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Facing The One Issue That Decides Our Future

It is hard to want to call one a conservative. The root of conservatism implies conserving what we have instead of gambling on new, conjectural ideas, since most “new” ideas are neither new nor good. When applied however it translates into preserving the appearance of the old as the new seeps within.

Most of this has nothing to do with conservatism, per se. “Forget it, Jake. It’s democracytown.” When the parties must get along, and Leftist reforms have been passed, conservatives will end up defending and upholding them. This means that the limits conservatives wish to apply get brushed aside in favor of compromise.

This explains the attitude of most conservatives: defeatism, with a strong Christ-like desire to die martyrs, while living well like everyone else in democracy governments. You vote for your salary, your celebrity gets you book deals and speaking engagements, and if you swap a little power for some favors, well, it is how the game is played.

They distract themselves either with stunting for symbolic but unrealistic items like prayer in school and keeping abortion illegal, or they allow themselves to be shaped by our enemies: we are not-monarchist, not-communist, and most of all not willing to accept that genetics of races, social classes, ethnic groups, and individuals are different.

In short, conservatives have been humbled by the Left because democracy is a neurotic form of government that rules by utilitarian consensus, so whoever considers all viewpoints and forms as compromise “wins.” Most people now even think this is an intelligent way to make decisions, despite being the logical equivalent of schizophrenic retardation.

At the core however conservatives are those who want continuity from the past through the future. We believe in purpose, and consequently we see life as an amazing opportunity despite its scary parts, which enables us to aspire toward the transcendent where everyone else is fixated on the materialistic and individualistic.

Anyone looking at life as a series of cause-effect relationships and history as a continuous lesson will recognize the painful truth that there is one issue in politics, and it is genetics. Diversity wrecked the USA; class war by proles against kings wrecked Europe. Deny genetics and you head for self-extermination.

Not only is diversity genocide — if you breed a population with another, the original population ceases to exist as surely as if you gassed and burned them — but it creates PTSD. Since the world wars, when we committed to democracy and diversity respectively, we have been unable to say in public that the basis of our ideology is insane and unrealistic.

Since diversity came about, American law changed drastically with the 14A and a series of civil rights laws designed to make government intrude into every area of public and private life with the goal of “social engineering” racial tolerance through subsidies and quotas.

Ever since the rise of diversity, American politics has been consumed by constant infighting over the innate lack of consensus over diversity. A quick read of some of our DiversityWatch™ posts shows just how of our time, money, and energy is consumed by diversity.

The interesting thing is that it does not matter who the diversity are, only the fact of diversity itself. When we are diverse, there can be no majority culture, only permissiveness, commerce, and ideology. Most of what is blamed on “capitalism” in fact arises from intrusive socialist government or diversity itself.

We exist in a constant state of Stockholm Syndrome and PTSD because we cannot point out that the Emperor has no new clothes after all, and that diversity is failing everywhere it is tried and no one likes it except the Useful Idiots who will sacrifice everything so that they can have a mental state of faith in our failing system.

Occam’s Razor says that human events are rarely explained by complex conspiracies, but almost always by opportunism and incompetence. Diversity hides that in a background noise of total chaos and constant infighting. An inept or malign leader can find no better friend than diversity.

Before diversity, our stars were rising. After diversity, our path leads to nothing but decay. This is the one issue that will decide our future: whether we end diversity through reparations-with-repatriation, or whether we choose genocide, civilization collapse, and suicide through allowing it to continue.

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