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DiversityWatch (December 15, 2022)


As history grinds onward relentlessly as it must, being based on time and time in turn based on the change of events, mass awareness has started to stir: the system as we have it now is not working and will only get worse.

Sure, one can blow off the Twitter Files as a figment of the paranoid normiecon mind (which, honestly, generally invents Satan-analogues instead of looking at the obvious structural deficiencies in the Leftist logic which was ruled us since the world wars). But RussiaGate, the Hunter Biden laptop of doom, the COVID-19 bungle, the rising debt at every level, the ongoing race war, sky-climbing inflation, decreased reliability of products and institutions, the surging pollution, the first glimpses of what The Ecocide will look like, the general misery of commuter jobs and consumer values, the bourgeois anti-realism, the raging symbolist religions both secular and liturgical, the first threads of WW3, and the total loss of culture?

No one wants this mess. Per human norms, most people desire a system where they can do whatever they want and someone else must clean up and pay for it. However, we now see how that boomerangs into higher costs passed on down to us. After all, all costs to business are added to the price; all costs are passed on to the consumer. Government does nothing but add costs. Ideology does the same, as does bureaucracy. The path to equality leads to socialism which leads to doom. Democracy was a misstep, and you can try blaming The Jews™ or The Rich® for that one, but in the end, we as societies made some bad choices and we have to un-make them to survive.

A vast weight of inertia pushes against that. Most people think backward, so they rationalize from what is popular in order to argue for what they want, even if just in their own minds. This means that they are still trying to make the egalitarian stew of democracy, individualism/materialism, equality, diversity, and socialism (DIEDS) seem to work, and they will contort and twist their thoughts until they align with the success of The System, even as this corrupts their own sanity and turns them into controlling narcissists.

In the long view, our current system is fragile because it has reversed its promise. It offered freedom, pacifism, and prosperity, but then sacrificed those for its own ideological objectives; in the long calculus, managerial-administrative bureauracies which attempt social engineering are inevitably going to do this.

DIEDS fails because it relies on Control. It needs to control how we think, so it regulates what methods we can use as acceptable behaviors, including speech, because it like all ideologies is conjectural — “the world would be better if humans forced it to be this way” — and therefore becomes unstable when confronted with any examples of what it hopes to achieve that did not involve it. Its biggest competitor, the near-past of a century or two ago, seems to be winning except for various protected groups like minorities, non-standard sexualities, and Leftists.

Control requires sabotage. It resembles narcissism because it cannot accept any criticism of itself. Its primary method is known as poisoning the well or the poison tree. It selects methods that it likes, then finds reasons to categorize all others as insane, evil, illegal, immoral, or antisocial. Like a cult, it forces you to use only its preferred methods by declaring all others intolerable. This was the basis of political correctness, but even more, is how narcissists behave in daily life.

This shows us the weakness of Control: it is a negative system, instead of a positive set of goals. It seeks to eliminate harms, not achieve benefits. It focuses on the negative and, not surprisingly, produces more of it. It confuses cause and effect by treating effects and methods as causes in themselves, sort of like saying that hammers build houses or guns cause massacres. It seeks to restrict possible goals to the negative, which requires limiting method in order to program your goal to be in conformity with the methods of Control, all so that it can regulate the mental state of its cult members.

This, too, is classic narcissist (“narc”) behavior. Your narc sets themselves up so that only they can make you feel okay about your future because you have not upset them; the narc wants to arbitrate moral good so that when you step out of line, they make you feel like you are doomed forever until you come crawling back looking for affirmation. This is the root of all dark organizations; they lose sight of a positive goal, therefore focus on negatives, which soon becomes a spiral of removing non-conformists, dissidents, and any other competing ideas or practices. This is why they regulate methods and are means-over-ends in theory: they want to keep out the competition.

Narcs usually sell themselves as making people feel good. This allows them to withhold that good feeling as a punishment for non-conformity. Like drug dealers or priests, they bless only that which fits within their goals, and they quickly mingle personal goals of accumulating recognition (status, along with power and wealth, which come with it) with their official goals, and soon the personal goals win out. That makes a dark organization, and it happens any time moralizing — a social measurement — replaces prizing results in reality.

Civilizations over time become mutual infantilization devices because they retard the development of their members by removing the ability to explore the full range of possibilities. This causes their growth to become stunted because they are punished for lack of conformity, therefore conformity becomes their first goal and competence occurs only secondarily. The failures of the Mongol, Bolshevik, and Jacobin bureaucracies are instructive here. As more methods become prohibited, people become capable of thinking only in terms of a few general approaches, and disguise those behind artifice so that their lack of ideas are not noticed.

