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Give me proof


“Where is the proof that you people are the intelligent ones, rather than part of the conformist herd?
Where is the proof of any of these stereotypes about half the damn species?
To moderate doesn’t mean to make equal. Look it up.”

Some things are just too good to waste, and this is one of them.
A comment, from someone I will not name, directed at an author on this site, whom I will, likewise, not name.
And why would I claim this quoted snippet of literary genius as “too good to miss”?
We will see….

Conservatives have certain things in common. One of those things is a propensity to read whatever comes to their attention, piques their interest, or in some way stimulates their juices, and to consider what they have read, weighing it up, comparing it to other things they have read, and to what they actually know, before advancing to the next step.
The next step may involve almost any conceivable human activity, among which immediately firing back a response, is relatively rare among them.
But should they choose to respond to what they have just now read, it will likely be along the lines of a corollary observation, addition to the text, an adjunct, or a reasonable critique.

What a conservative is highly unlikely to do, is to immediately demand to be supplied with proof of what he has just read, or for sources for it, to be quoted, or that it should have been written entirely differently, to suit the opinions of the one reading it.
A conservative simply isn’t put together that way, and besides, he has something to his character, has experienced something of life, and been able to learn from his experiences, which, basically, is what makes him a conservative.

What he can also do, is project current information into the future, and predict, with reliable accuracy, where things stemming from that information are likely to go, and how it will likely turn out.
Some children call this “joining the dots”, and some children are good at it. Because some parents do a fair job of raising some children, and supply them – deliberately – with some books, among which are to be found Join-The-Dots-Books.

Yet a leftist can not perform this simple feat.
The leftist is so busy feeling superior to knuckle-dragging conservatives, feeling so much more intelligent, so much more compassionate, so much more caring, that there is no time left for meaningless childish pursuits, such as Joining The Dots.

No. The leftist is so busy emoting, and making every move and dithering over every thought, referencing only the ideology that he has accepted as The Word Of God, that he has no ability, whatsoever, to make anything of any information that comes his way, other than to scrutinize it for correct ideological message, content, style, and insipidity, and not finding any, to then go on an immediate rampage to abuse, ridicule, and hate its author.

You see, any normal, well-adjusted person, will seek out further information – by himself – to complement what he has read, or else disprove it.
He will, under no circumstances, demand it be supplied to him, because why should he? Why would he? How self-important would he need to be, in order to even entertain such notions, in the first place?

And there you have it. At least, a bit of it. For the iceberg is huge, and what you see isn’t even the half of it.
Far from being intelligent, the average leftist is an utter dimwit, not only incapable of autonomy, or dot-joining, or being remotely civil, but also of believing in his innate superiority over anyone and anything he is not equipped to understand. Which covers a great deal of ground.

Their age is passing, thanks to the likes of Donald Trump. Who is utterly incomprehensible to leftists. The more they analyze him and explain his behavior, the more I guffaw in amusement at their extreme displays of not-having-a-clue.
For The Trump is a very, very simple man, the likes of which has never been seen.
He is what he is. No more, no less. No guile, no ego. No act, no brief.
He does it all on the fly, effortlessly joining up the dots, and spitting out anything that might hinder his celestial trajectory.

The chance of any leftist having any faint idea of what, why, or how he does it, is precisely zero.

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