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Fears of Nihilism Reflect Fear of Reality

Last week, the Communists attacked Nihilism, reminding us that “Sat Cong” is not just a slogan but a practical guide to cleaning up your nation. No one complains about dead Communists or dead criminals except Communists.

This week, drugged on a desire to prove the Left wrong using Leftist theory, Victor Davis Hanson decides that conservatives must attack nihilism in order to avoid facing reality:

But the common denominator of wokeism is rank ignorance: ignorance that a multiracial democracy is a combustible, fragile structure, easy for the arsonist to destroy but hard for first responders to save; ignorance that the wealth fueling the thousands in the street, equity commissars, the human resources sleuths, and the professionally aggrieved is predicated on a meritocracy that ensures in a ruthless world Americans and their political and economic system can outperform the competition that has no illusions about the evils of tribalism; and ignorance that the vision of wokeness is not just racialist payback but the nihilism of the Balkans sort.

What is this “nihilism” he speaks of? Oh, right: recognizing reality. In RealityLand, we realize that different ethnic groups cannot coexist because coexistence means erasure. They fight instead.

It means recognizing that having minority groups creates a time bomb, since when these groups get powerful enough, they will serve as a swing vote in elections and gradually take over by having become a necessary part of politics.

This implies a failure of ideology, or the idea that we can unite people by ideas alone because they have equal reasoning capacity. If anything, they see through ideology and realize that their best hope consists of having group identity.

As in all cases when people bemoan nihilism, Hanson objects to our defection from the shared social illusion that humans can be controlled by words so that we can “live and let live.” As a Libertarian, he likes that ideal quite a bit.

When you step outside the social ghetto, and start looking at reality as something bigger and smarter than humanity, it becomes clear that humans project their fears of conflict into a demand for pacifism, compromise, individualism, and unity.

In reality, unity only comes from shared interests, which means that you can have a nation with one ethnic group but once you add another, you have a dying nation and the beginnings of a third world ruin.

He hopes to shame the Left for being more realistic about race being tribalism and tribalism being the origin of successful politics, but this falls flat because what works is always better than airy moral proclamations unrelated to the real world.

Like most “conservatives,” he hopes to ensnare the Left in contradiction, hypocrisy, or otherwise inconsistent behavior. He forgets that they do not care: “equality” means taking from the strong to give to the weak, and nothing else.

Here he accuses them of “racism,” managing mostly to affirm that racism is bad without looking into the issue beyond the categorical language:

The benchmarks of the Back Lives Matter and affiliated woke movements are overt racism, systemic untruth, and the hypocritical privilege of their elite architects.

We are now well beyond the race-based set-asides of the last 50 years, predicated on the evolving concepts of proportional representation and disparate impact. These multitrillion-dollar endowed Great Society principles eventually mandated that admissions and hiring reflect the proportional ethnic and racial makeup of the population.

All that is now ossified and considered not enough. In its place is a damnation of all things “white” with a new definition of diversity as simply all those, without any other affinities, who claim to be bound proudly together by being nonwhite.

When we start thinking in realist terms, and beyond the binary of “racism threatens unity therefore is bad,” we can look into the reality of “racism,” namely that every group prefers its own.

A minority group faces the ugly prospect of being ruled by a majority, unless it overthrows them. Every minority group attempts to overthrow its majorities as a consequence.

We are seeing here the inheritance of the Clinton years. Emboldened by thirty years of pro-diversity rhetoric, the minorities believe that their destiny is to replace Whites and seize America, living happily ever after.

Clowns on the Right attempt to appease them, rile up the conservative audience by pointing out Leftist “hypocrisy,” and sell lots of books by claiming that Leftist anti-racism is in fact “racism,” when really it is the natural consequence of diversity.

We either get on board with the “nihilism” and accept reality as it is, and stop projecting our fears onto it using social control, or we continue to pound this square peg into a round hole, with corresponding bad results.

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