Now that the WEIRD — Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic — world has taken over and its methods have been emulated worldwide through globalism, the end approaches very rapidly. This system has run out of room to move and by eliminating free thought, has eliminated the independent thinkers who make the big advancements. It has become wholly incompetent, staffed by the products of “meritocracy” who are good at memorization and bad at thinking. Expect the ground to get much larger in our view as it rushes up to meet us.


  • Are accents disappearing?

    The pressure to sound standard is one force that can lead to what linguists describe as “dialect leveling” or “accent leveling.” This occurs when there is a loss of diverse features among regional language varieties. For example, if a U.S. Southerner feels social or economic pressure to shift from pronouncing the word “right” with one vowel—sounding like “raht”—to make it sound like “ra-eeyt” with a diphthong (two vowel sounds), they may be diminishing their use of a common marker for Southern speech. This is technically not accent loss, but rather accent change.

    Technically change that replaces one thing with another is “loss,” you nitwits. What we are seeing here is that in nature, systems achieve equilibrium through variety, but human systems demand standardization and centralization in order for individuals to feel “safe,” which is why DIEDS is so popular in theory. This however goes against nature by increasing entropy:

    In physics, equilibrium is a state in which a system’s motion and internal energy do not change over time. Videos of systems in equilibrium would look exactly the same if they were watched in their normal chronological progression or backwards. This symmetry means that a system has an entropy production rate equal to zero.

    Tom Pynchon made a career writing about this, an idea he borrowed from Burroughs (follow level three metaphor from “thermodynamics wins at a crawl” in Naked Lunch) that was later carried forward by Gibson and Houellebecq. Democracy is freedom, and freedom means people doing very similar things while draining society, at which point society standardizes to avoid offending the pretense of freedom, equality, compassion, etc. etc.

    As some have pointed out, reversing entropy by both allowing decentralization and creating convergence on heuristic informal standards is the path of a leader since it keeps the civilization healthy:

    1. An important tool for discrimination is that real leaders are anti-entropic (i.e. creative), and usually best discerned by their ability to reverse an adverse trend.

    A successful leader moves people toward positive goals based on shared needs, and therefore is opposed to diversity of any form.

  • Bravo, Kyrsten Sinema. You Represent Millions of Americans Who Hate Both Parties

    “Everyday Americans are increasingly left behind by national parties’ rigid partisanship, which has hardened in recent years,” Sen. Sinema explains in an Arizona Central Op-Ed announcing her move. “Pressures in both parties pull leaders to the edges, allowing the loudest, most extreme voices to determine their respective parties’ priorities and expecting the rest of us to fall in line.”

    “When politicians are more focused on denying the opposition party a victory than they are on improving Americans’ lives, the people who lose are everyday Americans,” the Senator concludes. “That’s why I have joined the growing numbers of Arizonans who reject party politics by declaring my independence from the broken partisan system in Washington.”

    In other words, instead of more options, Sinema wants us to standardize on a single (bipartisan, centrist, compromise) option, which in the post-WW2 period of the Overton Window consistently sliding Left means more Leftism. She is still a Democrat. We should mention the FQ here, since she is tainted by Semitic North African Irish Neolithic DNA. Boats!

  • Norwegian filmmaker faces up to 3 years in prison for saying men cannot be lesbians

    The post on Gjevjon’s Facebook page under investigation read, “It’s just as impossible for men to become a lesbian as it is for men to become pregnant. Men are men regardless of their sexual fetishes.”

    Gjevjon has said that she intentionally posted her Facebook message to draw attention to Norway’s hate speech laws.

    Which freedom is more important, that of women or transsexuals? Egalitarian theory says that whoever is the bigger victim gets given more wealth, power, and status by the egalitarian Control apparat.

  • Science teacher says biology lessons on cells are ‘capitalist indoctrination’

    Jung reportedly claimed that science lessons on cell structure were a “perfect example” of “capitalist indoctrination” because most of her students believed that the nucleus was the most important part of the cell, not the mitochondria, because “without a boss, the cell would be in total chaos.”

    That is not “capitalism,” but hierarchy, your only alternative to mob rule. She likes mob rule because she is a mob person, that is inwardly without ideas or impetus, but outwardly weird, freaky, and diverse to compensate for her lack of personality or soul. The Left opposes capitalism like any other realistic contest (business, military, athletics, intelligence) because it naturally produces hierarchy.

