have come here as beggars are in fact kings.” This is not unique to Jews; every immigrant population, from the Irish through Italians and Slavs later followed by Mexicans and Africans, has its own story of this nature.

However the Jewish group is smarter, more geared toward business and professions, and best of all, preserves its traditions and so accumulates knowledge while Whites and other diversity groups systematically and obsessively piss it away.

Most Whites detest Jews because they see the Jew as our future. After all, Jews came about when Whites mixed with those of their same social class in the upper middle class, but discarded ethnicity, leading to a mixture of White, Asian, and North African DNA.

When Whites lose culture, they have only commerce and ideology remaining, and they tend to default to a “harm no one” ideology which quickly becomes “accept everyone.” At that point, White parents look for partners for their offspring who are of the same social class, i.e. wealth level, and care less about ethnicity.

Over time this produces a group who is mostly White, a fair chunk Asian, and a tiny bit North African. You can find this population in Israel or Italy, Greece or Yugoslavia, or on the streets of NYC; you will find that the higher caste people in mixed populations in Iraq, India, Mexico, and California look this way too.

In any case, the Jews have displayed a great savvy for survival over the past few centuries. They are honest about the motivations of others, so they have no goyische kopf when it comes to their host populations: they recognize that these will most likely at some point attempt to kill them, so must be killed first.

This is no different than the behavior of other half-breed groups like Italians, Irish, and Slavs. The former two groups got involved in organized crime, unions, and political corruption; the latter group was simply known for being insular and having a high rate of property crime.

To recap, Italians are Whites mixed with Semitic and Asiatic elements; Slavs are Whites mixed with Asians; the Irish are neolithic Whites mixed with Semites. These groups are genetically indistinct from Jews, especially Ashkenazim, who after reducing themselves to a population of 330 individuals have been breeding back Europeanish DNA since.

Whites allow themselves the luxury of delusion; this is why they have goyische kopf, because it is more important for them not to make a faux pas or encounter unpleasant conflict than it is for them to get the best deal or avoid parasites. Jews have no interest in the luxury of self-deception.

In reality, all Other groups seek to conquer us, and if they live among us, will subvert us from within. The methods vary by the group. Asians refuse to pay taxes or do home maintenance; Hispanics steal everything in sight and drive drunk; Africans act out with violence; Italians and Irish form gangs to steal elections.

Jews recognize this; Whites do not. This is because Whites suffer from goyische kopf because of their desire to be sociable and get along with everyone, not to mention the Judeo-Christian idea that we should do good to both good and bad, which is obviously insane:

“As a Jew married to a Jew by choice, I definitely see goy as a slur — seldom used as a compliment, and never used in the presence of a non-Jew,” wrote Nahma Nadich, the deputy director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston. “That’s a good litmus test: if you wouldn’t use a word in the presence of someone you’re describing, good chance it’s offensive.”

But the word “goy” has too much historical and linguistic baggage to be used as casually as “non-Jew” or “gentile.” It starts with the obvious slurs – like “goyishe kopf,” or gentile brains, which suggests (generously) a dullard, or “shikker iz a goy,” a gentile is a drunkard. “Goyishe naches” describes the kinds of things that a Jew mockingly presumes only a gentile would enjoy, like hunting, sailing and eating white bread.

To Jews, goyim — non-Jews — live in a state of perpetual delusion. These people are like how a shopkeeper sees his customers or a politician sees his voters, self-deluding distraction-seekers who nonetheless have money and power for unknown reasons.

Those “unknown reasons” include things that minorities could not do, like make a society as functional and therefore prosperous as the West. Even high-IQ minorities like Chinese and Jews struggle with making functional societies and as a result, their wealth is sporadic and often lost between generations.

For minorities, there is a bit of a Dunning-Kruger Effect in that what Whites are good at remains invisible to them, so they see Whites as simply well-meaning incompetent people who accidentally got wealthy, much like most employees view their CEO as a lottery winner who is not particularly skilled.

The delusion that they see, however, they give the name goyische to reflect people who do not have the narrow orientation of Judaism. Minorities have a simple task, which is to prosper despite being fish out of water; majorities have many thousands of options, resulting in entropy and “analysis paralysis.”

When people are not thinking critically, clearly, and desperately about survival, they drift off into oblivion, causing them to take society at face value:

Mother taught by negative examples. A goyische kopf cared about the trappings of the store, rather than the thing bought, and so would pay full price at Bergdorf’s when the same dress could be purchased for half as much on the Lower East Side. A goyische kopf spent lots on liquor for a party but not enough for food. Goyische kopfs had dogs and sent their daughters for baton-twirling lessons. Goyische kopfs, it began to seem to us, had all the fun, while we were taught to be sensible.

This is a sin to the shopkeeper. He knows that all advertising is nonsense, all marketing is not to be taken literally, that everything is marked up to a ludicrous level, and that all minorities are secretely enemies of the host population but the host population does not know it.

Like a politician, he realizes that his profit comes from artful concealment of the high markup of goods that are cheap in bulk, the generation of hype and trend to sell otherwise unremarkable goods, and being altruistic to his customers because accepting their individual delusions as facts lets him sell more stuff.

A shopkeeper never pays retail. He never believes a politician. He looks beneath the face value for cui bono in all things. If a politician says a program will benefit the poor, the shopkeeper realizes it is actually a jobs program for the rich; if an advertisement claims a product is the best in its class, the shopkeeper knows that this like political polls comes from a focus group cherry-picked for the result desired.

The shopkeeper is always cynical about other people because he knows that whatever humans say is a lie and what they do reflects their souls. Most people simply act in self-interest while talking about altruism, spirituality, open-mindedness, art, and inclusion. They do not mean these things; they are simply advertising themselves.

Goyische kopf is what happens when you believe the shopkeepers, politicians, and other people around you in what they say and stop looking at their underlying motivations. If Whites are to survive, they need to get a bit more canny and escape this goyische kopf before it leads them into perpetual delusion.

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