Furthest Right Intermittently Down This Week

For those interested in where the alternative social media network has gone this week:

As you know we deployed a new update to the Gab Social interface this past week. This new update resulted in a huge uptick in traffic, which resulted in our existing servers being stretched to capacity very quickly.

Thankfully we have new and improved server hardware that we are in the process of upgrading to as we speak. We will be posting progress updates to the Gab Status page on here on a daily basis.

We are currently moving terabytes of data and this transition is not an easy one. There will be rolling downtime and performance issues for the remainder of the week.

There was a DDoS attack ongoing before this happened, but the last couple weeks have seen a new surge in alternative social media. Everyone had to stay home, they got punchy, mainstream social media retaliating with a new wave of bannings, and now people are bailing out of the FAANG social media sites.

On a broader scale, social media itself seems to be falling out of favor as people have fewer hours of doing nothing at make-work jobs to scroll through neurotic gibberish all day. In addition, they are finding that alternative social media is more relaxed and less likely to be noticed, so they are bleeding off to there.

Soon, the big social media of today will join MySpace in the rust bucket of history. Sounds inconceivable? So were the ideas that MySpace could become irrelevant, that AOL would not be the biggest ISP forever, or that everyone would have high-speed access from home.

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