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Today yet another political quiz came up, which provides a good chance to look into how people categorize beliefs and why it fails.

Your fascist elements are high (64%).

The major weakness of this test: like most confused human arguments, it never defines its terms. Do they mean historical fascism, vernacular fascism, or the Leftist term meaning any belief system with some nationalist elements?

The test-writers confuse those which does them no credit, but one can understand why: their audience cannot tell the difference between the nuances of National Socialism, Mussolinian fascism, Franco-era fascism, the Roman Empire, and police demanding that you not steal things. Idiocracy wins when the Crowd has power.

Corporatism: The belief that the state should step in to guide, coordinate, and control production, as well as coordinate negotiations between employers and labor unions.

I score a giant zero here because of my libertarian side, which recognizes that “capitalism” is just how economies work, and anything else is stupid. Culture is upstream of buying patterns; that is how you influence your economy.

When you have government stand in to manage the economy, you get the inefficiency of a bureaucracy and the inexactitude of a centralized command structure. Since you do not want markets to dominate your society, you need culture.

Culture is what keeps the French buying crossaints and staying away from donuts. Culture drives the Germans to insist on clean, high-quality meats. Culture has people aim for a certain ideal, rather than buying products in the hopes that they are the new ideal in the form of a trend.

This is where people like me get off the treadmill with Communism, National Socialism, and Fascism, as well as modern “market socialism” which achieves the same thing through a network of regulations, taxes, and laws.

Strongman Leader: The belief that society functions best when it is governed by a strong and inspiring leader in whom the people can put their trust.

Perhaps more clearly, I believe that above all else, people quality matters. If you find a good person who is a talented leader, it makes no sense to hold them back with lots of little rules and red tape.

I do not trust the modern ideal that we can set up a system with checks and balances so that even mediocre idiots can steer the ship of state. Mediocre idiots are good for nothing and belong in no roles whatsoever.

Militarism: The belief that the military mode of organization should be extended into other areas of society, such as schools, politics, police, and the workplace.

Color me not a big fan of militarism. When we try too hard to force everyone to fall into line, we get insincere conformists. Discipline is a nice ideal, but it cannot be externally imposed.

It is better instead to set up tasks that require self-discipline and reward those who can invent it within themselves, because that way they pass this knowledge on as social capital.

When we force people to behave, no learning occurs, and no real inner change, which means that they cheat on that behavior standard as soon as they can.

Dissident Suppression: The belief that people who disagree with the reigning orthodoxy should be monitored, surveilled, and repressed by the state.

I found myself divided on this one. I think that any perspective should be able to be expressed, but I also favor strong eugenics to remove mental defectives, including Leftists.

The fact is that anyone who thinks “equality” is a good thing is lying to themselves, which means that they are either temporarily damaged and will grow out of it, or permanently dysfunctional because something went wrong in their brains.

It’s okay to kill Communists. Even more, it ensures that future generations will be smarter, saner, nicer, and less parasitic. Hitler won the argument on eugenics: removing tards, idiots, incompetents, promiscuous people, the insane, and career criminals just leads to a better life for everyone else.

Natural Hierarchy: The belief that people of certain races, genders, political observations, and/or religious affiliations are naturally superior to others.

One can tell this quiz was written from a liberal perspective that wants to gaslight us into accepting diversity by front-loading it into the question, a begging-the-question fallacy like the rest of Leftism.

In any population, the founding ethnic group is superior to all others because no other group can serve as that population. If you replace Germans with Nigerians, you get Nigerians speaking German, not Germans.

The question of natural hierarchy involves what goes on within a homogeneous population, namely caste. Some IQ bands rise above others, and we all benefit from their competence.

Our only other option is egalitarianism, which holds that an idiot is equal to a genius, and therefore is a philosophy for idiots. Natural selection removes idiots, if we just get out of the way and let it work.

Press and Speech Control: The belief that certain ideas and standpoints are so odious that the state is justified in taking strict measures to hinder their propagation in thought and speech.

I think this is too dangerous and too powerful to adopt. Caste is important here; low-IQ people like low-IQ ideas, so they always end up at something like Communism with local warlords via equality.

Stupid ideas only take root in your society when you allow the stupid to have a voice. Censoring the press and speech is not the option you want; censoring the idiots, and suppressing them, is the option we all need.

Rebirth Myth: The belief that the nation has digressed so far from the path of greatness that only extraordinary political measures can restore it to its former glory.

History runs in cycles. People discover how to adapt, then forget because they are busy chasing novelty, at which point their society goes into decay until it gets so bad they have a chance to rediscover their adaptations.

Right now, the world is in a state of decay because it has forgotten its adaptations for a long time.

Denunciation of Enemies: The belief that certain groups are the collective enemies of the people, and that these enemies are responsible for many of the nation’s troubles.

How could anyone oppose this? Every other group on Earth is attempting to conquer you. Of course you have enemies, and if they are not incompetent, of course they are creating troubles for you.

This is distinct from scapegoating people for your own idiotic decisions. If you choose democracy and equality, you will end up with diversity. The Eternal Jew or Satan is not responsible for your own retarded choices.

Tough-mindedness: A personality characteristic that predisposes one towards being cynical, confrontational, and uninterested in the well-being of out-groups.

This makes no sense whatsoever. Out-groups are beyond our control; even well-intentioned interest in their well-being is a type of condescension and manipulation.

Traditional Values: The belief that traditional values and morality are worthy of preservation and that society works better when people conform to these values.

That which works for centuries tends to work better than whatever we have “discovered” recently. Most “new” ideas are not new and are not realistic, therefore are just short-term career boosts for their “inventors.”

However, natural selection fetishists like myself tend to see this as part of the equation. You want a society that rewards the good, so that you can select those and breed them.

You do not want a society that forces people into good behavior since this simply hides their defects and passes those on to the next generation.

For this reason, fascism and egalitarian moralities like that normally attributed to Christianity seem to work poorly. I want people to reveal who they are.

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