  • French Court Convicts Eight People in Bastille Day 2016 Truck Attack

    The driver, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a 31-year-old Tunisian, was shot dead by police after mowing down revelers gathered to watch a fireworks display in the French Riviera city of Nice, killing a dozen children. Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was a response to calls by the extremist group to target nations allied against it.
    Judges sentenced Mohamed Ghraieb, a 46-year-old French-Tunisian, who worked as a night watchman in a nearby hotel in Nice, and Chokri Chafroud, a 43-year-old Tunisian construction worker, to 18 years in prison for helping Lahouaiej Bouhlel prepare the attack. The two defendants were convicted of belonging to a terrorist organization. 

    Pluralism means “agree to disagree.” You need no more theory on this topic than that. This joins pacifism, compromise, centrism, anarchy, and bipartisanship as a type of not making decisions but trying to still subsidize citizens to be equal. In theory, pluralism would support Rabbis, Nazis, and Drag Queens walking the same street together arm-in-arm singing about how they do not agree, but because its basis is tainted with egalitarianism, only those with sufficient victimhood status get “freedom.” This is why open societies tolerate their enemies but not those who would oppose them.

  • Here’s why salaries in the U.S. don’t keep up with inflation

    Corporations are still raising salaries and offering other perks to retain employees, but they’re not necessarily factoring in the cost of living, as that’s not typically how compensation determination works. Instead, organizations focus on the cost of labor and the competitive landscape in making these decisions.

    Natural selection, capitalism, competition, elitism, and quality control all select the productive over the unproductive; they are not subsidy programs, but instead, raise the best because we all benefit from a competent society instead of the disaster that the Clinton-Biden-Obama years brought us. Subsidy-based programs like egalitarianism operate by transferring wealth, power, and status to whoever has greater victimhood, and consequently destroy competence and societal wealth in the mad pursuit of making everyone equally wealthy. That worked poorly for the Soviets.

  • Facebook owner Meta sued for inciting hatred in Ethiopia

    The suit was filed in Kenya on Tuesday by two Ethiopian researchers and a Kenyan rights group, the Katiba Institute. According to court documents, the plaintiffs accuse Meta of not only failing to moderate violent posts about the country’s conflict in the Tigray region, but also amplifying the most virulent ones.

    In pluralist societies, failure to censor enough is a mortal sin. In reality, each group is going to express its views and these will inevitably clash. We are not all the same; it is not scientific, realistic, nor moral to assume that there is one universal standard for all peoples and people.

  • Highest metal concentrations in US public water systems found among Hispanic/Latino and American Indian communities

    The researchers used county-level, population-weighted concentration estimates of arsenic and uranium concentrations in public water systems across the U.S.—estimates based on the most recent publicly available nationwide monitoring data gathered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

    Water metal concentrations were available for a total of 2,585 counties for arsenic and 1,174 counties for uranium. Parallel analyses were conducted for each of these racial and ethnic groups: non-Hispanic Black, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Hispanic/Latino, and non-Hispanic White.

    Poor people move into cheap land which is near industrial sites. The egalitarian solution: give them more money so they can move somewhere else. The hidden actual solution: clean up the industrial pollution.

  • Sam Bankman-Fried hugs his parents as he is DENIED bail and sent to overcrowded hellhole Bahamas jail

    But over the next 18 pages, he blamed anti-Semitism, lawyers and even his own ex-girlfriend for the breakdown of his company. 

    In a pluralistic society, you always wonder if people act against you for real reasons or simply because they are discriminating. A commonsense realist would say that we should give SBF a chance to make his customers whole, then arrest him and indict him if he fails.

  • Jack Dorsey warns against attacks on Twitter staff and dedicates $1M a year to Signal

    Dorsey said that his hope to build a Twitter according to his wishes died in 2020 with the entrance of an unnamed activist investor.

    “I planned my exit at that moment knowing I was no longer right for the company,” he wrote.

    Activist investors get support from the US and EU to pursue the only policy that leads to permanent government: socialism (in theory). Import diversity, tax it, pay benefits, and then celebrate a society where no one goes wanting but no one has anything to live for either.

  • Dominic Raab won’t rule out leaving Europe’s human rights treaty despite previously wanting to keep it

    Dominic Raab yesterday refused to rule out leaving Europe’s human rights treaty, which has been blamed for making it difficult for Britain to tackle the migrant crisis.

