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It has come to pass that Joe Biden hired an ex-GNAA security expert to run cybersecurity for his campaign:

Jackie Singh, who joined the Biden campaign in July as a senior cyber incident responder and threat analyst, was an affiliate of the hacking organization the Gay N—– Association of America, once headed by white nationalist Andrew Auernheimer.

From 2009 to 2016, Singh, under the username “jax,” routinely spammed advertising for the GNAA, which relied upon shock messaging to attract members, in IRC channels. Screenshots show that Singh used the same handle, “jax,” on Stickam, a defunct streaming platform popular in the mid-2000s.

The GNAA, described by the Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium as an “extremist right wing terrorist group,” has claimed responsibility for a variety of attacks on webpages and businesses, including on then-candidate Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign page, and vandalizing the Wikipedia pages for Hillary and Bill Clinton in 2016.

Like black metal music, the GNAA was one of the early heroes in the revolution against modernism. Unlike our current time, which is based on utilitarianism or the idea that whatever is popular as a minimum is the right course of action, the GNAA was based on realism, or results observed in external reality, outside of human minds.

As the GNAA was fond of saying, it was not racist but misogynist, since the movie Gayn—— From Outer Space which inspired its aesthetics was pro-Black but in favor of removing women from Earth so that men could be “liberated,” an ironic satire of the French Revolution itself.

Many of us who were part of the GNAA — you may know me as “gasjews,” before I saw how much even satirical anti-Semitism threatened to become real-life murder — visualized that movement as a way to begin talking about life again instead of existing in the cardboard cutout fake reality created by Leftism and consumer society that was so afraid of being “offensive” that it could never be real.

We took great fun in parodying the utter failure of Leftism and its pet programs like socialism, diversity, feminism, and globohomo, since these produced garbage results but were praised by the media and the army of losers who wanted to cash in on the coattails of those trends.

Despite the trash can lid banging of the press, no one has risen to take the bait on this one. America had faith in political correctness as “the right thing to do” until the FLOYD-19 riots, and now public opinion has turned against it. Let us be honest instead.

If the GNAA contributed anything to American history, it was an unflinching honesty about reality being more important than human pretense, and a desire to rid the world of socially-convenient illusions. Apparently it continues this mission even long after it has petered out.

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