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People wonder what will go in the near future, so here are a few ideas.


  • Bureaucratic democracy is incompetent, not because its leaders are bad, although many of them are, but because bureaucrats are helpless with anything but a narrow range of problems and “solutions.”
  • Globalism and diversity are the same idea, namely ending conflict by forcing everyone to be codependent on each other. This has failed.
  • Even one diverse individual in a community destroys the majority culture. This is why Other races and ethnicities need to stay away, and LGBT+ need to keep it quiet and not be talked about.
  • Most of humanity has its head wedged firmly up its ass. These people are incapable of recognizing anything like reality and all they know is what they want right now and someone else should give it.
  • We are using too much land, causing the breakdown of ecosystems and the emergence of really scary pandemics. Climate change is the bogeyman; too many humans is the grim reality.


  • The enemy is the bureaucratic System, meaning: bureaucracies rely on treating people like cogs in the machine. Any system based on this idea will turn manipulative and parasitic.
  • Diversity does not work. Reparations-with-repatriation is the only way to end the constant warfare and social destruction.
  • Rightist and Leftist separation is upon us. This will probably occur on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis, eventually working itself up to the state level.
  • Civil rights and human rights — represented in the USA by the fourteenth amendment — have to die. So do entitlements. Legislative battles await.
  • We need social hierarchy. Some are born to be plebes, some middle class, and some leaders. These need to be social roles as well as official titles. Let the good people lead.
  • Strong culture is coming back, which means people dressing, acting, and decorating their lives in ways which are not just the utilitarian minimum. This will be used to exclude outsiders.
  • We have wrecked our economy with COVID-19 because the Left wants Trump out of office. This will backfire, but the resulting economic crisis will lead to world war.
  • A number of people in the “deep state” and other Leftist cliques have revealed themselves to be bad people. Some of these are going to be officially defrocked, but others will simply disappear.
  • We are heading into a time of low police presence. Future Antifa and BLM riots in nice white neighborhoods will end in gunfire, directed at the cops if they show up, too. The bodies will not be there in the morning.
  • The first world is decoupling from the third world. They have showed us that their agenda is to destroy us, even though they need us. We want to separate and have zero obligation for them. That means we do not even want to use them as labor.

Things always get worse before they get better. The era of liberal democracy is ending; so, too, is the Enlightenment-era individualism which has afflicted the West. Equality is dead, and so is “me first” individualism as well as other focus on the self. The new era belongs to cooperation and culture.

Whatever happens in the lead-up to the election can now be safely ignored. No one trusts the press and official sources after the COVID-19 bungle and George Floyd race riots. No one trusts the lower-level government officials.

We are seeing a revolution of organic culture against the revolutions in Europe and the bureaucratic society they brought. It turns out that when you make something official, idiots take it over and ruin your society, so we need informal hierarchies instead of equality-based systems.

Humanity is trying to get its act together after being caught in a cycle of the same problems created by the same non-solutions time and again. We are going to stop caring about the poor, weak, sad, and marginalized; we are going to start caring about the winners only.

More broadly, we are no longer interested in being manipulated with symbols like someone being “inequal.” We want real-world, realistic, and good results, not an endless quest to improve everyone or spread democracy everywhere.

This is a break from the past, and it exists as realizations mostly now, which has caused the division in our societies. The Left mostly won for the last thousand years, and now that we have seen the end result of their winning, we want out. This means conflict and division are coming.

For those wondering what to do, here is simple advice: get a weapon and be ready to use it. Get a food supply that you can create and manage. Stockpile useful items, and accumulate knowledge that you can actually use, instead of just piling up books. The future needs functional people.

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