    The Deputy Prime Minister, who has previously backed remaining in the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), said: ‘Nothing is off the table for the future.’

    Remove government-granted (and therefore: selectively withheld) rights and return to “natural rights,” or rights protected from government, and suddenly you do not need entitlements and four-fifths of your budget goes away, so instead of those tax costs being passed on down to the consumer, ordinary people can afford to live again.

  • Nancy Pelosi blamed white men ‘in a mood’ for Dems’ 2010 midterm losses

    “Our members have said they don’t regret their health care bill right across the board,” the speaker told Obama. “Even if we never passed health care reform, we were still going to lose this election because of 9.5% unemployment. ‘Cause it wasn’t about that, it was about jobs.”

    “The white male thing is just — that’s a dominant thing,” Pelosi added. “When they don’t have a job, they get in a mood. And, um, so we’ll have to make some decisions in our caucus about how we go forward.”

    Blast those White males and their demand for function instead of more socialist entitlements bureaucracy.


  • Professor claims affordable housing for black residents proof of ‘systemic racism’

    “In Louisville’s majority white neighborhoods, the average home costs $325,942, over three times the $116,180 that homes in Louisville majority Black communities’ cost,” the scholar wrote.

    Wealth generally varies with IQ. Whites with an average of 103ish in the US will be better off than groups with an average in the 90s.

  • Row over ancestral festivity divides Afro-Colombian town

    “The balsadas represent culture, they’re very important because they unite us,” says Willingtong Obregón, 34, a local fisherman whose family has been building balsadas for generations. “Rafts like these are only made here, this is our heritage and we identify with it.”

    “It conserves cultural practices that over time may otherwise be lost, but most importantly, it provides us a sense of belonging.”

    However, some in the community worry that official recognition would overly commercialise the event, thus diluting the balsadas’ religious and Afro-Colombian roots and distancing it from ancestral customs and traditions.

    Culture is important, and tied to race/ethnicity.

  • Explaining the ‘unexplained’ gender pay gap

    He also emphasized that a major cause of the unexplained ‘within-job’ inequality is what’s known as the ‘motherhood penalty.’ That’s the fact that because women typically take longer parental leave than men, they face challenges when returning to work and end up in a “self-reinforcing” process where it is harder to be promoted and reach the same salary level as their male colleagues.

    In other words, it is the obvious: women can be mothers, and that takes up much of their career. Thank a mother today if you are here, because without her sacrificing dinari for life you would not be here.

  • City Digs Up Remains Of Confederate General After Taking Down Statue

    The city of Richmond, Virginia, has dug up the remains of Confederate General A.P. Hill as it continues to purge Confederate symbols and monuments from public spaces. 

    The remains of Hill, which had been buried under a monument to the general, were located on Tuesday after two days of digging. The casket of Hill, who was reportedly buried standing up, was rotted away when workers finally found the remains using an excavator.

    The city had brought in an excavator to search for Hill’s remains, which had been buried at an intersection of the city for over 130 years. On top of the grave was a statue of the Confederate soldier. The statue, which was removed via crane on Monday, was the last city-owned Confederate monument to be removed from Richmond.

    Desecrating the dead and erasing history is normal in third-world kleptocracies. With diversity, it is our new normal here.

  • Immigrants in the UK without access to state support are facing devastating food poverty, new research shows

    According to Citizens Advice, an estimated 1.3 million people in the U.K. have a “No Recourse to Public Funds” (NRPF) condition attached to their immigration status, meaning they have limited access to state support, even in times of crisis.

    If you give out free stuff, people will come and take it, and leave nothing for you. They will eat the seed corn, kill the goose that laid golden eggs, and rob Peter to pay Paul. In the end, equal poverty results. End the socialist entitlements and immigration will drop.

  • Rescue underway in English Channel after refugee boat sinks

    According to the International Organization for Migration, at least 205 refugees have gone missing in the English Channel since 2014. This year alone, 43,000 asylum seekers have made the journey.

    If you admit no one, no one will die. If any get through, all will come because humans are natural lottery-players.

  • Black primary school head teacher was sacked after failing to investigate ‘bully’ Nigerian teacher in act of ‘black solidarity’

    Ms Russell ignored staff complaints about how the teacher spoke to them, ‘sided’ with her, and wanted to promote her to assistant headteacher, the tribunal heard.

    ‘Tearful’ co-workers suggested Ms Russell favoured her due to ‘black solidarity’.

    In diverse societies, we exist in a constant state of race war where every group favors its own.

  • Washington gov’s equity summit says ‘individualism,’ ‘objectivity’ rooted in ‘white supremacy’

    PESB’s presentation began with a “land acknowledgment” recognizing “the original inhabitants of the spaces we occupy,” and it asked Zoom viewers and in-person attendees to “please take a few seconds to acknowledge the land that you are on as the traditional homeland of the Indigenous Peoples.” 

    The land acknowledgment was followed by a “moment of silence” to consider how “this country has elevated a story of democracy and freedom while minimizing the impact of violence and oppression on marginalized communities, communities on whose backs this nation was built.”

    The racist concepts, according to PESB’s presentation, included “Perfectionism,” “Worship of the written word,” “Individualism” and “Objectivity,” among multiple others, and the slide listed how those concepts can be replaced with “indigenous relational pedagogy.”

    They want to erase your society because it succeeded where they did not. Amerinds killed off native species on their path of destruction from Mongolia, then fell into warring with each other in primitive, savage, and violent societies. That is not nice to say, and I hate saying it. But it is true. This country was built on the backs of White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (West side of Hajnal line) colonists and pioneers, and slave labor had a minor part at best but was ultimately fading out because of its low quality. Western Civilization is far less brutal than any other civilization; since we succeeded and our system dominates the world, however, we are the targets of guilt and shame. Let us revisit Mongol history, or how Arab, Jewish, Chinese, and African slave traders made money selling captured Bantu to the world.

  • University of Houston hosts anti-masculinity lecture

    According to Murray, the Supreme Court’s “understanding of certain constitutional rights, like contract rights and property rights and the Second Amendment right to bear and keep arms, have been relied upon for the consolidation and expansion of patriarchal power, and thus have been understood and socialized as male rights.”

    Anything sane and healthy is bad; let us be equally miserable.

  • Hundreds of migrants released to sleep on streets of El Paso

    Some 500 migrants were released into the streets of El Paso, Texas, to fend for themselves Monday as the border city grappled with an overwhelming influx of asylum seekers who have besieged the city and overwhelmed its shelters and border detention facilities.

    Migrants with nowhere to go were seen lying on mattresses and cardboard boxes in the city’s downtown district after having their claims processed and being let into the country by Border Patrol agents, according to KTSM-TV.

    As the most important philosophers in history wrote, tyrants import foreigners to vote against the majority.

  • The Results Are In: The Racial Reckoning at Corporations Was a Bunch of B.S.

    According to The Next Web, “80% of firms displayed a pattern of very minimal increases in diversity in their professional labor force, primarily driven by small increases in the employment of Asian men and Asian women, with declines among non-Asian women and no change among other minority men.” Furthermore, their research showed that many firms saw minuscule changes, but some found themselves hiring more people of color and women into executive roles. However, they say “this pattern has been described in previous research as being primarily a defensive response to diversity demands rather than a commitment to promoting employment diversity.”

    Of course, a commitment to promoting diversity would demand that Black workers weren’t disproportionately affected by layoffs, and that is not the case. A study by the Harvard Business Review from 2016 revealed that when layoffs occur, workforces reduce their total of employees of color on management teams by as much as 22 percent.

    In the wake of the so-called racial reckoning, various companies pledged to disperse a total of $200 billion to racial equity initiatives. A little of the year after those weighty promises were made, only $1.7 billion was accounted for. At that, McKinsey, who wrote a report on the matter, found that 90 percent of that total was pledged by financial institutions and was to be allocated as loans or investments, so in the end, they would profit.

    You call it B.S., I call it marketing. “Nü-Americans, buy our stuff! Government, give us tax breaks!”

  • How landlords are converting Houston, Harris County into a rental region

    Conversion begins when a landlord buys a property recently owned by homeowners. Sherman added it’s not uncommon now for entire suburban neighborhoods of single-family homes to be built as rental properties. Different types of homes, including apartments, can be rental-based instead of owned. Since the 2008 recession, the practice of conversion has largely impacted minority communities, Sherman says. 

    Before immigration, you had no housing crisis. End diversity, and we will have a surplus of houses. End the socialist taxes, and everyone will live well cheaply. End unions, and we might actually have industry here. We have a long list of stuff that does not work that we need to stop doing, and saying this is more revolutionary than any “new” ideas.



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